Samurai Army Complete

Well I now have to add… sort of.. unfortunately some pillock who shall remain nameless suddenly remembered after taking the photos that the sashimono on the Infantry were without their mon. Part of me thinks sod it, part of me thinks get them painted and a further part makes me think …buy some water slide transfers. Sadly the easy options are sort of out. First if I don’t paint them they may look a bit weird and secondly there is a lot of wisps of filament on the flat bits so any water slide transfers will be a right sod to get painted… but anyway here we go. Mon, bases and Banners withstanding. The army is done…

I am onto my next Samurai miniatures already. My mates Birthday present arrived. I want everything paint3d by next weekend so got straight on with them today.

Black Samurai Finished

That is everything done for this army. It has taken me a bit longer than I thought it would I started on April 4th and eventually got them finished May 22nd…slow by my standards 😂

Last unit done

Okay so I just noticed I forgot to paint the bearded faces! I will get them sorted tomorrow.

Green Samurai…Finished

So tonight I worked on the Green samurai and got them finished. I also cracked on and got up to the armour stage on the Black samurai. All things being equal I reckon that I should get the whole lot finished by tomorrow night.

The black armoured lot are hiding in the rear.

So this is what we look like now…

The army assembled

Archers Done and work on the Blades

Well there wasn’t exactly a lot to do on these, but I actually started on the blades, then remembered that I needed to do the bowmen!

All finished, with the two free samples added in too.

As mentioned, I also worked on the blades and got on a fair old way with them too…

I would have got further with them, but I spent a while glueing buildings together. I will show them in another post in a little while.

I watched the Revenant today and quite enjoyed it. there were a couple of bits that stretched my credulity a bit, especially anything to do with being in the water with snow run off. (Sort of spoiler alert)As an ex white water kayaker, I ended up with hypothermia in my modern cold weather gear after going for a single swim. Sorry but anyone in that situation would not have walked away. I liked the start, I thought it pretty accurate as to what I have read about the early trappers and their run ins with the different tribes.

Samurai Bow…Almost Done

Tonight I got a bit of a wiggle on and tried to get the bow finished… I nearly made it! I only really have the arm guards to paint in the appropriate colour. I did consider painting them all the same one, but in the end decided to let them match the body armour.

As can be seen I have also started on the green armoured Samurai foot. They are all in their clothing and armour colour. I did have a bit of a problem working out which green I used on the cavalry. The conclusion I have come to is that they have had two lawyers of the ork flesh green.

I was very excited to find a couple of parcels waiting for me when I came in for lunch.

First up…

My ancient GW ones apart from the shining silver are pretty much shot. If I put them on a shaker for about an hour they might revive, but I thought I would give these a go… so a nice parcel to get.

The second one was extremely disappointing…

This was my resin… and err I don’t think the mixing cups made it!

Thankfully the resin, although squashed was not damaged. I have asked the seller for some more cups as I think the measurements up the side will be most useful. thankfully it was just some plastic cups, it could have been a whole lot worse!

Tomorrow I hope to carry on with the Samurai. The printer is chuntering away with more Samurai terrain so I will need to make a start on that soon.

Samurai Done

Okay, not all of them but the red lot are finished apart from the bases…

I also worked on the bowmen too, I reckon that they should be finished tomorrow.

Once these are done I have twenty four miniatures to do for the army. Twelve in black and twelve in green. Hopefully by then my parcel for my mates birthday will have arrived so that I can make a start on them.

As I was looking for a kite today I came across this rather ancient photo. This was my first ever day in re-enactment!

Samurai Getting There

Tonight I worked on the Samurai and got a good bit further on.

I suddenly found another base of bow that I had obviously missed. These got started this evening too. I reckon these will be finished tomorrow. I still have another 8 bases with an white undercoat to do but the end of the road is in sight for this army.

My daughter has done another picture today. This time of a wolf peeping from behind a tree. She is really getting into her art.

Samurai Foot…Further Work

Tonight I got chatting to a colleague on Teams and didn’t get much time to paint anything really. But I did manage something…

These are over half way there now I would say. Really just the weapons and sashimono and tidying up to do… oh yeah and paint the mon on them too. The command are going to have different colours on their armour as befits their station. This will be added with a white undercoat and various other colours put over the top.

Hopefully I will get this few finished ASAP.

Samurai Foot…Making a Start

Tonight I listened to Alien Earth War stories and painted some Samurai… not exactly the best connection, but it was on Youtube and popped up as I finished watching something else.

I also managed to get some more paint onto the Samurai Infantry.

I also managed to knock off a sashimono… I swore lots. I might just get a little blob of Greenstuff to hold it in place. In hindsight I should have done that for all of them. The ones armed with the hand weapons are going to be red (as you can probably tell from the photo). The bow and command stands are in whatever colour I fancied slapping on them.

After this lot I have 24 left to go and then the army is finished. Yeah okay I have another shit load of the Battle Valour ones to paint and then the Sengoku Monster Hunter ones to paint for my mate, but I am in fact getting there.

To be honest, I didn’t thing I would get anything done for today. I got up and promptly fell back down. I initially thought that I had stood up too quickly. So I stood up slowly and fell back down a second time. After three or four more attempts my brain decided that my body wasn’t having any of it and I was forced to lie back down again. I eventually managed to get it of bed at about 11.30… with a humorous interlude of trying to get into a pair of trousers. Standing on one leg trying to dress is really tricky when you are feeling dizzy.

Luckily it wore off by mid afternoon. And although feeling a bit drained I managed to stay upright for the rest of the day.

Ashigaru Finished

Whilst watching Asterix and the Temple of the Gods I managed to get these finished as well as made a start on one of the command bases.

I could have got more done on the command, but I decided to redo some of the colours on the clothing. Everything being the same colour niggled me. So I changed about 50% of the clothes to a brown or a different colour green.

I shall carry on with the rest of the force tomorrow.