Late Night Painting

Okay not too late, but I decided I wanted to do some painting before bed.

I went a bit mad with the blood effects earlier this evening. I had also redid the rust on the armour as I hadn’t stirred the dirty down rust effect. So although I shook it like mad for ages, the important bits were stuck to the bottom.

I added some flesh wash to the ghouls as they looked a bit naff.

I will hopefully carry on with these tomorrow on my day off.

Zombie Dudes

Tonight I worked on the five zombies. Now to be honest for speed I went for the ‘standard’ green zombie look. I actually wish I had gone more for the multi hued versions I did for my undead army as seen below…

This lot were obviously all buried at the same time and resurrected likewise…

I was hoping to get them finished, but they still need a bit of work. Joe is coming for another One Ring game tomorrow night so it might be Monday before I get them done.

While I remember the Big Fire Festival is Tuesday this week and it will be live streamed. Definitely worth a watch if you haven’t seen it before.


Who better to inhabit the mausoleum I did the other day… ghouls that’s who.

They are a bit clean at the minute but I am sure I can sort that out.

Yes I decided that I had better get my finger out and paint some Mordheim things. I now have 36 swamp goblins printed so I had better get a wiggle on.

I also worked on this little chap today…


Okay so I haven’t actually done any painting, but I have got the mausoleum finished…

I had a bit of an exciting lunchtime as I tried to set my school on fire when the toaster failed to pop up… at least I know the smoke alarms work! Full evacuation occurred, plus I didn’t get any lunch as it was carbonised!

More Goblins

So I printed the next unit of twelve goblins… have I finished my Mordheim project… errr No!

Should I be finishing my Mordheim project… Yes!

Should I be finishing my Mordheim project… most definitely Yes!

Am I?

But they are so cute!

To be fair, I have had one of those days at work and frankly cannot be bothered to paint anything… perhaps I should zap myself again… it worked last time!

I also have an architectural decision to make regarding a building…

The columns make it look more impressive but add height and are more likely to get damaged in transit. The dome on its own works, but if I took it off something could stand on the nice flat bit….

Next up Are…

The Undead…

So left to right we have the vampire with his two Dregs. Slightly to the front is the necromancer. Behind her are five zombies with three ghouls finishing off the roster.

In the box is a dire wolf, which could be added to the roster at a later date or swapped prior to the first game.

Dinocrocuta make very nice dire wolves… in hindsight I should have gone for an armoured one. They look cool!

Geek club had a go at making their own tufts today…

More Painting

Flipping heck, the electric shock from the flock box kick started my mojo this evening… I actually sat down and finished the Witch Hunter Heroes.

I will get them based tomorrow and start on the next one. Undead or Sisters are on bases and just need undercoating.

Probably the undead as they are easily got at.

Still not sure about her boots!

Witch Hunters Assemble

Tonight I worked on the Last four of the witch hunters…

I really am struggling to like the one with the crossbow. I think it is her yellowy trousers wirh the jet black boots.

Now I still have to build the armour back up as it has just had a wash. This lot should be finished tomorrow evening I hope.

I switched out the Highland Witch hunter dog for this one, which comes from my LOTR stash.i felt this one looked more like a war dog than the other one seen below.

Once they are done, I will need to get this lot sorted out…

The one problem I have with the Highland miniatures dwarves for this project is the lack of young dwarves. I am making do with a couple of the artillery crew. The other mass of body parts is for my Reikland warband.

Nine miniatures for the humans, six for the dwarves.

I still have the Sisters to paint too…

Schools were off today due to the snow and will be tomorrow too. Its bloody freezing! Again!

Witch Hunter Fanatics

Or in the words of the famous Corporal Nobby Nobbs… ‘Sodding Nutters’.

As I had been painting the various miniatures I kept adding any spade paint on the pallet to the various miniatures in the box. These were actually quite a long way to being finished, hence two for one.

Now with these I decided to arm them with bows as well as their bludgeoning weapons as I felt that the Witch Hunters needed some form of ranged weapons.

I also got a new toy to play with…

Yes I decided to get a flock box to make speedy tufts… I haven’t fired it up yet, but will get round to it eventually – mainly when I find something to cover the table with as I think the stuff will go everywhere.

Further to this I have been playing around with the mapping software quite a bit…

This was a speedy 30 minute map. I am playing around with the basic controls… there is so much more I can do. What I need to do is find out how to make the roads wider so they can be seen easier.

Warrior Priest

So after faffing around for ages I managed to sit down and do some painting.

Here is my Priest of Sigmar for my Witch Hunter force. He has joined my flagellants on the nearly finished list.

I printed off most of my Reikland troops today. I may have forgotten to slice two of them as I only have seven miniatures. To be fair I didn’t really scroll through the drive slowly so they may be there. Either that or I saved them somewhere odd, which is more likely.

I am sat here listening to the wind driving the rain against the window… it is not a nice night. I believe the snow is coming back tomorrow, which will be a change from relentless rain.