Whilst looking for something totally different I found the box with the Wargs and Rohan cavalry in.

To be fair they have had a bit of bad luck.

I set about covering the gaps in the Wargs this evening. I found seven, but one of them has a leg missing. I got them as a job lot on Ebay about 10 years ago. The riders of Rohan are in a worst state than the Wargs. A lot of the spears and bows have snapped. I will see about getting some wire spears. The bows are going to be a bit more tricky. I have a pile of Minis Tirith stuff in the box too. I might be able to swap hands with attached bows. We shall just have to see how I get on.

7 thoughts on “The Wargs are Found

  1. Nice work repairing the damage on these and I am excited to see you get them painted up. You’re going to have quite the Two Towers collection when all is said and done 🙂


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