Sengoku Monster Hunter…Done

So that is it, the miniatures are all painted and based. I need to get the bases sealed with watered down PVA and then everything varnished. But thank the lord for that. These have been a bit of a chore, but at least they are finished.

These seem to have taken a lot longer than I thought they would. I suppose in all honesty I have been making and painting the terrain that came off the printer, so it isn’t really surprising.

A bit more of a close up shot.

Tomorrow I will get on with buildings and hopefully get them sorted soon.

Sengoku Monster Hunter Basing

So this afternoon, whilst my daughter painted a wooden ship, I decided to get some gunk onto the bases of the various miniatures.

Once the gunk has dried I will paint in the white bits and get the edges painted too. Once dried it will be onto the flock etc. The gunk in this instance is home made wood flock, a bit of sand, filler, brown paint and PVA.

I could have just chucked the flock on, but with the superglue potentially being iffy I decided to get this done to help hold the mini down. I gave them all a poke to see if they were going to budge and thankfully they all seem secure now.

I still have bits and pieces to finish on these, but I thought I might as well do this as it would take a while. It probably took longer to base them than it did to paint the Goblins last night.

I have struggled with these and I think it was because I don’t really like them. Now this is not a case of having a dig at the sculptor, but there is something a bit ‘meh’ about them for me. It definitely isn’t the subject material as I am probably going to get some more Battle Valour monsters to go with the Oni. I have a pile of Alternative Armies 15mm fantasy miniatures which I love (not to mention hundreds of Flintloque 28’s). I kind of feel bad saying it, but if these weren’t for my mate I would have probably put them in a box and forgot about them. Maybe it is just a phase and once they are done and finished I will like them. I actually just had a thought there. The ones I liked really worked well with Contrast paint and the meh ones did, but had weird poses. The Japanese school girls in uniforms are, to be frank, totally out of place, unless they are for modern monster hunters.

At least they are nearly done and I can get on with this lot next…

So here we have half a dozen (small) ronin. A dozen villagers and village things, three ninja (or Shinobi as I should really call them) and half a dozen large oni with big weapons.

He ronin are smaller than the villagers which is a bit weird. I never noticed until I had them ready for spraying. I will have to see if the other types are smaller.

Sengoku Monsters and Hunters… Nearly Done

So both this evening and yesterday I worked steadily on the miniatures for the Monster Hunter game.

They are pretty much all done now apart from the arrows of the goblins. These will need painting white then repainting.

Here are the ones I worked on.

Some of these I started yesterday and others I had already made a start on.

They all need their bases painting and basing and annoyingly, some of them needed superglueing back onto their bases. I think my superglue might be going over.

I still have the buildings and fences to finish for the village, but things are definitely getting there.

Sengoku Monster Hunter…Little Progress

Very, very little done today as I didn’t finish doing my videos for the kids until 21.00. So whilst the rest of the family watched the rest of Back to the Future 2 I got a bit done.

Here we have three Kappa, a red kneed spider and Emm a bull headed spider.

In case you don’t know a kappa is an evil creature that likes nothing better than drowning innocent victims. They have turtle shells on their backs as befits a creature at home in water. As for the bull headed spider, I have absolutely no idea at all. I will have to look it up.

Sengoku Monster Hunter III

Some more work done on the beasties tonight…

So we have three tengu crow warriors, two centipede demons, two snake demons, an umbrella ghost, and a paper lantern ghost… not to forget a giant spider and a flat snake.

I will carry on with these tomorrow then get on with the goblins and some of the other miniatures. I doubt I will get everything finished by the weekend, but if I get time on Saturday and Sunday during the day as well as t(e evening then I should manage.

Today is my 295th post in a row. Not bad going really and for that I shall choose another random Re-enactment photo…

Trying for the Mr. Darcy look

Sengoku Monster Hunter II

Tonight I did a bit more on the ones I started yesterday. The ONI in some pictures I have seen have quite fancy trousers so I went for it and tried to add some patterned material.

