Late Night Painting

Okay not too late, but I decided I wanted to do some painting before bed.

I went a bit mad with the blood effects earlier this evening. I had also redid the rust on the armour as I hadn’t stirred the dirty down rust effect. So although I shook it like mad for ages, the important bits were stuck to the bottom.

I added some flesh wash to the ghouls as they looked a bit naff.

I will hopefully carry on with these tomorrow on my day off.

Two out of Three Ain’t Bad!

Hurrah, third time is a charm as they say…

I eventually got the third roller printed. This evening I did a test to try them out.

I got a 40×40 base for each roller and then mixed up some Greenstuff and smeared it on.

Two look spot on, the third and last one printed didn’t work as well. There is a bit of a texture but nothing to shout about. The Greenstuff stuck to the roller too. This was probably due to the texture being less pronounced.

I haven’t given up on it, I may need to leave the Greenstuff a bit longer. Either that or make the layer a bit thicker. If it doesn’t work it cost pennies to print out.

A bit of Printing

Well tonight I decided to print the remaining roller… can anyone spot the error.

Knackers here forgot to write down what he had printed so guessed what was left and guessed wrong. I only hope I pressed the right one this time… I will find out in three hours, or rather tomorrow.

I also printed off some more bits and pieces for the Geek club…

I am going to do one of the rabbits for my Mandarin teacher at school… well it is the year of the rabbit.

For all you Antipodeans, next month is Koala month!

I also spent a good while finding my futuristic forces from various locations. I am going to have a go at Grimdark Future at the club on Thursday so I am sorting out Army lists.

Charity Shop Success, Painting and Printing

Yes I managed to sneak up on the charity shop (thrift store) without it noticing and managed to find super things within! My theory is that if I decide to go in specially then there is nothing I want. If I go on the spur of the moment then I get stuff.

First up…

I was going to print off some ‘Word’ calendars for the One Ring and found these… how cool!

I was going to purchase some pots to put the flock in and found a whole pile at 50p each. I got thirteen for £5 so even cheaper as I took the whole lot. The ones I was looking at were £4 for two!

Here are some of them filled…

Luckily the labels came off the plastic bags

I also printed a pile more goblins as well as a textured roller.

The above roller is for cobblestones it says but they look a bit big. I would say they are more flagstones. I will try it on something tomorrow. I actually downloaded three in early December and totally forgot about them until today. Useful things to use up the end of a toll of filament.

I actually painted some stuff too…

I tried some of my rust paint on the armoured miniatures. Not sure why but it didn’t work, or at least not yet, so there may have to be a repaint.

Zombie Dudes

Tonight I worked on the five zombies. Now to be honest for speed I went for the ‘standard’ green zombie look. I actually wish I had gone more for the multi hued versions I did for my undead army as seen below…

This lot were obviously all buried at the same time and resurrected likewise…

I was hoping to get them finished, but they still need a bit of work. Joe is coming for another One Ring game tomorrow night so it might be Monday before I get them done.

While I remember the Big Fire Festival is Tuesday this week and it will be live streamed. Definitely worth a watch if you haven’t seen it before.


Who better to inhabit the mausoleum I did the other day… ghouls that’s who.

They are a bit clean at the minute but I am sure I can sort that out.

Yes I decided that I had better get my finger out and paint some Mordheim things. I now have 36 swamp goblins printed so I had better get a wiggle on.

I also worked on this little chap today…

Bits and Pieces

Tonight I popped along to the club, my daughter was going to a school party, which was originally due on 20th December, but the great snow caused it to be pushed back.

I got on with planning some more for the one ring. I started another map for the next game. This time an underground map.

I got some more miniatures done for the geek club…

Five chameleons and a piggy warrior. Next will be rabbits and foxes. I am unable to keep up with them :).

Hopefully I will get some Mordheim painting tomorrow.


Okay so I haven’t actually done any painting, but I have got the mausoleum finished…

I had a bit of an exciting lunchtime as I tried to set my school on fire when the toaster failed to pop up… at least I know the smoke alarms work! Full evacuation occurred, plus I didn’t get any lunch as it was carbonised!

More Goblins

So I printed the next unit of twelve goblins… have I finished my Mordheim project… errr No!

Should I be finishing my Mordheim project… Yes!

Should I be finishing my Mordheim project… most definitely Yes!

Am I?

But they are so cute!

To be fair, I have had one of those days at work and frankly cannot be bothered to paint anything… perhaps I should zap myself again… it worked last time!

I also have an architectural decision to make regarding a building…

The columns make it look more impressive but add height and are more likely to get damaged in transit. The dome on its own works, but if I took it off something could stand on the nice flat bit….

Evidently I needed De-Balling

Tonight I decided to get to grips with the tuft box. By the end I was making progress whilst being somewhat grass covered myself.

First off I tried 4mm and got good results. I then tried 6mm with a lot less success.

Left 4mm. Top right flock box 6mm. Middle 6mm from above

First off the 6mm on the box didn’t really do much as it had clumped up too much so after a bit of head scratching I got rid of as many as I could. They came out ok in the end after a bit if shaking from above. I did some blobs and the static pulled a couple off the paper. I shall not be beaten so I decided to de-ball myself, or rather the static grass!

I shove my balls in this device and shake them from side to side I then believe things will be better.

Like the box, I will have to play with some balls until I am happy with the outcome.

Finally this evening I printed the first of my Swamp Goblins…

I am in the process of printing a unit with hand weapons right now.