Well That Bloody Hurt

I am sat here feeling sorry for myself, with my right shin swelling up, not to mention hurting. This evening we went out into the snow to do the horse. The track was full of drifts of about 45CM high. Went up to the car, drove, did the horse, went shopping carried the bags the 200m down the track. Went back up the track 5o get the bale of haylage and on the way back I mis judged where the end of the cattle grid was ….

Through I went belted my ankle, shin and knee on the way in. Twisted everything else on the way down.

Here is the hole that my good lady took a photo of (after checking I was okay first though).

We had a day yesterday when the snow was nearly gone and it came back with a vengeance last night. More expected this evening along with 60mph winds!

As someone posted earlier… this isn’t winter anymore this is harassment!

Whoops Went Down a Rabbit Hole!

Well I was going to get things painted this evening then I started looking for some old family photographs… didn’t find those, but found some other bits and pieces… why – well I joined a Facebook group about the village where I used to live… my grandparents and father lived there until the 60’s and we moved back there in the 80’s. Now we live far, far away… but I was hunting out photos from the 30’s and 40’s.

I ended up finding my Grandfather in the 1921 census and then going down that Rabbit hole.

Hopefully tomorrow I will proceed down the painting route…

I saw this and it did make me laugh!

Don’t Panic, Don’t Panic!

So, as some of you know, I live on Shetland. An archipelago half way between Bergen and Aberdeen. it is 165 miles from Lerwick to Thurso via Orkney.

So as you might expect it can get a bit blowy in such an exposed position. In fact it has been so blowy that we haven’t had a boat for four days… hopefully it will be in tomorrow.

The bread, meat and fruit and veg aisles looked like this…

They had some gammon and pork, plus some bacon and one packet of sausages, three avocado, two beetroot, three punnets of plums and six packets of Eccles cakes.

The in store bakery section wasn’t bad. Obviously people seemed to only want sliced bread.

We were in to get some gift bags and some chocolates for a neighbour who helped capture our errant geese.

Living here does have its advantages though….

This was my run to work the other morning.

Paint Argy-Bargy

For those who have English as a second language or those who are potentially not up on our colloquialisms then an argy-bargy is a bit of a verbal row.

By Heck the paint world has been rocked by a bit of a hoo haah about Army Painter Speedpaints and tye new Vallejo xpress range.

Evidently Juan Hidalgo said bad things about Speedpaints reactivating whilst working with Vallejo on their Xpress range.

Now as you know, I personally dislike Speedpaints and did exhaustive testing to see if I was in the wrong …according to Spikeybits it was my fault as I was indeed not varnishing between layers. … but I digress. Said Spikeybits has not taken a pop at Juan for not mentioning working alongside Vallejo. And it has gone nasty.

Funnily enough AP has just recruited people on their paint development team who never mentioned the reactivation… now to be fair they were in their initial testing they painted a model a single colour,but in later ones they did not.

As expected it has got a bit nasty now… I honestly don’t know how I feel about it. What Juan said was true, he didnt lie… he just didn’t mention he was testing paints for a competitors.

So excitement abounds to see what happens next!

Oh Woe is Me!

My curse upon your venom’d stang,
That shoots my tortur’d gums alang,
An’ thro’ my lug gies mony a twang,
Wi’ gnawing vengeance,
Tearing my nerves wi’ bitter pang,
Like racking engines!

Who says I am uncultured!

Yeah Friday night at 17.00 toothache arrived and as of 20.00 Monday it us still there. I managed to get an emergency appointment today at 15.00 tooth drilled out and abscess drained, but it hurt more coming out than when I went in.

Sat here feeling sorry for myself now!

The cause was a filling dropping out on the first day of Lockdown in 2020

Our dental services are so backlogged they are really only doing emergency appointments while they work through the waiting list. Added to this we lost a number of dentists. Even the private practices have huge waiting lists.

Regular service will hopefully resume tomorrow.

