Didn’t get in until 7.30 tonight so by time dinner occurred I was too knackered to do much, but at least I got a bit more done.

It is really just the metalwork and tidying up a bit to go, then onto the Riders of Rohan.

A bit of excitement occurred today, apart from my wife and the two youngest being unwell with cold/flu symptoms.

The Authority has decided to close all schools for the whole of next week (apart from three on the outer islands). They emailed at 13.05 stating that staff needed to be told by 13.15 and parents by 13.30. I was already back teaching by then and just happened to check my emails. Otherwise we would have found out after the kids went home. They phoned to say had I received the email two minutes before 13.30.

This closure is not for health reasons, but because we have very little supply cover for the schools and we have lost a lot of staff and kids who are self isolating (or in the case of a lot of the kids, been removed from school by anxious parents).

As of yesterday Greater Glasgow and Clyde had fourteen cases of the virus and our little island of 22,000 had six. We had the dubious honour of being third. As of this morning we almost doubled that figure to eleven.

Now you may think this closure is a bonus, sadly not. All staff are expected to attend their place of work. No extra painting time for me.

Hopefully I will get the orks and Rohirrim finished this weekend.

Until tomorrow…seeya. I will end with a nice picture overlooking South Whiteness

I reckon it is going to be frosty tomorrow morning!

6 thoughts on “Orks…Almost There

  1. I hear you, the State of Georgia just closed School districts all around Atlanta, coming as far south as my county, indefinitely, but for the next two weeks for sure. Now I don’t have any children in the school system, so it really doesn’t do much for my time at work.
    Work on the other hand, has put in very restrictive travel and visitor bans, including travel intramural-company between plants! My job has me dashing between 2 plants daily and a third already once every 3-4 weeks! This could prove problematic for sure.

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