A bit of Printing

Sat at a ferry terminal waiting for someone to get off, who didn’t get off it. So it gives me a chance to update the blog, I forgot last night). Eventually said person got off the next ferry. Luckily I wasn’t meant to be teaching as I rolled into school at 09.20. I just remembered right now that I hadn’t even finished this post!

So hobby wise I have hit the proverbial wall and am really, really struggling to get even a glimmer of motivation. The only painting I have managed last week was Geek club!

The printer has been busy though…

More dwarves for Joe. Now I am not into dwarves, but these are really nice. More undead is coming in October!

I also eventually got the whole of the German civilian fleet to print. My favourite is front left… the one that never printed at all.

Hopefully I can get motivated soon, really not feeling it though.

More Painting

Huzzah, I actually sat down and did some painting this evening. This time I went for my 15mm Samurai types.

As I was driving my eldest to drama I was totally confused by a hill/island where there shouldn’t be one… turned out to be a totally weird looking cloud. You can just about make it out in the photo below.

Look I Painted Something!

I have not been in the mood to paint recently, but tonight I decided I would give it a go again.

I painted my 15mm giant that I printed out. This was done whilst playing ‘Hunter Call of the Wild’ on the PC. The pJnrs were to my left, the models were to my right and I was sat in a hide trying to call in some Blacktail deer. They never came but a bull elk did.

It’s not the best photo as it was taken on my tablet rather than my phone, but hey you can see where I have been.

Kaiserliche Athermarine

Well I decided to see what I had printed for the Germans… quite a bit it would seem.

Part of the German fleet moored beside a small asteroid belt.

So at the back we have a couple of civilian vessels with a freighter on the left and a liner on the right.

Next, coming forwards, the SMA Brandenburg… a legendary vessel. This one is a battlecruiser.

A gunboat and battleship next, a pair of cruisers and finally a pair of destroyers in the foreground.

I plonked random weapon systems on these. Once I decide which version to go for then I will glue them down.

I cocked up with these a bit as I forgot to check the top of the base would fit in the hole on the keel of the ship. Due to the size reduction some resin/IPA remained in the hole and cured. I will either pin them or drill out a bigger hole.

Geek Club … Day Two

I had to run the club today as one of them was off yesterday and the rest were desperate to finish theirs.

We got sand onto the bases today and metallics onto the gun barrels.

We will get the bases painted and flocked/tufts tomorrow.

I am really proud of them as they tried so hard.

Here is my effort…

Into the Aether

I eventually got around to downloading the Ironclad miniatures. If you remember I got a test run from my mate and did a Grrman and British group… you can see the British HERE

Well this time I decided that my kitchen table is a bit on the small size for the bigger models… my solution… print at 50% size. I love 3D printing! Now to be honest it comes with inherent problems aka the guns won’t be magnetised any more so once they are on, they are on. Now I could be clever with a pin drill and some thin wire, but sod it …life’s too short.

So on the blue we have a British battleship at the rear (without guns) and a cruiser. The right hand picture shows a number of civilian ships at the rear and some British destroyers front right.

These were technically test prints and I have actually re sliced things so that each ship will come with suitable armament as well as a corresponding base. For the destroyers it means three to the build plate instead of four. But to be honest I have one battleship, two cruisers and four destroyers… I probably will have enough to keep me going for a while… unless I go for the Aether version of Jutland!

If You Go Down to the Woods Today

You might see some deadly teddy bears….

I am printing some Urzans for the kids at school. I have decided to do each child a couple of bears to practice something a bit easier than the anthropomorphic miniatures.

This will allow them to get used to the paint and paint brushes. To make their life a bit easier I increased the size to 175%

All six of the kids want to join the Geek club. They got the choice of which beastie they fancied.

We kick of on Tuesday…

More Animals Anyone?

Tonight I decided to print another set of anthropomorphic beasties.

The Hedgehog riding the corgi is from Goonmaster Miniatures and the pair of armoured mice are from Naga Miniatures..,

The corgi looks weird as the saddle fits into the gap on the back.

As of next Tuesday my older half dozen kids in the school are going to paint up a mini each and then make a mini diorama on an old CD. I will run this over a number of weeks as a little Lunchtime club… I must be bonkers!

Painting an Otter

Last night after posting, I decided to get some paint on the 28mm otter. Now this guy came from Naga Miniatures and is one of many anthropomorphised animals in their collection. I honestly cannot say what he is meant to be representing. It has him down as a paladin. He does have a mix of dress and equipment. He has a macuahuitl and a metal shield as well as landschneckt style pantaloons. I don’t really care as I really like him.

I got him finished this evening… I might go back and do the cordage on his quilted gambeson.

Samurai Started

This evening I got my finger out and started on some of the 15mm Samurai forces.

I have made a sort of Bandit force that includes some Ronin and a renegade monk.

The above were all painted with the Dipping Inks. I am really pleased with the majority of them. The only one that is a bit weird is the black shadow dip. I like it, but the guy front right has his kimono painted with it. It is more a grey green. Basically to me, it is a naming thing rather than a useless colour. For full disclosure I had heard this and ordered it anyway as it is a useful colour.

I still have the following dips to try out.

Hopefully I will get some more done tomorrow. I am now off to order the shrine set from 3DAlienworlds.

You can see it here… https://www.3dalienworlds.com/shop-description.php?ID=1516184633

There are loads of cool bits 😉