Two More Goblins

Tonight I managed to get the next two goblins done. By done please read that as pretty much done… I might dirty up the armour a bit…

The toes could do with a bit of a touch up as the paint was rubbed off whilst holding the miniatures. I really need to come up with a better way to hold miniatures without a base.

Just the fallen hero to go for the miniature painting… well unless I need more goblins 😜.

BOFA Goblins

This evening I did a bit of work on a couple of the goblins.

There is still along way to go which is probably why I have a bit of a problem with them. The one with the bow doesn’t actually have surfer shorts on, it is in fact a kilt type of thing. I will crack on with them tomorrow and hopefully get them finished.

This evening I finished watching ‘All of us are Dead’. I actually really enjoyed it, although I am not ashamed to admit it … there were a few moist eye moments. I only hope to god they don’t bring out a second series and leave it where it is at.

BOFA Humans

As i said yesterday, I was a bit lacking in the human side of the battle of the five Armies. So this evening I evened things up a bit and got these two done…

Tomorrow I hope to get some work done on the Goblins.

Battle of the Five Armies

Well as you know I was going to do a small diorama with small number of printed miniatures. Problem was I was missing the men. So I added some. Problem with that is that they then outnumbered the forces of evil. So to redress the balance I printed some more.

Technically three men. One of them is having a lie down. I added some orks from various sets to add a bit of variety.

It took ages to get them to print as I reinstalled Chitubox on the PC and for some reason all the settings had changed. It just about drove me up the wall. I got there in the end though.

Diorama Miniatures Painted

Tonighti managed to get the Wolves and Goblin finished as well as pretty much do the same with the elf and dwarf…

I was going to put them on a base I already have, but I think I will make something a bit bigger.

Today was more papering, I managed another wall even though my back and legs were giving me gyp. We had to go and buy more paper as we had a change of ideas.. I think we made the right choice. I am hoping to get the rest of the lounge done tomorrow.

The Goblin and the Wolves

Last night I worked on this trio

Still some work to do on them and for some reason yhey have gone a bit shiny. Nothing a blast of matt varnish won’t cure.

Unfortunately the printer did something weird on the single wolf and although I hoped it wouldn’t be too obvious, it was.

Tonight I hope to finish these and work on the elf and the dwarf.

Firing up the Printer

This evening, after about four months I fired up both printers again. The Resin did a multiparty elf and dwarf and the FDM is having a go at a 28mm cottage.

I did the elf and dwarf as an idea for a diorama….

I will either do the one on one combat as above or possibly these two against a goblin on a Warg… battle of the five armies style.

I also managed to get a bit of paint onto the cultists. I decided to just go for black on the weapons. I had spent a few days trying to work out what colours to go for them…

I haven’t forgotten about the foam armour, it’s just I have run out of foam and have had to order some more.

Wraiths and Things

I never actually got anything undercoated today as the rain was apocalyptic out there and not good for me or models to be out in it. So this evening I actually resorted to undercoating things with a brush (shock horror). I actually cannot remember when I last actually decided to actually undercoat this way (except in an emergency… which I suppose this was, in a way). For this undercoat I went for a sand colour with a dry brush of white over the top, I decided to do it this way to see what effect it would have on the Contrast paint.

To be honest I was a little hard with the dry brushing on the lady with the basket and snapped her off at the ankles! I will see how things get on tomorrow.

I also got a bit of paint on these two…

This is the same figure, one mounted and one on foot. I have gone for a dark blue cloak, which I intend to cover in dark tone wash tomorrow to darken it down a bit. I went this way so that the horse would be a different shade to the rider.

No printing at all today as I reckon I have got enough to keep me going for a while. I have based up the wolf from yesterday as I intend to print some more for my diorama idea. There won’t be any snow (or at least not large amounts of it. My mother n law gave me some MDF sheets yesterday so they will be ideal (I think), if not I will improvise a base.

Tonight I started watching Louis Theroux on Netflix. I forgot how much I like him… right I am off to drive Tanks on War Thunder, I just wish I knew how the bloody tech tree works!

Wraiths and some more Beasties

Tonight I decided to carry on with the wraiths. They won’t win any prizes, but they look ok.

I think that the greys and blacks work. I decided on an antique bronze type colour for the helmets and more exotic weapons as I felt it was better than a shiny steel look. I will photograph these tomorrow in the daylight so that they will show up all the errors, I mean so that you can see what colours I used. I will get the base edges done tomorrow.

I also got the mammoth off the plate this morning and managed to squeeze in some cows and a couple of woolly rhino to join the herd.

Yes both of these are printed in the same colour! I am not sure what happened to the white balance in the right hand photo, never mind you can see what they are at least 😂.

I learned an important printing lesson earlier…. remember to change the wash and cure station to cure when you stick you recently printed things on it. Wash tends to rotate them at about 1000 rpm and they really don’t stay in situ.

Regarding the Neolithic stuff, I have a couple more animals to print off, but that is really it for them, just to get them painted up.

I am a bit on the buggered side this evening. As I mentioned earlier on this week, the horse came in and as a money saving thing we order the shaving in bulk. We unloaded and put about 200 of the bales into the stables today. I was stacker so it meant, in some cases, arranging them above head height. We then went and got 10 bags of coal and carried them to the trailer. I then needed to change some light fittings for my in-laws. I hate working with my hands above head height. To make matters worse the lights were ornate and heavy… all in all I am just having a whinge 🥴

Tomorrow I shall hopefully get my printed stuff sprayed and will start painting too. The way the wolf and rhino were placed in the photo above makes me think about doing a diorama using them as a ‘natural’ scene…

A bit of Painting and a bit of Printing

Today we got my daughters bedroom moved about, it involved a bit of retiring, but luckily I had all the gear so it wasn’t too much of a hassle, except the front plate of the plug stopped working for reasons known only to itself. I will get a new one with USB chargers on it tomorrow.

Anyway today I managed to get this lot printed and some other stuff sliced too…

The mammoth from last night had a bit of bad luck… this boys and girls is the reason why you check the resin vat before going to bed!

I did manage to get some painting done this evening too, not as much as I would have liked but we ate late and I didn’t get as much time as I could have done….

Now these are some of the nine riders so I wanted them to be predominantly black but, with a bit of other colour in there too, just to break things up a bit. Hopefully I will get these finished off tomorrow evening.

I have another mammoth printing overnight and there is a full vat of resin. He will take about 65ml of it. After that more cows and a couple more woolly rhino.