Nasty Orkses all Finished

Tonight I decided to get these done and out of the way.

They need some kind of basing material on them but the proof if colour concept seems to work and I am happy with them. Once I get the Samurai done, I will get some more if these.

Apologies for the naff photo.

Popped in to see my mate today and he seemed a bit better than yesterday, still struggling with vocabulary, but looking better in himself.. other good news.. my wife got a tax rebate as she had paid too much plus, the insurance came back with an acceptable value for the wrecked car…phew!

Nursey Ready for Action

I managed to work on Nursey this evening and got her finished in one sitting.

It helped that there weren’t too many complicated or fiddly bits. She was super easy to paint. Looking closely at some of the photos I could probably tidy up the Red Cross a bit more, but to be honest I am worried I will balls it up and sneeze or something and have red paint where it shouldn’t be.

Here she is reunited with the other two figures from the set.

I think this is one of my favourite sets in terms of the make up of the set and also the back story.

Rogipoos reminds me of one of my Role Playing Characters. Sir Percival Fanhard second earl of Lancaster and cousin to the King.

Percy and his friend Mr Lyle,the sugar magnate, had many escapades from the Spanish Main to Gibraltar. Another notable character was the great El Torro and his pet monkey Captain Pinch. Percy is the chap that bought the hag of Tortuga an occasional table as she didn’t have one when he tried to leave his card. The pair of them started a war between Spain and Britain over a complete and utter misunderstanding.

I still have the original character sheet, he got to 90 XP’s. The Pirates RPG was written by my good friend Wiggy Wade Williams, a very talented chap indeed.

Percy survived and had decedents. Some who have appeared in various games.

I will end with the Wisdom of El Torro

Beautiful women who are poor are to be admired from a distance, Beautiful women who are rich are to be courted. This is my Monkey, you may ignore him ……

Found in the personal papers of Percival Fanhard… dated 17 something or other…(cant read his writing) spent too long in Main… what with his constitution…. not a good combination!

Rogipoos…All Finished

I managed to get him finished…

Well when I say finished I just realised all of the bits that had been missed off or the paint has strayed! To be fair I hadn’t noticed until I took the photo above and then cropped and zoomed in. I do feel however that it looks like there is cocoa in his mug!

I decided that he needed to be reunited with Jose so here they are.

Tomorrow I will make a start on Nursey. Then onto some Elf civilians.

oh and while I remember….

70mph winds: 1 caravan: 0

It doesn’t look much but the side is just about holding in place and the roof is all but detached on the near side.

Luckily I still had the digger and held the roof in place until my good lady came back with the car containing the straps.

The heroic digger!

Rogipoos…Work in Progress

Four hours on a digger has jiggled my insides, plus quite a while in 60mph winds with a shovel didn’t help either but I bravely managed to get a bit more paint on Rogipoos.

Rogipoos’ skin is a lot darker than other orcs due to his many adventures in sunnier climates. I have enjoyed painting him. I did consider painting the braid a different colour but decided on the white. I managed a bit of shading with a heavily watered down blue wash, not that you can tell.

Hopefully I will get him finished tomorrow apart from aches from another load of hours on the digger and with a shovel.

The wind speed is now pushing 70mph… luckily the power has stayed on.

Captain Fredorcson

Final rifle finished….

Fredorcson late of the 105th rifles has been given the rank of brevet major in the 60th rifles… well he has in my games. From what I remember in the Sharpe Novels, Frederickson was given command of some Portuguese Cacador’s. But never mind … Sweat Villiam has been wounded so many times that among other things he has lost his left eye, his teeth and his hair. His badly fitting wig is made from the hair of dead elves.

Fredorcson is a staunch ally of Sharke.

Here we have the rifles in all their glory…

Tomorrow I make a start on Rogipoos, Nursey and Jose.

Captain Rickard Sharke

Last of the rifles completed…

Rickard Sharke is a bastard son of an elvish mother and an orcish father.

A foundling who grew up in the rookeries of Londinium. He took the King’s shilling and became extremely good at his job. He is despised by the more noble officers who feel he is an upstart raised from the ranks by Wheeling-Turn.

I said at the start that the last of the rifles were painted. I just remembered that I have one of the original senior officers who needs painting…. I was going to paint Rogipoos, but I think Captain Fredorcson or Sweat Villiam as he is known to his Orcish brothers should be next.

Sergeant Padrag Harpy

Five down, one to go…

Harpy is a Bog Orc from Guinalea. Great Britcorn subdued the lands of Guinalea. Even though, a great number have joined the army to avoid starvation.

The troops of Guinalea are bigger and stronger than most other orcs in the army. Harpy is bigger, stronger and meaner than the rest. He carries a

Sharke is the only Officer that Harpy will call ‘sir’ off the parade ground.

Rifleorc Fung Purrkinz

Four down, two to go…

Fung is the newest member of the rifles, a little green behind the ears (no pun intended).

He was a nice easy miniature to paint, instead of black or white slings for the rifle I decided on grey as I want the unit to be a bit rag tag. I will decide on what kind of pennant to give him.

Rifleorc Ichziah Tunge

Three down, three to go…

Ichziah is a firm believer in the Orcish Deity, Sentinal. He always carries the book of holy words with him. His major problem is with the demon drink. No alcohol is safe when Tunge is around.

In game terms Tunge is a magic user.

Of all six figures he is my least favourite, I can’t honestly say why.