Tonight I got wanted something simple to do so broke out the Greenstuff and added some bits to the big Chaos dude…

I basically got carried away hiding the arm seam.

I am also relocating back into the lounge… the conservatory is getting a little chilly. I wanted to see whether the dipping inks would fit.

Sadly I still have three to go and they won’t go in! After getting these in it dawned on me I had to take them back to school for the Geek club.

Don’t Panic, Don’t Panic!

So, as some of you know, I live on Shetland. An archipelago half way between Bergen and Aberdeen. it is 165 miles from Lerwick to Thurso via Orkney.

So as you might expect it can get a bit blowy in such an exposed position. In fact it has been so blowy that we haven’t had a boat for four days… hopefully it will be in tomorrow.

The bread, meat and fruit and veg aisles looked like this…

They had some gammon and pork, plus some bacon and one packet of sausages, three avocado, two beetroot, three punnets of plums and six packets of Eccles cakes.

The in store bakery section wasn’t bad. Obviously people seemed to only want sliced bread.

We were in to get some gift bags and some chocolates for a neighbour who helped capture our errant geese.

Living here does have its advantages though….

This was my run to work the other morning.

A Bit of Basing

This evening I simply got some miniatures onto some MDF bases. Not a huge amount, but at least I achieved something.

Now all of the dwarves I have printed before this were for Joe. I fancied painting some myself. It has literally just dawned on me that these probably aren’t going to be super exciting as they are all pretty much armoured.

I said some time ago I fancied Mordheim again, one force I always fancied was the Dwarf treasure hunters. It looks like with these 3D ones it will be a possibility. The only things I haven’t got are the Dwarf juvenile types.

Late Night at Work

This evening was Parent Council night so I didn’t get back into the house until 21.30… really couldn’t be bothered to start anything, plus it was a bit late to fire up the Printer.

Hopefully Normal service will resume tomorrow.

Ghouls, Walls and Dwarves

Today has been all about printing. I found these walls for free. They are pretty awesome. They join via the pin-and-hole method. They can go straight, 45 degrees, and a right angle.

The above is made from two short walls and two wall ends. The wall ends are in the foreground. A short wall is about 70mm or just under 3 inches.

Here is the Thingiverse link… correct on 20/11/22:

Now instead of shoving as much onto the build plate as possible, I am instead going for smaller numbers, a major reason is that the filament is running short, but also because I got two walls in just over two hours.

I also printed a dozen ghouls and a dozen dwarves Huscarls.

More Skeletons

Today, I was feeling totally crap, my left arm is really sore where they shoved a Covid Booster into it. He did say it might be a bit more painful than the last one. He wasn’t kidding! Either that or I am a total wimp.

My family and the kids at school have been down with various Winter bugs… I reckon they have caught up with me.

Anyway I did a bit of slicing today as well as some printing. I also decided to get some paint on the undercoated skeletons. Not exactly a huge amount of work, but better than nothing.

At the minute I am printing half a dozen ghouls, having already done some dodos for the kids next week.

CD Walls

As you know, the geek club is up and running we have about half an hour on the Tuesday lunchtime and an hour Friday after school.

I am supporting them to use various materials. Today was blue foam walls.

We were going to get the modelling compound on from Geek Gaming Scenics but we ran out of time.

They have written to various companies to see if they are willing to help out. They wrote one to Goonmaster but unfortunately we couldn’t find an address or email for them.

My left arm is aching a bit as I got my Covid jab. I got the flu jab in the other arm but can’t feel that one.

Koreans for the Imjin War

Well, they sort of look like they are… these are going to be for Ronin and will become a skirmish force to fight against…well whoever really. I have samurai, bandit as well as sohei to have a bit of a punch up with.

I have printed two lots out, one for me and one for Joe. These are from the same company that my Sohei came from. They have been slowly releasing the stretch goals, I can now also have a 15mm Turtle ship… part of me really wants to print it just for the hell of it!

The above were based twice. I had three left to glue and suddenly realised I also using the wrong sized bases. Luckily a scalpel helped me remove them without total carnage.

Now one of these has me a bit confused. He is middle row, second from the right and is armed with a firearm. He also has some strange device between him and the weapon. At first I thought it was a support I missed, but it would appear not.