Great Big Tower

Well that is the tower finished. Part one was just under 19 hours, part two over 26 hours and part three came in at just under 7 hours. So all in about 52 hours… I am now going to have to purchase a new roll of filament too as this took up an awful lot.

On the tooth front, I ended back in at the dentist today as my face swelled right up and was really sore. They cleaned it out again and also redid the filling.

Here is mr Chipmunk!

The triage nurse wanted to see what the swelling looked like. I took the photo while on the phone to get.

The Ruined Tower Part One

Eighteen hours Forty nine minutes of printing led to the first part of the tower getting finished.

The tower will be on the right hand side. Based on the printer first layers the tower is the same length as this one. From what I remember there will be a rock face against the lower bit, but I honestly cannot remember what it looks like.


Fear not, this is not an order, but more a description of my latest prints.

The four in the centre were done overnight. I put them on my 2 foot square terrain mat. So as you can see they are not tiny things. I am printing a second set off as I don’t I will have enough filament on the spool to do anything bigger. Over the next few days my plan is to do a lot more scatter style pieces to use up the remains of the roll.I

I will see what is in this range and then look at my stuff from Lovecraft or Highland Miniatures. Some scaling will have to be done with the Lovecraft miniatures as they are massive compared the these.

More Building Work

Yes the printer was busy again last night…

The only problems I have is that I printed this and for some reason didn’t slice the bottom part. I also cannot remember if I dropped the size down a bit. Therefore I have redone it and the lower portion at 90% size.

This will act as a stand alone ruin in its own right.


After purchasing various bits for the FDM printer I found two things, one – my motherboard won’t accept them and two – I got it working again!

So with a bit of swearing and faffing with the build plate on the fly I have managed to get some buildings printed. Now the centre one really needs redoing as it has printed badly. The columns at the front are really fragile.

I also had a power outage and somehow the printer actually got back on with it accurately (it is meant to, but sometimes what is meant is not what happens!) The one on the right is the affe Ted one here.

So here are the three new ones…

These are all from the Printing Goes Ever On. The one on the left is from an earlier download, the other two are from the ‘not’ Osgiliath set.

This photo shows my 20% infil. It was taken when he power came back on…

The right hand model has a first floor that comes off and was printed separately.

I am renting another one off right now. Four hours in… and I cannot really see the timeline moving… the FDM takes forever. The building on the right took 32 hours plus another 5+ for the separate floor.

In case you are wondering, the printer is sitting on a concrete paving slab. This is because I have to leave it on for so long.

Diorama Additions

Well as you know, or maybe don’t, I am doing a Battle of the Five Armies diorama. It started long ago  with a small number of miniatures!

It started with two…

Moved to four….

Started getting silly!

I am now printing an Eagle and have another build plate full of Goblins after printing this lot off… Well Gandalf and Bilbo were there… so we’re lots of bats… it says so in the book…

My original base size is in the top photo…to be fair it was going to only be a dwarf and an elf smacking each other.

Oh and whilst organising the above printing I decided to bite the bullet and work on the Pike hands… guess what… the original designer had open hands to take metal pikes… Huzzah!

Two More Goblins

Tonight I managed to get the next two goblins done. By done please read that as pretty much done… I might dirty up the armour a bit…

The toes could do with a bit of a touch up as the paint was rubbed off whilst holding the miniatures. I really need to come up with a better way to hold miniatures without a base.

Just the fallen hero to go for the miniature painting… well unless I need more goblins 😜.

BOFA Goblins

This evening I did a bit of work on a couple of the goblins.

There is still along way to go which is probably why I have a bit of a problem with them. The one with the bow doesn’t actually have surfer shorts on, it is in fact a kilt type of thing. I will crack on with them tomorrow and hopefully get them finished.

This evening I finished watching ‘All of us are Dead’. I actually really enjoyed it, although I am not ashamed to admit it … there were a few moist eye moments. I only hope to god they don’t bring out a second series and leave it where it is at.

BOFA Humans

As i said yesterday, I was a bit lacking in the human side of the battle of the five Armies. So this evening I evened things up a bit and got these two done…

Tomorrow I hope to get some work done on the Goblins.

Battle of the Five Armies

Well as you know I was going to do a small diorama with small number of printed miniatures. Problem was I was missing the men. So I added some. Problem with that is that they then outnumbered the forces of evil. So to redress the balance I printed some more.

Technically three men. One of them is having a lie down. I added some orks from various sets to add a bit of variety.

It took ages to get them to print as I reinstalled Chitubox on the PC and for some reason all the settings had changed. It just about drove me up the wall. I got there in the end though.