A Smidge on the Goblins

I didn’t really make myself a lot of time to paint this evening… but I did a little bit:

Now the shaman in the centre has reminded me of someone for absolutely ages… I just couldn’t put my finger on who. This evening the clouds parted and the recollections streamed through…

Yes, I know he looks nothing like the wise old elf from the TV show… but somehow to me he does. If I hadn’t already painted the hood yellow then it would be painted blue.0


Still aching like mad, luckily no washing machines to move today, but the hot water tank overflow kicked in at 22.00 so I have fastened the ball cock up and turned off the boiler. I will get a new ballcock tomorrow.

I did manage to get some paint on some goblins today…

We have a leader, left. Three frogherds and a shaman on the right.

Hopefully I will get some more done tomorrow evening.

Goblin Twins

Well okay, they aren’t. But they might have been. I worked on this pair today…

I made a balls up in the left hand face, redid the undercoat and seem to have lost a lot of detail. I will try and remember how to do highlights!

I really must crack on with the goblins as I have at least thirty six infantry to get painted. Not to mention three more Mordheim gangs and a pile more undead.

Working on the Trolls

So this is my last evening at home for a while so I decided to crack on with the big boys/girls.

Still a bit to do, but it is less to do when I come back. Typically the washer decided to spring a leak today so it will probably be new washer time when I return… that and pay for the car repairs. April is going to be a bloody expensive month!

Swamp Trolls

Highland Miniatures Patreon dropped today and I spent no time printing out two of the three swamp trolls. I also printed off a frog rider. Another test of frog cavalry (with sticks) is printing as I type this.

I decided against the third swamp troll as it is throwing up the corrosive stomach contents. These will be for Dragon Rampant I don’t need set unit sizes. I really do like the ‘Creature from the Black Lagoon’ vibe with these. I really love the frog riders, you cannot see it, but this dude has a pan strapped to his head.

I didn’t have any suitably sized circular bases for the trolls, but did find some penny sabot bases which were a nice size. I used some filler to hide both the coins and gap. I deliberately left a depression to allow me to add some resin for water and because I am a pillock I left it under the right foot in both of them!

A bit miffed tonight as the car was making an odd sound so I popped down to the garage to get it booked in when I am away next week. He wanted a quick test run and banned me from driving it as the bearings on the offside front were shot. The extra good news is that the brakes need sorting and it seemed like the clutch is dodgy too. Hopefully some of this will come under the warranty!

Noisy Bugger Finished

I got the Frogherd finished this evening and made a good start on a second.

All of the ones I have painted have armoured footwear. Initially I thought this odd as they would sink into the mire… then it dawned on me that there might be things in a swamp that you wouldn’t want to step in with bare feet.

I Am Doomed

Foolishly I decided to browse Kickstarter this evening!

March to Hell are doing Vietnam … sooooo tempted!

Must resist, must resist, must resist! Hopefully the free miniatures in 15 and 28mm I downloaded are crap!

I managed to get the pale blue frog repainted …

I am actually pleased that the original yellow shows through. I think that it looks fine the way it is.

This month trolls and frog riders are coming out. Those frogs are going to be Plain colours as opposed to the recent lot.

More Colours than a Dulux Paint Chart!

Well okay that is a massive over exaggeration, but I have to admit that these are probably the brightest things I have painted since the Imperials from the Italian Wars.

The really pale blue isn’t really working so it is either another colour over the top or another coat or two. I have yet to decide. The unpainted one is there as I didn’t want the paint to run into the wet blue.

I also worked on the tusks on the big beastie. Not perfect, but better than the very first attempt…

Shaman and the Froggies

I didn’t actually get anything done apart from glueing things to bases.

I have had a bit of a bad week at work and then my daughter had a major episode this week with her Autism… my wife and I are pretty much wrecked now. One week to the holidays!

Here is my Froggy force minus the painted ones…

There is a further one at the back of the photo, but I don’t think he would survive a gaming regime.

The other thing I did was do the shaman complete with his false beard.

The more astute of you will realise that I cannot count. The two goblins flanking him are from the frog herders. However I felt that they had a more shamanistic look about them with the funky masks.