Spanish Guerrillas

Tonight I decided to do a bit on the four guerrillas. It turns out I did more than I expected…

Once again I kept to a limited palette, this does seem to speed things up a bit. There is still a bit to do on them, bu I am definitely over the hump.

I Achieved Some Painting

Flipping heck… I actually managed to get some painting done this evening… I finished the cave and bushes…

I also managed to get my mates Flintloque miniatures done…

I got a good start on my miniature with the sword back left.

This is a super rare Fljntloque miniature, it is no longer available and hasn’t been for years. I spent a good while looking for her and eventually got her in a job lot. Of lTe I decided that she should either go to someone else or get painted. The Silver Bayonet allowed me to get her started as I have decided to go for a Spanish unit and she fits in fine.

I will get some more done on her tomorrow as well as get some of the Irregulars undercoated.

Service Disruption XVI

I have now lost my voice… thus is getting silly. I have gone very squeaky…Still feeling crap if I do too much, I am signed off tomorrow and have only Tuesday before I break up for the Christmas break. I am going to try and get back for the last day.

I did manage a bit of painting this evening, I got this lot done to this level in about an hour this evening…

Things were speeded up by the use of contrast paint and also reducing the amount of paints used. Pretty much the same paints were used across all four miniatures. In fact the only colour used on only one was the yellow on the dwarf on the painting handle.

Working on the Pikes

This evening I decided to do something a bit bigger than the 2mm miniatures and settled on the Pikes, that is not to say that the 2mm bases stayed unwanted and unloved in their box…certainly not… I slapped some flesh base coat on some undercoated ones…

Anyway back to the pikes…

As you can see they are a bit further forward. Most of the armour has been given the base coat. Now these still have a lot of white on them, that hopefully, sooner rather than later I will get finished.

I had better get some shot and crossbow done next, then onto some knights.

Unclean, Unclean

Well I have decided to have a night off, as I am starting to feel a bit bleurgh. I think I have caught my daughter’s cold. I really hope not as she was floored for a week with hers. Luckily my lateral flow rest has come back negative.

I got the Aliens off the build plate and they are rather nice…

As it was very sunny here today I shoved them on the Windowsill to get some natural curing done.

I was thinking of spraying mine gun metal and then using the black Contrast Paint oder the top. Won’t that can happen is that it doesn’t work. If that is the case I will spray then black and highlight by dry brushing with blue.

If I do perk up then I am going to get some more done on my pikes…mi have got about a month before I need my army for our big Lion Rampant game.

Religious Zealots

Tonight I managed to get a whole lot done on my unit of flagellants.

I was hoping to get them finished, but sadly it was not to be. Hopefully I will get them done tomorrow. Now quite often I see these type of miniatures with pale skin, but they way look atitthey were out and about throughout the lands so mine are a bit tanned.

I also managed to get the ruins successfully printed at 18% size…

While was having a mooch for things to paint then I came across the trees too. I had printed some last nightwith the reduced sized cows… yes I really am that bonkers! The trees really could have done with some supportsas there are some pancakes on the bottoms, but,they still work, and to be honest they were a test to see if they would print.

As I have decided to go for 6mm Italian wars then, as you can tell by the blog, I have been reducing 28mm buildings to fitmy 6mm.this was because I couldn’t really find any suitable ones to print. Now if you remember, a while ago I found a guy making 6mm Samurai, I didn’t bother looking in the moderns section. Outof the blue today YouTube decided that I would want to watch one of his videos, lo and beholding January of this year he made Italian style buildings, so asylum can imagine I am quite chuffed and am printing a villa, church, some barns and smaller farm houses right now. I will photograph them tomorrow. You can watch the video below…

Italian Buildings from Project Wargaming

Pike, Shot and a Printer Revelation

This evening I managed to get the base ready onto the pikes and other 28mm Renaissance miniatures.

I also printed off forty arqubusiers, and it was then that my epiphany arrived. If you recall, a week ago I suddenly had an issue printing 6mm miniatures. Today I think I know why… It seems to be the supports, and the way they work. The bases were too close together so they formed a solid and more importantly large base.

I printed an earlier set of models that I had had partial success with and when I went back to check part of the base was hanging off the plate… suction on a large area can cause problems with the print sticking to the FEP instead of the plate…

The sticks are the remains of the supports. There is a definite bend in the back bit and you can really see in the foreground where there are ghosts of miniatures. This bit was sitting at about 45 degrees to the build plate. So I went back onto the computer and, as the pikes worked without support, I just went for it… absolutely no problem at all. Forty arqubusiers came out absolutely fine.

So lesson learned… supports on 6mm miniatures are a bit of a no, no.

Pikes Big and Small

Believe it or not the printer has decided to behave itself, so I have been printing pikes like they are going out of fashion. I also shrunk the command strip a bit. They now fit nicely with the pikes…

Now in case you are wondering there are 75 strips of pikes above. This in fact won’t be enough to cover my four units of Pike… each base has three ranks behind the metal front one, with two wide for each one … okay there are two spare which can be seen in the photo above. I will use these to make casualty markers.

There are twenty printing now, so still a long way to go.

When I shrunk the command strip I decided to live dangerously and didn’t support the flags as I worked on the principle that at the size they were then they should self support… thankfully I was correct in my gamble.

I also worked on some big pikes too…

They are nearly there, hopefully I will get them finished tomorrow.

Finally I got a couple of parcels, the first was this one…

The second was my Furioso supplement, which turned out to be the rules I already had, so they have gone back to AA for a swap. I was really looking forward to reading them…. hopefully they will be here soon.

Tomorrow is some more work in the house and I need to get the shed back in operation as I have a postponed game I there on Friday.

3D Printed Stuff

I got another ruin printed today.this onetook just over 5 hours to complete. I also printed off the multi barrelled organ gun…

As you can see there is also a pikeman sneaking into the picture. I now have a full unit of twelve, with for some reason, an extra half dozen heads… teach me to try and add up when I am tired. I also did a driver for the wagon with a pile of camp followers too. They are still in the print head now. I will show them off tomorrow.