Full Undead Ahead

I was chuffed this evening that I had got the undead all finished, I counted them then counted them again and suddenly realised I was missing someone. Yes, as I hadn’t used my list again then I had forgotten to print one of the most important characters in an undead force… the necromancer!

I had a mooch about, in case I had one, I did but it didn’t appeal to me as it was a skeletal necromancer. I decided that I wanted something different so chose a female miniature to act as my missing person. I will print her off during the day… this is the horde as it stands…

I also sliced the vampire in his human form, you know in case he wants to pop into Sigmar Haven for a quick bite.

I never got the Reikland lot sliced as I was too busy choosing a necromancer. Hopefully tomorrow.

I Aten’t Dead

I thought I would drop by to let you all know that I am in fact still among the land of the living, haven’t been abducted by aliens or indeed got lost between home and work (but it was foggy the other morning).

Motivation to write, let alone paint anything has in fact taken a bit of a nose dive. But shock horror… I did in fact put paint to miniature this evening and made a small amount of progress on the skeletons I printed ages ago…

I went for green this time as it was handy and I couldn’t think of another colour I fancied.

At the weekend we went to Brucklands which is a recycling centre in the North of the islands. I went in hoping for a bit of a storage solution and shock horror I came home with this for a fiver…

Apologies for the socks

As you can see I have already filled it up with crap. Sadly my cat food boxes don’t quite fit. I am covering them in black tape to make them less obvious. The photo was taken when I was having a test run.

Hopefully I will carry on with a bit of painting tomorrow.

More Skeletons

Today, I was feeling totally crap, my left arm is really sore where they shoved a Covid Booster into it. He did say it might be a bit more painful than the last one. He wasn’t kidding! Either that or I am a total wimp.

My family and the kids at school have been down with various Winter bugs… I reckon they have caught up with me.

Anyway I did a bit of slicing today as well as some printing. I also decided to get some paint on the undercoated skeletons. Not exactly a huge amount of work, but better than nothing.

At the minute I am printing half a dozen ghouls, having already done some dodos for the kids next week.

New Skeletons

So I got the skeletons with swords onto my few remaining round bases… well actually I had to take some minis off four bases to make the full twelve. I could have used 2p’s but was concerned that the weight of the coin might cause damage to the swords etc.

I also got the cavalry printed too… upon saying that. When I got them off their supports I realised that there were only five troops and six horses. There is a seventh horse. I am seeing if the female vampire from the Zombie dragon will fit on it.

I got a bit more done on the corpse cart too.

Undead Wheels

Today I worked on my undead cart. In this case i made a change from my usual painting styles. With this I undercoated black and then dry brushed white. This is something I did the early 2000’s using washes to go over a similar method of undercoat and dry brush. But never mind I digress.

I think this method really worked for this model. I am not sure that it will be my go to in the future, but who knows?

I am printing some more skeletons and ghouls. I might use it on the ghouls but not the skeletons as I want them to fit in with the previous parts of the army.

Anyway, here are a couple of of pics of the model nearing completion. Tomorrow I add some more colours to the bits I obviously missed.

This was painted using both Contrast and dipping inks. Hopefully by tomorrow evening it will be finished, varnished and based.

Printing and Painting

Well sort of painting…

I decided to print my new wheels for the undead…

It is a rather nice corpse cart. I sprayed it black and then dry brushed everything white. I even got to open some ‘new’ white paint for the task.

So here are the bits in their dry brushed stage.

It’s the club games day tomorrow. My undead hordes will eventually get an airing

A small part of the force.

Sadly the extra undead bits only dropped on Thursday so there was no time to print and paint everything.

The Mantic Box

This evening I got out the Mantic Zombie box and had a mooch. There are a lot of zombies, with multiples of each. Some big scary beasties and some armoured ones too. The later ones need building so to help me I went to find some pictures.

Where the heck are they? On the Internet I managed to find one imag… and that was a Mantic one, and when I clicked on it, it came up as a 404 error.

I could work out how to make the truck though..

I have Star Saga miniatures so I do have something to fight against them.

I reckon I can print terrain if required or rather when I need terrain.

Final Thirty Six

Today I cracked on and bit the bullet to get the last thirty six undead based (actually there were thirty eight 😉). I had to force myself to get the last dozen done.Tomorrow I am going to go to town with the rust etc…

My youngest and I are now on a count down to our trip south. Thursday will roll up soon enough, but tomorrow my hire digger arrives to get the potholes flattened out. So watch out for digger photos tomorrow.

Keep on Basing, Keep on Basing

So this evening I wasn’t in the mood for a massive basing session so I did a set of 24 Zombies.

I think I have double this number to go, then onto the rust, verdigris and moss on the miniatures that need them. Then tufts and a Matt varnish.

This afternoon we went to Reawick beach with the kids and dogs. You can see the post Here.

This morning however the air turned blue above the printer shed. I decided to fire up the filament printer to start doing some buildings for the various scales and as you might have guessed it decided to playbsilly buggers…the blasted thing wouldn’t push the filament through. It isn’t a blockage, it looks like there is an issue with the extruder itself. I have an aluminium top on it, but for some reason the guide wheel is not engaging with the filament meaning that although the grooved bit is doing its job, it isn’t pushing against anything so it is basically just spinning and gouging out the filament.

I spent ages redoing test, after test but it just wouldn’t play at all, so in desperation I have ordered a direct drive extruder along with a bed levelling probe.