New Prints

So, because I cannot just use an army as it comes in the box, I just had to print myself some extra bits, namely some more shot troops and a couple of minis for the command base.

Unfortunately they are a bit on the big side, but I may just leave them as they are as the majority will be on their own bases.

I am still a bit knackered so didn’t bother trying to paint anything this evening.


Well sort of… yes I have nearly finished my 6mm Italian Wars Imperial Army… by nearly finished I mean I have one base to paint… but here they are in their all painted glory…

You can see the one still to paint on the right of the photo above.

As you can see from the photo below…I actually had some spares…

This isn’t including the damaged ones from the shed.

I will get the army varnished sometime soon and then add some bushes to break up the green.

If you think about it, this is a 500 point army with half sized Pike blocks… to begin with I nearly went for 1000 points…. eeek! In reality this is only two Pike blocks. In the rules they come in 8, 12, or 16 bases, with a skirmish unit covering the front bases and a Doppelsoldner base attached too.

And finally, this happened when I put the sand over the top of the Speedpaint bases…

Luckily I painted the bases green.

All Done?

Well this was a very long time coming, but I think, and hope, that I have finished the 6mm Italian wars troops…

This is the final twelve bases worth painted and covered in sand. I have eighteen other ones in this state that will need the bases painting.

I reckon the empty filament spool landing on the pikes really put a dent in my enjoyment of the project. I checked back through my blog posts and began printing in July at the very least. In September I began painting after my Irregular Miniatures arrived, to be fair it hasn’t been a constant run of painting as I lost heart after the splat of doom occurred.

Anyway I will paint up the bases tomorrow and put everything out together to see what it looks like. In all honesty most of them have sat in a box since they were painted.

You may remember that I halved the number of pike bases jn a unit. I hope it is going to look okay in the final army. Only time will tell to be honest.

The End is in Sight

I nearly put the end is nigh as a title, but it sounded a bit ominous… anyway this evening I did some more work on the 6mm Italian wars arqubusiers for the Tercio. As expected the Speedpaints reactivated, but I just plowed ahead regardless.

This is all I have left to do …I think and hope! The ones on the left are finished, apart from potentially adding colour to the plumes.

The eight bases on the right need hats and flags doing. Then this lot and will need sand adding to the bases before joining eighteen more stands that need paint adding.

That will be my 500 point army finished. I really, really hope I don’t find anything lurking somewhere that I had forgotten. 🤞

Remember this lady with the 5 o clock shadow… well I went to repaint her tonight and actually the grey colour was indeed just that, a shadow. Either that or some wierd light reflection from her grey fur… either way, I don’t care as she will do as she is.

One of these days I am going to boot the printer up and do some more of the Rohirrim, but probably not for a while as I have so much to paint as it is.

Big Boys Finished

I took a little bit of time this evening to get the bases covered in Geek Gaming Base ready stuff… and because I am a total pillock I forgot to get some brown paint onto the white tops. Needless to say, if any of the flock drops off then the white will stick out like a diamond in a sweeps ear hole.

But anyway here are the six of them… there are bits of white visible, but I will add a bit more flock or tufts over the top before I get them sealed down…

I also got something today that I had forgotten that I ordered…

Not the world’s best photo, but it was purchased to support Ukrainian charities. I love Jon’s artwork and was a bit chuffed to get a signed one, okay it is not an original piece of artwork, but I reckon the statement at the bottom pretty much sums up what is going onnjn Ukraine.

Oh and according to my wife and daughter I am being a bit of a fan girl about getting this 🤣.

Ogre Commander

Tonight I finished off the Ogre commander and set to work on another minion…

I really like the miniature, apart from he seems to have a small left hand. He is evidently one tough cookie as he has less armour than everyone else. Sticking a point stick into him will probably just piss him off.

As you can see the second one has blackened armour. The arms and legs on his harness are going to be gun metal. More to make each if the six stand out than any other reason.

Hopefully the remaining two will be finished this weekend.

Today was a day out of school, I had to redo my First aid training… luckily Bob, the CPR dummy survived the ordeal… Because of covid we had to bandage ourselves as well as put ourselves into the recovery position.

A Little Bit of Paint…

On little men…

Tonight I clashed some paint on two units of imperial skirmishers…

There are two more units of these to paint up then the remaining Tercio shot need to be done.

I will need to get the sand on some of the ones that I have already painted to match in with the sand covered ones.

Here We Go Again

We had a couple of power cuts this evening, well the wind was rising over the afternoon and by time we brought the horse in it was pushing 65 mph. It threw me about and also sent a half ton horse shooting sideways by a couple of metres. Although as a community we are pretty set up for wind, there have still been some issues, we had a door give way. Luckily a couple of screws kept it shut. We also have a fence that has a wooden post that has snapped.

I wouldn’t fancy being on the ferry to the mainland this evening. We really thought that they would be off, but nope they are going late… the one coming North is taking 17 plus hours instead of the usual 12!

The power did come on at about 20.30 so I managed to get some painting done.

I did another skirmish unit for the Italian wars… it won’t win any prizes but it is done. Funnily enough these seemed a lot easier than the last set of three bases. I honestly think it was mental state rather than difficult miniatures. The 15mm monster hunter miniatures probably cleaned the palate for want of a better term. I want these finished and out of the way. I think the destruction of two Pike blocks put a downer on the whole project. I also brushed on an undercoat for my two ‘Spanish’ Officers as well making a start on the terror birds…

As you can see from the above photo, I have another set of three skirmishers ready to go. I made a start on the two Rohan characters a while ago and to be honest I really can’t be bothered with them. They are lovely miniatures, but I think that right now I need something that I can just slap some paint on. The Keleken will be ideal for that.

6mm Italian Wars

This evening I set about getting some more work done on my Small Italian wars miniatures…

I finished the ones at the back and made a good start on the Tercio shot. Hopefully these will get some more done on them tomorrow.

We had beef stew and dumplings for our evening meal today. My middle child is gluten intolerant so we made her a separate portion in the only thing we had that could go in the oven…

We are going to open a trendy restaurant and serve meals in Pyrex jugs…I reckon there is a market for it.

Back with the Italian Wars

Yes, I got my flexible arqubusiers sorted today, only to find that I am short. It didn’t help that I got carried away doing ranked ones. The rules state 8 Pike and 8 guns. I reduced the size of the Pike to half size, but forgot with the arqubusiers…

They can be used in an army list so there is no loss there, plus I now have more pikes than I need so they could be used in that.

I am however, short four bases of skirmishers to cover the Landskecht Pike blocks. I will do some more tomorrow. I also need the base of Doppelsoldners for each one too. I will have to slice these and get them printed.

I took too long collecting the second lot from the drying off basket… All I can say is that I a glad it is flexible resin…

The straightish one is my first set which I cured after about an hour to get the ISO off… the others was about two days!