A Busy Old Evening

By heck I was busy this evening!

I managed to get paint on various things, including some Flintloque miniatures too. I re levelled the printer again, this time I made sure I pressed on the build plate as I screwed the bolts in, this was to make sure it was level across the whole thing. I had printed the bust and stand at the same time, but only the bust printed, now it might have been poor support placement. So after re levelling the build plate, I gave this lot a go…

They pretty much all came out fine apart from the beggar’s right foot which hadn’t really printed properly (well I don’t think it had) … so I helped out by snipping it off… oh by the way the dog does have a head, it is behind the milk maid. These are the villagers from the Frost Kickstarter.

The Coach is on a Roll

Well this is me on the second day after my jab and although I don’t feel crap, I don’t feel 100% either. Because of this I cancelled my game tonight and redid my horses from yesterday…

I had to redo them as a couple had totally gone weird, it probably got too cold and the resin thickened a bit causing problems. Luckily today was red hot…okay it was warm, so as I had got home early due to the head then I set the printer away with nice warm, runny resin. They worked a treat. One advantage of having extra horses is that I can now have a pair for my Brougham…

I will try and get myself on with some painting tomorrow. I have so much to catch up on now, the Arbites being a case in point. I doubt I will get much done tomorrow evening as my mate is coming over for another barbecue and to work on the characters for the Aliens game.

A Hole in One

Nope we are not talking golf here, there is in fact a small hole in me, I got my second Covid jab today and as such am a bit headachey, but otherwise I seem fine. I stood next to the freezer and you will be pleased (but probably not surprised) to hear that I had not become magnetic. Yeah there are people out there who for some reason think it will make them.

Anyway I checked the horses from yesterday and sadly one didn’t print, one had half a leg missing, one had a separate leg part and the third was missing the end of the traces. I don’t have a team, but I can probably rustle up a pair.

I reckon the failures on the prints is down to poor support placement, I am not sure why one of them failed totally though!

I am giving them another go in a different orientation to see if that will help, fingers crossed 🤞.

They should be done in about an hour and a half..but I am having an early night so I might find out tomorrow morning if they are done properly… I just had a peep and there seemed to be four things printing.

One thing that is a bit annoying is that I want these miniatures a certain size and am dropping it to 85%. This means that the presupported miniatures are no good for me as the minute you change scale then the easier it is for the supports to fail. I am therefore having to learn support placement as I go along!

My lord if the rings or my caveman miniatures are the ‘correct’ size for me. This means the supports work all the time.

ID10T Principle in Action

Well as you may have guessed by now I am a bit of a geek and Geeks love Geeky films, Indiana Jones fitting that category. So this evening whilst swearing at the printer I realised the similarity between myself and a character in the film…

I realised that I was a bit like Sturmbannführer Arnold Ernst Toht…okay not the sadistic Nazi torturer part, nor the bit where his face melts…apologies for the spoiler there, but the part where he had only part of the Staff of Rah height and not the reverse.

Tonight I was still having problems… so I decided to level the bed again and in doing so reread read the manual….

Some total pillock forgot to do point 6. To be fair to myself my last printer didn’t have a point six and everything was ready to go at point five…

I am not absolutely sure, but after doing said point six I managed to get this lot off the printer!

I tried these twice yesterday and got a wheel out of it, so here is hoping that I managed to get it sorted. I am printing the carriage roof and luggage just now so I will find out tomorrow. After the roof I have the horses to do and the carriage should be all done.

A tower of Strength?

Or perhaps just the Crow Tower from the Frost Kickstarter by Iain Lovecraft…

So as you can tell, I did shrink it down a bit, it will work well for both 6mm and 10mm Armies, but sadly not the 15’s. Tonight was mostly spent adding spots of different browns and greys.

This was done on the Ender 3. The original size has useable rooms and in fact this has a desk, chairs ladders etc on each floor.

Not sure what I am going to get on with tomorrow evening, probably getting the Astartes undercoated, not to mention find them some bases.

Sorting out the Resin

Tonight, I really couldn’t be bothered to do anything. So I went through my pile of prints to sort out what was worth keeping and what wasn’t.

I also managed to get some black onto the 40K base edges…

The hand holding the bow (from another set) took a bit of trimming, but it does give me a different missile weapon to the crossbow. I will have to get Mordheim out to see what things cost points wise.

