New Toys, New Toys

Yes, today the postman drove his quad down my ice covered track to deliver my 2D6 Kickstarter samurai force, well technically Ikko Ikki.

I was very good and waited until I had sent a few emails and contacted a member of My staff before opening them….

Miniatures in the little box and resin buildings in the baggies.

So I was a bit surprised by the size of the little box and thought it was very light… so I opened them and had a mooch. Inside bubble wrap, inside a paper bag were these beauties…

They are really well detailed but as I looked at them I began to remember someone saying they were very small 6mm so I went and got my Baccus ones out to compare… and they are indeed teeny tiny in comparison…

By mistake I put the Baccus one in the box with the 2D6 one and was worried I would spend an age looking for them amongst the rest…..

Nope…Easy Peasy! They were so much bigger.

Anyway onto the resin houses, these are they type found in The mountainous regions of Japan. They have really high, steep sided roofs to help shed the winter snows. There are three houses that are the same and a little shrine. It was upon looking at these that I noticed another slight discrepancy regarding size…

That is the new stuff stood next to the doorways… not a biggy as they would work with 10mm too 😉. The Baccus ones would look better next to it. These are the original Mura miniatures ones that have been given a new lease of life by 2D6.

So anyway from being very excited about these I have been left feeling a little flat and a bit meh too. But no doubt once they are painted and based then they will be fine. They will become a force of diminutive monks and peasants who shall fight to keep their mountain home free from invaders (either that or they will sit in the box for five years (or 20 if my Irregular ones are anything to go by).

6mm Samurai Houses, Printers and ships

Tonight I decided to finish the samurai village houses, by finish I mean do the wood work, still a whole lot of things to do on them but at least it is something.

I still have the tiled roof ones to do (woodwork there too) but I will try and get them going tomorrow.

On the printer front the old resin one seems to be working again. I reformatted a completely different card and tried a new sliced file on it and away it went. So here is hoping that by tomorrow morning then I will have something on the build plate. The one thing I have noticed recently is a flexible build plate being advertised for resin printers. This would be an absolute godsend as I am sick of having to use a Stanley knife blade to get things off. The FDM has been working on more hex tiles too…

And finally Boats…or rather ancient ships. If you remember yesterday I had spent ages looking for a box of cardboard ships. Evidently I have dumped the ones I had made and put the unmade sheets into an envelope… I found them today purely by chance…

You can see from the above how munch bigger things are going to need to be to make them 1/300 scale. At least I now have a measurement to play with, and we all know that I am going to print at least one to try it out🥴… prepare for the swearing 😂.

Evidently the Northern Lights have been spotted tonight. Unfortunately the bit that fastens the camera to the tripod has disappeared. My Daughter loaned me a short stubby tripod, but it meant I needed to sit it on top of things… the highlight of the evening was me swearing as to why with a 30 second exposure with a high speed ISO I wasn’t getting anything… I tried and tried and tried again then realised that I had left the lens cap on!

Baccus with the Samurai Again

So tonight I had a mooch in the 6mm box from Baccus and decided to try some base sizes for the command set.

I have two options…

The small one looks pretty naff and overcrowded where the larger one looks more open, but a bit narrow… these really are the only sizes of MDF bases that I have available. I think I am going to have to print something to make things fit.

I will have a look to see if I can find something nocking about, but I am not holding my breath.

Now I suppose that I could miss out the honjin screens, but that really isn’t very Japanese if I do.

Khmer All Finished

Feeling crap this evening, cannot stop sneezing and my nose is running like a tap. Because of this I haven’t really got much done. I did manage to get the tufts added to the bases though…

So that is another 6mm army finished, next up (in 6mm anyway) the Baccus Samurai Army.

I shall attempt some more painting tomorrow.

I did manage to get my wights sprayed ready for painting, unfortunately that is as far as I got 🥴.

The wights are all white

I had problems with the resin printer as it is refusing to print anything, which quite frankly is a right pain in the backside. I kept on getting this message all of the time…

Khmer Super, Almost Nearly Done

Tonight I got the flock on but my quick drying basing Glue wasn’t so the tufts will have to wait until tomorrow…

This is a nice colourful army. I now just have to find someone to fight it, an order to Irregular might be in order with some Burmese making an entrance. Not for a while though as I still have a fair old bit to paint.

I was on a bit of a roll tonight and found some of my 28mm in the box so got some duds painted on the duds… I wonder where the word duds meaning clothes comes from.

These miniatures aren’t brilliant in terms of the printing, but because I am a stingy bugger then they will get used come what may 😂.

So from left to right we have a villager with a sack, a sailor, a lamplighter, a rat catcher and a lady with a barrel. I will carry on with them tomorrow.

Khmer Nearly Done

Tonight I got everything stuck down and the bases painted brown, they are beginning to look like an army now, which is always a useful thing under the circumstances 😉.

As you can see from the photos I made myself a general and a sub general come hero base too. Not sure why, but it felt right 😂.

So tomorrow I am going to try and finish these off with the flock and bushes. I will then try and finish off some of the 6mm terrain and may even make a start on one of the castles. My two printed castles have made it to their respective new owners, so I am really pleased with that.

