Korsucan’s Finished

After the angst of painting the Sisters of Battle these were an absolute pleasure to do. It might be that there were only four of them or maybe it was they were a bit chunkier or even that I needed a change, but whatever reason I really liked doing them.

They still need a couple of coats of varnish, but the painting is done. Because I had only a bit to do I also got some more done on the mounted squire as well as this lone werewolf…

I also had a jolly good look for another Chaos Knight to paint up, but sadly he was nowhere to be found, and in hindsight I actually think that he was already painted… in black armour, from what I remember. Anyway I had a rootle through the HeroQuest box to see what I could find and decided to have a go at these three. Sadly nowhere near the one painted years ago, but at least a similar style.

I will see what I can do with them when I get around to it 😂. I will get them undercoated tomorrow and then make a start on Wednesday.

I will get the Valhallan’s started tomorrow too. I will be using the brush on undercoat to get some of the undercoat back to white to allow for the Contrast paint.

Painting Styles … Old and New

I was having a mooch for my Old Brettonian waterslide I can across a rather ancient figure from HeroQuest I think … so without further ado, here he is…

Look at hose totally flat colours and unfinished base… (nothing changes there then). I remember being really proud of him. I even wrote on his chest piece… move on a few years and I think I have improved… (the paint colours definitely have).

So here are the Korsucan’s getting close to being finished. Metalwork, skin and hair and they are pretty much done, apart from the usual touch up after I notice the mistakes in the photo… talking of which I just have! Anyway with a bit of a push tomorrow evening then I think these will be done (apart from the base of course).

I have just had a thought there after looking at the original mini. I should find the other one and paint it now and see how they compare. Own challenge accepted!

Fantasy, Sci Fi and an Upside Down Walker

As it was a nice day apart from half an inch of snow I decided to get the things my mate wanted painting undercoated. So I mooched around and found some Zandri dust, now this is a lot darker than I thought it was going to be so I will struggle with the Contrast paints on them.

Now if you look at the walker you may notice that it seems to be propped up on something and that there is some definite Greenstuff in view… so there is a little story about that. When my mate originally built it he put one of the legs on backwards so with a bit of shenanigans I managed to remove it and turn it the right way round. Being extremely pleased with myself I superglued it back together and waited until it had cured enough and set off to spray it… it is true that pride cometh before a fall. I was just giving it the last squirt of undercoat then I noticed that my mate had put the light facing downwards. Now I hadn’t noticed this before, then I realised that the missile was also facing down, I thought it was a spare and turned the turntable to spot the missile on the top… at that point the horror of what I had done sunk in… never mind a backwards leg, I had put the whole bloody armoured box on upside down. What I thought were the guns were actually the twin exhausts! So it was then a case of cutting the whole thing apart and then trying to get it to go back together again. Superglue wasn’t working so I went for Greenstuff instead.

So there it is the right way up and curing… I will trim the GS tomorrow and sort out anything else that needs doing too…

I also managed to get some painting done on the Korsucan’s…

Definitely less white than there was yesterday… please note the stain below the handle… guess which pillock didn’t put the Contrast paint into the safety holder thingy. I looked like I had committed a murder.

These chaps need their boots, straps and shako done black. I will get on with that tomorrow. Whilst painting these chappies I decided to watch the film Assassin’s Creed, really wish I hadn’t what a load of confusing tosh. Not sure what to watch tomorrow, but anything has to be better than this. Now I really enjoyed Tomb Raider and Prince of Persia and various other game films but this was just way too confusing.

Tomorrow I hope the finish the elves and then make a start on the Valhallan’s.

Finished with the Sisters… I Think

So this evening I got the face masks done as well as the rim of the bases and I think they are done now…

Well when I say done, I want to add some vegetation or something to the bases and then get everything varnished, as well as sealing the sand down.

I also made a start on my elf Rangers. These are basically Corsican’s (or Korsucan’s in game terms). So they will be In green jackets with red turn backs and snazzy blue trousers.

I made a start on the mounted squire too, well I needed to test the jacket colour on something 😂. I stuck some other things on bases too. We have an Othari and a dwarf on the strip too. The finished horse is I. The background too.

Hopefully the weather will allow me to spray more things white and others things in varnish… wish me luck as I am more than likely to do it the wrong way round!

The Green Knight

Tonight I worked on the Knight and his entourage…

He is looking a bit shiny!

