Vampire Finished

Well I think he is… so I worked on him tonight. Darkened some things, highlighted others and then repainted different bits.

I am quite pleased with him, he is definitely a whole load better than the one that went into the ISO a couple of months ago.

I am not sure about the blood on the blade, but on the up side it’s the easiest of a repaint.

I enjoyed painting it, and on the up side my Mojo came back…

All Wight on the Night

So after sleeping until pretty much late afternoon I managed to drag myself out of bed and before heading back there I decided to try and get a bit done on the wights… I succeeded in getting some paint on them.

Not a lot to be honest, but a bit of progress is still progress.

Now one thing on these that is puzzling me is that there are radiating layer lines on the bases and on the miniatures themselves, I am not sure why. It will be a setting in the slicer, but as yet I am not sure what or why.

The printer is still Kerfucktenbuggerd as they say (or not say) in Germany. I have got onto Anycubic to see if they have any answers. Hopefully they will come back with one soon.

I managed to get a couple of sets of roads printed as well.

The roads are the six at the front, I still need more, but it’s a start.

So we have 33 tiles in the coffee colour and about 60 I think in the pink. Quite a little world so far.

Resin People and the Undead

My next rock group name … Resin People and the Undead.

So today, after my successful first print I decided to have a go at some miniatures. These are some of the Ill Gotten Games Townsfolke.

As I said I would, I went and washed some in ISO and some in meths. I printed a single mini too which I washed in soapy water.

So what do they look like?

The details are quite soft on the faces, I think that this is under exposure as the print cures. I will need to dial things in a bit and re test.

But anyway, the ones on the left were washed in ISO and the ones on the right in meths. Not to be honest I can’t tell the difference at first glance. They were all put outside in the sun and left for a few hours then taken inside and put under the lamp.

As mentioned I also printed another milk maid and this time washed her in soapy water. Once washed I coated it in washing up lights and rubbed it in, then rinsed off and threw it under the lamp (it was dark by time she was ready).

This is where things got interesting….

The one on the left is the one done in water and the other is the one done with ISO. Now they are definitely different colours under the light. One has just gone under the light the other has been outside and then spent a few hours under the will be interesting to see if they both end up the same colour this time tomorrow. The others look dark as they were out of the direct light source.

Disco Milk maids

I also managed to get my Undead up to the basing level. Hopefully tomorrow I will get them done and onto the next thing.

Busy, Busy, Undead and Resin

Today has been a busy one, but I managed to get some painting done as well as working with resin with the kids.

I got the undead a bit further forward as well as finishing the ogres and the cart and draft oxen (I just need to find the wagons now).

I also found my 6mm Arabs from WW1. They are painted so I just need to do the Turks and I am laughing 😉.

The kids made some more resin pieces, but I also bit the bullet and got a start on unboxing the printer…

Guess what is in here?

Levelling with paper… I can do that.

To level it you place a piece of paper on the base, and click a button. The printer plate moves down and when it is right down one simply tightens the four silver bolts d voila… press another button to tell it that it is zeroed in and that’s it… ready to print.

All it together and ready to go… I put the square against it so you can see the rough size of it.

I had to print the test cube as I actually couldn’t work out how to slice the bits I wanted to print. Sadly you will have to wait until tomorrow before seeing what it looks like. I am pretty impressed so far as I could never have done it on the Ender3.

Like the Ender it tells me the print time and the amount of material used. I evidently put way too much resin in the holder. Luckily I can reuse the stuff that doesn’t cure. I can run it through a fine sieve and then put it back into the bottle.

This is the start of a very large learning curve as this thing can make hollow prints to save on resin, these hollow prints need plug holes adding to allow the interior liquid resin to escape.

Now I bought grey resin as it seemed a good idea at the time, however having done a bit more research (aka watching YouTube) it is suggested that clear resins might be better as it allows the UV light to pass through the object and cure it faster.

I have got myself a couple of pots, one with ISO in and the other with meths. Again watching YouTube people who can’t get ISO easily were using meths to clean the prints before curing. Tomorrow I will print a couple of Milk maids off and give each a go in the different liquids. I have seen some people use hot water too, so perhaps that will be a third one to test.

Print comes off the plate in 20 minutes or so, so wish me luck!

Big, Teeny Tiny Parcels, Undead and Chickens

Today may Irregular order came…yippeee, and I never finished my undead…boooo! The box was massive, compared to what I am used to – who cares, it had metal goodies inside…

On the left a Khmer army complete with hefalumps and on the right various packs of civilians, some Ikko Ikki monks and Nobori holders and then a Samurai hero set. The last two are to make command units for my army.

