A Bit of Painting

Yep two nights in a row! Flippin’ heck At this rate I will have them finished soonish! Well probably later than sooner, but at least I am getting going.

Tonight I decided to just do the metallics as they needed a few coats to get them to look solid.

I will crack on with these tomorrow evening (I hope). I must remember to find the shield for the old blood or whichever one he is.

As a total aside, the printer is merrily chugging away out there, I am just going out to bum up the temperature a few degrees for the overnight section of the print. I haven’t got a clue what bit it is printing as it is angled and is printing the supports first.

Look What Came…

Cor, that is a first…starting with a picture…

Anyway the battle tome has arrived…It can be added to my collection…

Left 2008, middle 2020 and right 2003

It is a pretty book, but as I haven’t played AOS before then most of it means nothing to me. Now I know I am being hyper critical here and in no way want to have a dig at the artist in any way, shape or form, but I actually prefer the older cover illustrations. Ditto with some of the internal artwork.

I feel there is a subtle wrongness with them. Now it may be nostalgia talking here as I have read the other ones so many times… this is one of my favourites Illustrations from the 2003 book…

There is a similar composition lizards against a foe. In the colour lizards surrounding Chaos forces and in the other lizards surrounding humans. As I said it is nothing major just a feeling of wrongness that I cant put words to or give a reason why.

As for the rest of the book they have the usual painting ideas and pretty pictures of the various models…

There is also a bit of background fluff as well as the various groupings known as constellations. Each one has a different way of fighting, some have gazillions of skinks in the shadowstrike host and others have a more solid battle line the Sunclaw host. (Speed reading so might be talking cobblers here ).

There seem to be factions too. Each one being different to the others. Some are really magic heavy and others are more primal.

I will have a good and proper read later on and report back.

The one thing that is totally missing (or I have missed it) is the dread Saurian. GW make one in resin so there must be rules for it somewhere. I have seen videos on YouTube too referencing it… looks like a bit of googling is in order later on too.

I have set the printer away on another Kroxigor to see if it has the same fault lines as the bigger stuff.

Orks…Almost There

Didn’t get in until 7.30 tonight so by time dinner occurred I was too knackered to do much, but at least I got a bit more done.

It is really just the metalwork and tidying up a bit to go, then onto the Riders of Rohan.

A bit of excitement occurred today, apart from my wife and the two youngest being unwell with cold/flu symptoms.

The Authority has decided to close all schools for the whole of next week (apart from three on the outer islands). They emailed at 13.05 stating that staff needed to be told by 13.15 and parents by 13.30. I was already back teaching by then and just happened to check my emails. Otherwise we would have found out after the kids went home. They phoned to say had I received the email two minutes before 13.30.

This closure is not for health reasons, but because we have very little supply cover for the schools and we have lost a lot of staff and kids who are self isolating (or in the case of a lot of the kids, been removed from school by anxious parents).

As of yesterday Greater Glasgow and Clyde had fourteen cases of the virus and our little island of 22,000 had six. We had the dubious honour of being third. As of this morning we almost doubled that figure to eleven.

Now you may think this closure is a bonus, sadly not. All staff are expected to attend their place of work. No extra painting time for me.

Hopefully I will get the orks and Rohirrim finished this weekend.

Until tomorrow…seeya. I will end with a nice picture overlooking South Whiteness

I reckon it is going to be frosty tomorrow morning!

New Delivery

Yey… a new box arrived today!

I really couldn’t pretend this one was tool parts 😂😂😂. So what was in the box…

The Aztec Greenstuff roller and associated rings, the leaf punch and branch punch as well as some soft foil too.

I decided to give the punches a go.

A Tesco cookie packet makes a useful test piece of paper. The foil even though quite thick worked too.

The roller has some nice designs on it…

I will give it a go to tomorrow evening.

I also sprayed everything white…

Sharpies are great for marking things on the models, but not so good for getting covered over with spray paint…

I will give it a go with brush on Army Painter white and see if it covers over. An interesting idea crossed my mind, would it be possible to add a dark bit with a sharpie, spray white and then have it showing through a light colour. I may have to investigate!

More Greenstuff Shenanigans (sort of)

Okay, so not the greatest amount used. I used a smidge on the Kroxigor weapon haft and a bit more on the top of the saddle.

