A Smidge of Painting

Tonight I decided to get some more paint on the traveller from ‘the Printing Goes Ever On’ Patreon…

Now, having a look at him he seems to be going shiny like the rhino and wolves on the diorama. The difference between these and other ones is that these were undercoated with a brush then dry brushed white. Part of me is wondering if it is having an effect on the Contrast Paint. Either that or the Contrast is going a bit weird. Maybe it just needs a bloody good shake, more than I shake it normally I mean.

Not a huge amount achieved because I spent ages looking for his bag. In the end I took everything out of the box one by one and then returned them in the same manner, I then spent ten minutes hunting around on the floor, still nothing. Then at the point of believing that I had totally imagined Printing the thing, I turned around and there it was on the above tile on the windowsill. My daughter had moved it in case it got lost!

Tomorrow I am going to be moving the FDM printer in with the resin printer as it is warmer in the bottom shed.

Diorama, Paints and Superglue

I decided to get the diorama finished tonight. I went for some blood in the end, I think it looks okay. Not much, but a bit of red to give a bit more to the story.

I also got some paint put onto some more of the 3D printed stuff. I needed the superglue to repair a few miniatures too.

We had a bit of excitement in school today as a pod of Orca came into the bay. We went for a look, but by time we got out they were motoring away…

You can just about see them in the photo…

We took the kids for a walk down to the pier, it was a nice morning for it…

Having an Easy Evening

Tonight we didn’t eat until gone 20.00 so by time I had a bath etc I mooched around looking at various miniatures that I have.

So I have a long list of unfinished projects, first off I must get This diorama actually finished and then get on with the various 6mm armies that I have, thence onto the 15mm stuff, then printed LOTR stuff, all in all I am going to be a busy bee over the next few months.

Working with STL’s

I never got anything painted this evening as I was downloading various Patreon and Kickstarter STL’s. Something I should have done a while ago as I have totally forgotten all of my passwords and in fact how to get hold of things… I have downloaded some more Neolithic stuff and will get some more as there are some nice hunting scenes available.

It was a lovely still morning today, so that meant a nice sunrise…

Vampire Finished

Well I think he is… so I worked on him tonight. Darkened some things, highlighted others and then repainted different bits.

I am quite pleased with him, he is definitely a whole load better than the one that went into the ISO a couple of months ago.

I am not sure about the blood on the blade, but on the up side it’s the easiest of a repaint.

I enjoyed painting it, and on the up side my Mojo came back…


Today my life has been full of vampires (or vampyres). I decided to paint one, my daughter decided to draw a comic featuring one and my audio book is the 5th Elephant and lady Margolotta has just made an appearance…

I have had this mini for years and he is my Vampire leader from Mordheim…

There is still a very long way to go, but I am getting there.

I really do fancy playing Mordheim again, I have plenty of fantasy miniatures and all of the rule books, so it should be easy enough to do. The only thing I don’t have much of is terrain. Definitely something to ponder over the winter.

This was shared with me today and is probably the reason why I decided to start painting a vampire.

I decided to do a little diorama with the seated character, I will need a corner of a tavern, I have some ideas, so we shall see where they take me.

On The Covid front, Shetland has now shut down our border, no one is allowed on or off the island unless it is for essential travel.

Paintbrush in Hand

Zoiks, this evening I actually managed to get something painted, well read that more as slapped some paint on things.

I also slapped some paint on the 15mm Japanese Villagers…

Still a long wY to go on these, up they are definitely getting there.


Another late one tonight and I made the conscious choice not to do anything. It was a long day, so I thought I would read some rules or a book or even a magazine… I got them out flicked through them then put them away again.

Hopefully I will feel enthused when I return from work tomorrow 🤞

A big thank you to everyone for their support in my mojolessness!

Mojo Gone

My Mojo seems to have left the building, really cannot be bothered to do anything recently.

I must give myself a shake and a stern talking to. And get back into it…

Love this… we are doing rounding in school 😂