Sadly I was too knackered to paint much tonight and it was the tedious painting of weapons that finished me off.

These still have a long way to go, but the horrible bit (or one of the horrible bits) is over. Next up shields and metalwork.

Today we made another step closer to being a true Shetlander 😂. Yes indeed, we have now built a hen run covered in a trawl net. Clobbering in a pile of fencing posts didn’t do my wrists much good.

We have been asked to bake for Sunday Teas, dug our own peat (cast as they call it up here), sat on a hall committee. We are certainly ticking things off our list. If I ever get invited onto a fire festival squad then I know I will have made it 😂😂😂.

The cockerel was lovely last year, but this year he has matured and is now going for the kids, hence the need to keep him in a fully enclosed run. We have him and three hens, so this is plenty big enough for them. It is about 6 metres by 4 metres. They will also be let out too, this is until he calms down.

Bring Out Your Teeny, Tiny Undead

I got these sprayed yesterday and made a start today. They were pretty speedy to get to this level. Probably three hours tops, but I was watching Tomb Raider at the same time…

These aren’t the best sculpts and are probably the worst of the ones I have done so far. They will probably come out fine once they are finished as most things do.

There are eight bases of cavalry, four of bow, eight of hand weapons as well as a couple of hero bases. A Napoleonic Officer has decided to help out as the general and a base of elves have died to help out too (I was one strip short. That will be my elite unit with the red flag.

I also had a mooch today and found my 6mm road wars.

These are my raiders civilians and mutants. I also have a paramilitary force of (basically) Sisters of Battle.

This is my convoy… I need to get the girlies based and painted. Sadly the road wars gear can only be got from the states now. Which is a bit pants as I want some of the big rigs. They also do a nice line in Lizardmen cavalry (which mine are sadly missing).

Tomorrow I hope to get the Skellies finished. Then I may start on the sci fi stuff.

We played with the resin today too…

Once again we had fun…. talking of resin… hopefully I will get a space sorted for the printer soon 🤞

Medieval Japanese House

So after forgetting to print a bit, not to mention printing the wrong bits too, I managed to get the house finished. I have two thatched roof options…

Option one
Option two

This one isn’t a bad size…for the skirmish type games the roof comes off so that miniatures can be placed inside…

Shooting through the window
A bit big, but it will do!

Tomorrow I will print of a different house and make a little farmstead.

Undead Thingies

As the Printer has taken up a bit of my time recently then I haven’t got much done painting wise. However last night, whilst watching the Golden Compass I got the Chainrasps built.

As there was a spare one (all the bits were not on the sprue).I raided my bits box and Greenstuff store and made a rather naff one. The hand I used from the original GW zombie set is about three times the size of the other hand.

Anyway after kicking off the printing tonight, I got them sprayed white…

The one I built is centre foreground. I am still undecided on the colours of these. I will have a think whilst watching the next episode of the Golden Compass.

Undead Guard Hussars… All Done

Tonight I decided enough was enough and got the bases done on these. They are finished now, with only a varnish layer or two and some dilute PVA on the bases.

I decided on a different approach to applying the flock to the bases.

I went for superglue…. This was for two reasons, one I didn’t have enough PVA inside the house and secondly the winds were up to 65mph and the rain drops were the size of marbles and the rest of the PVA was in the bottom shed.

I have never tried superglue as a basing glue before so who knows what it is going to look like in the long run.

Anyway the stuff has stuck, so here are another couple of photos from different angles…

And finally from the lance side…

You can just about see the sheepskin on the nearest one. It really has made them stable.

As I said in an earlier post I have missed off the wings and made these terrestrial cavalry.

I really do like the red on these, definitely different to most of the rest of the undead forces.

As I enjoyed painting these the. I might just have to make a start on the Ostarian Hussars. I am still miffed with the hellhounds (childish I know) but right now I really cannot be bothered to paint them.

I was thinking about it today and I have never seen a manufacturer photograph of the hounds near any other miniatures in the range. Scale creep is a thing, but this is the first time I have seen scale creep getting smaller.

Tomorrow I might get the doggies out and make a start on them.

Undead Hussars…Almost Done

I managed to get some more done on these tonight.

I decided that one needed to be an officer, so one of the two with a sword got silver metalwork to show the difference.

A bit of tidying up and horse metalwork to do, along with the bases.

But this is what they look like so far….

I am going to try and get them all finished tomorrow.

Sadly my hounds didn’t turn up today, so not sure what I will paint next.