The rest of the ones I started yesterday are just about done apart from the blades weapons. The armoured samurai is going to have different coloured armour. The two orange things to the right are centipede demons…

I also got some Greenstuff onto the houses. This means I can get them sprayed tomorrow…

Today’s random re-enactment photo is this one…

Training with practice swords, what you can’t see is the other person trying to cut me off on the left.

Sengoku Monster Hunter

Yesterday my parcel arrived, so I spent a bit of time glueing everything together that needed glued.

Glueing in progress

To speed things up I used pennies and two pences instead of sending away for (or printing) similar sized ones.

Sadly the snake necked lady, err had a little accident, and now is in three bits. Torso, neck and head. I will do something with Greenstuff to fix things. I sprayed everything white and made a good start on some of them.

Still a long way to go, but I want them done by next weekend so I am going to have to get busy this week. I will have to get Greenstuff into the terrain as well as print the base for the Shrine as well as get it all painted. so all in all, a lot of busyness will be required.

Biggest problem I think I will have is the Tin Soldier Miniatures (as well as the Battle Valour ones) are quite big. These ones are a whole lot smaller so the buildings may look out of scale. If the worst comes to the worst I can always reprint at 40% or whatever looks right.

Wish me luck, I am probably going to need it.

As Pete was painting Cuirassiers and has done the lancers, I thought I would share another random re-enactment photo

Not sure where my plume went! I would like to point out that we were on a hill and he was higher up it than me. I think he was from Eastern Europe from what I remember…

Happy Christmas… Hussars all Finished

So Mr Beardy came today and I got some nice gifts, but as a family we have been carrying on with our Harry Potter marathon, just watched the fourth film, however it did give me time to get the Hussars finished.

I am really pleased with how these came out colour wise. Totally inaccurate both historically as well as canon in the world of Valon. However I am not really too fussed as I have decided upon the uniforms as C in C of my forces 😉.

This means I am down to the Ostarian artillery and crews to get done for my Flintloque Forces (come to think of it I might have some Cuirassiers to do too). If I have both then I have a dozen miniatures to do (well that is until I buy some more – really interested in Kitton 😍)

Artillery and some of the crew are below… I will have to decide upon the uniform colour for this lot.

I hope everyone has had a great Christmas and look forward to seeing what people got 😉.

Luckily I got some cash as I had a bit of a crisis with my print plate on the printer. The print failed and has left a nasty residue that is about 0.2mm high and is an absolute swine to get off. It might be the case that I need a new plate if I scratch this one too much.

Hussars… Pipped at the Post

I tried to get these finished tonight… I got so close, but didn’t make it…

Saddle chain, bridle metalwork and the bases to do.

Although not finished, I am really pleased with these. They look how I wanted them to look.

I now have a Mammoth wrapping session to get through before bed. Two of the kids are getting miniatures tomorrow. My youngest is getting some Games Wotkshop Space Marines and my eldest is getting some more miniatures for her Harry Potter game.

So with Christmas Eve soon drawing to a close, I thought I had better check on the location of Mr Beardy…

At the time of writing this he had left Copenhagen and was heading to Alta in Norway… he is getting closer to Shetland….

Wishing all of you who celebrate it a Merry Christmas and if you don’t may you have a awesome day anyway.

All the Best


Hussars in time for Christmas?

Tonight I really had a chance to get some stuff painted so I pushed on and got a fair bit done…

Really only the pennants and facial features to do on the riders. Still a fair bit to do on the horses, but again they are getting there.

Hopefully I should get them finished tomorrow night.

Today was a rare one up here…

A completely still day.

I did take a few more photos, but somehow I managed to take a photograph of my feet and my elbow! Looks like the phone’s camera takes a while to operate after I pressed the button.

Tomorrow is meant to be showers with some more wind. Christmas Day is meant to be like today, so hopefully a chance to get some more photos then.