Belladona and a Whole Lot More

So I was mooching about in the shed looking for a mount for her ladyship. I now have three choices off the top of my head. Technically I could put her on a wood elf horse, but I don’t think it would work.

Now personally I prefer the top one as I feel the lines actually flow nicely from horse to rider, it is only an aesthetic thing, but I thought I would ask what other people thought.

As you probably know I do like my Contrast Paints, as I was mooching for the horse I found my Advanced Space Crusade and it looks like I was going for an early version of them…

For the big beasties and the unfinished ones they were done in GW washes and inks from what I remember. Soooo I have decided that these need an update so the five scouts and two ‘nids are going to be undercoated again and brought up to date. This will fit in nicely with Ann‘s Neglected but not forgotten challenge Here.

I managed to get the paint on the bases tonight….

As I had the brown out, I thought I might as well get the Mongol cavalry bases painted…before I paint the models! And finally, as I had some new whit I thought I might as well spray as much as I could before bed….

More 10mm Things

Was still feeling a bit ropey today so went looking for the box of 10mm stuff. I found it and sorted out some Mongols and also resprayed some Magister Dinosaur.

I found an important lesson whilst about to take a photo, don’t sit on the layer you have just removed or you will get the effect above! Luckily they just moved sections.

So in here we have mongol infantry an civilians, pretty much the same with the plains war Indians with the addition of mounted braves. bottom left corner is some Anglo Egyptian stuff. Enough to keep me busy for a while.

The above are my remaining Mongol cavalry and my MM dinosaurs.

Now I have a confession to make, I promised I wouldn’t get any new miniatures for a good old while and technically I haven’t apart from the special ones from Alternative Armies that I had been after for years. My problem is that they have been three kickstarters for 3D printed miniatures and terrain that I have backed. … This one got me as the guys were showing the buildings that they were making for the printer… I had actually gone on to do the following one… Ian’s stuff is gorgeous if you remember my pyramid I printed them that was from his Meso American range.

And finally, a bit of the mines of Moria, that isn’t… . This one is from the guy I have a Patreon of. He is doing the lord of the rings miniature you will have seen on the blog

So that’s it for the 3D printer for a while too.lets see if I vacant keep it up!

Dwarves… Nearly Done

Well today I had a day off. Got up, went to work, was there half an hour and came home and slept until 15.00. I sat in bed from then until 19.00 and mooched online watching random YouTube videos. On the upside, I have a set of Covid home test kits at home, so I know it isn’t that.

I made it up for dinner and then sat and threw some paint on the dwarves while the kids watched Wall-E.

They look better at a distance as you can’t see the mistakes 🥴. Really just the belt buckles and some shading on the armoured bits to do and then onto the bases.

I really enjoyed doing these as it was a nice change from the 28’s of late. Because I enjoyed doing them so much I was straight onto the Pendraken website, but held off hitting fire as I suddenly remembered that I have a Mongal army to paint, a pile of fantasy samurai as well as a Plains war army too.

See I have sort of managed to not buy anything new… well apart from these which were waiting for me when I came in this morning, I must have been ill as a I totally ignored them…

Now the second one above would fit in nicely with the first set I already built… the question is do I add them all in together or have two separate bases…

Dwarves with Added Colour

Tonight I decided that I needed to do something with the dwarves so off I set and actually managed to get quite a long way…

Woah, how weird is that… I randomly painted a black beard on one miniature on each base to start with..on the whole random to me means extreme right back figure on the base.

Still a bit of a way to go, but a lot further forward than yesterday. I also managed to find Mrs Lady a mount to carry her about, now I may change this as I have a couple of horses without barding, but I will see what I think when I give her a new horse to sit on.

A Small Amount Achieved

I managed to start thinking about colours on the cultists this evening and made a bit of a start. I also decided to use the same colour on various other bits and bobs lying about so some of the 10mm dwarves are in the same cloth 😉.

