Orks…Almost There

Didn’t get in until 7.30 tonight so by time dinner occurred I was too knackered to do much, but at least I got a bit more done.

It is really just the metalwork and tidying up a bit to go, then onto the Riders of Rohan.

A bit of excitement occurred today, apart from my wife and the two youngest being unwell with cold/flu symptoms.

The Authority has decided to close all schools for the whole of next week (apart from three on the outer islands). They emailed at 13.05 stating that staff needed to be told by 13.15 and parents by 13.30. I was already back teaching by then and just happened to check my emails. Otherwise we would have found out after the kids went home. They phoned to say had I received the email two minutes before 13.30.

This closure is not for health reasons, but because we have very little supply cover for the schools and we have lost a lot of staff and kids who are self isolating (or in the case of a lot of the kids, been removed from school by anxious parents).

As of yesterday Greater Glasgow and Clyde had fourteen cases of the virus and our little island of 22,000 had six. We had the dubious honour of being third. As of this morning we almost doubled that figure to eleven.

Now you may think this closure is a bonus, sadly not. All staff are expected to attend their place of work. No extra painting time for me.

Hopefully I will get the orks and Rohirrim finished this weekend.

Until tomorrow…seeya. I will end with a nice picture overlooking South Whiteness

I reckon it is going to be frosty tomorrow morning!

Back to Middle Earth

As I have ordered the Seraphon battle tome, I thought I would hold on painting the actual lizards until I see what the different types are. Evidently different ones have different colours.

For that reason I decided to haul the Riders of Rohan and Warg riders out and get back on with them.

There are loads of other bits and pieces that I can work on until I decide upon a colour scheme.

On a totally different note, we now have two confirmed cases of Covid 19 on Shetland. https://www.shetnews.co.uk/2020/03/09/coronavirus-cases-confirmed/ .

So we will have to see what happens next. My daughter says that one of her teachers and his son in the high school are self isolating. A clinic has been set up in the Gilbert Bain hospital. I went to the doctors today and the first thing they asked was had I been abroad in the last 14 days.

The weird thing is that the couple and their nursery aged child were in Italy together. He has come home and has infected a co-worker, whilst his family are fine. It is quite funny that a number of people that I spoke to were convinced that as we were an island that somehow we were immune. They seemed to forget that we have an airport and daily ferry run to the mainland.

Hopefully tomorrow I will get some of the white covered up on these miniatures. Until then – seeya…

Very Little Done

So, as I said yesterday, I was off gallivanting today. My original plan was to get things sprayed this morning ready to paint tomorrow. Unfortunately my good lady had a migraine that affected her vision and stability meaning that I was on horse and taxi duty this morning. The upshot of this was that nothing got sprayed.

They are built, but not white. Hopefully I will get them done tomorrow.

I did manage to throw a bit of Contrast on these, so at least I managed to get something done today.

Unclean, Unclean

Well I have just been out to paint a cross on the door as people in here are dropping like flies. Feeling a bit wobbly myself ☹️

Anyway I did manage to get some paint onto the Wargs and riders.

I remembered to do the bases edges brown this time as well as getting some bits and pieces painted on the riders too.

Hopefully I will get some more done tomorrow night and I don’t come down with what the rest of them in here have/have had.

Trying out the New Paint

With my good lady still feeling poorly (flu) I have been on horse and family taxi duty. Today whilst my daughter was in film club, I decided to have a look and see which Contrast paints might be handy. I used these to give me some ideas…

So I made a bit of a small list over a cup of tea and a rather dry scone then went hunting for the paints I felt Might be useful.

My mini list was thus.

Creed camo

Cygor brown

Darkoath flesh

Dark angels green

Apothecary white

Lo and behold, I found them all (which is extremely rare).

So I had a bit of a play with them this evening.

I will have a further play with them tomorrow…

Wargs… a Smidge Forward

Tonight I did their teeth and made a start on a couple of the rides of Rohan.

Most of the family is or has been unwell the last couple of days…hopefully it will avoid me.

I will possibly make a start on the ork riders tomorrow.

The temperature rose enough for the printer to start up again. I printed off some prison bits as well as a stocks and a brazier.

I am in the process of printing off the top of the dungeon box, it was meant to be the bottom, but I mixed them up. It should be ready tomorrow morning.

Wargs with Tongues

Yeah, not much got done this evening. My good lady was feeling unwell and with one thing and another I didn’t really get much done.

I did however throw some paint on a horse and also paint the tongues on the Wargs. Whilst looking closely at the horses I realised that some have their tongues sticking out. A bit weird but never mind.

As I said yesterday, today is a public holiday. I went for a run over to the Westside to see my sis and family and it was a really still day. Something nice after a month of on and off gales. Makes for nice reflections 😉.

Hopefully I will get some more things painted tomorrow.

I found Paul on Netflix, I spent most of this evening watching it instead of actually painting. One of my favourite films.

Talking of Netflix, I also watched the new (ish) Robocop. I found that I really liked it, which I wasn’t expecting. And finally my viewing included the first series of the Witcher… I enjoyed it but WTF, how confusing was it. To be fair I haven’t read the books or played the game, but it jumped backwards and forwards across what seemed like decades with no idea whether they were flashbacks, prequels or what… either that or the episodes were out of sync.

Hopefully season two when it arrives will make more sense.

Wargs…Making a Start

Tonight I managed to get some paint slapped on the Wargs. I roughly followed the same colours as the last lot, but as they were in the shed I wasn’t the. It was a bit of guesswork, but who cares as they are animals and animals are vary rarely exactly the same colours…

There was no printing tonight as the printer decided that it was too cold in there to even give it a try. So instead I did a bit more slicing and did another tile with a pool of water in it. Hopefully I can print one off tomorrow. I really was hoping to make a start on the box for the Meeples but the lack of warmth let me down. Sadly the electric heater in there bought the farm and the gas one needs a cylinder. As it is a Shetland public holiday tomorrow(after what is seen as the main fire Festival today)there will be nothing open in Lerwick.

Wargs Ready to Go

Yep the Wargs etc have spent the last 24 hours curing and I managed to do sod all…

Well that isn’t exactly true. I boxed up everything that I had painted before as well as sorting out my Meeples into a bigger box as I have rather a lot!

This isn’t all of it! I have printed off another couple of 3×3 rooms and will look at doing up some t junctions and l junctions as well as more water etc.

Hopefully tomorrow I will get something painted.

The Wargs are Found

Whilst looking for something totally different I found the box with the Wargs and Rohan cavalry in.

To be fair they have had a bit of bad luck.

I set about covering the gaps in the Wargs this evening. I found seven, but one of them has a leg missing. I got them as a job lot on Ebay about 10 years ago. The riders of Rohan are in a worst state than the Wargs. A lot of the spears and bows have snapped. I will see about getting some wire spears. The bows are going to be a bit more tricky. I have a pile of Minis Tirith stuff in the box too. I might be able to swap hands with attached bows. We shall just have to see how I get on.