I have got these individual 6mm samurai to paint up and I really cannot be bothered, not sure why, probably because I know that I cannot paint them all the same colour, it’s about time I stopped being lazy and just got on with it. I

may actually have to sort out something so that I can see them a bit better, I reckon my eyesight is getting worse. Luckily my Poundland reading glasses have worked so far. I have a couple of the visor ones but in all honesty I found the reading glasses easier to work with. Part of me thinks one of those magnifiers with LED’s might be the way forward, either that or a lighter visor.

Hopefully you will see the finished army tomorrow.

Khmer…Nearly There

Today was Lucy’s twelfth birthday (in quarantine) so she got to choose the film… luckily her test results came through about an hour ago and she is negative, much to my son’s disgust as he wanted another day off school.

On the up side I can now return to work, this is going to be a very, very long winter. In my school in the last fortnight there have been four staff test and one pupil test, with another sibling test being taken too.

Anyway back to the Khmer…

This evening I decided to crack on and to try and get as much done on these as possible, so I did. Whilst Tonight’s film of Frozen was playing away I managed to nearly get them finished.

Hopefully I will get all the little bits I evidently missed off finished tomorrow and then get them based.

The one thing I noticed is that the infantry have blended into the bases now and the elephants and cavalry have jumped out a bit more. Weird optical illusion taking place there.

Back with the Khmer

Today has been one of those days, kids in school were great, it was the world around me that was being a pain. As you know I had a COVID test on Saturday that came back Negative yesterday morning.

Unfortunately my daughter needed a test today because she got a bad cough (Probably from me) and as she has had a test I am now on lockdown for 72 hours or until her test comes back Negative.

In the midst of all of this my son’s School phoned my wife to say that he had gone into quarantine there. As I am the only teacher in my school and couldn’t leave and my wife was having to wait in to get my daughter tested then we had what was best described as an impasse. Luckily the test arrived, to allow my wife to pretty much break the law to go and get my son. As I am not in tomorrow then we needed to find a relief teacher, oh what fun we had there, as there aren’t any!

This sums things up perfectly…

Anyway onto the Khmer, I got a smidge more done tonight… mainly hair and more work on the elephants…

Now the one thing I am looking at now is the cavalry, on the Irregular page they used the same colours as mine…AKA I copied them. The more I look at them the more I think that I need to re undercoat the horses heads as I have seen absolutely no evidence of caparisoned horses. A job for tomorrow then. I am printing more hexes this evening. One wood hex and a couple of river hexes. I bumped the infil to 15% as the original 5% was okay for the flat tiles but anything else needed more. At least tomorrow I will be around to keep pressing print all day … ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ as they say.

Back with the Khmer

I managed to squeeze in a bit of painting this evening and got a teeny bit more done on the Khmer. Not a huge lot, but progress is indeed progress.

The parasol is attached to an howdah. I used a micro drill to get a hole in it then cut off the pin to the right height. Typically I put it on the wrong ‘purple’ elephant! The hero and standard are in the foreground. One will go with the general and the other with a second elephant to act as a sub general, well that is the plan. As it isn’t exactly the world’s largest army then this may change. What may happen is the rider and standard will go onto their own base to act as the hero, that in the long run might be a better idea.

On a different note, the printer still seems to be going okay on the hex tiles, I will soon be able to get some farms printed, these were part of my Gold level tier in the Kickstarter.

And finally, and on another different note, my belated birthday pressie arrived from my mate.

My Precious!

I reckon this is the final book in the collection as sadly they aren’t making any more! I have pretty much all of them in either print or electronically (the majority are print versions).

I was hoping that we would have had some other areas to explore… eg Moria, but sadly not. I was just having a quick look there and someone seems to have picked up the line. 2nd edition was going to cover the Lord of the Rings and Moria so there is hope yet.

Back with the Painting

The 6mm Khmer have had a bit more paint added this evening. I decided to push on a bit more and got most of the spear shafts done. I also went over the armour on the cavalry and sorted out the elephants to get some white undercoat back on.

I got some colour started on the pads on the elephants too.

You may notice my two parasols made from pins and split lentils. I thought these were going to be a whole lot easier than making them out of Greenstuff.

The other thing I managed to make a start on was the printed civilians in 28mm…

I also started to print the helmet, after about 8 hours I pulled the plug on the first bit as the ends were starting to curl. I swore an awful lot.

I have re-sliced everything and added a raft to them all to try and Stop it happening again. As I have printed these, I am beginning to get worried that the finished helmet is going to be huge. Some of the cutting up has caused problems with the slicing as it won’t let it get onto Cura, all in all a frustrating day in the Printer front.

On a totally different note. A little man dropped a parcel off at my house today to allow me to stick a swab down the back of my throat and up my nose. Sadly I have developed a bit of a cough, personally I reckon it is a cold that has caused my asthma to flare up a bit, but we decided to be better safe than sorry. That is me self isolating until I get the results back which should be either Monday or Tuesday.

The worst part is that the cough pretty much went away after the test. I occasionally do a little, single cough every hour or so, but not like it was this morning. I will keep you posted.