Phew…I Made It!

Well that’s my December miniature marathon finished.

I managed to finish my Hussar Officer, well when I say finished….

The kids were great this afternoon, which meant I could work on him and get him done. I have visitors arriving in half an hour so I suppose I had better get sorted 😱.

So here he is in all of his glory

And from the other side…

Just don’t ask me what unit he is from… I picked colours I liked 😉.

Anyway that is me finished painting for another year.

I just want to wish anyone reading this:

health, wealth and happiness for the coming year.

See you all in 2019.

May your brush points stay pointy and your paint keep flowing!

All the very best.



Aaaarggghhh….One Day Left

I was hoping to get him finished before the end of the month.

I did push on a bit and get the horse finished though…

I still managed to do twenty miniatures in the month (I am counting the horse as a miniature 😁👍😁) which isn’t too shabby. I might get some time tomorrow afternoon, but not enough, I would imagine, to get the rider finished.

As I am bereft of the software to slice the 3D prints then I will just have to get back to painting things again 😉.

I did manage to successfully print a ladder today! Probably took five attempts but getting there.

There are still some issues with the extrusion for the top layer though. I test ran another couple of sundials, but got exactly the same issues of weird printing on the top layer. To be fair though, this is day four of my 3D printer career.

Zombie Dogs Go Wild

The Dogs escaped!

Well okay I tried to get some better photographs of them in natural light.

I enjoyed painting these and managed to get them done over three nights. I am definitely improving regarding the painting, but still not where I want to be… to be honest I am not sure where that is, but some people are amazing artists on the same figures, so perhaps closer to them.

A couple more shots from different angles…

I am not sure what to paint next, possibly the dwarves. These need glueing to their bases, as do the werewolves, but maybe I shall keep on with the undead theme. It’s not as if I don’t have a bit of choice with the unpainted undead pile.

Zombie Dogs Further Work

I cracked on with these tonight…

The peach collars and cuffs was originally meant to be a base coat for a bright orange, which when mixed with white came out this colour. The thing is, it has grown on me, so much so I painted the lolling tongues a darker colour to distinguish them from the peach.

Really just the weapons and some highlights and they will be done, well apart from the bases and the varnishing.

I might splash out and get these chaps a standard bearer. But then again the mountain of lead I have to paint may mean it takes a while.

I have decided that I am going to try, really try to avoid anything else that requires painting. This is for a couple of reasons… first being cost. I am wanting to buy some new re-enactment kit, every penny counts when kit is involved.

Second is a more pragmatic reason. I have so much unpainted stuff sitting around, that I actually don’t have the time to paint it all. Everything from 10mm up to the 28’s. Not to mention from ancient through to sci fi.

I reckon I could paint a 28mm figure a day and I wouldn’t be finished by Christmas.

Zombie Dogs

I made a start on the dogs…

A blue uniform will make a change from the vast majority in Russian green.

These chaps have a blue tunic, white breeches black shako (not that any are wearing them) shoes, equipment and straps.

There will be a fair bit of bone on show too. The one at the back has basically a skull for a head.

An Othari Aristocrat and some Zombie dogs

Been a couple of days since I painted anything

as I converted an old stable into a greenhouse.

I did manage to get the Aristo finished. A great little figure. He would make a very good Scarlet Pimpernel. A bit effete in his mannerisms. I do like his hanky to the fore stance.

Next up Is going to be a unit from Zoltan’s 666th regiment. A unit of dogs that marched into the Witchlands ahead of the Ferach advance. They disappeared without a trace, only to turn up later as an undead horde.

There are 8 troopers and an officer/sergeant of sorts. From what I remember the troops only came in three different poses. I grabbed five random troopers in my last purchase from Alternative Armies.

I am not sure what colours I am going to go for. A bit of research into the Witchlands book is required.

The Lost Cause – completed

I finished these this evening, another lovely trio to paint. I am a bit miffed that the back of the kilt is better than the front😱.  For some reason I went with a red base coat ( had some spare red from the chaplain’s tunic) it limited the colours to use. In hindsight I should have gone with a green. I might put a light wash over it to tone it down a bit.

Next up is the HEVC halflings, an Ostarian general and some fairies to finish off.


A trio of civilians with the washes still wet.  I do like this set, I originally didn’t get the dwarf woodsman as I wasn’t going to have any dwarves. This may change as I really like the dwarf civilians set. The bloodhound with the blunderbuss is awesome. For some reason I think he is going to be a gamekeeper or something like that. I did consider him to be Ernst Von Krum’s gentleman’s gentleman. We will see how he looks when finished. The other two in this trio are fab. One armed with a knife, the other unarmed.. he reminds me of a coachman in his heavy coat. Time to make a coach methinks. I started one for Mordheim, but I think it bought the farm 🤔☹️.