Wolves, Hens and a Man with a Spear

Today I got nothing painted, I intended to get something done, but the holes in the bases were annoying me so I spent a good while looking for my magnets and or some Greenstuff. The magnets were found first.

I also got the printer to co-operate eventually and managed to print some wolves and some chickens along with a hunter that I evidently forgot about…

As you can see, I ran out of Green resin and moved onto the grey, which, to be honest, I much prefer.

When the Kickstarter arrived it was unsupported and I was doing it all myself, somehow I missed a message to say that everything is now pre supported. I must have dropped it into the archive by accident on the tablet. Printing these should be a bit easier now (that is if the printer co-operates). It should avoid a wolf with half a tail or a goat with half a chin.

I am printing another mammoth right now. It should be ready by tomorrow morning.

Weather has been torrential rain today so nothing got undercoated, there is more of the same due tomorrow with strong winds too. My conservatory still has a bloody leak too. I am now at my wits end trying to work out where the heck it is coming from. That’s the problem with water, it can come from just about anywhere!

A Smidge of Painting

Today my horse returned to the yard for the winter and all was going well until I was opening the ramp to let him out and the gas support went leaving me with a very heavy door heading floorwards at speed. Luckily I lost my grip on it, not before the thing yanked my wrist, elbow and shoulder and twisted me in the process… Therefore painting was a little uncomfortable this evening so I didn’t push things. I did manage to get the hunters finished as well as a random high class lady.

To be honest the lady could really do with being binned, due to me not printing at the correct resolution, but it will do 🥴.

I also managed to get the goats done. I decided to base them on some Flames of War bases that I had lying around (same with the cow). These were thin enough to appeal to my OCD as all the rest were far to thick.

Oh yeah, while I remember… I did a thing!

Evidently I seem to have a thing for goats at the minute!…min hindsight I could have just shrunk the ones I have…whoops.

Men of Bronze came and I have had a quick look at it, I will have a proper read to see if I will give it a go.

More Printing, Little Painting

Saturday has been a an easy day, I had to drop my daughter into town, did some washing and washing up and pretty much sod all else, apart from clean out the ferrets.

I liked my Neolithic hunters so much that I decided to get some more printed. This time I went for the villagers…

We also have a wolf and a cow… at the moment I am printing a herd of goats (or should that be flock of goats). I also printed off some more lovely things from the Patreon… here we have the witch king, Barliman Butterbur and a lady with a broom (being propped up by a barrel)…

I did manage a smidge of painting tonight…

Still a bit to do on these, but I am getting there. I found these bases in the bottom shed so utilised them 😉.

Tomorrow I will print some more of the Neolithic stuff, that is if I don’t attack the printer with a hammer. It is what is politely called ‘being temperamental’ or in other words a total Bugger. It decides whether it is going to print or not… if it keeps it up then back to Amazon it goes.

Tomorrow I should get the above green things sprayed. When the goats are done then that will be the last of the translucent green finished. Tomorrow I move onto water washable resin, which will be washed in ISO as that is what is in the cleaner!

Painting a Hairy Elephant

Today I printed the mammoth and some of the hunters and they are really nice. I also started on getting them painted…

The hunters are all in shades of brown as befits a Neolithic colour palette. Now this made me think did they dye things. We know they were a lot more complex than was believed years ago, but I am still going with the natural palette.

So the humans are a bowman, spearman, shaman and what they class as a fighter, to me a club man.

I got the rhino outside to photograph them too and their different colours are a bit more obvious now…

I am printing the last of the wraiths overnight and tomorrow I will do the second mammoth as well as some of the other humans miniatures and their livestock.

A Quick Paint Job

Tonight, to be totally truthful, I couldn’t be bothered to paint anything as I had spent ages fighting with my resin printer, if it carries on being a bugger, it is going back. The plate wouldn’t go up or down so after swearing at it and threatening violence I did the old IT trick and turned it off and back on again and voila… it worked. On the build plate this evening is hopefully a mammoth.

So my little painting venture was thus…

It’s alright for 20 minutes work. I wanted something done and I cannot think how I am going to do the wraiths, so I chose something easier.

While mooching about I found this lot…

A pile of female Halflings, one is riding a pig. For the life of me I cannot remember where they came from.

