Arrrgggghhh Pikes

Yes…I am still going with the pikes… the fourth base is nearly done another strip and a half short….again!

As you can see I have got a pile of arqubusiers and more pikes on the go. Joe and I were discussing the huge size of of the units and have decided to go for four bases to equal the eight in the rules. This actually means that I have three Landskecht Pike blocks done. I still need the Tercio so will use some of the above pikes to add to the rear ranks of the Spanish units.

I have the same number of arqubusiers and pikes base coated as the above image. I have about the same again undercoated. I will hopefully get the zweihanders primed tomorrow as they will become my Doppelsoldners for the pikes.

To be honest the plan to drop the number of bases may not work as it needs to look sensible compared to the other based miniatures… for example a Reiter cavalry force is six bases, all be it with only one miniarure block per base. I will have a check tomorrow to see how things look.

Warning, Warning, Warning… the following is as Trigger warning if you are a bit of an Anal Retentive…. I got fuel yesterday and this was the readout… the small lower number is the diesel price per litre.

End of the Pikes …Part 1

Tonight I managed to get my first Pike block finished. I have added the skirmishers to the front.. their base needs some texturing with my vivarium sand and then painting. Now I need to check on this but I do remember some Pike blocks getting a base of Doppelsoldners too… but anyway here is a quick photo of the first one…

I need to get some paint onto the Pike bases too as there are some gaps…. probably the easiest way to do this is to paint green strips on or paint as I go.

Working on the Pikes

I came soooo close to finishing my first Pike block this evening. I basically have a strip and a half or miniatures to add to make an eight base unit. I worked on both the Pikes to add to it as well as the skirmishers to stand infront of it.

Hopefully by tomorrow evening I will have my first Pike block completely finished. That will only leave three to go…🙄

Now as you can see frommthe above that is one hefty Pike block. Now each if my pikes has 8 bases per Pike block. It suddenly dawned on me that I could for speed reasons count the above as 16 bases. Each base could be equal to two. I will have to ponder this tomorrow…

An Effective Pike Evening

Normally I only get two lolly sticks worth of pikes done, but this evening I managed six. I was either painting faster or for longer… probably longer, but either way that is still a big ol’ chunk of pikes part way there. Gary need hats, feathers and weapons done and that’s about it….

In case you think I cannot count, the two at tye back were fine yesterday

Thankfully tomorrow is the last day of term and hopefully we will hear if we can escape house arrest too.

The Pike Block Begins to Take Shape

Well today, the stress levels went through the roof as I was stuck at home with kids who were coughing, that was bad enough, but I couldn’t find anyone to cover for me. Luckily one of the central officers went in and helped out otherwise the school would have shut. Of the 21 people I spent today phoning to cover tomorrow nineneteen couldn’t help out and two never got back to me…luckily I have managed to get someone who was meant to be elsewhere but as the school is down to three pupils due to a Covid outbreak then she is coming to me jnstead.

So onceI calmed down this evening I managed to get so e more paint onto thenext pair of lolly sticks, but I also have the makings of a Pike block….

I am missing a fourth row on my third base, but progress is being made.

Resin Paint Test…Take 2

Tonight I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked, unfortunately my son was hopping around playing on the console with his headphones on and he hopped a bit too far and pulled it off the shelf… long story short it is B*ggered… it was quasi knackered anyway, but I think it has all but reached the end of it’s life. To be fair it is about five and a half years old, so was well worth it’s money, except we got it free with a car purchase (my mother in law got the car).

I did manage another couple of strips started, this time I went for bigger blocks of colour over the grey…

The pikes in the rear panic at the sight of blobby coloured munchkin pikes..

I will get the metallic and flesh tones done the same as the first lot so then a comparison can take place. To be honest they will mix and match with the other ones. It is really funny, but because of they way they are standing it looks like all of them are single colour.

I also got the green painted on the other bases… my next conundrum, however, is do I take my time on each front rank for each base or do I just carry on the way I am doing as the casualties can always be take from the rear so the metal front rank remains until the end.

On With the Resin

Today I managed to brave the wind that kept blowing the sticks off my board and got into the relative calm of the pony shed. As expected, the force of the spray can knocked a few over and a few off the board entirely. I did manage to get them done eventually…

When this evening came I managed to do a couple of test strips to see how they looked and to be honest I think this idea works.

I threw Gryph Charger grey on as a base coat, then, whilst still wet, I threw on spot colours of my brightest red, blue and green.

I did a bright colour test for one of the flag blocks, but to be honest, I think I will stick to the method above.

I had intended to get these plonked in behind the metals, but unfortunately, with the weather closing in – we are due force ten winds and heavy rain, we decided to get our old pony into the shed, which happened to be full of junk.

I will get the feathers and spear points painted tomorrow and then do a test shot to see what I think.

Bitten off More….

There is the famous saying that someone has bitten off more than they can chew. … this evening I decided to get the metal and the resin infantry based on painting sticks and it was at this point that the enormity of the task ahead struck me…

What we have above are the miniatures for two of the four Pike blocks the guns in the foreground are for the Tercio as well as some Skirmish troops too. The pikes on the right are the front rank troops of the second pair of pike blocks.

Now technically from every stick of miniatures I will get two pair of pikes, meaning 120 miniatures or 60 pair, which will be able to go onto another base to make up the numbers. But even with this happening I am going to have to fire up the printer again and do some more pikes.

Typically I have plenty of arqubusiers spare… I think.

I did a test to see if my theory on the extra miniatures filling out the extra bases worked… it seemed to…

Here we have three quarters of an imperial eight stand Pike block, minus the skirmishers and doppelsoldners. To be fair it does look like a densely packed Pike block.

I have actually run out of lollipop sticks… I took a pile into work for the kids to make models out of… I am off to get them back tomorrow. I just have some more here, I just don’t know where they are.

I reckon with the bits and pieces I have left then I will be able to make a third Pike block, but will need more printed to make the fourth. As I am printing anyway, and have these already painted on the front rank then I might as well do the fifth unit… perhaps, or common sense will arrive and make me stop and consider things.

It is my daughter’s 13th birthday tomorrow, so I doubt I will get much done tomorrow evening. Joe is coming over on Friday for a game, so it might be a while before much progress is made.

Working on the Pikes

This evening I decided to do something a bit bigger than the 2mm miniatures and settled on the Pikes, that is not to say that the 2mm bases stayed unwanted and unloved in their box…certainly not… I slapped some flesh base coat on some undercoated ones…

Anyway back to the pikes…

As you can see they are a bit further forward. Most of the armour has been given the base coat. Now these still have a lot of white on them, that hopefully, sooner rather than later I will get finished.

I had better get some shot and crossbow done next, then onto some knights.

Unclean, Unclean

Well I have decided to have a night off, as I am starting to feel a bit bleurgh. I think I have caught my daughter’s cold. I really hope not as she was floored for a week with hers. Luckily my lateral flow rest has come back negative.

I got the Aliens off the build plate and they are rather nice…

As it was very sunny here today I shoved them on the Windowsill to get some natural curing done.

I was thinking of spraying mine gun metal and then using the black Contrast Paint oder the top. Won’t that can happen is that it doesn’t work. If that is the case I will spray then black and highlight by dry brushing with blue.

If I do perk up then I am going to get some more done on my pikes…mi have got about a month before I need my army for our big Lion Rampant game.