15mm Japan (and some China)

This evening I glued some more bits and pieces together. The ruined farm house is for my mate. The other stuff is my own shrine.

I have added signs from one of the market stalls to the box shrine and taken the original front to make a gateway. I just wanted it different from my mates version.

My mate Wiggy has said he will return to role playing after his stroke so long as I run Qin. Time to start reading…

A Mobile Shrine

So my mate took his birthday present home with him in the car so I reckon we can class it as a mobile Shrine.

So instead of a pristine shrine, I wanted to go for one that is more run down, hence the faded colours on the building. I also got to work with my home made tufts…

All in all I am quite pleased with how this came out. Next stage trying to repeat it in a scale suitable for 6mm, as well as 15mm too. One day I may even do it in 28mm!

A Small Shrine

It was my mates birthday a couple of weeks ago and as I am seeing him tomorrow I thought I had better getbmy finger out and make him something,

I made him a small Japanese shrine for his 15mm Sengoku Monster Hunter games.

Basically he can put in either the ancient tree trunk or the building. I will add some tufts etc tomorrow.

These pieces come from the newish shrine set.

Back with the Nam

So, I haven’t been posting much lately. This is in part due to laziness and part due to playing too much Ark Survival Evolved.

I did get this lot photographed this evening… the boat crew were printed about 3 weeks ago and the engineers and sappers about two. The latter were taken off the supports this evening and then left in the sun to cure.

This evening I also shrank down and printed some Samurai stuff from 3D Alien print. hopefully you will see a painted example tomorrow.


So I did a bit of work on the Hog this evening. I think the windows sort of work. At least you can tell what they are meant to be.

I got the door gunner with some paint on too.

I have reprinted the two I did on the FDM, this time on the resin machine.

Painting Windows

I actually got my butt into gear this evening and got some paint onto the Hog. To be honest there are so many things wrong with this miniature that it is going to become a test miniature… well unless I suddenly like it:)

I will carry on with this over the next while and see how it goes.

I am going to try and get hold of some decals to help with numbers etc.

What’s in the Box

If you remember I said that GW had sent us their Alliance box for the Geek Club.

This came with a pile of miniatures, a set of paints and probably the worst brushes I have ever seen. The ones from Wish were as good or even better. It was me using one of the brushes and not the kids.

The other thing it came with was a little booklet on what else they can get. So me being me showed them how much things cost… they know how much the resin miniatures cost so there were lots of ‘Woah’, ‘Ehhh’ and ‘HOW Much!!!’

They do want to have a go with the stuff after they have finished their current miniatures.

They also got a little piece of plasticised card that acts as a mixing palette. There were a couple of cardboard gaming boards and dice with rules to play the games. Their little booklet had some colour in pages to help decide on what colours to use.

So what do I think of the box… if I wanted to buy what was in there it would cost me loads of cash. There is a lot of plastic in there. Problem is if I wanted to play an actual game then then the kids would have to sell hundreds more.

While I realise the box is designed to get younger kids into the very expensive GW world, they were the only ones to actually respond and to offer something.

I really doubt any of them are going to be galloping off to the local toy shop, but at the end of the day if they decide to then I will support them in whatever way I can.

I Found Some Green

Today I suddenly realised that I had a can of Army Painter green. Joe brought it back for me ages ago. But well done past me for asking for it.

The Hog looks a bit better now that it is green.

Well this whole thing got me thinking, the rotor sticks out a long way forward and we will not even talk about much it would stick out sideways. So in my rather foolish brain I wondered about electronically boring out magnet holes in the rotor and the fuselage.

This would mean in game all of the rotors wouldn’t be bow/stern. There could be some variations.

Over the next few days I will work on this and see what I can come up with painting wise. I am actually going to have to use normal paint! Eek!

Upgrade on the Huey

Well as promised I decided to prehollow out the huey before using the slicer to do it. It seems to have worked! I went to town by shoving a cylinder inside the rear compartment and then in the software subtracting it. This left a big cylindrical void that meant that it was a lighter model, but also that there are no places where the resin can pool.

The blue light you can see is a small uv light that I made to fit inside hollowed out models. This thing has more holes than a Swiss cheese. But it does allow the cleaner to get inside easily and to empty out easily too. I might cover up the holes, but there again I am going to be shoving various crew in there, so the holes won’t be as visible.

I also did some rotors on the filament machine and put them on a higher setting. They have come out very nicely.

Health Update

Well some of you may remember that a while a while ago I posted that I was in chronic pain. The Doctor was investigating and narrowed it down to Poly myalgia or fibro myalgia. Well after draining about an arm full of blood over the last six weeks he has decided on the former, which thankfully is treatable.

So I am now on about an 18 month to two year course of steroids. I started on Wednesday and by Friday the pain had pretty much gone. Because I am a pillock I did too much yesterday so today I am taking it easy 😉

So, because I am going to be on steroids long term then I am going to also have to go on other medication to counteract some of the side effects.

So there you go folks, a huge thank you to the people who got in touch it really did help me realise that that there was a light at the end of the tunnel.