Wraiths and Things

I never actually got anything undercoated today as the rain was apocalyptic out there and not good for me or models to be out in it. So this evening I actually resorted to undercoating things with a brush (shock horror). I actually cannot remember when I last actually decided to actually undercoat this way (except in an emergency… which I suppose this was, in a way). For this undercoat I went for a sand colour with a dry brush of white over the top, I decided to do it this way to see what effect it would have on the Contrast paint.

To be honest I was a little hard with the dry brushing on the lady with the basket and snapped her off at the ankles! I will see how things get on tomorrow.

I also got a bit of paint on these two…

This is the same figure, one mounted and one on foot. I have gone for a dark blue cloak, which I intend to cover in dark tone wash tomorrow to darken it down a bit. I went this way so that the horse would be a different shade to the rider.

No printing at all today as I reckon I have got enough to keep me going for a while. I have based up the wolf from yesterday as I intend to print some more for my diorama idea. There won’t be any snow (or at least not large amounts of it. My mother n law gave me some MDF sheets yesterday so they will be ideal (I think), if not I will improvise a base.

Tonight I started watching Louis Theroux on Netflix. I forgot how much I like him… right I am off to drive Tanks on War Thunder, I just wish I knew how the bloody tech tree works!

Wraiths and some more Beasties

Tonight I decided to carry on with the wraiths. They won’t win any prizes, but they look ok.

I think that the greys and blacks work. I decided on an antique bronze type colour for the helmets and more exotic weapons as I felt it was better than a shiny steel look. I will photograph these tomorrow in the daylight so that they will show up all the errors, I mean so that you can see what colours I used. I will get the base edges done tomorrow.

I also got the mammoth off the plate this morning and managed to squeeze in some cows and a couple of woolly rhino to join the herd.

Yes both of these are printed in the same colour! I am not sure what happened to the white balance in the right hand photo, never mind you can see what they are at least 😂.

I learned an important printing lesson earlier…. remember to change the wash and cure station to cure when you stick you recently printed things on it. Wash tends to rotate them at about 1000 rpm and they really don’t stay in situ.

Regarding the Neolithic stuff, I have a couple more animals to print off, but that is really it for them, just to get them painted up.

I am a bit on the buggered side this evening. As I mentioned earlier on this week, the horse came in and as a money saving thing we order the shaving in bulk. We unloaded and put about 200 of the bales into the stables today. I was stacker so it meant, in some cases, arranging them above head height. We then went and got 10 bags of coal and carried them to the trailer. I then needed to change some light fittings for my in-laws. I hate working with my hands above head height. To make matters worse the lights were ornate and heavy… all in all I am just having a whinge 🥴

Tomorrow I shall hopefully get my printed stuff sprayed and will start painting too. The way the wolf and rhino were placed in the photo above makes me think about doing a diorama using them as a ‘natural’ scene…

A bit of Painting and a bit of Printing

Today we got my daughters bedroom moved about, it involved a bit of retiring, but luckily I had all the gear so it wasn’t too much of a hassle, except the front plate of the plug stopped working for reasons known only to itself. I will get a new one with USB chargers on it tomorrow.

Anyway today I managed to get this lot printed and some other stuff sliced too…

The mammoth from last night had a bit of bad luck… this boys and girls is the reason why you check the resin vat before going to bed!

I did manage to get some painting done this evening too, not as much as I would have liked but we ate late and I didn’t get as much time as I could have done….

Now these are some of the nine riders so I wanted them to be predominantly black but, with a bit of other colour in there too, just to break things up a bit. Hopefully I will get these finished off tomorrow evening.

I have another mammoth printing overnight and there is a full vat of resin. He will take about 65ml of it. After that more cows and a couple more woolly rhino.

River Maiden and the Hobbit

Well I managed to get these nearly to completion tonight.

They were really nice miniatures to paint and didn’t take too long really.

As you can see, the rhino have had a bit of work too.

Now I learned a little fact this evening. By all accounts, the only way you could get leave from the Napoleonic French Army was for, wait for it… Homesickness… yup the urge to go home, except it wasn’t called Homesickness back then… it was called nostalgia (a bit like other conditions with algia on the end). They spent a lot of time and effort trying to work out what it was and to also stop it as it was a serious medical condition.My good lady came across this snippet while reading some articles from the Welcome Institute… you can have a read here…https://wellcomecollection.org/articles/X3L9vxEAACEAoOIt

Hopefully tomorrow I will crack on with the Wraiths, I am still unsure what colours to do them, hopefully inspiration will arrive by then.

