The Green Knight

Tonight I worked on the Knight and his entourage…

He is looking a bit shiny!

The horse trappings are two tone, not that you can see in the image above, but it is a bit more apparent in the next one…

I also picked up the Flintloque stuff I said I would buy off my mate,

I think there are a mixture of the deserter army and dark elf guerrillas and line troops (oh and a werewolf). I will get these stripped and add them to my pile of shame.

Covid News is that we have another three new cases and that three of the original 70 are now in hospital and are poorly. It does seem though that we are slowing and that people were on the whole sensible. One of My wife’s colleagues has it and although feeling crap they seem to be okay. They got it whilst eating in one of the restaurants I mentioned a few posts ago. On the up side we are still in tier three as we locked down and are able to do so…But we will now be home schooling until Feb 1st at the earliest.

Dogs, Cannibals and a Vampire

So my doggies and cannibals came off the build plate…eventually. Bloody things were stuck solid. I really think I need to have a look at what is causing it (probably the build plate is scratched to heck). I am seriously thinking of getting a flexible plate cover. This way things should technically pop off.

Anyway, first up the dogs and cannibals.

I really do like the pack dogs 😀. The cannibals are quite funky too.

I also found my mounted vampire tonight, so I think I will paint him up the same as the one on foot. Handy for Skirmish gaming…

The horse is resting on a hair bobble, he hasn’t got a weird halo!

Cracking open the Paint

Tonight my son decreed that he was going to start painting again, to which I said not a problem…I hadn’t realised he meant right then. So I had a mad mooch for something that was undercoated and he chose the court wizard. My middle one decided on one of the milk maids and I cracked on with the ones I started ages ago.

You could really tell that I hadn’t used the Contrast paints for a good while as the tops had well and truly got sealed shut. Nevertheless we cracked on.

Being the cunning devil that he is, he informed me that he liked developing a back story for his models and his wizard had been dabbling in the dark arts and had developed a blackened face because of this. Nothing at all to do with painting flesh on when the black hadn’t dried.

I managed to get some more finished and got the lady painted too…

Sod all detail on them, but they will do. I will try and get some more sprayed tomorrow and then get them painted. I actually enjoyed doing these, i think it was a sense of accomplishment, I have dotted around so much of late that nothing has got finished, I also rather like the bright colours on the posh ones.

I had a major panic at work today. I actually thought I had lost my new child. Thirty seconds of searching and then I asked her sister if she had gone home early. Yes, she replied, because it’s Thursday (one of her finish early days). I had got it into my head that it was Wednesday… this didn’t wear off as I was gaming on Thursday… I bet you can see where this is going! At least I got some figures done instead 😂

Slicing a Few Rivers, Roads and Mountains

I have been working on the building project all day today and what with the physical workout and mental workout too I am knackered. So instead of even attempting to paint anything I used the time instead to slice the rest of the Hexon Hills tiles. There are actually 14 river Tiles. I already printed six so tonight I printed a couple (13 and 14) and started printing 7 to 12. Hopefully they will be ready when I get up tomorrow morning.

There are fourteen roads to print out. A few of them have trees so will take a long time to print. I reckon a few more days and I will have all of the ones I want to have. Some of the location tiles don’t interest me at all, so apart from the volcano I haven’t bothered slicing them.

Mercy Sakes Alive

Looks like we got us a convoy… yes some more 6mm loveliness arrived this morning all the way from the USA.

Was the dark of the moon on the sixth of June
In a Kenworth pullin’ logs
Cab-over Pete with a reefer on
And a Jimmy haulin’ hogs
We is headin’ for bear on I-one-oh
‘Bout a mile outta Shaky Town
I says, “Pig Pen, this here’s the Rubber Duck
“And I’m about to put the hammer down”

Yes Convoy is one of my favourite films… I have it on DVD and haul it out to watch every so often… One of the best Theme songs ever…

Back in the Day I had a CB and used to belong to the Citizens Band Radio club in the village where I lived.

Although I love the Convoy Theme… this is a close second 😉

So enough of big rigs and CB Gibberish…. the other thing in my parcel was my Lizardmen cavalry…

These are the lizards riding Pachycephhlosaurus which I thought made a nice change from Utahraptors and the like. I did quite fancy some of the other big dinosaurs, but will have to wait a while for them.

This is the link to the website: the shipping worked out at $12 which to be fair is about as some companies in the UK want to charge me for parcels to Shetland.

Tonight we got back into our RPG campaign suitably distanced. it was good to get playing again. Nobody died, even though they decided to spend 5 days wandering around the barrow downs… we shall continue with it next week.

Vertical Printing

Tonight I really could not be bothered to paint anything, so instead I redid some of the meeple bits and pieces on Cura.

I redid the orks, they are printing now. The other thing I attempted was a vertical 2 sided room. This is 9cm square by 3mm wide. Every time I tried this before it failed. Luckily this time we had success!

This, as I said is double sided and it works well with the rest of the things I have printed…

I do think it will make a nice, extensive dungeon once I get everything printed.

I am pleased to say that the orks have come out loads better. I increased their infil to 25% and it has made a difference.

There does seem to be a bit of a weird delamination on the edge of the shield and on the arm of the ork holding the axe, but at least they are solid now.

Ogres… Nearly Finished

So tonight I mooched around trying to find something to paint and came across these two already primed…

So a quick paint job and we got to here…

I probably spent twenty minutes on each. Once everything is dry I will sort out the strapping on the fur bracers and greaves. There are the usual bits that were missed first time round. I have come to the conclusion that it is caused by the wet paint reflecting light, therefore any actual white bits fool me into thinking ‘wet paint’ making them invisible until everything has dried. As I spent a whole while sneezing as these were drying then I decided to call it a night.

