Final Officers Done.

This evening I cracked on and got the final pair done. I even tried doing eyes on this pair…

I also spent some of today sorting out my 3D printer files. Basically I downloaded a pile and got them onto my hard drive… I did a bit of printing too. I increased the size of the Vampire and Scarecrow, printed a giant centipede as well as did a test print of some more 15mm Samurai. I

kind of got these to allow me to do Ronin in 15mm. I will be able to do various Forces to go with my 15mm terrain.

As you can see I haven’t done a huge increase.

Tomorrow I will get a start on the Silver Bayonet miniatures. The centipede is going to spend a few hours in the sun to make sure he is fully cured.

Tonight’s Officer

I got another officer finished this evening, this one was I a quite simple uniform with bit gauntlets and a cloak that meant there was no braid to be found anywhere…

So that is three down, two left…

We have an officer with his dolman thrown over his shoulder and a vampire officer next to him. I just liked the ‘gentleman about town’ look on this one.

I will try and get the ‘Silver bayonet ‘ beasties sprayed tomorrow and them might start with one of them tomorrow evening. I keep forgetting that I have two more days off as we had today off too…

Guard Lancer

Okay, to be frank, I cannot remember any examples in either literature or artistic renditions of elves being in the lancers, but this one evidently joined and no-one noticed his huge ears!

Tomorrow I will carry on with another officer from one of the Guard regiments.

I have three individual miniatures left to go from Alternative Armies followed by a sedan chair with armed occupant. In amongst these I will sort out the 3D printed miniatures too.

I am also considering getting some plastic pikes I can get 24 for £5.00 so it might be worth giving them a go as my concern about the metal pikes is that they will snap off the hands or arms if dropped. The plastic may have more flex.

I have also started getting a bit interested in the 2mm stuff again. I may be busy over the weekend!

Veteran Monster Hunter

Well I said I wanted to get him done and I just about managed it this evening…

I still have a bit of work to do on the wolf pelt and a bit of work on his face, but otherwise I am calling him painted. The following is the illustration of the character in the book.

I managed to shear of the sword hilt whilst cleaning up a lump of white metal beside the sword! But it doesn’t look too bad. I was going to rebuild it like I did with Giggers…

But frankly couldn’t be bothered.

Tomorrow I will get him finished and make a start on one of my other ones.

Many Hands Make Light Work

I spent a lot of today slicing and printing, but in doing so I was reminded of the conundrum… how many angels can dance on the head of a pin… my version is less complicated… now many hands can sit on the head on a penny…

As you can see from above it is quite a lot… I printed out a whole load as I wasn’t sure how many I actually needed, but here is one if them stuck onto one of the miniatures to replace his resin pike.

The Eagle came out quite nicely too… I decided on this pose as I wanted him to be attacking the Goblins I the rise…

The way I will pose him is coming in feet first, hopefully it will look okay. I also printed up another warg and rider as well as another four foot.

I am also printing up some beasties for Silver Bayonet…

Finally I got some paint added to this dwarf officer.

I am rather pleasedwitb him if truth be known.

Doggo Officers

Tonight I blasted through this pair as well as attached the flag to the pole on the hussar

To be honest, nothing too fancy, just an hour and a half slapping the paint around.

I didn’t want them both in full white uniforms, but in hindsight the one on the right might have been better with a coloured jacket but they are done.

Two dwarves and two cannons to do before I get the next lot to paint. I will start on mine when my MDF bases arrive. I much prefer them to 2p’s which is what mine sit on in an emergency.

I am going to put a row of Silver dots along the top of the flag to simulate nails holding it on.

Hussar Regimental Colours

Tonight I messed around with my pens and printed flags….

I took one the original flags and put a triangle downwards from the corner. As the colonel my mate can choose which one he fancies.

They will look something like this…

My test flag

When I attach it it will be glued to the bottom of the cross bar,

My original flag was single sided, these are double sided with the pattern on both. Probably a waste of time to be honest.

I will trial some more tomorrow 😀.

Hussar All Done

Before talking about the painting I just wanted to say a big thanks to everyone for their support after my rant yesterday. I really did appreciate it.

Anyway, this evening I worked on this chap to a point where he just needs his colours…

As you can see he has a crosspiece so a normal flag like the lancer (sporting alternative colours) won’t work. Because of the shape of the model and the thickness of the pole then I am having to do a bit of a head scratch. I had a play around with one of the blank flags and have come up with a sort of idea.

I now have two dwarves, two dogs and two cannons left to go. My mate has just got a few more and so do I, so there are a host more to paint.

Half ten here and the sun is setting….

I thought it looked rather nice.

Lancers Done

Tonight I did a bit of sorting out on the two lancers. I touched up the bits that needed painting. I also selected a colourful regimental flag…

Upon saying the above, I just remembered the sword arm needs a bit of red on the cuff.

Tomorrow I hope to get a good start on the hussar. I can’t be bothered tonight as I have had what could best be described as ‘one of those days’ … a career change is being plotted.

Lancers Almost There

I was hoping to get this pair finished tonight, but sadly I had to go and help get the field ready for the horses going out at the weekend.

I need to do a bit of tidying up and a bit of highlighting and sharing here and there, but on the whole I am quite pleased with how they came out.

I am hoping that tomorrow they will be finished and I can get onto the wraith hussar.