Mounted Arqubusiers

Tonight I set to work on the mounted arqubusiers … I simply threw different coloured paint on the clothing to simulate the propensity for a gaudy look. Some of this will be covered by a metallic breast plate, or mail on at least one of them…

They don’t particularly look like much at the minute, but I am hoping that they will improve.

I have a parent meeting tomorrow evening so I won’t be home until late.

Here are the photos from my Norse Quarry Steatite

Italian Wars… Progress

Tonight we had our friends over so I wasn’t expecting to get much done. I did manage to finish the knights and general’s…

I didn’t really have time to make a start on anything else, so as I had been showing them the 28mm Italian Wars too, then I thought I would make a short ten minute foray into doing them.

Alongside them are the remains of the metal cavalry. Two units of mounted arqubusiers, one or Reiters and a unit of Genitors. I have two metal wagons primed, with the base textured too, but that will be the metals all done when these are finished.

Hopefully tomorrow morning we are off to find a Viking Soapstone quarry. I will share the results tomorrow evening.

Imperial Knights

So another day of working from home has been and gone and still no PCR result, so it looks like tomorrow will be another day in house arrest. This evening however I managed to finish my knights and civilians as well as make a start on my general’s. Here we have said knights and civilians…

I know that them all having the same banner is probably historically inaccurate, but it does make them easier to recognise at a distance.

Hopefully I will get on with some more of these tomorrow

Spanish Pike and Baggage

Well today I have been under house arrest for at least 48 hours as my son developed a cough, he has Asthma, but he got sent homefto school yesterday so we were being careful and got him a test. The guy turned up at 12.30. So it is likely I won’t be back to work this week. Problem is I am not ill so I still have to work, so sadly no days of painting miniatures.

I was late getting dinner, so didn’t manage a huge amount of painting done, but any progress is still progress… funnily enough the pikes were a lot easier to paint tonight.

I still cannot get over the weird heads, but never mind. I also found time to slap some paint on a baggage cart…

It still needs a bit of work, but it is over the hump.thisvsmall cart is actually from the fantasy range.. jt’s designation is a ‘dwarf cart. I was going to try and get four bases of knights done, but it wasn’t to be. I even gota couple of civilian bases out too.

The printer has churned out eighty Pike strips so far. I reckon it should sort out my extra needs.

So my thought was to stop taking dates for finishing this weekend coming. This is not a catch and I reckon I can get a parcel pretty much anywhere in the world. So if you fancy joining in then give me a date. If you win, we can discuss what is of most use to you.

Landskecht Front Rank

Tonight I thought I had better crack on with things so I put Dredd on Netflix and did some painting…

So here we have the front rank for two Pike blocks.

I then made a start on the Spanish Pikes…

Now to differentiate the two lots I did these in less flamboyant colours on the whole. There are some bright colours in this lot, but also a lot more browns. Some of the heads on the Spanish are weird, they have a sphere with two holes in it. I am not sure whether it is some kind of weird helmet or if it is meant to be an unhelmeted head. To me a Spaniard wears a Comb Morion or something similar.

The one thing I was correct about… I already hate painting pikes! Only about 600 to go😬

Painting and Out in the Verse

We got another Firefly game in this evening and this time Joe’s luck improved, managing a good win.

I had a bit of time, so I got a wiggle on with the Landskecht, by wiggle, please read darkened the armour and cloth with a wash….

Since taking the above photo I also got the hats painted. They need to have the feathers repainted white and then some colour added. I can hopefully get these ones finished tomorrow. I will make a start on the Spanish tomorrow too. I have now printed another forty pike strips to add in the rear ranks. I will do another forty and see how I get on. Joe will probably need a pile more too.

I will start recording the finish dates tomorrow and will close the competition at the weekend, otherwise someone could honestly say tomorrow sometime in the future.

Making a Start

Today I got the metals undercoated ready to start painting.

The wind and rain stopped long enough to throw some white undercoat onto them. To be honest that was all I could be bothered to do, but I put District 9 on Netflix and made a start on the Landskecht….

Still along way to go, but a start is indeed a start. These will get a dark wash over them, or at least the armour.

So when do you think I am going to get the whole lot finished…let’s have a little sweep stake… closest gets a little prize. So for full disclosure, it will likely be 3D printed. In case you missed it… this is half the infantry…

So get your thinking caps on, how long will it take Stephen (the painting butterfly who flits from project to project) to get his 6mm Italian Wars army finished. The only thing not visible in the two photographs above is a couple of artillery pieces and crew.

I will have to do a bit of a diversion to paint up my 28mm Imperials for a game sometime in October, I hope it isn’t September!

If you recall, I decided to blast through the rear ranks by sort of just doing them simply to speed up the process.

If you want to join in add your finishing date in a reply. I am happy to answer any questions before you decide on a date.

Working on the Pikes

This evening I decided to do something a bit bigger than the 2mm miniatures and settled on the Pikes, that is not to say that the 2mm bases stayed unwanted and unloved in their box…certainly not… I slapped some flesh base coat on some undercoated ones…

Anyway back to the pikes…

As you can see they are a bit further forward. Most of the armour has been given the base coat. Now these still have a lot of white on them, that hopefully, sooner rather than later I will get finished.

I had better get some shot and crossbow done next, then onto some knights.

My Tiny Farm

Tonight I managed to get the 2mm farms just about finished.

This time the buildings are stuck down so there is no going back now. The only problem is, is that there aren’t enough buildings to make the town now…

I tried them out for size on the town base. The town base now has the church/temple on it as the rest are glued elsewhere. Luckily I have another set of thirteen printed and cured. The above still needs trees etc to make it a bit more interesting.

The other thing I managed to get done this evening was to slap some paint on some 28mm Pikemen…

Still a way to go, but they are getting there. Yo be honest a lot of each miniature still to do is armour.

I got a couple of aliens printed successfully last night. I will drop a photo of them tomorrow.

Small Scale Village

So tonight I eventually got my backside into gear and got some paint onto the 2mm Italian buildings. I don’t think they are going to look too bad to be honest. I was worried that they were going to look too modern, but now that I have seen them painted then I think they will be fine.

The big building will be a temple, the other two buildings will be a mancio or a government building. I have printed off a second set so that I can have lots of buildings… some will be made into a town and others into small farms with attached fields, vineyards and olive groves.

The cavalry ‘patrolling’ the streets give the idea of the size of them. These will need the doors painting, but otherwise they are done and ready to go on bases. I would have got some more done on things but my friend and I were trying to send each other the most annoying songs… I think I beat her.