I have ordered myself Osprey’s Men of Bronze rules to have a look at, there is absolutely no way that I am going to be adding another load of lead to the pile of shame. 🥴 But interestingly enough the Museum miniatures z range are rather nice… not that I am getting any though… I just thought I would point it out.

‘‘Twas a productive day on the old house front, filled the hole in the floor, rewired a light switch, changed a socket front plate, did a tip run, got horse feed, and pretty much sorted out more…sadly the weather was against me so I couldn’t get the seams on the roof or the walls on the conservatory painted. But hopefully some nice weather will arrive sooner rather than later. I am really hoping that the annoying little drip has been well and truly sorted… but as you know water, like life, always finds a way.

River Maiden and the Hobbit

Well I managed to get these nearly to completion tonight.

They were really nice miniatures to paint and didn’t take too long really.

As you can see, the rhino have had a bit of work too.

Now I learned a little fact this evening. By all accounts, the only way you could get leave from the Napoleonic French Army was for, wait for it… Homesickness… yup the urge to go home, except it wasn’t called Homesickness back then… it was called nostalgia (a bit like other conditions with algia on the end). They spent a lot of time and effort trying to work out what it was and to also stop it as it was a serious medical condition.My good lady came across this snippet while reading some articles from the Welcome Institute… you can have a read here…https://wellcomecollection.org/articles/X3L9vxEAACEAoOIt

Hopefully tomorrow I will crack on with the Wraiths, I am still unsure what colours to do them, hopefully inspiration will arrive by then.

Wight he is Finished

Tonight I managed to get him finished. When I say finished I mean that he is where I won’t faff with him any more. There are other bits that I could do but he will do.

The prince and his minions

I have got the four riders and other two from the other night sprayed today so will make a start on them tomorrow.

I also threw some paint on the woolly rhino to see what they looked like.

I was going for two different shades of brown, which I achieved, not that you can see it on the photo. One is a red brown and the other a more yellow brown. Still some work to go, but not bad for 10 minutes of flinging paint about.

And finally… this made me laugh…

Working on the Wight King

Tonight I managed a bit of painting on this fine fellow…

At the minute he is looking a bit like a psycho Santa!

As you can see I also got the river maiden and hobbit stuck onto their bases too. I probably would have got further with the painting but I was slowed by having to wait for the undercoat to dry, to allow for new colours.

Whilst having an easy day yesterday Lucy and I had a go at Tiny Epic Dinosaurs which I got through a Kickstarter a couple of months ago. It took us a while to get going with it, but we got there in the end and actually both really enjoyed it. So much so that we want a rematch soon…

It is a worker placement game, and to be honest I have never bothered with them, but this one had dinosaurs so it had to be. I managed a win with ten points separating us.

Returning to the Fellowship (Again)

I decided to have a bit of an easier day today jobs wise as I am still feeling a bit ropey. I think whatever I had the other week is still lurking somewhere. My kids have had the same and they have managed about two days in school in the last two weeks.

So anyway, onto the painting things bit…

I have pretty much got the Fellowship done. I am really considering giving a couple of them another go to see if I can get their facial features a bit less soft, but otherwise I am quite happy with them.

I also did another woolly rhino, once again I had a problem with the horns and one of the legs. So as the horns fell off I turned the large one around to make it slightly different.

I will see what the supported miniatures look like before I print any more of these. Finally I managed to get a bit of paint on the 6mm Samurai base seen in the top photo.

Back in the Saddle

Or other such useful phrases…

Today I got a fair old bit done around the house. My wife needed an Ethernet cable put out into the shed and I managed to get one dug out there, I also washed dishes, made meals and was generally a busy bee…but to be honest it just about finished me off. I probably pushed myself a bit too much and paid the price of feeling wrecked.

I did however manage to get some painting done this evening, these are starting to look a bit more finished now

The other thing I did was to get the first of my Rampart Kickstarter minis printed…

Now unfortunately his horns detached and one of his legs thought about falling off, I reckon it is just getting too cold out there at the minute. I will have to build another insulation box to allow it to print when the temperature drops.

These are true 28mm miniatures so will look small compared to the other printed stuff I have. I sadly cannot get hold of all of my files as they were downloaded using a subscription zip program. I got a free month but now I want to print them I cannot actually unzip them which is a right pain in the arse to be honest. My own fault though as I should have unzipped them as soon as I got them.