Mantic Woes

This evening I decided I would do a quick glue together of a couple of packets of the zombie/mutant types. They were, for want of a better term, a bloody nightmare!

If you look at the two stood up beside each other. Notice the tabs on the bases. A lot of the joints looked something similar. It definitely wasn’t a case of ‘insert slot A in hole B’. Now I haven’t done huge amounts of Mantic stuff before. But this has nearly put me off for life. I am not sure if I was really lucky last time, or really unlucky this time. If it wasn’t for the Mantic plastic feel I would have said these were recasts.

On the up side the truck went together without any fuss or hassle.

The Mantic Box

This evening I got out the Mantic Zombie box and had a mooch. There are a lot of zombies, with multiples of each. Some big scary beasties and some armoured ones too. The later ones need building so to help me I went to find some pictures.

Where the heck are they? On the Internet I managed to find one imag… and that was a Mantic one, and when I clicked on it, it came up as a 404 error.

I could work out how to make the truck though..

I have Star Saga miniatures so I do have something to fight against them.

I reckon I can print terrain if required or rather when I need terrain.

Heading Home

So that’s it our adventure is nearly over. We are sat on the boat in the ‘pods’ which are basically reclining chairs at £20 a pop or whatever silly price they are.

It has been a good adventure, but we are both knackered now. I am honestly not sure how far we walked this weekend, but based on the complaining feet and calves it was a jolly old distance.

Sadly no nice sunset this evening, so a distant view of a couple of oil rigs will have to do!

We arrive into Orkney close to Midnight and then arrive in Lerwick early tomorrow morning, but they wont let us off until around 08.00.

I am really looking forwards to getting back into my own house and slippers!.

The Day Arrived

Well Claymore arrived and off we set. It was an easy run across to Edinburgh, but to be honest getting to the Granton campus on the bus was going to be a bind, so we blagged a taxi.

We got there about 45 minutes after opening so we were straight in… I was pleased with the entry cost at a fiver for me and three quid for James… more money to spend on toys …

I managed to get some photos of some of the games…

Now I knew that a couple of my friends from the Shetland club would be there putting on a game as they had moved onto the mainland, But what was more amazing was my old club was there from when I lived in England. I was stood there thinking Tyneside Wargames club, that was my club, I turned around and three of my old mates were stood there, now they might have just said oh yeah we remember you, but they said, can you remember the time we went to the show in my red Citroën…i had forgotten that I once owned a Citroën. So it was a lovely surprise. I also got chatting to a guy running a Frostgrave game. I mentioned I was down from Shetland and Lo and Behold his whole family was from Shetland, and the guy he was playing against also had family from Shetland.

I did buy some goodies, I could have gone mental but decided to keep the sensible hat on.

Well sort of kept the sensible hat on. The top box is full of fifty Mantic Zombies and a truck that was a bit of an impulse buy.

Miniatures wise I got some 10 mm Samurai apes from Pendraken, these are the Warband pack, but they will be based as HOTT, like my other packs I have got in the past.

I picked up twenty 2p multi stands for various of my games, I was going to order them online, but as Warbases was there I thought I might as well get them postage free. I also bought some MDF coins for Strength and Honour. Sadly I never got to play a game at the show as James was beginning to flag a bit.

I also picked up the Pavia book in the bring and buy. James was given an inflatable 17 pdr shell. Which he was quite chuffed with.

As it was also his trip he wanted to go to the zoo, so we spent the afternoon in there…

Made it…

So we made it to the hotel in Glasgow. We are on the top floor, sadly not the penthouse, but it is still a long way down…

By 10.45 we had nearly done 11000 steps, our train was an hour later and we have pretty much walked all over Glasgow so I reckon we must have at least doubled that, if not tripled it.

My feet and calves ache a bit now!

D +1

So we made it ashore and are breakfasting in Macdonald’s as James has never been in one. We had to be off the ferry by 08.00 but we’re twenty minutes earlier so mooching around the empty streets of Aberdeen until 09.00

Train to Glasgow is 11.45 so we are wasting time … about to head off into the busier streets of Aberdeen now.


So our adventure has begun, with the slight cock up of me leaving my phone on the kitchen table. Technically I could have got home and back to the ferry, but if there had been any delays then I would have missed the boat. Luckily my son has his, and after I added some credit then we are back in communication.

Anyway we did get a nice sunset as we passed between the Shetland mainland and Fair Isle…

Unfortunately James is feeling a bit under the weather, which is a pity as he used to have amazing sea legs.

Internet is a bit naff on the ferry so only one photograph…


Yes today is the day I escape the island for the first time in about four years.

Sat in a cafe in Lerwick for a while as one of the cars is in getting some tyres done. Estimate is two hours instead of the expected hour. 😢

I have to be on the boat by 18.30 at the latest, so a bit of time left. The two eldest want me to take them shopping as they are being left home alone for the evening as Esther is off gallivanting to Montrose.

I have had a look at the Claymore site and a few manufacturers are there who I spend my money with. So I reckon I will be coming back with 3,6,10 and 15mm stuff🤪.

Weather isn’t looking too bad for this evening…

Books packed, films downloaded sweeties and drinks for the ferry to be purchased later.

New Parcel and Digger Fun

Today was digger day and it was good, but a bit stressful, fun. Fun because it was a digger, stressful in case I cocked up and broke it or dug the bucket in too deep.

You can certainly tell where I have been now, but it was a bit annoying that it had heaved it down yesterday so I was playing with a lot of water too.

I could do with a tonne of gravel to go into the few remaining holes, but that will have to wait.

Anyway after diggering I got to open a couple of parcels. The first being a new pair of shoes and the second being some bits and pieces of terrain…

Already have some of the Battle Systems terrain stuff, just never got around to building it or showing it off on the blog…

Final Thirty Six

Today I cracked on and bit the bullet to get the last thirty six undead based (actually there were thirty eight 😉). I had to force myself to get the last dozen done.Tomorrow I am going to go to town with the rust etc…

My youngest and I are now on a count down to our trip south. Thursday will roll up soon enough, but tomorrow my hire digger arrives to get the potholes flattened out. So watch out for digger photos tomorrow.