A Quasi Night Off

So, this evening I decided to paint something and set to work, the problem was that I really couldn’t be bothered…

As you can see, there is still an awful lot of white visible, but at least some form of progress has been made. I am not using the GW paint schemes on these and will choose colours that I fancy. I also stuck the wraiths to their bases…

The most important part of the photo are the 6mm Japanese town gates. I have turned the house and shed upside down looking for them. I opened my paint box and there they were. I have only opened that box and rootled through it dozens of times. I though that I must have put them in with one of the castles that went to new homes.

Two more days to go before I am on leave. This is just a short term, so I get a bit of a break, during which I have a list of jobs as long as my arm 🥴.

Printing not Painting

I had a parent council meeting this evening so didn’t leave work until 20.50 so needless to say I am a bit pooped and seriously could not be bothered to do anything. I did rescue some miniatures of the print bed and cure them and the ones from this morning…

So here we have four of the Nazgul in their human form…

The one with the spear has a bit of a curl on the bottom of the shield as well as a bit of a bend on the end of the spear. I am not sure why this has happened, a similar thing happened to the Hero Forge shield too…

Well actually, the bottom of the shields were missing in both of the miniatures above.

Some More on the Fellowship

I managed to get a bit more done on the Fellowship. Pretty much finished Gandalf and Boromir and made a start on Legolas and the Bree Guard.

As you can see I managed to get a bit more done on the cat too.

I spent some of this evening slicing some more miniatures. This month’s Patreon reward is the attack on Weathertop. With Aragorn wielding his two torches and a number of Nazgul, these are seen in their ‘human’ form as opposed to their black cloaks. I am doing the dismounted version of the one I reprinted the other day.

The first two should be ready tomorrow morning.

One of the two I am printing

Starting in the Fellowship

Today I managed to get the fellowship and Bree chaps sprayed and the. This evening I made a start. I decided to go with Gandalf first as he was a pretty easy colour choice, but me being me just had to start with others too…

I nearly finished Gandalf, the dogs are getting close too, but there is still a fair old way to go on Boromir. The wargames club has a competition again this year so my Fellowship (plus extras) will probably go in there.

The other thing I did was to mooch around and find some undead for a Mordheim warband…

Now I also have enough plastics to make a human warband or two. I also found a priest of Sigmar which was originally purchased for the game. Terrain will be a bit of a problem straight off, but I do have some cardboard buildings that I made for Frostgrave, not to mention some MDF ruins too.

My little boy has just got me back into Fallout 4. So if he is interested then I might actually buy the board game and see if he is interested.

Having a Night Off… Sort of

I am absolutely knackered tonight so decided not to try and paint anything. I have rescued a print off the printer and also sliced a few more. Now interestingly this print had four bases on it and only one came off perfectly (more of that later). So this miniature is the wight prince…

Not that you can really see him in the green resin… you will have to trust me, but it is a really nice miniature.

As I said above I printed him and his base plus three more bases. I managed to sort of get a Second one off the plate, but it was pretty badly warped and then there are the other two. One was completely non existent and the second one was a lump on the bottom of the vat.

So tonight I sliced half a dozen bases and when the bottom layer was curing only four showed up on the screen, then weirdly on the second layer the other two suddenly appeared. I have another 15 minutes or so to go before they are finished so it will be interesting to see what they are like. The only thing I can think of is that the missing two weren’t actually touching the ‘build plate’ in the software.

Yey.. they worked

Luckily they came out okay, I did pull the plug on them as it was actually going to be another hour to make the wall a few mm higher…. and quite frankly I wanted to go to bed. It didn’t happen until just now as my daughter needed help with her maths homework!

I am now in the process of printing Gandalf, Frodo and Samwise (and a cat) overnight. I will show them off tomorrow.

Tom and the First of the Nine

So the printer is still working, so much so that I actually managed to do another miniature. I got the first of the nine done, unfortunately he lost a hand and rein in the printing process. Luckily a 15th Century Perry mini hand fitted just fine. I will get a Greenstuff rein added when everything has solidified.

As you can see from the above I also managed to get some paint on the bard miniature… he happens to be called Tom and lives near the old forest and has a water nymph as his wife. I still have a bit more to do on him, but he is definitely getting there.

Unfortunately yesterday when I was chopping back some bushes I got a bit of a smack in the eye. It stung like a bugger and then went away. This morning I could open the eye very easily and the pain was a bit painful to say the least. To cut a long story short then I decided I needed to rest it. Sadly my pirate patch mountain has disappeared so my wife came up with a cunning idea… wear my glasses but cover the sore eye lens… now I didn’t want to freak out my kids so I drew an eye on the tape….

Anyway lots of eye baths in salt water later this popped out…

Over the course of the day smaller bits have also come out, it is still stinging, but nowhere near to what it was this morning

The down side of having one eye covered is that depth perception is reduced… sadly stupidity cannot be blamed on it… guess what happened with the printed bases today?