Okay so I haven’t actually done any painting, but I have got the mausoleum finished…

I had a bit of an exciting lunchtime as I tried to set my school on fire when the toaster failed to pop up… at least I know the smoke alarms work! Full evacuation occurred, plus I didn’t get any lunch as it was carbonised!

More Goblins

So I printed the next unit of twelve goblins… have I finished my Mordheim project… errr No!

Should I be finishing my Mordheim project… Yes!

Should I be finishing my Mordheim project… most definitely Yes!

Am I?

But they are so cute!

To be fair, I have had one of those days at work and frankly cannot be bothered to paint anything… perhaps I should zap myself again… it worked last time!

I also have an architectural decision to make regarding a building…

The columns make it look more impressive but add height and are more likely to get damaged in transit. The dome on its own works, but if I took it off something could stand on the nice flat bit….

Next up Are…

The Undead…

So left to right we have the vampire with his two Dregs. Slightly to the front is the necromancer. Behind her are five zombies with three ghouls finishing off the roster.

In the box is a dire wolf, which could be added to the roster at a later date or swapped prior to the first game.

Dinocrocuta make very nice dire wolves… in hindsight I should have gone for an armoured one. They look cool!

Geek club had a go at making their own tufts today…

More Painting

Flipping heck, the electric shock from the flock box kick started my mojo this evening… I actually sat down and finished the Witch Hunter Heroes.

I will get them based tomorrow and start on the next one. Undead or Sisters are on bases and just need undercoating.

Probably the undead as they are easily got at.

Still not sure about her boots!

Warrior Priest

So after faffing around for ages I managed to sit down and do some painting.

Here is my Priest of Sigmar for my Witch Hunter force. He has joined my flagellants on the nearly finished list.

I printed off most of my Reikland troops today. I may have forgotten to slice two of them as I only have seven miniatures. To be fair I didn’t really scroll through the drive slowly so they may be there. Either that or I saved them somewhere odd, which is more likely.

I am sat here listening to the wind driving the rain against the window… it is not a nice night. I believe the snow is coming back tomorrow, which will be a change from relentless rain.

A bit of Painting

Tonight I made a start on the Witch Hunters. I decided I wanted to finish the flagellants and apart from the base I managed it.

I also had a play around with Campaign Cartographer and managed to make a simple map… there is plenty wrong with it, the text being far to small for the towns to name one.

There is still a fair bit to do on this one, so I will keep you posted.

Thanks for the guesses what this is….

The circle of dots in the middle of each circle is the light from the microscope. I will let you know what it is tomorrow.

Possessed Finished


Well I cracked on this evening and got the possessed pretty much done.

I could do with adding a bit of shading onto the weapons. All in all I am quite pleased with these. I 3D printed a horde of skulls which I will add to the bases. I now have the ability to make my own tufts so I will see what coloured grass I have.

I also started printing some walls with railings…

I am rather pleased with these. Each section takes 1 hrs 22 minutes to print. I am thinking of going for a 3 x3 section which I will turn into a graveyard… the gateway below is from this set and to be honest looks too big, but I will see what they look like with it.

Painting and a Map

Today I sat and sat and probably sat some more looking at a blank piece of paper covered in hexes. I had a mind block that wouldn’t let me put pencil to paper.

I went online to look for inspiration and came across a web based hex map maker and the clouds of doubt parted and within minutes I had something I was happy with.

Ignore the dots, they aren’t part of it.

The above allowed me to get some ideas down. After I did this I made another one with farmsteads, a village and a ruined building in the wilds.

I also got some more painting done…

Still a long way to go but the white is beginning to disappear.

Down by the Gatehouse

I eventually got the gatehouse finished. Probably close to sixty hours in total print time but I am very pleased with it.

I was going to do the portcullis, but decided against it as it would be a bit of a faff to lift it up and down. If it was down it would block movement and if it was up then it would stop miniatures getting in the building.

I am going to check the files to see if there any walls to go with it.

More Painting

Tonight we nearly had a bit of a disaster over dinner. Expected at 18.30 eventually got to eat it at 21.00. For some reason the gas stove decided to play silly buggers and decided that it would only cook at simmer temperatures. Luckily the roast pork was already cooked, everything else had to be cooked very, very slowly. Thankfully this did not happen when the power went off. I think it is the valve outside the house as all of the rings etc were the same.

After dinner I managed to get a bit more paint on the Possessed warband…

Still a fair old bit of white but I am getting there.