Something Achieved

Today was rather tiring. A day’s training via video conferencing… child protection training is never fun, but as a child protection trainer then it is always weird that I have to be trained in it. Yesterday I managed 9800 steps… today 4000 most of that after I got home. I managed to get some stuff done after the parent council meeting.

First off I scampered to see how the mounted Maximilian had got on… he hadn’t. The magician, the sword arm and Max himself were missing. Once again it is a bit of a mystery as to why they failed, when everything else has been working fine. As they were the first of their type printed It might have been an issue with the supports, but normally things are tested solidly before going out, so it could well be that either it was too cold and the light weight supports failed, or it could be that the build plate has gone off level again.

The only thing to print were the new officer and the lady magician (I am actually struggling with words tonight and cannot think what either are). Here they are with the flag and drummer…

They fit in nicely size wise with the others. I am busy printing a few of the Dwarves that came as part of the kickstarter. We shall see if they print okay.

I also managed to do a bit more work on the samurai…

So the amount of white on these has reduced a bit, this time each colour got a specific helmet colour, I really couldn’t be bothered messing around with half a dozen shades.

Sort of a Night Off

I am what is best known as knackered. The last time I felt this tired was when my eldest was born and they didn’t sleep for 12 weeks as they had reflux… a week and a half to go until the holidays, in that time I have to interview people, have two days of training, short list with a colleague, sort out for the end of the year and generally stop the oldest kids going off the rails before leaving for secondary school, sort out end of year assessments and record keeping etc…wish me luck!

Anyway tonight I seriously could not be bothered to do much, I sliced a pile more miniatures and rescued the remaining five halberds off the printer…

So I now have a unit of twelve with attached flag waver and drummer.

I am printing off a mounted general and entourage. I shrunk my Lovecraftian zweihander down to the same size as these ones to add in as a fancy officer type. I think he will fit right in (78%) seems the right size this time.

The original test prints from last month.

So that is three full units of twelve done, a half size pike unit and some officer types… in terms of Lion Rampant, when the pike are done then I will have 20 points of a 24 point retinue.

I really doubt I will get anything done tomorrow night as I have a parent council meeting until 21.00. Luckily I will be able to do it from home as we are online. I just have to write the head teacher’s report before 19.00 tomorrow… it is always a sod trying to remember everything that I need to add.

More Printing, More Samurai

Tonight I had more success on the printer front. The next lot worked fine apart from a couple of niggles… First is the sword on the flag waver hasn’t printed again, second is that some of the pike and halberd shafts are wonky in places, but I am getting there…

I am printing another set of halberdiers and flag/drummer combo that will give me a unit of twelve halberdiers with flag and musician as well as a musician and flag for the pikes. I will need to print a few with vertical pikes to go as the rear rank.

I also managed to get some paint onto the samurai archers…

So it was a bit of a productive evening, not the greatest, but at least something was achieved.

6mm Samurai

Today has definitely been a day for the Queen, I spent most of this evening extremely annoyed. Partly at myself, but also at other people…or one person in particular who for whatever reason is not a team player. Anyway enough of my whining, I went the shed to see how yesterday’s print went and flipping heck another print completed. I set it away again and after a few minutes of grumping (still) I realised that the build plate was still hanging up. So after a bit more muttering, I cleaned the vat and set it away with three more bills. This time with them at attention to go for a second row. Tomorrow I have to decide whether to have the second pike rank at attention or similar to the bills …in mid poke.

Anyway I managed to crack on with the samurai and got them nearly there…

I am going to base them on 20×40 with eight to a base (I think). I still have to decide on a mon for the sashimono. To be honest it will probably be a simple dot or two.

Shhhhh It’s Working!

Well after a bit of a wobbly few weeks, the printer seems to behaving itself (I know I have just doomed myself there). I relevelled yesterday and cranked the bottom layers to 7 in the hope that the model would adhere to the build plate and not the plastic… fingers crossed it is working. So far I am nine for nine on the success front. Here they are, they are going to be two separate units in the end. One unit of twelve pile and one of twelve halberdiers.

I am printing the same three pike at the minute to be the front rank. The second rank will be at attention. I will print another six random halberdiers too. Now I was having a look at Lion Rampant and this lot aren’t I. It as it seems to stop at the Wars of the Roses. I will have to have a mooch at some home brew ideas for the late Renaissance.

Now today Dave over on The Imperfect modeller had painted a very nice miniature with a Lion Rampant on the shield… I had mentioned how we see things today and how they were represented in the past… this is what I was talking about… here we see a modern representation of the flag of the Holy Roman Empire from around 1515 (I think)…

A rather funky two headed eagle, however this is an original painting from 1515… spot the difference…

Now a lad I knew from the re-enactment day’s was well into costume and has written a number of books about uniforms… he went to various museums and saw original kit from the early 19th century and made accurate representations of what he had found… no-one would buy it or was interested in it as It didn’t look good… Going back to the painting of the shield designs, I reckon not everyone was an artist… I rest my case… Lion Rampant on a shield!