These were a ‘prize’ for taking part in the last HOTT competition. Technically one belongs to my daughter as she got one of them for attending too. They are on 40×40 bases as they are behemoth from HOTT.

Whilst mooching for miniatures to paint I cam across a whole host of part finished projects. So far, in the house, I have some 15mm FIW militia and woodland Indians, a force of based 10mm Mongols, a pile more 10mm Sudan war British and Egyptians, a tribe of 10mm Sioux. In the big shed I have all the Starship Troopers stuff as well as various printed miniatures and terrain (let’s not talk about the Aliens V Predator minis nor the Journeys in Middle Earth either).

All in all too much stuff. I didn’t make it out to my shed as that would add more to the lead and plastic mountain.

Tomorrow I shall finish the two ogres and then take stock and come up with a plan. I am not sure why as I probably won’t keep to it anyway.

Beastmen Finished

This evening saw the end of the painting for the Beastmen. There was a bit more than I thought there would be and to be honest when I add the photo to here in a bit I am bound to see something I missed! 😂

As promised I have added both factions side by side…

I have thoroughly enjoyed painting both factions. I don’t actually know if I have got a favourite one.

My aim for this lot was to paint in only contrast paint, and to be truthful, I used some AP Dark wash for the black and a dot of blue for a wash on the severed head. The metallics were done in GW standard paint. But that is it – once the white spray was done everything after that (apart from the above) was Contrast. Some white was used to tidy up, but that took it back to the base spray colour.

So what have I learned from this…

First off, I like Contrast paint… I was really pleased with it for the 10 and 15mm minis, but this was the first time doing a full 28mm miniatures and I am chuffed with the results. These are quite textured miniatures, I might dig out my space marine scouts and see what happens to them.

Secondly, the paint on the whole does what it is meant to do, I like some other people, was sceptical. My kids got me some for my birthday. I got a few more, then a few more and a few more still. Since getting a bigger range I haven’t touched the AP paints at all. I think my initial scepticism was unfounded.

To be fair some colours work better than others. Over white, the black looks dark grey, but I reckon putting it over a grey base coat would darken things down a bit, either that or stick to going over it with the AP dark tone.

So like most things there are down sides too…

Price, these things ain’t cheap, and if you add in the ‘special’ spray cans, individual pots of matching undercoat and mixing medium then things get pricey very quickly. If you are like me, you can buy a grey and white auto spray can that costs about £4.00 and go over the top of that with the Contrast paint. I have a pot of Matt medium which, at 500ml will last me a good while.

Pot design – same crap design as usual, tall pot that easily overbalances and pours your expensive paint everywhere. I 3D printed a pot holder and so far I have been lucky when I haven’t used it. Luckily the paint is thin, so the tops are closing properly. However on some of the ones I have used a lot I have noticed a build up of residue.

Stupid bloody names. I have each pot that I own written down, so when I go into the shop as I can’t remember them, let alone spell them. When writing up my blog, if they are in front of me they get named, if they are back in the box then they are brown, blue or red paint. One day they may come up with names like Khaki shit and nipple pink, at least I would remember them.

So in short, even with the failings mentioned above, I do like them. I must, as my new GW standard paint totals about five pots and three of them are metallic!

So moving away from the miniatures for a bit

Well this has to be one of the best adverts for Remembrance I have seen in a long time…

It made my a bit tearful to be honest. Not sure why. I never met my Grandad on my dad’s side he died ten years before I was born in 1956. He survived a gas attack at 3rd Ypres and after being invalided out of the army he returned to the North East of England and returned to the mines where the coal dust finished off what the gas had started. He was one of the ones that made it home at least.

I have been doing Remembrance with my class, and showed them the Reawick war memorial embedded in the cemetery wall. It has the dead split into three groups, lost at sea, killed in action and also died of illness contracted during service. I have never seen this before. The only thing I can think of in this case is that they outnumber the other two causes of loss.

Still one of the best songs out there…

Not to forget this too…

Beastmen…Final Furlong

These are now so close to finishing, but I ran out of steam.

First up the Ungors…

Still bits and pieces to either tidy up or still to paint. Scars, beard and earring on the rear middle for starters.

As for the big two…

A similar story…

the bases had a bit of a repaint, I did the main colour then spot painted/tidied things up before painting in the bones, rock and vegetation.

Definitely on course for a finish tomorrow. I would have been able to finish today but it would seem our small freezer has given up the ghost and everything started to defrost, so rather than bin everything we have spent a long time cooking stuff and making it into things so that they can be frozen in the big freezer.

Beastmen VIII… Metalwork

So tonight I set about doing the metalwork on these.

I decided on steel rather than a bronze colour. A few bits and bobs to do on them, then onto the bases.

I can honestly say that I have really enjoyed painting these. They were easy to paint and I think that the Contrast paint has done a good job on them. Once the bases are done I will stick them alongside the Fey for a comparison shot. There are less bushes on these and more bones as befits their character.

I probably could have got a bit more done today as I got home quite early today, but was knackered, so decided to just chill a bit. I did consider giving the painting a miss tonight, but as there wasn’t much metalwork on these then I thought I might as well do something. I mixed a bit of black contrast with the gun metal to darken it. I might go over it all with a brown (if I can be arsed) maybe they nicked it from an armoury which is why it it shiny.

The upside of coming home early is that it was still light when I headed off… nice colours on the way home (including heavy snow showers over towards where I live)…

Tomorrow I hope to get the bases finished and then who knows where I will go. I do have a lot of Middle Earth stuff to paint just now 😂