Service Disruption XVI

I have now lost my voice… thus is getting silly. I have gone very squeaky…Still feeling crap if I do too much, I am signed off tomorrow and have only Tuesday before I break up for the Christmas break. I am going to try and get back for the last day.

I did manage a bit of painting this evening, I got this lot done to this level in about an hour this evening…

Things were speeded up by the use of contrast paint and also reducing the amount of paints used. Pretty much the same paints were used across all four miniatures. In fact the only colour used on only one was the yellow on the dwarf on the painting handle.

Irregular Miniatures all Finished

Tonight I finished the last of my Irregular Miniatures order…namely the two loaded wagons….

This means that I am part way to finishing the Imperial Army… so since I started on I have done this lot…

We now have the small matter of hundreds of resin strips to do. Now technically they should be faster as I am meant to be flinging some muted colours on some of them and doing the sides and back a bit brighter. Now as I have never tried anything like this before then it might take a bit of trial and error which may slow things down a bit.

We are now having a gale, so spraying the resin miniatures tomorrow may not go ahead. I am now off to cover up my toys as it seems the big shed has sprung a few leaks!

Remaining Cavalry

Well as expected, the Reiters were pretty easy to get done… by done please read, nearly done. I still need to do the saddles and spear points.

So the only metallic miniatures left to start are the two wagons below…

Tomorrow we are going to restart our Aliens RPG. So these will likely be done over the weekend.

The weather on Saturday is meant to be good so I should be able to get the resin pikes and arqubusiers undercoated.

On a different note, the bloody RCD tripped again just now… it cannot be in the conservatory as I took that cable out of the junction box.

Jinetes Almost Done

I managed to crank my butt into gear and get some painting done this evening…

The jinetes are nearly done, they would have been finished, but some knacker decided to paint the bases, so that stopped me doing the final bits and pieces like weapons, spears and flesh.

I painted the horses for the Reiters, I went for two styles, dark bay and light bay to try and separate the two units, I was going to do two flag colours too. Luckily I didn’t as I just remembered now, whilst looking at the photo, in these rules the Reiters are in sixes and not threes like all the other cavalry. They should be easy enough to paint as they normally wore blackened armour.. easy peasy…

Mounted Arqubusiers

Well this evening I did a but more digging and have narrowed down  the electricity problem to the conservatory.   It looks like one side of it has the fault…typically it is the side where I am going to have to remove walls and the ceiling.  But at least it is narrowed down a bit. This meant that I could light up the lounge again and in doing so light up my painting Space.

So here are the finished arqubusiers..

As with all of the bases so far, I still have to paint the edges. I haven’t decided on a colour yet, but I am thinking towards brown rather than black.

Finishing this lot means I have nine more cavalry bases to do… six Reiters and three Genitors. I also have two large wagons to do too. Once these are done I can make a start on the resin ones.

Mounted Arqubusiers

Tonight I set to work on the mounted arqubusiers … I simply threw different coloured paint on the clothing to simulate the propensity for a gaudy look. Some of this will be covered by a metallic breast plate, or mail on at least one of them…

They don’t particularly look like much at the minute, but I am hoping that they will improve.

I have a parent meeting tomorrow evening so I won’t be home until late.

Here are the photos from my Norse Quarry Steatite

Italian Wars… Progress

Tonight we had our friends over so I wasn’t expecting to get much done. I did manage to finish the knights and general’s…

I didn’t really have time to make a start on anything else, so as I had been showing them the 28mm Italian Wars too, then I thought I would make a short ten minute foray into doing them.

Alongside them are the remains of the metal cavalry. Two units of mounted arqubusiers, one or Reiters and a unit of Genitors. I have two metal wagons primed, with the base textured too, but that will be the metals all done when these are finished.

Hopefully tomorrow morning we are off to find a Viking Soapstone quarry. I will share the results tomorrow evening.

Imperial Knights

So another day of working from home has been and gone and still no PCR result, so it looks like tomorrow will be another day in house arrest. This evening however I managed to finish my knights and civilians as well as make a start on my general’s. Here we have said knights and civilians…

I know that them all having the same banner is probably historically inaccurate, but it does make them easier to recognise at a distance.

Hopefully I will get on with some more of these tomorrow

Spanish Pike and Baggage

Well today I have been under house arrest for at least 48 hours as my son developed a cough, he has Asthma, but he got sent homefto school yesterday so we were being careful and got him a test. The guy turned up at 12.30. So it is likely I won’t be back to work this week. Problem is I am not ill so I still have to work, so sadly no days of painting miniatures.

I was late getting dinner, so didn’t manage a huge amount of painting done, but any progress is still progress… funnily enough the pikes were a lot easier to paint tonight.

I still cannot get over the weird heads, but never mind. I also found time to slap some paint on a baggage cart…

It still needs a bit of work, but it is over the hump.thisvsmall cart is actually from the fantasy range.. jt’s designation is a ‘dwarf cart. I was going to try and get four bases of knights done, but it wasn’t to be. I even gota couple of civilian bases out too.

The printer has churned out eighty Pike strips so far. I reckon it should sort out my extra needs.

So my thought was to stop taking dates for finishing this weekend coming. This is not a catch and I reckon I can get a parcel pretty much anywhere in the world. So if you fancy joining in then give me a date. If you win, we can discuss what is of most use to you.

Landskecht Front Rank

Tonight I thought I had better crack on with things so I put Dredd on Netflix and did some painting…

So here we have the front rank for two Pike blocks.

I then made a start on the Spanish Pikes…

Now to differentiate the two lots I did these in less flamboyant colours on the whole. There are some bright colours in this lot, but also a lot more browns. Some of the heads on the Spanish are weird, they have a sphere with two holes in it. I am not sure whether it is some kind of weird helmet or if it is meant to be an unhelmeted head. To me a Spaniard wears a Comb Morion or something similar.

The one thing I was correct about… I already hate painting pikes! Only about 600 to go😬