Undead Wheels

Today I worked on my undead cart. In this case i made a change from my usual painting styles. With this I undercoated black and then dry brushed white. This is something I did the early 2000’s using washes to go over a similar method of undercoat and dry brush. But never mind I digress.

I think this method really worked for this model. I am not sure that it will be my go to in the future, but who knows?

I am printing some more skeletons and ghouls. I might use it on the ghouls but not the skeletons as I want them to fit in with the previous parts of the army.

Anyway, here are a couple of of pics of the model nearing completion. Tomorrow I add some more colours to the bits I obviously missed.

This was painted using both Contrast and dipping inks. Hopefully by tomorrow evening it will be finished, varnished and based.

Look I Painted Something!

I have not been in the mood to paint recently, but tonight I decided I would give it a go again.

I painted my 15mm giant that I printed out. This was done whilst playing ‘Hunter Call of the Wild’ on the PC. The pJnrs were to my left, the models were to my right and I was sat in a hide trying to call in some Blacktail deer. They never came but a bull elk did.

It’s not the best photo as it was taken on my tablet rather than my phone, but hey you can see where I have been.

More Painted

Well I got a fair bit done today… the most boring was painting 125 bases brown… so now you know the size of my undead army. As I had the brown out I painted the last twelve that were still in their white undercoat…

So that is ninety ready to get a varnish and various other bits added like rust and ver de gris as well as a bit of grubiness. I actually bought some oil paints and sponges…just waiting on the solvent to get going…

I painted the big ghouls and was pleased with the results…

As you can see I did another Wraith…this time in red…it will be a champion or something…

I also made a decision on the Dinocrocuta, in the end I went for the greys rather than the red and black…thanks to everyone who gave some input. It was pretty much 50:50. In the end I went grey as I was going to do the mounted wraiths in the same red, so this way there wouldn’t be another colour in the mix…

Now these have got a long way to go, but they are definitely getting there.

Hopefully I will get them finished tomorrow, the Dinocrocuta that is, not everything. My wife and two eldest are off gallivanting South tomorrow evening, so it will just be me and my son tomorrow evening. Joe and I are doing a painting and gaming day on Monday again so I should get a long way with things again.

Zombies, More Zombies and a Funny Coloured Dog.

Today I cracked on and got the remaining nine Zombies finished…

This now gives me two units of twelve for Dragon Rampant, or a horde for other games.

I also spent a good while ‘building’ a set of zombie crossbows. There are nine distinct ones and three that are mirrors of some others. I know I said I wouldn’t print any more, but I still had some resin in the vat and it should be enough for the twelve miniatures. Now as I mentioned the Ian Lovecraft ones are a lot bigger than the rest so I took the height down to 92% and the other two planes at 88% to try and match in with the current batch. I will find out tomorrow if I have cocked it up 🤞🤞🤞.

And finally I need a bit of help on deciding on the colour for the Dinocrocuta… I decided to go away from a natural brown colour to something a bit more fantasyesque…

I have got the red/black or the white/grey. I like them both and cannot decide on which way to go. Both take seconds to do, so neither is harder than the other… what do people think… which would work well for an undead army?

Spectral Steeds

Tonight I worked on my spectral steeds. They were a bit of faff with all the colour transitions from the bone to grey to green, but I think it kind of worked…

I should hopefully get a good crack on with the riders tomorrow as well as finish these off… on second thoughts I think I will finish these and then get on with the zombies… speaking of which… I just remembered today that I have a pile of multiple zombies on my hard drive from the Frost Kickstarter…I may have to go and have a peek. The Frost ones though are huge, so a lot of shrinking will be required. Not that I am printing anything else until the undead are done …cough, cough!

Anyway whilst painting the above I was watching a live stream by the Basic Brush… I follow him on YouTube. It was nice to sort of chat on the keyboard… well worth a watch in my opinion. I have mentioned him before when I was talking about the issues with the speedpaints…

You may have noticed the grey ghouls I the above photo. These are the scaled ones mentioned yesterday. The 90% size is what I wanted so I am pretty pleased with them. In hindsight I should have added the head in the software rather than trying to get it glued onto some of them between a raised bone and a neck. It is a miracle that they actually all had heads… if I do decide to print some of the Frost ones then they will be built electronically and printed out as a one piece.

Talking of printing things, if you remember, the big beastie is hollow, today I got all the components to make a small device to shove where the sun does not shine…

The light is a UV one to shove inside hollow models to cure the resin inside. Unfortunately the drain holes on the big one were too small to go right inside, but I was able to shine the lights in to help. Usually I would decide on the size of the drain hole, but these were built in and it never occurred to me to check, otherwise I could have added my own.

He is now undercoated with a zenithal highlight to help with the light and dark.

Challenge Day

To be honest, I never managed twelve hours, I got about six hours off and on as my back started to give up the ghost. So how far did I get….

So I finished off the dozen in the middle and the mage and got the next twenty four finished, apart from the white bit on the right hand banner.

I am going to carry on with the painting tomorrow and see how I get on. I got the zombies onto their bases as well as giving mr half head a new set of hair…

Still a whole load to do… a dozen wraiths, half a dozen cavalry plus a mounted Liche, the zombies and the dozen Boyar infantry too.

I then have the big Beasty to do. I got my air brush out for this one as I really didn’t fancy doing something this big with a 00 brush 😉.

I think that is everything that I have for the undead army.

Wonky Horses and some Skeletons

Today I decided to sort out the problem of the undead mounts. Now if you remember with thec16th century stuff ihzd problems with the pikes snapping so to solve the problem I either mixed ordinary and flexible resin or as of late I bough in some stuff that had the flex built in…. move forward a couple of months and I purchase some undead mounts that are in awesome poses, with, in some cases only one foot on the floor as you can imagine semi flexible resin would not work so well with gravity…. so after a bit of a head scratch I came up with this plan…

Each mount is supported by a gravestone or something similar. This should hopefully help with the problem of gravity induced bending!

Joe and I had a good session paintingnthis evening and I managed to get a fair old way on with the skeleton unit…

Still a fair old bit of work to go but there is definitely less white showing now.

Tomorrow I have decided to do a twelve hour challenge. 10.00 – 22.00. I am going to see how many miniatures I can paint in that time… hopefully quite a few… well what else are holidays for but to do something foolish.

A Quick Repaint

Tonight we had a family game night and as such I didn’t get a lot of time for painting. I did however repaint the blue shroud to fit in with the grey ones…

I will get some skeletons printed tomorrow.

Back with the Rust

I had another blast with the rust this evening. I resprayed the piece and this time on the back side I put the superglue and baking powder on first and then spayed it afterwards … it was a heck of a lot quicker than yesterday’s version….

I also got a bit more done on the ghostly skeletons…

More Rust and an Angry Tree

Tonight I wanted to give the rust effect a go on something a bit bigger than an axe. Luckily I dropped my small brush down the back of all my boxes on my painting station. And voilà I found anold style Necromunda plastic wall.

Quick spray white and a cover with a mettalic paint… in hindsight I could have just spayed it a metal colour with a rattle can…

I then threw some superglue and baking soda on it…well when I eventually got the glue out that is!

This was then covered with the metallic colour. When dry I splashed on the rust effect….

The effect is somewhat spoiled by my crap placement of it.

Since taking the photo I have noticed the bottom layer is actually becoming more orange…it looks like rust!

While waiting for things to dry I got my treeman finished…

The bits needing to dry were these chap’s…

As you can see I changed cloak colour… I may repaint the blue one.

Tomorrow I will do the other side of the wall.