Out of interest the printer is still chuntering away in the bottom shed. 25 hours in another tower and base are standing 14.8cm last time I looked. It has another bit to go on top,… not sure how tall it will be.

A bit of Printing

Sat at a ferry terminal waiting for someone to get off, who didn’t get off it. So it gives me a chance to update the blog, I forgot last night). Eventually said person got off the next ferry. Luckily I wasn’t meant to be teaching as I rolled into school at 09.20. I just remembered right now that I hadn’t even finished this post!

So hobby wise I have hit the proverbial wall and am really, really struggling to get even a glimmer of motivation. The only painting I have managed last week was Geek club!

The printer has been busy though…

More dwarves for Joe. Now I am not into dwarves, but these are really nice. More undead is coming in October!

I also eventually got the whole of the German civilian fleet to print. My favourite is front left… the one that never printed at all.

Hopefully I can get motivated soon, really not feeling it though.

Proactive Tidying

This evening I decided that I needed the bottom shed sorting out. This is for two reasons… firstly it is an absolute tip and secondly I want to remove the miniatures out of the big shed to avoid the white mould Armageddon from last winter.

Mid tidy… most of the stuff on the floor is to get rid of.

On the up side I have found loads of things that I have forgotten about…

15mm FIW French and Allies

On the down side I have found a load of things I have forgotten about and now want to do something with them…

15mm British and Sudanese

I found boxes of things like the FIW above along with another smaller box full of unpainted woodland Indians and militiamen. The Colonial stuff above was for Science Versus Pluck to simulate an officer getting attacked by the Ansar. I mean will I actually ever, ever use them. These were from about 2014 at the very latest. We played one test game at the club then with one thing and another I never really got back to play it again.

I have Advanced Heroquest and other such miniatures in a box file. A pile of boxed Prodos Aliens miniatures. All in all far too much stuff. If I lived South I would take a mountain of things to a bring and buy at a convention.

Living up here I have really only the option for eBay of Facebook sales groups.

Anyway I shall carry on with the shed tomorrow round the Parent Council meeting at 19.00.

Five Years

By Heck…this little blog of mine has been going five years…who would have thought that i could spout random guff for so long… but evidently I can.. I have spouted so much in fact that I now have to pay for it…

Anyway in those five years I have managed …

1806 posts …that’s quite a lot I think

Over 14,000 visitors with 43,200 views

With my best ever views in a single day being 137.

I would seem to have 203 followers, of which about a tenth engage with me and and probably not that many know what a model soldier is…upon saying this there are artists and even a couple of members of my family… Esther probably keeps an eye on me to see what I am sending my pocket money on :🤣😅🤣😅

My first post was a Flintloque one…actually my first one said so it begins… my first one with anything to look at can fe found below…

The first miniatures appeared

So after a stint of something like 960 daily posts, I have dropped right back… to once in a blue moon…I really must get back into the swing of things again…

Cannot be Ars*d

Sorry no blog for a while, the title really says it all. I have just literally run out of steam.

I have plenty to be going on with. Part of me is waiting for a pile of tufts to arrive so that I can finish off the undead… I could add rust, but for some reason don’t want to… probably scared I balls things up to be honest.

I have 15mm Samurai and imperial stuff either undercoated or part finished sitting right next to the paint.

Hopefully a regular service will return shortly!

As I have done sod all I thought I would share my class WIP on the Great Wall.


Yes today is the day I escape the island for the first time in about four years.

Sat in a cafe in Lerwick for a while as one of the cars is in getting some tyres done. Estimate is two hours instead of the expected hour. 😢

I have to be on the boat by 18.30 at the latest, so a bit of time left. The two eldest want me to take them shopping as they are being left home alone for the evening as Esther is off gallivanting to Montrose.

I have had a look at the Claymore site and a few manufacturers are there who I spend my money with. So I reckon I will be coming back with 3,6,10 and 15mm stuff🤪.

Weather isn’t looking too bad for this evening…

Books packed, films downloaded sweeties and drinks for the ferry to be purchased later.