Tonight I managed to get some paint slapped on the Wargs. I roughly followed the same colours as the last lot, but as they were in the shed I wasn’t the. It was a bit of guesswork, but who cares as they are animals and animals are vary rarely exactly the same colours…

There was no printing tonight as the printer decided that it was too cold in there to even give it a try. So instead I did a bit more slicing and did another tile with a pool of water in it. Hopefully I can print one off tomorrow. I really was hoping to make a start on the box for the Meeples but the lack of warmth let me down. Sadly the electric heater in there bought the farm and the gas one needs a cylinder. As it is a Shetland public holiday tomorrow(after what is seen as the main fire Festival today)there will be nothing open in Lerwick.

7 thoughts on “Wargs…Making a Start

  1. Funny mate, your up there freezing and can’t operate the machinery and I’m down he in 108 F and cant paint as it dries on the brush! Quick question mate your Wargs ,how tall would they be ? They look good to me , and you are right you’ll never find two beasts with identical colours patterns .


      1. Funny place Melbourne ,it max of 60 F here today ! The warts look really interesting and at that size I feel I could use some in a fantasy dio down the track ,🧐so thanks mate .


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