Now what undead army wouldn’t emmmm be errrr seen dead without Zombies. So here are some

villagers and warriors below.

There were eight villagers and only five warriors which is a little disappointing. I double up two by flipppng one over, top right and left for the villagers. Now these are really unique poses so really only those would work.

Now something weird happened to the warrior in the middle, well apart from being run through by a spear and coming back to life. There is a better view below…

As you can see the top of his head didn’t print absolutely no clue why, perhaps a glitch in the software. Now I did forget to drew the build plate down but as you can see the crossbow man came out fine!

I think I have now got a full army for Dragon Rampant. So after I have printed some 15mm Ronin then the printer is going to have a rest for a while whilst I paint them all up.

I even got my airbrush out to give the big beastie the once over. Haven’t used it for about four years so wish me luck.

Printer Shenanigans

Today I went out into the shed to find two of the three things on the plate had failed. So after cleaning the Vat and re levelling the build plate I put a new vat in and reprinted the files and voila it worked fine. I was a bit miffed as one of them was totally over supported.

I also sliced some undead Boyar infantry and some Zombies too. With my patreon account I get 50% off so these were additional purchases. I was really good and didn’t go wild… I really could have done.

With two of us painting on Tuesday I wanted a paint pot holder. As I was in the shed I came across some empty resin bottles. The lids were a perfect size. So I cleaned them in ISO and also nuked them in the curing station. Cut some EPVC and voila two paint pot holders…

I sanded both bits to roughen up the surfaces and then used the hot glue gun to fasten them together.

Sticky Skeletons

I spent a good portion of this morning putting together the GW skeleton bowmen.. two things stuck me whilst doing this…

The first being: I absolutely bloody hate putting plastic models together, they were a sod and as I was using poly cement took an age to fully stick.

The second being: why are GW skeleton archers all left handed, whilst the sword and spearman are all right handed…

Anyway I made a unit of twelve archers and got them undercoated…here they are before getting sprayed:

I also got all six wraith cavalry printed too…

Here are the first two!

I am printing a mounted Liche from Ian Lovecraft on one of the mounts above… not sure if it will work, but with greenstuff I should be able to fill any gaps. I still have more to print, but I have made a start on painting the skeletons. Joe and I are going to have a painting day on Tuesday afternoon. Hopefully I will get loads done then.

Skeletons with Big Heads

Today was the last day of term so we had a little soirée at a colleagues house. I spent the evening slicing skeleton cavalry for printing. I also decided to try out one of the GW skeletons…

They are a bit smaller than the 3D printed ones. For some reason their heads seem huge. Now I am not sure if these will work with the other ones. I will do another couple, get them sprayed and do a test paint.

Big Beasty and the Wraiths

Tonight I got the Fell beast done. There were some gaps on the wings and tail but I hauled out the Greenstuff and filled the last gaps this evening.

Now to be honest, I printed this at 90% size. You cannot really tell until you add the rider. He is now a bit on the small side but I reckoned built in evil and malice need not be in a giant.

I also got these six wraiths stuck onto bases. I really should have done some painting but I am knackered.

And finally, this was a little worrying when I saw it in the shed this evening…

Now to be up front these cans are pretty ancient, but I have never seen seepage like this before. It Han bubbled out all around the bottom join.

Big Beasty

Well my 8 hour print was successful and so was the following 6 hour one. I have a print going just now and will then need to print the rider but I am really pleased with this so far…

The 32mm skeleton will give a sense of scale. I have added green stuff to the tail and wing joint and will do the same with the right wing.

Once this is done I will slice up some cavalry for a bit of oomph and then see what I think. Bows are going to be my box of 16 GW skeletons. it would be good if I could find another six to bulk them out to two units of twelve. I could of course print some command figures to do the job for me.

More Dead Things

Well tonight I got the command minis off the build plate as well as half a dozen wraiths…

I also painted a skeleton with a flag…

I also decided to do my longest resin print at 8 hours… I nearly over filled the vat…

And finally… I took this photo at 23:59 on the way to check on the printer.

As you can see it is still light out there… ah the joys of 22 hours of light a day.

Necromancer Do It All Night…

Or so I have heard!

Anyway I set about with my necromantic arts and managed another eighteen skeletons printed. These were the old type on the left and the new type on the right. The new ones were a nice and easy and the old ones nearly made me pack in 3d printing.

I ended up taking off two feet and an arm trying to remove the supports. They had absolutely loads of supports on and with the new super strong resin they were a complete and utter pain to remove. To put it into context the nine on the right took me about 5 minutes to remove the supports, the ones on the left about 25 minutes.

The older ones came with separate shields which I printed too. They are all out in the porch in their nice white undercoat. I have taken the two command units off the build plate and am printing half a dozen wraiths just now.

Tomorrow I will do the second lot of wraiths…aka I flipped them on the build plate so there are some that are left handed and some that are right handed.

I do have a general on a big flying beast so he will get done sometime soon.

Busy, Busy, Busy

Today I did a lot of slicing… I decided to build an undead army so off I set.

I also got three skeleton command miniatures printed and undercoated.

I also got my small scale hills sprayed green. Added bases to the 15 mm Samurai, started building four market stalls and made a start on the Sohei monks…

My youngest was in a play this afternoon so we went to watch that too.

As I said, I was busy, busy, busy

A Quick Repaint

Tonight we had a family game night and as such I didn’t get a lot of time for painting. I did however repaint the blue shroud to fit in with the grey ones…

I will get some skeletons printed tomorrow.