Work on the Temple

Tonight I did a bit more work on the Japanese Temple, now to be fair I have done no research on this thing, so the colours are probably a bit naff, especially the bronze roof tiles, but I do like it😉

Still knackered so I wanted something nice an easy to have a go at, this seemed to fit the bill.

Baccus with the Samurai Again

So tonight I had a mooch in the 6mm box from Baccus and decided to try some base sizes for the command set.

I have two options…

The small one looks pretty naff and overcrowded where the larger one looks more open, but a bit narrow… these really are the only sizes of MDF bases that I have available. I think I am going to have to print something to make things fit.

I will have a look to see if I can find something nocking about, but I am not holding my breath.

Now I suppose that I could miss out the honjin screens, but that really isn’t very Japanese if I do.

Test Compound…

Yesterday I was messing around with 3D builder, building a wooden stockade to go with the 6mm Samurai (to be honest they will be useful for all of the armies).

The design using 3DAlienWorlds STL’s

This is the printed piece…

Now it isn’t perfect by any means and the top of gate posts failed both times, but I am really happy at how well the printer coped with it, as can be seen it will hold up to four of the printed buildings nicely. It could also make a useful compound for a shrine or small fortification.

While I was messing about putting the buildings on, I noticed my neglected 15mm Samurai on the shelf. I stuck a Couple of peasants and water buffalo in and voila a pen for 15mm farmers to keep their animals in. Yeah I know they wouldn’t be of that construction , but pretty multi purpose nonetheless.

The fences would be more like the ones in the foreground above…

A quick change of miniatures and voila… livestock pens….

What I am going to try now is use the STL’s to make connections so that there can be a T and a + to allow different configurations.

Off gaming tonight, the Starship Troopers game is on hold for a bit as my mate (who had the stroke) needs to have a steady run up to get it ready to go. So as I don’t have anything planned then we are going back to Middle Earth in a different way…

What Has He Been Buying Now!

This evening I spent a lot of time faffing around to make a 6mm compound in 3D Builder. Some of the angles were off so it took a good old while to get it sort of straight 🥴.

I am giving it a test print now… we shall see how it gets on tomorrow morning.

This time I have added it to a raft to help it stick, not to mention bumping the temperature on the nozzle up a bit to compensate for the drop in temperature.

So no doubt you will be agog to hear about what I have spent my hard earned pennies on today.

Well there is no surprise in the fact that I have gone for some more 3D Alien Worlds bits and bobs. This time I went for the castle walls and corner turrets as well as a bamboo cup (don’t ask why… I just like it) and finally some mon to go on various bits and pieces. These last two will be done full size. And then the clan mon Set…

I got a couple of parcels today too…happy bunny… the first is some water washable resin. I have chosen the grey as that green is a bit of a sod to see the detail on. This stuff is usually more expensive than the normal kind. But in the case of this one it was the same price as the Anycubic plant based resin…

My other parcel was a RPG map book. This was half price, but it may come in handy sometime (aka I will never ever use it and it will go the journey eventually, either that or I will lose it).

While I remember I got some flock onto the spectre bases and I think it has brought them out a bit more…

Walls, Huts and Printing

I pushed on a bit tonight and git some flock onto the base of the walls. I think it really brings out the colour of the wood… ye gods I sound like ‘Changing Rooms’ or some other interior design programme.

Of course I totally cocked up with the vegetation in the gateway. It should have three muddy bits and not two… probably shouldn’t have anything up the middle at all….I just noticed now! Poop! and generic expletives of that sort… oh well never mind I can scrape off the flock and repaint.

Thankfully I had success with the buildings off the printer.

They certainly have some supports going on there 🥴. I honestly don’t cabaret, they work and that is what matters. The pair of them (including supports) weighs just under nine grams. They look okay when you pull the supports off…

So Well Done to 3DAlienWorlds for making such lovely models.

If you remember, I had the spaghetti monster of doom the other day…

I started off printing them again and noticed a problem coming up so I stopped the print. Tonight I managed to rescue some of the roofs from the mess above and match them up with the building walls. I reckon that I can rebuild four of them. A bit of sanding and some superglue and voila, a set of useful buildings.

