Tercio Shot

Well I did get these finished this evening. Not a huge amount done, but at least that is another unit down…

I still have a pile undercoating. I just had a look at the Irregular ones and they are covered in sand like the skirmish screen.

I will keep plugging away at these until they are finished.

6mm Italian Wars

This evening I set about getting some more work done on my Small Italian wars miniatures…

I finished the ones at the back and made a good start on the Tercio shot. Hopefully these will get some more done on them tomorrow.

We had beef stew and dumplings for our evening meal today. My middle child is gluten intolerant so we made her a separate portion in the only thing we had that could go in the oven…

We are going to open a trendy restaurant and serve meals in Pyrex jugs…I reckon there is a market for it.

A Bit of Painting

I got the 15mm Japanese fantasy stuff undercoated and also managed to get some work done on my 6mm Imperials…

The ones covered in sand are a skirmish unit, the other four are my Doppelsoldners. Each base is attached to a Pike block along with two bases of skirmishers. It was good to get some work done on these, I haven’t touched them in about a month.

I managed to get out and about today…http://outaboutinshetland.home.blog/2021/12/31/new-years-eve-patterns/

So while I still have time. I hope everyone has an awesome 2022. Health, wealth and happiness to you all.

I Achieved Some Painting

Flipping heck… I actually managed to get some painting done this evening… I finished the cave and bushes…

I also managed to get my mates Flintloque miniatures done…

I got a good start on my miniature with the sword back left.

This is a super rare Fljntloque miniature, it is no longer available and hasn’t been for years. I spent a good while looking for her and eventually got her in a job lot. Of lTe I decided that she should either go to someone else or get painted. The Silver Bayonet allowed me to get her started as I have decided to go for a Spanish unit and she fits in fine.

I will get some more done on her tomorrow as well as get some of the Irregulars undercoated.

Air Dried Fish

Well I am a bit more upright today and have managed to get bits and pieces done without the need for a lie down, the cough is still there, but not like it was.

I managed to get my wife’s home made bit of her present done… she is well into her knitting and tropical fish so I made her some stitch markers (a knitting thingy) in the shape of some tropical fish.

I found the STL’s on MyMiniFactory and printed them out yesterday and got them painted today.

I used a small drill bit to make a hole in the nose end and then superglued in a small ring with a screw thread. Isnt it amazing how it is, that as soon as you add superglue after a dry fit then all he’ll breaks loose.These were then sprayed white with masking tape covering the metal bit.

I then cracked open the Contrast Paint and set to work. The best way to describe this was an absolute bastard. They were tiny and fiddly and then they fell on the floor as my butter fingers got in the way. I then couldn’t put them down as the design for most wouldn’t allow them to sit. Luckily I had my broom shank bristles sitting there so they went in the ring to allow them to be hung up and air dry.

I then added a jump ring to the original ring and added a small clip as well.

Here they all are sitting on a plastic bristle ready to be put onto the card…

Unfortunately we are filling in an insurance claim as my wife hit a car on a roundabout this evening. Police came and sent her home saying… “it was an accident, they happen.” It was a black car, in the rain and dark, surrounded by Christmas lights and a super bright halogen light that shines straight in your eyes as you approach the roundabout. Luckily we have insurance for this. It will be up to ours and theirs to sort it out.

Off the Printer… Again

Tonight winter arrives with a vengeance and with the big car having a flat tyre and the little car waiting to be picked up from the garage then I had to drive the hire car into town, drop it off, walk across town in the driving snow and pick up the repaired car. I just about made it to do the horse as the roads were getting , and to quote me, “a bloody nighmare”.I then had to go back to town to pick up my eldestfrom Drama, who kindly volunteered to leave early so we could get back. The 15 minute journey took at least twice that…

The joys of un gritted roads In a blizzard. At one point I missed my exit as the snow was that bad I couldn’t see it. The police have issued a don’t drive request until 10.00 tomorrow.

Anyway I couldn’t really be bothered to paint anything tonight, but I did did get these beauties off the build plate…

The Kelenken are to make a diorama, but jus thad to have a smilodon and dinocrocuta wearing armour… I am too excited by this! Must think 6mm Italian wars!

The End is in Sight

Today I got the Doppelsoldners and skirmish arqubusiers printed and stuck on bases.

As the original skirmish troops are quite fragile, with or without high speed cable reels dropping in them, I have decided to replace them. I literally just binned any unpainted ones and will replace them with the newly printed ones.

So here we have the remains of the army…

In the rear are the skirmish troops. Bottom left are the attached skirmish screen for the Pike blockandbkttom right are the Doppelsoldners. Technically I only need two, but as I have four Pike blocks then I can choose to have them as Landskecht or Tercio. It just gives me that bit more flexibility on a force.

So if we take the above and add the ones done yesterday, then we have the remaining miniatures left to paint…

These will be added to this lot….

The unpainted bases are to be replaced by some of the new ones above.

I am hoping to the new ones sprayed tomorrow and then started on Tuesday.

Back with the Italian Wars

Yes, I got my flexible arqubusiers sorted today, only to find that I am short. It didn’t help that I got carried away doing ranked ones. The rules state 8 Pike and 8 guns. I reduced the size of the Pike to half size, but forgot with the arqubusiers…

They can be used in an army list so there is no loss there, plus I now have more pikes than I need so they could be used in that.

I am however, short four bases of skirmishers to cover the Landskecht Pike blocks. I will do some more tomorrow. I also need the base of Doppelsoldners for each one too. I will have to slice these and get them printed.

I took too long collecting the second lot from the drying off basket… All I can say is that I a glad it is flexible resin…

The straightish one is my first set which I cured after about an hour to get the ISO off… the others was about two days!

The British Take Shape

As it was my youngest’s birthday today, I didn’t get that much done. The new arqubusiers are still in the printer shed, and I will print the third set off before i spray them white.

I therefore looked at what needed doing on the Ironclads…

It is not really visible on the photo, but the Hull bottom is in fact black. I will carry on with these sometime soon. Hopefully I will get the 6mm stuff printed tomorrow and then undercoated.

Cows and Guns

I wish I could have written cows with guns there, but never mind. I worked on the 6mm Italian wars artillery this evening and got four of the six guns done. To hide the base I added some terrarium sand. This needs sealing before painting which is why it is still a natural colour.

The cows need a nkt of work on them.. things like the horns etc, but I am going to leave them pretty much the same colour that they are now.