On the 1:1 scale stuff I have been a bit busier and managed to totally fix the gate as well as we managed to get pretty much all of the undercoat onto the conservatory. A number of months ago We took the dimensions of the building exterior and went into the paint shop and said hello good sir, please allow us to purchase the correct amount of extremely sticky adhesive undercoat and he took the aforementioned measurements and uttered the phrase… you shall need half a litre. So we left happy in the knowledge that we had enough. We since returned and said to the chap. What ho good sir, we were short, please sell us another half litre and we returneth to the job only to find that we ran out again!

Rattle Cans and Brushwork

To be fair there was more rattle can spraying going on than brushwork, but I have got a lot of miniatures varnished now as well as undercoated white.

I also messed about painting up some more of the knight as well as getting some colour onto the ladies and GW herald.

My Youngest did loads of jobs to allow him to purchase his own cook book. So all three of them made something. We had a three course meal with mocktails too (not to mention a cheese dip with tortilla chips for later on).

Needless to say we are all extremely stuffed.

Tiny-ish Dwarves and some Undercoated Plastic

Tonight, I decided to look out my 10mm Dwarves I had knocking about.. well let me tell you why. I was just about to leave work today and Leon from Pendraken dropped me an email to say that as I hadn’t been on the forum for a while and as such my account was about to be automatically deleted. He said thought he had better just check to see whether I wanted it to be deleted, but also to check that I was okay and that no one had given me any grief on the forum. How about that for Customer service!

So here are my small dwarven force. As it is such a small force, I may be forced ( see what I did there) to get some more.

I also managed to get a hole drilled in the feet of the 1/35th scale stuff and get a wire superglued in. Once this had dried then I gave them a blast of white undercoat…

This weekend I hope to get the Genestealer cult minis sprayed as well as the small force of dwarves…

Protective Circle…Final Warrior

I got the final warrior built this evening so that is all four done, apart from their muskets which I am leaving off to allow me to ain’t the miniatures easier. I certainly had a Eureka moment this evening whilst working on this one. Evidently if you leave the arms off then you can get all the fiddly bits glued on a lot easier!

I really do like this set, and am pleased with how they have gone together. I still reckon they are going to be a right sod to paint, especially all the beadwork on pretty much everything!

After taking the photo I noticed at least a couple of mould lines that I had missed. Once the glue has totally set then I will get them scraped off. I will try and get these onto a wire tomorrow and then sprayed at the weekend.

A slightly different view of the same four

I am a bit worried that the right arm of the back warrior is in the wrong place and might cause his musket to get in the way of the seated miniature. Only time will tell.

Hopefully I will feel like painting something tomorrow. I also thought I might dust off the old 3D printers and give them a bit of a run.

Protective Circle, Part II

Tonight I was knackered so decided to just build another model, but ended up doing almost two.

These were not as straight forward as the first one as they have to sort of go together so thankfully I was using plastic cement which did give me a bit of movement until it went off fully.

The biggest problem I had was with the nearest model, the arm looked a bit weird no matter how I positioned it. The other annoyance was the hands on both of these are separate. Somehow I managed not to lose any of the small bits…

The nearest one still has his loincloth to add as well as his medicine pouch, powder horn, knife and war club.

I am actually looking forward to doing these, not sure why as I reckon they are going to be a sod to paint properly 🥴

Protective Circle…Making a Start

Well tonight I blasted a bit of paint on the Knight and then lost motivation, so instead of messing about with colours on the frocks of the two female characters I went for a build option instead.

So the first of my four figures is pretty much built. I have the musket to add but will paint it separately.

I was trying to think of a nation to do him as, my first thought was Iroquois but I am not sure now. Most pictures I have seen all of them have ear ornamentation. These guys don’t seem to have so new thinks are required. The box doesn’t help as it simply calls them Indian wars kit number 1… perhaps I am overthinking this!

To be honest I am glad I like this one as, err I just bought another couple of sets, more First Nations and then a female post apocalyptic survivor with a crossbow… it’s not as if I haven’t got three thousand plus bits of lead and plastic to paint already… hey ho…looks like I never ever learn!