I was a PFC on a Search Patrol…

I did a quick test paint on the grunt this evening… I had to use what paints I had so for the purists among you…sowwy!

He still needs some work, but he painted up nicely. The temptation to jump in has increased!

Maybe I need more goblins to take my mind off these!

Frogs in the Nam

Well not really… I worked on the froggies a bit this evening…

I also blasted a white undercoat onto the grunt.

I will try and get some paint onto him tomorrow. Three days left to jump in or not.

I watched the Army of the Dead tonight… I found it Meh!

Fortunate Son

So I printed the grunt in 28 and 15mm and had a good look at him. This range is a bit squat to be honest, but for 3D printing it will mean they don’t snap off at the ankles.

Very tempted to jump in. I will get US, NVA as well as VC. Vehicles and heavy weapons and of course the Huey,

But why I hear you cry? Or possibly it was my good lady.

Since the 80’s I have had a fascination with the conflict and ran a LRRP role play game in the club a good few years ago. I found the cardboard miniatures and maps the other day and got all nostalgic. This Kickstarter appeared when I had a mooch. I have looked at their other ranges in the past and have gone straight past… thus one actually made me pause and consider.

There are three days left before the end so big thinks are going to have to be thunk.

So it may be time to board the slick. Lock and load and head out into the boondocks and look for Charlie.

All Together Now: Sing along

I Am Doomed

Foolishly I decided to browse Kickstarter this evening!

March to Hell are doing Vietnam … sooooo tempted!

Must resist, must resist, must resist! Hopefully the free miniatures in 15 and 28mm I downloaded are crap!

I managed to get the pale blue frog repainted …

I am actually pleased that the original yellow shows through. I think that it looks fine the way it is.

This month trolls and frog riders are coming out. Those frogs are going to be Plain colours as opposed to the recent lot.

Spotty Frogs

Tonight I worked on the frogs and got a bit further forward.

I an really pleased with them apart the light blue one at the front. I went with yellow spots, but really don’t think it looks right. I might just repaint him yellow, as it would work with the red.

More Colours than a Dulux Paint Chart!

Well okay that is a massive over exaggeration, but I have to admit that these are probably the brightest things I have painted since the Imperials from the Italian Wars.

The really pale blue isn’t really working so it is either another colour over the top or another coat or two. I have yet to decide. The unpainted one is there as I didn’t want the paint to run into the wet blue.

I also worked on the tusks on the big beastie. Not perfect, but better than the very first attempt…

Shaman and the Froggies

I didn’t actually get anything done apart from glueing things to bases.

I have had a bit of a bad week at work and then my daughter had a major episode this week with her Autism… my wife and I are pretty much wrecked now. One week to the holidays!

Here is my Froggy force minus the painted ones…

There is a further one at the back of the photo, but I don’t think he would survive a gaming regime.

The other thing I did was do the shaman complete with his false beard.

The more astute of you will realise that I cannot count. The two goblins flanking him are from the frog herders. However I felt that they had a more shamanistic look about them with the funky masks.

Froggy Friends

Today I did a test run on a few of my Froggy army. I really wondered what colours to go for. I was going to go mottled green and browns and then thought sod it and went down this route 🙂 …

I do think these look nice and bright and I am going to go for this in the whole unit.

I am going to go for other colours in a similar vein.

Silver Bayonet

Tonight Joe and I went to the club to play Silver Bayonet… it was a brutal game where we had to root out a changeling from amongst a group of bandits who were holed up in an old barn.

The Bandits were all armed with muskets. I killed the first bandit, which happened to be the changeling, which galloped straight towards me!

It was a hard fought game. I managed to down the changeling, but Joe nicked it’s book, thus winning the game. Casualties were high on both sides. I had three of my eight left standing and Joe had two of his.

Madame managed to curse most of the opposition… my officer was downed twice, only a quick sprint by the doctor saved an early demise.

Joe was definitely unlucky when all but one of the remaining bandits headed in his direction.

The lights were out again tonight, full on swirls and banding with a lot of pulsing too…