One of my favourite ‘reference’ material is the ‘Morgan’ Bible here we see another Lion Rampant.

Printing Failures and the Odd Success

Today I set away to print the last four arquebusiers… I sliced them and added them to the printer and set it away. I did four and Lo and behold it printed two! So after a bit of swearing I relevelled the print plate, remembering point six this time).

So after a bit of shopping I wandered back into the shed to find the bloody thing hadn’t printed a thing. So after muttering under my breath, or rather blaspheming loudly, I relevelled again and set it off…. this time I came back early on and found this time it was only printing one of them. So I pulled the plug and relevelled the bed again.

This time I got another set of three figures to print. These are the halbediers… as I set it away I bumped the number of layers up to 7, in the hope that it will adhere to the metal rather than the FEP. I will find out in an hour if it has worked.

But anyway this is where we have got to so far with the army…

To the left the crossbows and the right the guns. My plan is to have another unit of crossbowmen…. I had better read the army lists before I go wild with units. With this Kickstarter I certainly have a lot of choice!

I also tried painting something different… a bust of an elf witch…

I am not sure about the flesh tones, it cannot really be seen here, but it is a bit mottled. I will carry on with it tomorrow. Next up is The hair I think. It will be a light tan, as opposed to Galadriel’s colour in the Lord of the Rings films. I am thinking a kind of green colour for the dress.

I might even get some work done on the 6mm Samurai too!

Gaming, Printing and Getting Wet

This evening we went off gallivanting into the Alien Universe again. The plucky trio were rescued by some androids who took them to an old research station, being the suspicious lot they were, they went exploring, the Androids didn’t seem to be bothered that they were wandering the old station. One of the NPC’s became unwell and ended up going into quarantine. Other rescued people were found…Russians so much waving of arms and drawing of ideas took place.. we left things when the unwell NPC went missing… someone in Weyland had given him an injection with a synthetic pathogen in it…He is now loose in a deserted underwater lab, that is partially flooded…. oh and the air scrubbers aren’t really working…

So when I got back I checked on the next lot of printees… I printed nine miniatures to add to the three from yesterday this would give me a unit of twelve…

Ooh look nine miniatures!

Looks like I will be reprinting s few more tomorrow!… i took a photo at 23.15…silly season is upon us again!

And finally… I signed up to be a head teacher to aid children in their education… having soaking wet underwear was not in the job description. A fire truck came today and they let the kids have a go at the hose jet… queue wet HT!

The last time I was this wet is when I went swimming,.. it was a weird wet though, basically half of my body was soaked, the other side was pretty much bone dry as children were in the way of the water… bottom line though was that the kids loved it.

Reports and Printing

Thank Crunchie that tomorrow is Friday and that my reports are pretty much all written. Just some attendance data to add and then yippee…all done. Because I didn’t finish until 21.40 then I thought I would give the painting a miss and as I had the foresight to get the printer going I got a few more crossbowmen and four hand guns…it as is the way of things only 3 came out (along with some shortened swords – again)

As I mentioned yesterday, these fit in quite nicely with the Perry Miniatures… here is one of them beside some of the 14th century chappies…

Now I cannot remember if I added too many extra supports (apart from to the feet) but it would seem that two different people did the supports here…

My foot supports are clearly visible on the right hand miniature. The rest were super thin, but seemed to work ok.

A Bit More Painting

Tonight I was writing more reports so didn’t have a huge amount of time to paint anything. I carried on with the Samurai…

Now to be honest I am going down and dirty with these, I am not bothering about paint splash too much…I will have to fix some missing red and blue though. Next up is to repaint flesh, spears and sashimono white.

I got the crossbowmen cured and onto some bases.

You can really see where the swords failed on the two on the right. Other than that they are really nice miniatures. I stuck them next to some of the Perry Miniatures Hundred Years’ War French crossbowmen and they are about the same size as them.

Starting on the Samurai

This evening I had some training and was meant to be writing more reports, but to be honest my head was mush so I printed some crossbows , had dinner and then decided to paint something.

As the Samurai were right in front of me – I started on them…

That is the first ninety six started. Although they are in single coloured armour I am changing hat colours to kind of add in some difference where I can. The pavaises were a nice easy paint… I wish everything was that easy!

Someone shared the following with me… I probably found it a bit too funny!

So here I am in the shed sorting out a print before bed… eight out of the nine printed… ooooh they are very nice 😍

These are straight out of the ISO wash and there are still some tiny supports on them. Unfortunately some of the swords didn’t print properly (along with the missing crossbowman). I want another four or five to make a unit of 12. I will probably pull the swordsman out and do four more crossbows.

All in all I am a very happy chappy!