Twelve Down… Six to Go

Tonight, I decided I was going to just go for it and got the next four bases done nearly to completion. There are a couple of white bits on a couple of hands and helmets but they are pretty much there…

The new ones are the two by two block in the middle of the phalanx… yes I now have what feels like a phalanx 🙂. I have six bases left so I could add a third row to the above and have some form of depth.

These transfers are certainly growing on me, perhaps it is that these shields didn’t have annoying dory in the way so they went on easily. I am so pleased I forked out the money to get them, if I had hand painted anything on, like I have done in the past, then I would still be on the second base, not the twelfth.

This is what I have left…

Now this army can fight my Greek undead or even Aztecs, but part of me thinks they really need to fight some Persians 🙄… that’s my birthday sorted out!

The Museum Miniatures z range Persians are really nice, there again so are their Indian range, okay my chaps are a bit early for excursions into the heart if India… but they do have elephants 😉.

Let’s see what Rabbit hole I fall down now….

Greek Shields and Printer Woes

Tonight I got the transfers put, rather clumsily, onto the shield fronts… obviously I need a bit of practice…

I made a start on another set of four bases. I would have managed more, but I decided to get the new motherboard into the printer. It actually wasn’t too bad, apart from the fact they had used some strange red gunk to hold things in place. I made sure that I put things on the new board as soon as they came out of the old. I switched It on and voila… still didn’t work properly. It did exactly the same as before, up and down works fine, just not printing. I even left it for a while in ‘print mode’ to see if the print place would descend. It didn’t, but the uv lights certainly came on. I have contacted Anycubic again to see if they have any further ideas.

I tried moving the caravan today and Lo and behold the bloody brakes are locked on… I actually didn’t swear too much. We had left the handbrake off, but when the gales arrived then we put it on… and evidently forgot! My job tomorrow is to get the thing jacked up and get the wheels off and get the brake drum smacked with a hammer until the wheels turn again.

Spot the Difference

So this evening I got everything to the point of getting the transfers onto the shields then I read the instructions!

After spending an age painting bronze shields, I then had to repaint them white. You can see why on the right hand shield above.

I will get the new ones covered tomorrow. These transfers aren’t like I am used to, they have a sticky front that you apply to the shield then you wet the backing paper and remove it. I reckon I will need a bit of practice as the backing paper hides the shield.

It’s All (Still) Greek to Me

I didn’t get a huge amount done on the Greeks tonight, but I did re fix about half a dozen back onto their bases and then make a start on the heavies…

I think I am going to do them in groups of four bases at a time so that it doesn’t feel like an uphill task… probably will anyway 🥴

My order from Geek Gaming arrived today and I want a bit of advice as to what basing material to use…

These are The Mediterranean base ready and the Arid base ready. I really like the Mediterranean one as it is brighter, but in reality it would probably look more like the one on the right… my other option is the paint the base brown and put patches of foam flock on as I have done with other ones…

Okay, these are 10mm but you can see the idea…

I also got the helmet sprayed with a filler spray and then a black undercoat, I will see about getting it painted this weekend.

Greeks and the Helmet

Tonight I got the old helmet outside and put a sanding disk on and got rid of the weird welded look, problem was the gaps were still there in some places which was a right pain… so anyway after a bit of head scratching and, to be frank, swearing. I came up with a plan to try and cover it with PVA…

Hopefully it will cover the cracks… I also smoothed out the rough foam and rounded out bits to make them more natural looking… it really helped with the eye sockets.

I also managed to get the light Infantry just about finished…

Of course I do have my trusty reference material handy 😂 I actually bought this years ago as I was doing some stuff in Greeks in a school and wanted some useful snippets of information.

Ancient Greek Donkey Wallopers

Today was a busy one, I added three double sockets to my Wife’s office. She had been working with a long extension, so it really needed doing. I got into a rage only a couple of times, First was when the previous owner had stripped a screw on the socket face and I couldn’t get it out, second was when the trunking decided it wasn’t going to allow me to get the front back off, any other time you look at it and it falls off, but not when I wanted to.

Even with my tribulations, I managed to get things painted tonight…

My extra bits came today too…

I also got some printing done…

Inky, Pinky, Ponky, Stavros had a Donkey

In case you are wondering… Donkey died, Stavros cried, Inky, Pinky, Ponky… so this evening I continued with the Ancient Greek support elements and finished (I think) the baggage train…

These actually took longer to do than I thought they would… But at least they got sorted. A random goat seemed to have sneaked into the cavalcade too. I just realised that both of the humans are walking away from it… evidently it is a very smelly goat😉.

I also made a start on the cavalry force… or should that be Forcette?

Obviously the Companion horseman shouldn’t be with the earlier lot, but hey, he was free, so he got painted.

I am going to try and get The horsemen done tomorrow and then will make a start in the psiloi, before moving onto the heavies. It would be good if I could get them finished in a week. I managed it with the Aztecs, so here is hoping.

Kebab on the Hoof

Tonight I was a bit pooped, as I didn’t sleep too well last night, but nevertheless I decided to paint something simple, so I made a start on the Ancient Greeks and did the goat herds…

Two down, thirty to go!

The slinger is evidently there to drive off the wolves. So as you know I said I wasn’t getting anything more till I made an inroad on what I already had, as I technically made an inroad on the Greeks then I bought myself some transfers for the shields. My original plan was to paint everything by hand, but as I want them done fast I thought better of it… unfortunately when I was purchasing the shield designs my hand must have slipped and I inadvertently purchased some pipe players and a cart pulled by onagers to go with the force.

I picked up the helmet half a dozen times this evening, but put it back each time. I really couldn’t be bothered to get the foam clay out and set to work on the gaps. I have noticed a few YouTubers using Scroll Saws to cut the foam. So as I have an rather old one in my shed then I thought I might give it a go and see what happens.

How Much???

So I have a Rav4 to pull the trailer and caravan, it’s brakes were sounding a bit rubbish side, so I duly put it into the garage… evidently I need all four sorting along with two handbrake cables… so I asked him how much it would cost… he said ‘it will come in under the grand…not much under’. Well as they need doing, they need doing, but Needless to say next time I will be pricing up before hand. We only put it there as it was under warranty, but as we expected brakes aren’t included.

So baked beans for tea for the next month! Anyway to cheat myself up I decided I wanted to paint something fast… so this is what I decided upon!

These are my Z range Greeks from Museum Miniatures… the lone cavalryman was a z range sample… don’t quite get that, but never mind. He is a Heavy cavalryman and the others are lights. I also have a baggage train and the ubiquitous goats too.

I will get them sprayed tomorrow and start on the painting on Wednesday. I also decided to do something different on the helmet as the cheek pieces didn’t exactly work… so this is my cardboard mock up….

I might need to fiddle around with the ear area, but the problem is that you cannot really see your own ears… I will requisition a child tomorrow to assist me.

Japanese Villagers

I managed to get these a bit further forward this evening…

They are nearly there, the ninja still need work, and then I can start on the rest of them including 10 Oni hounds, six ashigaru and six samurai, not to forget the skeletons, witches and some giant spiders with human heads!

Now while I was moving things around I found a problem with my seven samurai… can you spot it?