Snow, Printers and Paint

Well the expected snow and wind came and today proved to be a bad day to be a bus driver…

70mph winds and snow, never a good mix. I had t go into town to help my mother in law fix her sink and nearly had the 4WD going sideways too.

I got my first ruined building printed, this came from the Frost Kickstarter by Iain Lovecraft…

I was going to print some other things but sadly, the printer decided it was too cold. The above building comes in three bits, ground, first floor and roof. I am going to add a floor into the second level to allow for miniature placement. The whole thing took 31 hours to print. But as you can see – it is quite large.

I also managed to get some painting done this evening, not a huge amount, but there was Progress happening…

I actually tried to photograph four miniatures here!

I went back over the tentacles and spines on the Nurgle lot with white as well as giving them a layer of Contrast Skeleton bone.

I also spent some time today messing around with the old 3D Builder as well as seeing what the heck I actually had regarding the 3D Printers.

Painting Success

So yesterday, I said that today I was going to paint something, in fact anything… well I kept to my word and actually did a fair bit. First off I sprayed various things…

Now there were some spaying annoyances to deal with, first off my grey primer turned out to be an etch primer… luckily I realised as it had a different nozzle. I gave it a try on the small ‘goat shed’ to see if it would work. Luckily I had other cans of the basic grey so the rest got done in that. Then I moved on to spaying things white. I warmed up the can, I shook the blazes out of it and it came out like a watered down version. If you look at the right hand photo above you can see what I mean on the green and orange miniatures. It eventually came good on the grey. Now it might just be a bad batch or the coloured plastic needed going over with a different colour first. I sprayed the top of the mini tower white and it seemed to work fine. I will have another play with things tomorrow.

I also managed to get these three just about finished…

I need to sort out the bases, but apart from that they are done. I really enjoyed painting them to be honest.

I also got a bit more done on the Genestealer cultists as well as some other bits and bobs, mainly the original scouts…

I also got the hole in the roof finished too, so hopefully the leak of leakyness has buggered off, only time and heavy rain will tell.

Tomorrow I have the tyres to change on the car, but I am also hoping to get a start on the lighting and then ceiling insulation.

Madame Rides off into the Sunset

Well I got a bit of time today so I managed to get her to the almost finished stage. There are a couple of white bits that need sorting but that is about it.

I will get the grass attached to the horse hoof painted and then also add some tufts too.

Also managed to get my Nobori finished too…

As well as sorting out some more on the knight’s mount and the nids…

So I buggered my ribs again and have promised the family if they still hurt tomorrow that I will go and get them checked in A&E. Some pillock left the car lights on yesterday and foolishly tried to push it to allow for a downhill start…problem was I had to push it up hill in the car park first!

I will get my first Covid Jab on Monday morning. Looks like things are heading in the right direction. I am already doing a test twice a week so I know I don’t have the Lurgy (well I didn’t on Thursday).

Madame is Getting There

Well it has been slow on the painting front of late, but tonight I worked on various bits and pieces and managed to get paint on a few things.

The main thing I worked on was Madame…

There is still the glaze to go over the yellow. I managed to pretty much hide the big gap, there is now a dip, but it could be a joint in the cloth.

I also got some work done on the cultists as well as the gold design on the other side of the knight’s horse.

I got the kids to watch Galaxy Quest with me this evening, they really enjoyed it. So did I, it had popped up on Netflix and as such I decided to watch it myself yesterday. I enjoyed it so much that I watched it again tonight. Hopefully I will manage to get some more bits and pieces done with the painting. I need some progress as I have a Patreon and two Kickstarter worth of printable miniatures and terrain to land in the next couple of weeks.

Working on the Yellow

Tonight we didn’t eat until late so, I didn’t get that much time to get a lot done. I tried some more Contrast, but once again it was a right mess. So out came the paint and while the Contrast was still wet I shoved it on over the top. A big thank you to everyone who sent their yellow vibes after yesterday’s post 🤟.

