Sod All, Nowt and Nothing

That about sums up this evening’s attempt at painting. I have just finished dinner… aka porridge as I was too knackered to cook anything else. We didn’t get I until 20.45 and after sorting things out, I just couldn’t be arsed to get the paints out… to be fair to myself I did actually choose the five miniatures that I was going to paint this evening.

Hopefully they will get done tomorrow, this evening I am going to try not to rant at idiots, cheaters and weird mechanics on Battlefield V… wish me luck!

Ten Down…

I managed another five skeleton Samurai this evening. I went for an orange colour for the robes this time. Tomorrow I will go for a green colour. These are nice and quick to paint…okay I could spend longer and do a lot more work on them.. but hey I want them finished.

The other I thing I did this evening was to get the greenstuff done on the officer’s arm. He now has a nicely shaped tunic rather than a missing lump.

Five Down…

Fourteen to go… as you can see I managed to get the paints and brushes out this evening.

I am doing these in batches of five (and a four). This means that I am batch painting tunic colours. The majority of these have the blue grey colour on them. It was meant to be all of them, but somehow I put the paint down, totally forgot what colour I had just been using and chose a blue instead.

I am hoping that tomorrow I will get some more done.

A lot of this evening was spent battling with the insurers. In my policy I get a hire car, the repairs were approved on the 17th and I am still waiting for my hire car from them. Evidently it is tough shit that I am having to pay for a hire car myself while they wait to find me one. Evidently they sub contract to another company tgst doesn’t have anything to do with Shetland and although the claims lass said that us it, your request for a car gas gone through, the other side are denying all knowledge. In case you are wondering… they aren’t going to pay for the one I am already having to fork out for. Time for a new insurer methinks.

Before 3D Printing There was…

Well no painting took place today as pile of stuff needed to go into the loft and whilst I was up there I came across some of my terrain that used to spend hours building…

The Governor’s residence in card

I am not sure what happened to the first floor of the probably got chucked years ago with the rest. The room to the right was the ballroom where various shenanigans took place.

In the I used to spend hours at a time cutting out the buildings and then using Copydex to put them together. I actually used them for Roleplaying games as I wasn’t Wargaming back then. Even if they didn’t have an interior then I would add one. As you can imagine 28mm mansions tender to be a bit on the large side. I actually don’t know how much money I spent on card and ink cartridges. In the end to save both my sanity and my wallet I started just doing the floor plan  with bits and pieces of scatter.

Changing Rooms

This was a UK Television program where people did funky things with another person’s room.

However in my case it was my three kids all changing rooms with each other… cue long day of sorting and chucking out … 8 bin bags down… I cannot get to my little painting corner for things that still need to move.

Kappa Finished

I got this pair finished this evening…

This was the only pair of these I had to paint. They were pretty quick to do.

So yesterday I said I had half a dozen skeletons to paint… evidently I cannot count…

Looks like there are twenty to make a start on this weekend. Thanks to John for pointing out that there are only nineteen skeletons to do. As one of my little ones said in class the other day ” him is good at maths.” Check out his blog Here.

A Teeny Bit of Painting

Well 15mm worth of painting happened this evening, I managed to get the demon Samurai, or is it a Samurai demon done this evening…

I decided to do him with grey skin rather than a more human colour. To make him a bit brighter he got yellow hair to make him stand out from other helmetless Samurai.

I got a parcel today… huzzah…

To be honest some of them I cannot remember ordering… the spiders and two miniatures on the right were freebies.

These are my Dark Elf ‘Spanish’ from Alternative Armies as well as a couple of Bandito’s from their Amerika range.

Now Silver Bayonet has an officer and 7 seven others in his small force… the mathematically astute of you will see two officers and twelve here already, not counting the five irregulars I have already painted… don’t ask me what was going on in my head as I have lost my various lists I made. Some are regulars and some others are going to act as Ekites or grenadiers, but apart from that I actually haven’t got the foggiest.

One of the officers came with a separate sword arm so I glued it on earlier… its a bit on the small side…

I reckon in am going to have to build up the back side of it with greenstuff. On the upside it will strengthen the join a bit.

I have run out of round MDF bases, so may either have to purchase some more or return to using 2p’s. I prefer the MDF as it us a bit softer on the other painted miniatures if something goes awry.

Tomorrow I will try and find the lists and also see why the heck I ordered a drummer as they don’t appear in the ruleset.. I have either ordered one by mistake or have been sent a one in error or an extra freebie…my have got two of the fantasy females instead of just one…


Errr painting didn’t really happen this evening, as I got chatting and reading and err I just realised the time, so no painting tonight.

On a rather gross note, my left hand index finger decided to release the pressure this evening… it is still painful as heck and a lot bigger and redder than it should be, but at least something is moving.

Hermit and the Goblins

This evening I got a few more Monster Hunter minis out of box and set to work. My original plan was to get the seven of them started, but instead I went for finishing four of them. These are, for want of a better term, a goblin command set of: mage, standard and commander. The other one finished was a human mountain hermit.

On the left are a couple of Kappa and on the right a demonic Samurai.

Now for fun I looked up the Kanji for Goblin… the flag should say goblin, but with my painting ability it might just say trombone, but the thought was there.

Tomorrow I will try and get the next three done, then I am onto a dozen or so skeleton Samurai.

Painting this evening was done with very painful index fingers on both hands. It looks like I have an infection under the nail on both of them. My left hand actually hurts to even gently touch it, well as it is swollen it is not surprising. I really think I should go and annoy the doctor sometime as this keeps on happening.

A bit of Painting

Tonight I had more books to mark as I ended up teaching today as I couldn’t find a supply teacher to cover an absence. I did however make sure that I got some painting in…

This lot of Monster Hunter miniatures are finished… I also made a start in a couple of Rohan miniatures I printed about a month ago.