Conquistadors… Day 10

That is them just about done…. they would have been done, but some knacker forgot the shields. I will sort them out tomorrow.

The whole force, ready to bring down the Aztec Empire…

I will need to do another couple of flags. One for the cavalry and one for the foot command… he has now been named Pizarro. I will have to see what, if any, his flag was.

As can be seen on the top photo, I have painted a couple of lizards, I will get the rest and the Lizardmen painted tomorrow.

Conquistadors… Day 9

Well I made a start on the next lot if Conquistadors

these have taken forever due to all of the straps and other tack on the saddles. To be honest though the cavalry are mostly in plate so I should get them done pretty quickly.

I reckon I should get them finished by the end of the weekend. The lizards, although sprayed white, still need a bit of a clean up. The white spray showed it up a lot better than on the Black PLA.

On a totally different note. I just realised that I passed 3000 visitors yesterday… which is a bit mind blowing to me. When I first set this blog up I thought the only people who would come and visit it would be friends and family, ironically they are the ones who I never get visiting. So I just wanted to say a great big thank you to everyone who has popped by for a visit.

Conquistadors…Day 8

I sprayed everything white tonight, so while the white is curing, I decided to get the bases painted brown.

As the Aztec commoners needed their bases doing, I did them at the same time. Luckily I noticed that there was a big splodge of white on the second Aztec base back, saves having to crack open the paint at a later date if I get it done now.

So tonight I sprayed the Lizardmen, the rest of the Conquistadors as well as the pack mules, some of the old lizard swarm from GW and the Tin Soldier Samurai – which I am really looking forward to painting.

The Lizard swarm minis are going to become ‘beasts’ for HOTT. They can be used for any of the mesoamerican armies.

I hope none of you were thinking of popping up to Shetland on the boat tomorrow night… sadly due to 70mph winds being forecast the boats over the weekend are cancelled. Cue panic buying in the supermarkets… there will be no bread available in Tesco, not to mention milk.

On a totally different note, as the nights are darker again, then we are getting the aurora appearing again… there have been some lovely photos taken over the last couple of weeks.

This one was taken up on Yell (not by me) but by a chap named Ryan Nisbett

So tomorrow night I am going to crack on with the conquistadors and see how far I get with them.

Conquistadors… Day 7

These are just about done. Some gold between the white and blue on the flag and some form of design on it too and then get the bases painted cinnamon brown.

Just remembered…. the swordsmen need their shields.

Still not a bad finished force in a week…. yeah I know I have some more to go but it comprises eight cavalry, six spearmen and a bloke with five dogs.

I should hopefully have them done by the weekend.

Speaking of which the tail end of Hurricane whatever you call it has spoilt my weekend plans, we were going to take the caravan out to Fetlar, but with 60mph winds forecast, we thought ‘maybe not’

Conquistadors…Day 6

Another evening with a smidge done…

That is all of the metalwork done by all please read …all until I notice what I missed tomorrow. It’s like this evening I suddenly found one miniature that I had forgotten to paint his doublet!

These are getting there slowly but surely…. and I rest my case… I have noticed on the command base the guy holding the flag hasn’t had his armour painted at all – you can see him there… red flag pole white helmet and armour!

On the whole I am pleased with these as they are coming together nicely

They look better en masse now that (most) of the metal is finished.

I will try and get them finished over the next couple of days. It is my good lady’s birthday tomorrow so I might not get too much done.

Conquistador … day 5

Well day 5 is here, and I am going a lot slower than the Aztecs, probably all of the different bits need different colours, but anyway belts and woodwork done this evening.

I also printed off the last pair of lizards, I now have six of them. This last pair had a bit of a weird thing happened to them . The leg on one of them snapped, but after it had gone past the point I would have expected it to (as the rest of the print was fine-ish)

I will get them cleaned up tomorrow and sprayed white.

Conquistadors… Day 4

Managed a bit more today. Soft kit on all of them is pretty much done. Weapons, equipment and armour still to go.

I have a couple of standard bearers, I will have to look up some Spanish period flags.

They aren’t as colourful as the Aztecs, but I reckon they will look bright enough when finished.

I based up the rest of them today too.

Furthermore I have got another couple of Lizardmen bases done. I wanted to do a third but Curator was being an absolute sod and kept on crashing every time I tried to load the last one for slicing. Each base of two miniatures took over two hours.

I will hopefully carry on tomorrow.

Conquistadors…day 3

I managed a teeny bit of painting today, as well as trimming down the spear points. To be honest they are two big, but at least they can be seen 😂

I also managed to print off some 30 x 40 bases. A couple have a corner raised, this is due to a draft or difference in temperature on the print bed. I decided to print them off rather than purchase any more (well at least for a while).

I also managed to merge a couple of Lizardmen with a 40 x 30 base. There were five different lizards so I have come up with three different bases worth, each lizard base took and hour and twenty minutes to do.

Conquistadors…Day 2

Day 2 and everything got sprayed white…. well almost everything.

I remembered that I needed spear points on the spears. To be honest at the minute they look like giant fans, but I will trim them down. Never done it before so wish me luck.

As for the rest I got all of the skin tone done and started on the soft clothing.

I won’t be using the bright greens and blues that I used on the Aztecs, but there will be some colour amongst the the metalwork.

I would have got more soft kit painted, but I am a bit knackered so watched lots of crap on YouTube instead!

I shall carry on tomorrow

Conquistadors… Making a Start

So now that the Aztecs are finished, I decided to push on with the mesoamerican Shenanigans, but this time focusing on the Conquistadors.

So here we have 42 miniatures that I based tonight. It comprises:

Five bases of sword and buckler men

Two bases of cut down pikes, my plan is to give the Greenstuff pointy bits. I am now taking bets on how far I have painted them before I remember 😉.

Two bases of arquebusiers

Three bases of crossbowmen

One base of random missile troops.

And a command base on my last 30x40mm mdf base.

Still to base up….

One base of heavy cavalry (or two if I only put two to a base)

One (or two) bases of Jinete cavalry

A war dog handler and dogs (two bases)

Two or three bases of Pack mules

I will get the based ones sprayed tomorrow and make a start on them on Saturday.

Whilst perusing the school library I came across some new research material…

My favourite picture, especially after doing all of the back banners…

I am quite enjoying this podcast on the rise of the Aztecs…

A fair few things I hadn’t heard before…