Holy Printer Batman!

My eldest has a bit of a Batman theme this Christmas so I decided to help out and print them something.

This was where I got to…

It was only after I had glued them to the bases, undercoated them and started painting Harley Quinn that I realised one of her hat pom poms hadn’t printed properly. Hence the greenstuff!

Once it has cured I will get it undercoated and then finish the paint job.

Come to think of it, I actually undercoated her twice, once in a grey like Batman and then again in white to help the red out a bit.

I Aten’t Dead

I thought I would drop by to let you all know that I am in fact still among the land of the living, haven’t been abducted by aliens or indeed got lost between home and work (but it was foggy the other morning).

Motivation to write, let alone paint anything has in fact taken a bit of a nose dive. But shock horror… I did in fact put paint to miniature this evening and made a small amount of progress on the skeletons I printed ages ago…

I went for green this time as it was handy and I couldn’t think of another colour I fancied.

At the weekend we went to Brucklands which is a recycling centre in the North of the islands. I went in hoping for a bit of a storage solution and shock horror I came home with this for a fiver…

Apologies for the socks

As you can see I have already filled it up with crap. Sadly my cat food boxes don’t quite fit. I am covering them in black tape to make them less obvious. The photo was taken when I was having a test run.

Hopefully I will carry on with a bit of painting tomorrow.

Undead Wheels

Today I worked on my undead cart. In this case i made a change from my usual painting styles. With this I undercoated black and then dry brushed white. This is something I did the early 2000’s using washes to go over a similar method of undercoat and dry brush. But never mind I digress.

I think this method really worked for this model. I am not sure that it will be my go to in the future, but who knows?

I am printing some more skeletons and ghouls. I might use it on the ghouls but not the skeletons as I want them to fit in with the previous parts of the army.

Anyway, here are a couple of of pics of the model nearing completion. Tomorrow I add some more colours to the bits I obviously missed.

This was painted using both Contrast and dipping inks. Hopefully by tomorrow evening it will be finished, varnished and based.

Painting an Otter

Last night after posting, I decided to get some paint on the 28mm otter. Now this guy came from Naga Miniatures and is one of many anthropomorphised animals in their collection. I honestly cannot say what he is meant to be representing. It has him down as a paladin. He does have a mix of dress and equipment. He has a macuahuitl and a metal shield as well as landschneckt style pantaloons. I don’t really care as I really like him.

I got him finished this evening… I might go back and do the cordage on his quilted gambeson.

New Paint Update

Well if you remember I managed to order a couple of blues in error yesterday. I sent a nice email enquiring if they would be able to swap it out for any random colour. I mean the error was mine and they could have easily said no… tonight I got a nice email back…

Just updated your order. I have swapped it for 1 PAPYRUS DIP color

I think you will use it.



So a big thank you to Greenstuff World… a very happy chappy here in Shetland.

Unfortunately I wont be buying much paint for a bit of a while. Sadly my 11 year old VW Polo has decided that it is time for it to retire. 126,000 miles has taken its toll and tonight I had to go and look for something with a bit less on the clock. Gone are the days of a £500 car. The one we are looking at is £8100 and at 100k less on the clock is a bit better. It is however 7 years old this year.

New Paints on the Way

So after a bit of a hiccup not being able to log in I managed to get my order in. I was trying to work out what twelve paints I had ordered… I couldn’t get my maths to work out either… turns out I ordered two of the blue. I will see if they can swap it out.

New Paints…Reactivation

This is the post you have all been waiting for (well in my head you are).

Do the Green stuff World Dipping Inks reactivate?

The Answer from the Shetland judge is ……

Nope! With the caveat that if they do, then I can’t see them doing so.

The white paint is quite thin to allow another colour to go over the top. There is definitely no bleed through like there was on the Army Painter. Sooo….

My verdict… I am off to buy some more when they are still on offer… if the offer has ended… still buying some more. Now I was going to buy some of the new GW Contrast Paint… not any more…

New Paint II

Well as promised I gave the five paints a go on the goats this evening and to be honest I am impressed straight off.

Apologies for the green goats 😉

So as you can see, from the above they look really good and do what they are meant to. Interestingly the papyrus dip looks more skeletal than the skeleton brown.

Now I had one minor issue, and by minor I mean minor…

No hole…

5 seconds later I had a hole.

Soo what are my first opinions…love these. The colours look good. Now as i said I got these at a reduced price. Tomorrow comes the big test to see whether I jump on a whole lot more.

That test is reactivation…I deliberately painted the whole miniature to see if it would cause issues with colour bleeds when I repaintthe bits that need a different colour… the two little goats will be a different colour tomorrow evening.

James got invited to try something different this evening…

He was dead chuffed getting second place after a joint shoot off for first.