I will work on highlights and shading tomorrow and see how it looks. I had a close look at the undercoated miniatures and the paint has spattered onto them so they are a bit bumpy. I will see how they paint up soon. I really just need to decide on colours…. in a fit of efficiency one of the ‘nids’ is now sporting a funky flesh tearer red colour scheme.

I have decided that an early night is in order and I am going to take Mordheim for a read. A couple of kickstarters are now finished and I shall be firing up the printers today. In fact I had the Ender stripped down a bit and installed a new Bowden tube as well as a new nozzle. I decided not to use the original filament as it seemed a bit brittle. Problem is the new one had a hole in the bag so might be exactly the same.

Dwarves… Nearly Done

Well today I had a day off. Got up, went to work, was there half an hour and came home and slept until 15.00. I sat in bed from then until 19.00 and mooched online watching random YouTube videos. On the upside, I have a set of Covid home test kits at home, so I know it isn’t that.

I made it up for dinner and then sat and threw some paint on the dwarves while the kids watched Wall-E.

They look better at a distance as you can’t see the mistakes 🥴. Really just the belt buckles and some shading on the armoured bits to do and then onto the bases.

I really enjoyed doing these as it was a nice change from the 28’s of late. Because I enjoyed doing them so much I was straight onto the Pendraken website, but held off hitting fire as I suddenly remembered that I have a Mongal army to paint, a pile of fantasy samurai as well as a Plains war army too.

See I have sort of managed to not buy anything new… well apart from these which were waiting for me when I came in this morning, I must have been ill as a I totally ignored them…

Now the second one above would fit in nicely with the first set I already built… the question is do I add them all in together or have two separate bases…

Another Day, Another Beach and some Painting

It was the last day of our long weekend and we ended up on another beach, this one is about 5 miles away from the one yesterday. It is the Tombolo I mentioned in yesterday’s post.

The tide was on the way in when we got there but it didn’t stop the kids running in and out of the waves, like they do! I came close to getting wet too…

I managed to get my second foot soldier finished this evening and photographed the wizard too…

As you can see from the above that I had a go at painting paving onto the bases. It really didn’t work for me so they will get the old sand and tufts treatment .

Finally, Army painter metallics are doing my head in… observe….

They are both stored in the same location and in the same manner, aka chucked in the box! The metallic ones leak everywhere and the others don’t really…it is really beginning to make me somewhat annoyed!

A Bit of Painting and a Story

Well this evening I managed to get a bit of painting done, I would have got more done but I was doing a bit of another blog post on the Shetland ‘Werewolf‘.

So I managed to get a bit more done on the wizard and foot soldier…

I also started faffing about with the banshee and doing so more on the Trollkin.

Still a long way to go, but getting there…

More Painting!

Oooh am I on a roll or what, yep I got the vox caster finished this evening and I need to get the straps on the blankets painted then they are pretty much done (oh apart from metallic insignia).

I also worked on my wizard and minotaur.

I also got paint onto other bits and pieces too. Not a huge amount but if I had the pot open then I found something to add that colour too.

The three miniatures above are ancient and this is the first time any of them have seen a pot of paint. It’s funny really, when I played the games then I didn’t paint them, not that I don’t play the games they get paint 😂😂

The Green Knight

Tonight I worked on the Knight and his entourage…

He is looking a bit shiny!

The horse trappings are two tone, not that you can see in the image above, but it is a bit more apparent in the next one…

I also picked up the Flintloque stuff I said I would buy off my mate,

I think there are a mixture of the deserter army and dark elf guerrillas and line troops (oh and a werewolf). I will get these stripped and add them to my pile of shame.

Covid News is that we have another three new cases and that three of the original 70 are now in hospital and are poorly. It does seem though that we are slowing and that people were on the whole sensible. One of My wife’s colleagues has it and although feeling crap they seem to be okay. They got it whilst eating in one of the restaurants I mentioned a few posts ago. On the up side we are still in tier three as we locked down and are able to do so…But we will now be home schooling until Feb 1st at the earliest.