A Quick Repaint

Tonight we had a family game night and as such I didn’t get a lot of time for painting. I did however repaint the blue shroud to fit in with the grey ones…

I will get some skeletons printed tomorrow.

Back with the Rust

I had another blast with the rust this evening. I resprayed the piece and this time on the back side I put the superglue and baking powder on first and then spayed it afterwards … it was a heck of a lot quicker than yesterday’s version….

I also got a bit more done on the ghostly skeletons…

More Rust and an Angry Tree

Tonight I wanted to give the rust effect a go on something a bit bigger than an axe. Luckily I dropped my small brush down the back of all my boxes on my painting station. And voilà I found anold style Necromunda plastic wall.

Quick spray white and a cover with a mettalic paint… in hindsight I could have just spayed it a metal colour with a rattle can…

I then threw some superglue and baking soda on it…well when I eventually got the glue out that is!

This was then covered with the metallic colour. When dry I splashed on the rust effect….

The effect is somewhat spoiled by my crap placement of it.

Since taking the photo I have noticed the bottom layer is actually becoming more orange…it looks like rust!

While waiting for things to dry I got my treeman finished…

The bits needing to dry were these chap’s…

As you can see I changed cloak colour… I may repaint the blue one.

Tomorrow I will do the other side of the wall.

Something New to Try…

Well after painting loads of undead Napoleonics and starting on a plan to take over the world with undead skeletons I decided that I needed a way to make rust look good….so i had heard of this range of materials…

So rather than just slop on the rust I decided tonuse some superglue and fine sand to make a texturedsurdace on the axe…in hindsight I should have just used baking powder, but hey ho…

So when it was dry I slapped some metal colour over the top and then threw some of the rust stuff on the axe head…. bloody he’ll in about two minutes it looked like rusty metal… I kid you not

I was actually bit gob smacked, sadly with the size of the mini it is really hard to see with a camera but I did try and get a photo…

You will have to trust me, it looks better in real life.

I then went for the moss effect for the grave stone…..

You can just about see the rust colour on the head of the axe in this shot.

Again I was happy with the result.

Now to be honest this was me spending 30 seconds flinging a new product on a model, but it seems to do what it is meant to do. I will find something a bit bigger to paint another day.

This stuff isn’t cheap, at all. Makes Contrast paint look cheap. The best deal I got was the three bottles for £22 with free postage. It is a solvent based paint and dries really, really fast, so no smoking fags near them when they are open. As you can see from the bottles they are a good old size, so should last a while.

As for the verdigris, I want some of the skeletons on bronze armour…so thought this might help.

I am hoping to do some more testing of these sometime soon and will keep you updated to speed on what I find.

The Baron is Thirsty

Tonight I got the vampire finished. To be honest I am not too happy with him…

I think it is the colours I chose as I really like the pose. I am torn to be honest. Part of me thinks repaint and another part thinks sod it… he is painted. There is of course another option and that is to print another one, look at some reference photos and start again.

We never got our game on Monday as my lot weren’t feeling well so we are going to have a try of something on Friday as well as plot some games. I decided to purchase some paper armies to try out Strength and Honour. I will still use the 2mm minis but might base them differently. Each ‘base’ is a legion two are on temperate ground and two are on arid.

Worzel Gummidge… He Isn’t

This evening I managed one miniature done. This was deliberate rather than an inability to get two done.

Here he is…

A bit of a scary chap I think you will agree. Now I normally say something like it takes me about half an hour or so. Tonight I decided to actually time myself….so this chap took me…

Yes from start to finish he took me 29 minutes to do. I wasn’t rushing, just painting in my normal way.

On this one I went in the followingorder… boots, green smock, trousers, brown jacket. This was to allow some drying time for each of the different parts. The mask was a mix of zombie green and orange with various splodges of orange over the top while still wet. I also added leather brown into the eye sockets then used my thumb to remove paint from the eyes. These were then dotted with red.

Once again superglue on the base and showed in the base ready. A quick zip around the edges with my super wide black sharpie and voilà one scary scarecrow. Start to finish thirty minutes.

In case anyone is wondering..this is Worzel Gummidge…


Worzel was played by John Pertwee, who also played Doctor Who… I know which I prefer and it isn’t a wierd scarecrow from Ten Acre field!

Oh while I remember, the four beasties are by Tytantroll miniatures.

One day I will work out how to tag people on my blog as they really are lovely miniatures…I really fancy having a go at some of the miniature busts..there are some really great ones, the only reason I haven’t got one yet is because I can’t decide on one.

Finally, I said I had only painted one mini this evening, part way through writing this I decided to make a start on the vampire.

Here Piggy, Piggy

Tonight I got another pair done…

So here we have the scary boat and the witch with her basket of apples. To be honest if I were that boat I would avoid that red and green apple like the plague.

Again these were done in contrast. I did mix the flesh tone on the witch by adding a putrid green to the flesh colour. They won’t win any prizes but hey, they were both done in about an hour so that will do me. As the motto says you can have quick or good. I go for quick and okay every time.

Sadly there was no game tonight as all three of my kids were feeling crap today.

Finally … Exciting news… I am escaping my rock and going to my first wargames convention in about 12 years. I have booked the ferry for me and my son to go to SELWG on 6th August.

We were a bit naughty and got a cabin going down so it came in at £190… you can see why conventions don’t occur that often. Oh the above price was with my islander discount. The cabin is the killer at £121.

There were none on the way back but we can sleep when we get home. I now have to find some form of accommodation for two nights. Wish me luck!

Big Beastie Fight

Sometimes living in a cave can be dangerous… especially when this pair is in there too 🫣🫣🫣

I just went for high speed slapping paint on and attempting a sort of blend before the lighter colours dried. I think I achieved what I was aiming for. I couldn’t be bothered to get up and get my fast drying basing glue so I liberally coated the base in runny superglue and then shoved the mini in the base ready tub. I think this is why the bear has lost his toes. I also liberally spread superglue on my desk as I forgot the base had a hole in it!

Today I tried the FDM printer again… I haven’t used it for well over a year, but I checked over oiled bits and ran a quick test print… aka what was on the card.

Based on the model I still have to lower the build plate a smudge as the raft looks really thin. Furthermore the filament has sat there on the spool all year so has probably adsorbed some moisture and finally the model is a 28mm one shrunk right down to small scale… actually it is a bloody miracle I have anything to show for the 2 hours and 14 minutes it took.

Hopefully Joe will be round for a game tomorrow evening so I doubt I will get any printing or painting done.

Final Officers Done.

This evening I cracked on and got the final pair done. I even tried doing eyes on this pair…

I also spent some of today sorting out my 3D printer files. Basically I downloaded a pile and got them onto my hard drive… I did a bit of printing too. I increased the size of the Vampire and Scarecrow, printed a giant centipede as well as did a test print of some more 15mm Samurai. I

kind of got these to allow me to do Ronin in 15mm. I will be able to do various Forces to go with my 15mm terrain.

As you can see I haven’t done a huge increase.

Tomorrow I will get a start on the Silver Bayonet miniatures. The centipede is going to spend a few hours in the sun to make sure he is fully cured.

Tonight’s Officer

I got another officer finished this evening, this one was I a quite simple uniform with bit gauntlets and a cloak that meant there was no braid to be found anywhere…

So that is three down, two left…

We have an officer with his dolman thrown over his shoulder and a vampire officer next to him. I just liked the ‘gentleman about town’ look on this one.

I will try and get the ‘Silver bayonet ‘ beasties sprayed tomorrow and them might start with one of them tomorrow evening. I keep forgetting that I have two more days off as we had today off too…