I am printing the lion knight and some more militia bodies just now, but then I really do think I need to do something with them painting wise.

Talking of printing I realised that the ISO was getting pretty skanky so I decided to decant the two litres of it into my big jars and let it settle and pour off the cleaner stuff. But I, in my infinite wisdom, put it outside to avoid the smell… cleverly I forgot and came home this evening to something akin to Greek Yoghurt… Whoops!

Tomorrow I will try and print some bases for the models I have. I have an STL for cobblestones so that will do for my miniatures.

And Finally, I probably laughed far too much at this…

A Mage, an Elf and a Case of Weapons

Look at that, 22.00 and I am already in bed… I spent most of the day trying to finish off the conservatory, but I did have time to rescue the mage and Fey archer…

Look, look she has two arms!

I am not sure why it worked this time, but I did add in some extra supports on the troublesome arm.

I also achieved a shield…. along with lots of weapons… as it worked, I did a second set and am printing a third now.

The small lumps are left and right hands to allow some left/right handed militia. Tomorrow I am going to do some heads and then some bodies. I am also going to try using some weapons from the riders set I have from Iain’s ranges.

Back to work tomorrow so the kids decided on a pre school feast…

We had loaded potato skins for starters, Ramen as a main course then sticky toffee pudding for desert with a cheese/meat board with crackers later on.

Hopefully I will get something painted tomorrow… this made me chuckle…

Building, Printing and Painting

Today has been a busy one and I bloody ache!. We have only got the ceiling to do on the conservatory now, we have everything we need so we are going to crack on with it tomorrow. In between cups of tea and hammering I got this little thing printed from Iain Lovecraft’s frost…

This gibbet has a corpse in it (not sure how I am going to paint it). I am printing a different one off right now. I also managed to get a smidge of painting done on the Chaos Marines…

As I was painting them it suddenly came to me in a flash of … of.. what the **** am I thinking about now… these guys must have bespoke armour, the chances of finding someone (or something) that has spike coming out of the same bit is highly unlikely. So if Mozarg the unclean has his armour blown off then how on Earth or planet Mogadoooo for that matter is he going to get another bit. Sorry random bollocks break is now over.

I also managed to get the War dancer printed… however sadly the mage is still armless, I also snapped the foot off the paladin….

For some reason I printed the same lot off again so now have two of the witchhunter etc. The zweihander snapped on the Lanschnect …again. Tomorrow if the weather allows then I am just going to print the Mage and see if I can add in some other supports.

Unfortunately the heater in the shed packed in today, tripped the RCD and caused both printers to stop, the resin one, which had been temperamental all day restarted itself and the Ender restarted where it left off. Because I had been in the bath when it blew, I had to let the temperature come back up again. In this case I had to snip off a lump of filament where the print head had stopped. It seems to be going okay, my only concern is that it is going to run out of filament overnight… wish me luck!

Snow, Printers and Paint

Well the expected snow and wind came and today proved to be a bad day to be a bus driver…

70mph winds and snow, never a good mix. I had t go into town to help my mother in law fix her sink and nearly had the 4WD going sideways too.

I got my first ruined building printed, this came from the Frost Kickstarter by Iain Lovecraft…

I was going to print some other things but sadly, the printer decided it was too cold. The above building comes in three bits, ground, first floor and roof. I am going to add a floor into the second level to allow for miniature placement. The whole thing took 31 hours to print. But as you can see – it is quite large.

I also managed to get some painting done this evening, not a huge amount, but there was Progress happening…

I actually tried to photograph four miniatures here!

I went back over the tentacles and spines on the Nurgle lot with white as well as giving them a layer of Contrast Skeleton bone.

I also spent some time today messing around with the old 3D Builder as well as seeing what the heck I actually had regarding the 3D Printers.

I Got Motivated

So after, going on about how I couldn’t be bothered to do anything this evening I started watching one of the resident Evil films and needed up getting this far with this chappy…

I will redo him at 85% some time but for now he is something to paint. talking of which, I have eventually called it over on my first pot of my Contrast Black Templar. It has eventually run out to be more truthful, or is more like tar than Contrast paint. I will no doubt need to replace some of my more used ones soon enough too…. oh yeah, so much for the early night plan!