Meeple Dungeon Mega Print

Yey… I have the dungeon box printed…

This was the longest print I have ever done. 17 hours 45 minutes. But is is a very nice piece. There are a few bits on it that have a bit of weird under extrusion. The nearest gate has a couple of spots just to the left of the gate. They can just be about seen.

My plan is to print two of these as well as one top, which again doubles as a very large room.

The box is ideal for storing the pieces in, in fact it was designed that way.

I randomly shoved some tiles and minis in the spaces to take the photograph.

I decided to print off some of the Meeple trees too. I will print off the bases tomorrow.

Sadly I didn’t get anything painted as it was my ‘ex’ staff night out and my daughter had a shindig too. I just got in and took the photos. I want a cup of tea and then off to bed I go.

Wargs… a Smidge Forward

Tonight I did their teeth and made a start on a couple of the rides of Rohan.

Most of the family is or has been unwell the last couple of days…hopefully it will avoid me.

I will possibly make a start on the ork riders tomorrow.

The temperature rose enough for the printer to start up again. I printed off some prison bits as well as a stocks and a brazier.

I am in the process of printing off the top of the dungeon box, it was meant to be the bottom, but I mixed them up. It should be ready tomorrow morning.

Wargs Ready to Go

Yep the Wargs etc have spent the last 24 hours curing and I managed to do sod all…

Well that isn’t exactly true. I boxed up everything that I had painted before as well as sorting out my Meeples into a bigger box as I have rather a lot!

This isn’t all of it! I have printed off another couple of 3×3 rooms and will look at doing up some t junctions and l junctions as well as more water etc.

Hopefully tomorrow I will get something painted.

More Miniatures… Meeple Style

I was out playing some more Journeys in Middle Earth. Once again we won the mission through the skin of our teeth. It would have helped win sooner if we had noticed that we had missed a major objective. So we failed to catch the spy. My card draws were useless at times. At least twice I managed to get no successes at all even though I drew four cards. It would have helped if I had some bonus tokens, but sadly not!

I have sprayed the Wargs and about 4 riders of Rohan this evening. They are curing until to tomorrow evening.

Printer wise…

Some more heroes and villains.

Some are obvious others less so….second row, second in an elf fighter, extreme right is an undead liche.

First on the third row, a sea captain, or someone doing ‘greased Lightning’ dance moves. The last one on that row is a thief, but would also work as an assassin.

I printed off another floor tile and once again I managed to snap it at the first set of tiles…

The crack is inline with stairs and the tomb. Hopefully it will add a bit of strength.

I have a pile of plasticard and I think to avoid this happening again I will glue these onto the plasticard. It will stop them being double sided, but it will also stop them cracking during use.

Bookcases, Barrels and Water

Today there wasn’t too much printing…

So here we have the bookcases, barrels and bit of water. I haven’t cleaned anything up yet. I printed 4 bookcases, the four barrels and a 3 x 1 stream. The book cases took just over two hours to print, the barrels were 35 minutes with the water just under 50 minutes. There are a few more bits and pieces like the barrels etc that I want to print off, but mostly now it will be rooms and corridors. I have considered making some corridor junctions to speed laying things out. Once I am absolutely confident that the printer is running properly then I will sort out the box, which doubles as part of the dungeon.

Dwarves, Ghosts and a set of Ladders

I set the printer going again this evening as soon as I got in (not that it is unusual at the minute).

So tonight I went for a lot of miniatures.

They are mainly dwarves of some sort. They are split (in the sets) as long beards and short beards. I cannot remember what a couple of them are – top left is a blank as are the bottom left. I think the second one is a mage. Second row, on the right is a dwarves assassin.

The other things are from the Kingdom of Hell set and are the ‘tormented’. I am going to use them as some form of undead.

The ladders are 25mm long…

The long beards took 1.51 to print, the short beards 41 minutes, the tormented another 41 minutes and the ladders 38 minutes.

I did another couple of things just before…

These took about 40 minutes and 55 minutes to do.

Tomorrow I am going to get some water and ground tiles done.

These are a couple of cages and then a quartet of crates.

3D Printing, more dungeon bits

I am printing every evening and I think it is because I am so pleased to get my printer back up and running.

Last night this came off the bed…

I have a spider somewhere to print off too.

Tonight it was test printing bits and bobs…

Still a whole host of things that I have ready to print.

This weekend I am going to get some more floor tiles done, as well as some more miniatures. I might even get something painted!

So we have some more rickety platforms, two skull pillars, two dwarves pillars an oven, a coffin and an open skeleton casket.

The pillars could be printed in more than a pair, but I worked on the principle that if something went wrong on the printer then I would lose two rather than half a dozen. Plus it means I only have to wait about 50 minutes before I can go and get them.

3D Printer again

I got home a bit earlier for the kids tonight so set the printer running straight away.

I did half a dozen guards as well as a halfling and an elf. The spider webs I did yesterday came out ok too…

Just off the plate right now is a demon idol as befits a scary dungeon…it took 2 hours 37 minutes, but I am really pleased with it…

I am printing a full spider web at the moment. We will have to see how it comes off the printer.

Printer Shenanigans… Again!

Things still weren’t right with the old printer and it was annoying me.

Last night I printed off these (accidentally) and they were okayish…

They were better than the first lot, but could be better.

Tonight I decided to print the wardens again.

After an hour and 20 minutes I came back to poorly extruded plastic.

I cranked up the heat on the nozzle a bit as well as ‘dialled in’ the screws in the spring and then started them again.

I had put the wardens on a raft to see if it would stop them sticking like superglue to the base plate. I was quite pleased with the second printing.

On the left we have a bit of the raft from where the standard bearer is. I think you may notice the difference…

These were printed in exactly the same position as the first. This shows the stark reality of poor extrusion.

As mentioned above the only difference was a 4 degree increase in temperature and a tightening of the spring.

So after this success, I have spent most of the evening slicing extra bits and pieces for the dungeon. Right now we have large rocks on the printer. These will go on the water tiles and will be crossed by planks, ropes or some other deadly looking method.

They have come out rather nicely too…

They came from exactly the same individual stone. All I did was shrunk or expanded thy x,y or z axis to make them all different sizes.

I am printing some spider webs right now, so we shall see how they come out. I will probably mention them tomorrow as I want this published before bed.

The other good thing about using rafts is that it pulls up the crap left on the plate from the prints that went wrong. The downside is that I use more filament.

Printed Meeple Dungeon

My ickle dungeon is starting to get somewhere…

Still a fair few more rooms and corridors to print. I am going to make double sized rooms as well as T junctions etc. I am having a go at reprinting the caskets and windlass, seen above. Actually I was meant to be printing something else but got confused!

The rickety platforms worked a whole lot better when the extrusion was more like it should be.

They were a bit ‘hairy’ though…

the legs on the smaller ones were really well fastened on. The two longer ones had problems as the two ends fell off as soon as I looked at them. These have now been superglued in place. I might run something along the outside to strengthen them a bit more.

The other thing I will do is to get some more rickety platforms and then add some planks to place across gaps.

I also want to add some raised levels to join the rickety platforms to.

We shall see how I get on.

Posting early today as I am knackered and am going for an early night.