I have decided to spray them separately as it will allow me to paint both in isolation… meaning I can get to all bits easily. I still have the shield to add to the rider so that I can get into his belly etc.

The rest of my basing supplies came…

This is a nice light colour which will be added onto the Lizardmen bases to add a bit of interest.

I did put an order into Greenstuff world and will add leaves etc onto the bases as well. All in all these bloody lizards have cost me a fortune😂😂😂

Saurus Cavalry

Tonight I spent a bit of time getting the remaining five Saurus riders glued together.

I would have got some of the other ones done if it hadn’t been for these being terrible to go together… well it wasn’t that they were tricky, it was that they pinged across the table and onto the floor. They dry fitted together perfectly and when the glue was added they wouldn’t go together at all!

Next problem was balancing the riders on the mounts. I would just get them all on then one would fall off and knock the rest off too.

I managed a quick thirty second job by adding the two banners onto the hero seat.

We are off to Archery tomorrow morning and I have a cack load of work to do for school in the afternoon. Hopefully I will get some time to do something tomorrow evening.


Lizard and Rider

Got in really late tonight so motivation level was down, but after supper I stuck the dangly bits on the harness and as I got a second wind I decided to build the rider for the saddle made days ago. I was a bit worried that he might look too large, but in all honesty I think he looks okay

I had the choice of a Scar Veteran or an Oldblood. I decided to go for a The Veteran as I fancied it. As I have no rules or anything else useful apart from what is in the manual I went for what looked good…I decided to give him a spear as he is on a big bloody lizard and a little sword wouldn’t reach anyone on the ground (the Hussars found this out in the Sudan, when the dervish laid down during a charge).

So here is the Scar Veteran on his mount.
The other side, complete with more dangly bits!

The saddle in the instructions has a whole host of horns jutting out from behind, but I am going for a more streamlined look, plus he won’t look as big. In the set there are a couple of smaller back banners that I might add to the back of the saddle just to add a bit more colour.

Hopefully I will be able to get this pair sprayed this weekend, along with the cold one riders.

Looking at the pictures, I do wonder how he gets up there. It was bD enough fir me getting on a 17 hand horse! This thing is way bigger…🤔

An Update

Well as we were chatting In the house a little while ago, I decided to get some Greenstuff added to the dinosaur.

I also added the other half of the banner. In typical annoyingly GW style it is way over sized. If it is gold like most of them seem to be it would way more than the lizard carrying it. Mine shall be papier-mâché with a silk tail.

Lizards and Moulded Greenstuff

I have technically had, what is best described as one of those days so my urge to do anything was minimal.

I did however decide to add the moulded bits onto the strap work on the dinosaur.

Not exactly the most elegant of things bout it will do for now. I put two on the flank as seen in the photo. One on the back just to the back of the seat and the final one on the opposite side.

This last one will need a bit of work to make it look like the strap is connected and not just superglued on.

Tomorrow I will do something with the strap and then add all of the bits and dangly pieces to him.

Lizards and More Greenstuff

Tonight I decided to try adding some buckles or something similar to the straps on the Dino. Let’s just say my sculpting wasn’t that brilliant, so I decided to do a little simple moulding using this stuff…

So I dunked it in boiling water for a few minutes and then squished it onto the thing I wanted to mould. You can just about see it in the following photo!

So I got a little mould and shoved GS into it…. problem is…. I couldn’t get it back out again without buggering it up. So the solution was easy….

Throw it back in the boiling water again and then make four mini moulds. We shall see how they come out tomorrow. I have used Milliput in the moulding material before, but unfortunately it leaves a residue that soon ruins it. So this time I am sticking to the Greenstuff.

I have found a whole host of bits and pieces in the box of Lizardmen that will get added to the Dino before painting. I might actually use one of them as the mould to add to the straps.. we shall see tomorrow how they look.

I also managed to build a couple more riders, this time the drummer and the standard bearer (or Fantasy equivalent).

Instead of giving the drummer two drumsticks I gave him one and a sword as a drumstick in combat is likely going to be a hindrance.

The other one just has the flag pole at the moment. I will decide which variant I put on the top tomorrow. I do quite fancy the ‘draco’ style with the silk tail.

So tomorrow we shall carry on with the Dino prepping… I am considering horns and spines along his back… I will have to sleep on it.