As I have ordered the Seraphon battle tome, I thought I would hold on painting the actual lizards until I see what the different types are. Evidently different ones have different colours.

For that reason I decided to haul the Riders of Rohan and Warg riders out and get back on with them.

There are loads of other bits and pieces that I can work on until I decide upon a colour scheme.

On a totally different note, we now have two confirmed cases of Covid 19 on Shetland. .

So we will have to see what happens next. My daughter says that one of her teachers and his son in the high school are self isolating. A clinic has been set up in the Gilbert Bain hospital. I went to the doctors today and the first thing they asked was had I been abroad in the last 14 days.

The weird thing is that the couple and their nursery aged child were in Italy together. He has come home and has infected a co-worker, whilst his family are fine. It is quite funny that a number of people that I spoke to were convinced that as we were an island that somehow we were immune. They seemed to forget that we have an airport and daily ferry run to the mainland.

Hopefully tomorrow I will get some of the white covered up on these miniatures. Until then – seeya…

5 thoughts on “Back to Middle Earth

  1. Good to see some Middle Earth minis getting painted. I’d imagine they are a nice break from more cold-blooded sculpts! I hope you and your family stay safe. Coronavirus is starting to spread here in Chicago and it seems harder and harder to avoid it…


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