On a totally different note, I was perusing my piles of unpainted plastic and lead and thought I really must come up with a way of getting stuff done, as to be honest I seem to have the attention span of a stunned kitten. My plan therefore is to try and keep to one thing at a time. As I am not doing a One Ring for a while my Patreon models will keep as will my Neolithic hunter models (that haven’t been printed yet). So here goes. I will endeavour to get all of my samurai 6mm terrain painted and sorted ready for some games. I have a 6mm army so then I can use them in that. After that get The Khmer army painted and based so that the Samurai have someone historical to fight. After this get the 15mm Samurai miniatures and terrain finished, then move back to get the 6mm Baccus army painted. This way I am not getting bogged down on one project, but I need stuff done. A few people have been doing a tray at a time. I really think that I am going to need to do that to keep me focused. Wish me luck!

The Castle Survived

So, thankfully after just under 27 hours the castle made it through.

There was a lump of spaghetti sitting on the build plate and to be honest I haven’t got a clue where it came from. I needed a visit to the loo at 03.00 and it was sitting there then, so it happened between then and 01.00. It looks like the Ender struggled with the tiles on each level as there are a couple of strands of filament hanging down at each level. The same thing happened to the other one (not to mention the spaghetti monster on that one too (in exactly the same place). With this in mind then I reckon something weird is going on with the STL.

Although I tried my best efforts to keep the thing in situ, it did actually move about a millimetre out…

It can just be seen above right on the stick and white tack. I reckon a bit of filler or Greenstuff and it will be invisible. Not bad really considering that whole top corner had come adrift and it was guesswork where it went. The other bit with a wobble is the top end gate which has moved in about a mil or two.

After this came off the build plate I decided to do a Torri and bridge. Evidently the printer decided that I wanted the surrealist version!

I had to replace the build plate top so that there was some adhesion, but I am now getting to the stage where I am thinking about getting a flexible steel sheet or a glass one as these replaceable ones are really beginning to annoy me.

I am printing a new bridge and Torri and they seem to be holding onto the build plate, but I really should have relevelled the bed, I am afraid I forgot. They look a right mess at the minute as I added tree supports and I don’t know what is support or model at the minute.

Got an hour before they come off, so fingers crossed.

Small Japanese Town

Today I set the Ender away and printed myself half a dozen new houses to go in the town.

I must remember to add the roof to the gates!

The buildings are from Twylite games and the walls are from my favourite maker of Japanese things 3DAlienWorlds. I dropped the size to about 18% or so and I don’t think they look too bad.

I would have undercoated them but it has been up to 40mph winds today so no spraying for me. Weather is better tomorrow so hopefully they will get done soon.

We will see how the resin and filament compare when they are painted. The resin weighs at least twice the weight of the filament.

Monks Nearly Finished

Tonight I worked on finishing the Monks. I still need to get the bases flocked but otherwise I think they are done. No doubt as soon as I look at the photo I will realise that I missed something!

I also cracked on with the individual samurai. They are going to take a while I would imagine

Pete asked how the road wars miniatures compare to Irregular. Well I don’t have any of the Irregular vehicles but I can compare the miniatures…

Tomorrow I will try and get some more done on the Samurai, before my Baccus ones arrive!

Oni and the Ronin

Another band name, for when the first one falls out over artistic differences 😂

Tonight was pretty much spent painting hats on 6mm miniatures, then repainting white for faces, then repainting hats where the white went onto them then… well I think you get the picture!

So to save my sanity and eyesight I nipped our to the shed and grabbed the Ronin. I gave them some quick paint jobs as well as did a smidge more on the Oni.

Still a fair old way to go on them, but at least I have made a start. I really do like these miniatures. Each is different, so they are ideal for skirmish gaming. My box of new stuff arrived today, but I have been very good and handed it over to my wife for safe keeping until my Birthday. Just over two weeks to wait, so not too bad.

Sons of Set and the Oni

Well if I ever form a band then I think I have just found the name…

Tonight I did some more work on the 6mm miniatures. You can’t really see where I have been, but they all have had the purple wash, most have had white added back in for faces, as well as white being put onto the legs etc.

To save my sanity, I decided that I would take a break so made a start on the Battle Valour Oni.

These are nearly finished, really just the weapons and items on the belts to do. Hopefully these will get finished tomorrow.