Japanese Villagers

I managed to get these a bit further forward this evening…

They are nearly there, the ninja still need work, and then I can start on the rest of them including 10 Oni hounds, six ashigaru and six samurai, not to forget the skeletons, witches and some giant spiders with human heads!

Now while I was moving things around I found a problem with my seven samurai… can you spot it?

Paintbrush in Hand

Zoiks, this evening I actually managed to get something painted, well read that more as slapped some paint on things.

I also slapped some paint on the 15mm Japanese Villagers…

Still a long wY to go on these, up they are definitely getting there.

A Parcel and a Break in the Weather

Thankfully the couple of days of solid rain seem to have eased and I managed to get out and get things sprayed…

Now interestingly enough, when I bought the spay wheel (aka cake spinner) it was very smooth… so in a fit of curiosity I wondered how thick the layer was. It was evidently thick enough to support itself when held…

Considering this is spray paint, then it must have had a fair few layers down on it. It was actually quite satisfying scraping it off with my knife as it lifted in sheets.

Anyway enough whittering on about my paint fetish…

I have new toys!!!

So I got this very nice parcel from Museum Miniatures this morning and, shock horror, I didn’t actually open it until this evening… how about that for self control!

I have got quite a lot to paint… first up the hoplites…

Spartans are without the crest, I have twice this amount, interspersed amongst the troops are some of the officers.

Next up the skirmishers…

I have some light/medium cavalry (and a free Companion cavalryman)

And finally a pile of stuff I really didn’t need, but looked cool 🙄

And finally, this made me chortle…

Starting in the Fellowship

Today I managed to get the fellowship and Bree chaps sprayed and the. This evening I made a start. I decided to go with Gandalf first as he was a pretty easy colour choice, but me being me just had to start with others too…

I nearly finished Gandalf, the dogs are getting close too, but there is still a fair old way to go on Boromir. The wargames club has a competition again this year so my Fellowship (plus extras) will probably go in there.

The other thing I did was to mooch around and find some undead for a Mordheim warband…

Now I also have enough plastics to make a human warband or two. I also found a priest of Sigmar which was originally purchased for the game. Terrain will be a bit of a problem straight off, but I do have some cardboard buildings that I made for Frostgrave, not to mention some MDF ruins too.

My little boy has just got me back into Fallout 4. So if he is interested then I might actually buy the board game and see if he is interested.

Oni and the Ronin

Another band name, for when the first one falls out over artistic differences 😂

Tonight was pretty much spent painting hats on 6mm miniatures, then repainting white for faces, then repainting hats where the white went onto them then… well I think you get the picture!

So to save my sanity and eyesight I nipped our to the shed and grabbed the Ronin. I gave them some quick paint jobs as well as did a smidge more on the Oni.

Still a fair old way to go on them, but at least I have made a start. I really do like these miniatures. Each is different, so they are ideal for skirmish gaming. My box of new stuff arrived today, but I have been very good and handed it over to my wife for safe keeping until my Birthday. Just over two weeks to wait, so not too bad.

Sons of Set and the Oni

Well if I ever form a band then I think I have just found the name…

Tonight I did some more work on the 6mm miniatures. You can’t really see where I have been, but they all have had the purple wash, most have had white added back in for faces, as well as white being put onto the legs etc.

To save my sanity, I decided that I would take a break so made a start on the Battle Valour Oni.

These are nearly finished, really just the weapons and items on the belts to do. Hopefully these will get finished tomorrow.

Birthday Present All Done

So today I set up the village and shrine with a few miniatures too.

I am really pleased with how everything came out. I was going to flock the edges of the pond, but decided against it. I may have a rethink tomorrow and do it anyway 😊

Another view of the same scene!

So that is everything done, including varnishes too. The only thing missing is the rice cart…

I also managed to get some more done on the 6mm lizards…

They aren’t looking too exciting at the minute and I think I may have done the crossbows a bit too dark, but we shall see tomorrow.

Filling the Ponds and Paddies

So today I decided that I needed to get some water into the ponds and paddy fields and here is the result…

I added clear to the ponds then put a couple of drops of sepia ink into the paddy fields. This is the first time I think I have used a two part resin. I have used other stuff years ago… so absolutely no idea what his will end up like.

I also got all the miniatures and buildings coated in a couple of layers of Matt varnish. The shrine and fences have been coated too.

Hopefully by tomorrow I will know whether the resin pour worked 🤞

If it has I will get these flocked up to go with the miniatures. Soon I will be moving onto these.

Work on the Shrine

Tonight I got a bit of a wiggle on and got some more done on the fences…

All 3DAlienWorlds apart from the Buddha

I have misplaced the foam flock that I used on the village roofs. I wanted it for the Tori and the Buddha. Hopefully it will turn up tomorrow.

The minis and houses have all had two blasts of gloss varnish. I will give them a blast with the Matt one tomorrow.

I also found a pile more 6mm fantasy, some Irregular miniatures Lizardmen and wood elves I think. I also have the sons of Set army too which would probably go well with the Samurai as they are the fantasy version of them.

WordPress is eventually costing me money as I ran out of space last night. I really never expected that day to come, I will just have to take less photos or blog less often….nah, I have two years to fill up 6GB… challenge accepted 😂

Abandoned Village

I decided that the monsters in old Japan probably wouldn’t be hanging around new and bustling villages, so mine became a little down at heel.

Guess who forgot to water down the green wash on the long building?

I really fell like this is coming together. I will get the flock on the fence base tomorrow night so that it matches in with the miniatures.

Hopefully everything will be ready soon. I may try some resin in the rice paddies tomorrow and the pond tomorrow … wish me luck 😂