The horse trappings are two tone, not that you can see in the image above, but it is a bit more apparent in the next one…

I also picked up the Flintloque stuff I said I would buy off my mate,

I think there are a mixture of the deserter army and dark elf guerrillas and line troops (oh and a werewolf). I will get these stripped and add them to my pile of shame.

Covid News is that we have another three new cases and that three of the original 70 are now in hospital and are poorly. It does seem though that we are slowing and that people were on the whole sensible. One of My wife’s colleagues has it and although feeling crap they seem to be okay. They got it whilst eating in one of the restaurants I mentioned a few posts ago. On the up side we are still in tier three as we locked down and are able to do so…But we will now be home schooling until Feb 1st at the earliest.

Happy Christmas… Hussars all Finished

So Mr Beardy came today and I got some nice gifts, but as a family we have been carrying on with our Harry Potter marathon, just watched the fourth film, however it did give me time to get the Hussars finished.

I am really pleased with how these came out colour wise. Totally inaccurate both historically as well as canon in the world of Valon. However I am not really too fussed as I have decided upon the uniforms as C in C of my forces 😉.

This means I am down to the Ostarian artillery and crews to get done for my Flintloque Forces (come to think of it I might have some Cuirassiers to do too). If I have both then I have a dozen miniatures to do (well that is until I buy some more – really interested in Kitton 😍)

Artillery and some of the crew are below… I will have to decide upon the uniform colour for this lot.

I hope everyone has had a great Christmas and look forward to seeing what people got 😉.

Luckily I got some cash as I had a bit of a crisis with my print plate on the printer. The print failed and has left a nasty residue that is about 0.2mm high and is an absolute swine to get off. It might be the case that I need a new plate if I scratch this one too much.

Hussars… Pipped at the Post

I tried to get these finished tonight… I got so close, but didn’t make it…

Saddle chain, bridle metalwork and the bases to do.

Although not finished, I am really pleased with these. They look how I wanted them to look.

I now have a Mammoth wrapping session to get through before bed. Two of the kids are getting miniatures tomorrow. My youngest is getting some Games Wotkshop Space Marines and my eldest is getting some more miniatures for her Harry Potter game.

So with Christmas Eve soon drawing to a close, I thought I had better check on the location of Mr Beardy…


At the time of writing this he had left Copenhagen and was heading to Alta in Norway… he is getting closer to Shetland….

Wishing all of you who celebrate it a Merry Christmas and if you don’t may you have a awesome day anyway.

All the Best


Hussars in time for Christmas?

Tonight I really had a chance to get some stuff painted so I pushed on and got a fair bit done…

Really only the pennants and facial features to do on the riders. Still a fair bit to do on the horses, but again they are getting there.

Hopefully I should get them finished tomorrow night.

Today was a rare one up here…

A completely still day.

I did take a few more photos, but somehow I managed to take a photograph of my feet and my elbow! Looks like the phone’s camera takes a while to operate after I pressed the button.

Tomorrow is meant to be showers with some more wind. Christmas Day is meant to be like today, so hopefully a chance to get some more photos then.

Hussars…Getting There

Today has been super busy, lots of running about and very little Christmas related.

But tonight before butchering various beasties on Hunter ‘Call of the Wild’ I managed to get some painting done.

Still a fair old bit of work to do, but the majority of painting on the riders is done (really just hands, weapons and cockade to do). Bridles, saddles and hooves etc for the horses. I think I am going to add some Greenstuff to the saddle to help bed the riders in properly.

Tomorrow is going to involve loads more running about so hopefully I will get the chance to get some more done on these. It would be good to get them all done by Christmas Day.

Regarding this, in case some of you reading this are disappearing for a while. I just wanted to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.

Hussars.. A Smidge Done

I managed a bit of painting tonight…not a huge amount but a little bit. I did all of the horse manes as well as all of the boots and breeches on the Hussars that needed doing.

Not that you can really see on the Hussars.

A lot of today was spent tidying up and sorting out for Christmas. I also added a glass shelf unit underneath the TV. This thing has to be screwed into the wall…

First of all, the lower part of the wall was damp, so we will have to repaper the wall and secondly I was having to drill into a stone wall, this was an absolute swine, it wouldn’t have been too bad if I had to drill a couple of holes, but no… six were required. A few times I had to put my full weight behind the drill to make any progress, but at least it is up now.

Hopefully tomorrow I might get the chance to do some more painting.