Pointy Sticks

So my metal pikes arrived today so I decided to do a test run on one of the pikemen. First off I clipped off the pike and then attempted to drill out the hand. In doing so I snapped the arm at the biceps. Eventually I got through and snapped the fingers off too.

Now this is about half the width of the other one, 1mm diameter actually. I reckon drilling all the hands out will be a bloody nightmare. I think I will do a pile of hands with the holes drilled though in the software. That way I can snip hands off and then superglue everything back together and paint it up in situ.

Amongst our many beasties we have a pair of geese. These are Shetland geese and as such are a bit rare. Every year the goose sits while the gander mooches about picking up unattached grey lags. For the last four years she never hatched a single gosling… so this was a definite surprise!

We do wonder if he wasn’t the only one picking up unattached grey lags!

Feeling Creative

Tonight my Codine kicked in and I wasn’t up to much so I did some bits and bobs.

First off I put 60 individual 6mm miniatures onto group bases. Miraculously I even managed to get them found when they pinged across the room. These along with the Flintloque miniatures are primed ready for painting tomorrow.

I also did a little sketch of what my diorama of the Battle of the Five Armies is going to look like…

And finally there was rather a nice double rainbow this evening…

3D Printer Upgrades

Well more consumables than upgrades….Today I received some new resin and a couple of spare vats for the resin printer.

As some of you know I do like my 3D printer, but sometimes the prints remain a bit fragile, hence the need to order 40 metal pikes to replace the resin ones…. I watched a YouTube video the other day where someone was trialling Elegoo’s ABS resin.

The video is Here

I watched another one where they guy added in 15% flexible resin it really makes a Heck of a difference.

I got a couple of bottles as they were on offer on Amazon. I will do a couple of test prints one with my ordinary and one with the ABS.

In case anyone is wondering ABS is a strong type of plastic. Lego is made of it to name one thing…It was a type of material that could also be run through the filament printer. To be honest I never gave it a try, but with a 15mm Samurai army to print then I thought it might be an idea to save myself some heartache down the line a bit…

I also received my round bases so time to get a start on my secret project…oh and base up my pile of Flintloque miniatures…

Oh S**t

Tonight I decided to have another look at the white spotted miniatures… this is the number of affected bases I am talking about…

As you can see, there is the odd one or two. It doesn’t look that obvious from the photo above unless you zoom in. Here is a close up of one of the Aztec bases…

You can definitely see it in this photo🥲.

Not sure what to do with them… the whole of the mdf bases are white on the bottom. Pretty much all of these are based in a mix of filler, paint and PVA aka a total Sod to remove!

We are going to do our Dragon or Lion Rampant full day in July, so I will need to get my resin minis painted up. As the pikes keep snapping then I have ordered forty 4 inch metal pikes to replace the fragile ones.

Down by the Market

As my back and lower extremities are still buggered I had to be a bit careful today. I did however manage to get the market stalls finished…

So from left to right we have a manju /mochi stall ( unfortunately the rice cakes are normally a pinkish colour)… no wonder no one has bought any of mine!) Next we have the hot sweet potato seller. The fish stall comes next and finally we have the fruit and veg seller.

I printed some road tiles at 50% original size. This was done about two years ago. They were originally for my 15mm samurai village. I stuck the road print onto the base and when it was dry I cut the bases out with a sharp blade. These were then edged by my chunky sharpie.

Now I could have done a lot more on these both base and paint wise, not to mention printing more boxes of produce. My mates birthday is today so I needed them done and dusted.

Now I learned a lot from these and will do a few things differently when I get round to doing mine… well that is if I don’t forget!

Whilst hunting for my Samurai terrain box I came across a box of miniatures, I really wished I hadn’t as the bases are blooming with white mould. I obviously forgot to take them out of the big shed and into my heated shed. I am afraid I used foul language upon opening the box. I reckon it is going to be a total rebasing for the lot of them.

Out with the Greenstuff

Tonight I decided to do some work on the market stalls… this involved Greenstuff. I filled in all the gaps I could and also flattened out the corners.

Everything is hopefully stuck down ready for spraying tomorrow.

I got a lovely parcel that travelled all the way from Australia. David aka Guru very kindly sent me some Flintloque miniatures that he had no use for…

The one thing I find quite funny is that these have travelled from Scotland to Australia and back again… I reckon these are the most travelled Ferach Elves on the planet.

Doggo Officers

Tonight I blasted through this pair as well as attached the flag to the pole on the hussar

To be honest, nothing too fancy, just an hour and a half slapping the paint around.

I didn’t want them both in full white uniforms, but in hindsight the one on the right might have been better with a coloured jacket but they are done.

Two dwarves and two cannons to do before I get the next lot to paint. I will start on mine when my MDF bases arrive. I much prefer them to 2p’s which is what mine sit on in an emergency.

I am going to put a row of Silver dots along the top of the flag to simulate nails holding it on.

Hussar Regimental Colours

Tonight I messed around with my pens and printed flags….

I took one the original flags and put a triangle downwards from the corner. As the colonel my mate can choose which one he fancies.

They will look something like this…

My test flag

When I attach it it will be glued to the bottom of the cross bar,

My original flag was single sided, these are double sided with the pattern on both. Probably a waste of time to be honest.

I will trial some more tomorrow 😀.

Top Secret Project

Yes my secret project package has eventually arrived amongst other bits and bobs…

It isn’t exactly the largest package received to date….

Not very big at all

I am now off to have a look at the contents. I now have to decide on rectangular or circular bases!

Not quite sure why I think it is secret, but you can see it when it is finished.

Hussar All Done

Before talking about the painting I just wanted to say a big thanks to everyone for their support after my rant yesterday. I really did appreciate it.

Anyway, this evening I worked on this chap to a point where he just needs his colours…

As you can see he has a crosspiece so a normal flag like the lancer (sporting alternative colours) won’t work. Because of the shape of the model and the thickness of the pole then I am having to do a bit of a head scratch. I had a play around with one of the blank flags and have come up with a sort of idea.

I now have two dwarves, two dogs and two cannons left to go. My mate has just got a few more and so do I, so there are a host more to paint.

Half ten here and the sun is setting….

I thought it looked rather nice.