Doggo Officers

Tonight I blasted through this pair as well as attached the flag to the pole on the hussar

To be honest, nothing too fancy, just an hour and a half slapping the paint around.

I didn’t want them both in full white uniforms, but in hindsight the one on the right might have been better with a coloured jacket but they are done.

Two dwarves and two cannons to do before I get the next lot to paint. I will start on mine when my MDF bases arrive. I much prefer them to 2p’s which is what mine sit on in an emergency.

I am going to put a row of Silver dots along the top of the flag to simulate nails holding it on.

Hussar Regimental Colours

Tonight I messed around with my pens and printed flags….

I took one the original flags and put a triangle downwards from the corner. As the colonel my mate can choose which one he fancies.

They will look something like this…

My test flag

When I attach it it will be glued to the bottom of the cross bar,

My original flag was single sided, these are double sided with the pattern on both. Probably a waste of time to be honest.

I will trial some more tomorrow 😀.

Hussar All Done

Before talking about the painting I just wanted to say a big thanks to everyone for their support after my rant yesterday. I really did appreciate it.

Anyway, this evening I worked on this chap to a point where he just needs his colours…

As you can see he has a crosspiece so a normal flag like the lancer (sporting alternative colours) won’t work. Because of the shape of the model and the thickness of the pole then I am having to do a bit of a head scratch. I had a play around with one of the blank flags and have come up with a sort of idea.

I now have two dwarves, two dogs and two cannons left to go. My mate has just got a few more and so do I, so there are a host more to paint.

Half ten here and the sun is setting….

I thought it looked rather nice.

Lancers Done

Tonight I did a bit of sorting out on the two lancers. I touched up the bits that needed painting. I also selected a colourful regimental flag…

Upon saying the above, I just remembered the sword arm needs a bit of red on the cuff.

Tomorrow I hope to get a good start on the hussar. I can’t be bothered tonight as I have had what could best be described as ‘one of those days’ … a career change is being plotted.

Lancers Almost There

I was hoping to get this pair finished tonight, but sadly I had to go and help get the field ready for the horses going out at the weekend.

I need to do a bit of tidying up and a bit of highlighting and sharing here and there, but on the whole I am quite pleased with how they came out.

I am hoping that tomorrow they will be finished and I can get onto the wraith hussar.

The Cavalry Sees Red

Tonight I re undercoated the bits where my sloppy bone painting had covered the cloth and then did the blue grey again. When it was dry I gave it another coat to give a bit more depth. I then added in the red of the uniform and horse tack.

Still a long way to go, but definitely getting there. I have to choose what colour to do the czapka. On the website it is black, but inthink I will go for something a bit more fancy as befits a lancer regiment.

The unpainted one is going to be a red colour similar the ones I painted a couple of years ago.

Undead Cavalry

So tonight I made a start on the trio of undead cavalry. All are riding skeletal horses so that was a speedy paint job. Sadly too speedy as I got it places where I didn’t want it and only really noticed when I went to paint the various bits of cloth…

So this is where I got to… I actually ended up spending time watching a programme where there is a competition to build doll’s houses. Otherwise I would have bit further on than this.

I went into Town today with the kids and ended up in the toy shop to get some replacement paint as some more of mine is running out…

Rant Alert

So whilst grabbing my pot of paint I was browsing the various GW miniatures and came across a single plastic space marine miniature and then noticed the price… I nearly cacked myself £25! I mean I knew GW pricing was dodgy, but FFS £25 for a single miniature,  that is just so wrong on so many levels. Uness they melted down the mould after doing the run then that is obscene.

This is coming from someone who once spent £40 on a pile of miniatures to get two that were out of production. Here is one of them…super, super rare…

I am so glad that I dropped out of that system a long time ago, I still have the original Mordheim rules as well as Necromunda and did toy with the idea of revamping them using whatever miniatures I have lying around.

I had the vapours spending £25 on a Pile more Flintloque miniatures, so god help me if I ever got into 40k.

Zoltan Joins In

Yes this evening I got the leader of the 666th line finished. ..

He was a simple miniature to paint apart from some wierd bits where his sword scabbard met his legs behind him. There was no gap there, just metal. I simply painted it in as his tunic.

I went for yellow on his eyes, added the pupil then regretted it… they looked brighter without the black dot.

When I got in from work I had a mess around with another couple of flags whist having a cup of coffee…

My mate can decide which one, if any he fancies.

And finally, tomorrow I start on these three…

They will need undercoating tomorrow morning, so hopefully I will get a wiggle on tomorrow evening.

Zombie Dogs with Flag

Tonight I got the officer and standard bearer finished…

As you can see, I knocked up some colours to add to the flag pole. To be frank, it will probably change to something a bit darker. I printed out the blanks and coloured the bits with a selection of Sharpies.

The part finished one is Zoltan himself. I will probably (hopefully) get him finished tomorrow.

My mate is wanting these in a winter theme…aka snow, but as a number are already covered in the Patchy plains base ready stuff then I will have to snow over the top. That is if I have any round and about. I will do it a bit like the lot below.

Zombie Dogs

Tonight I got a bit of work done on two of the Zoltan command miniatures…they are more skeletons than Zombies, but hey undead is undead…

Because they are Ostarian’s then they have white tunics, I would have preferred something a bit darker or at least coloured cuffs and turnbacks, but I went for the colours from the website images. I would imagine that once I get the remaining bits painted then they, like the two from yesterday, will grow on me.