Test Compound…

Yesterday I was messing around with 3D builder, building a wooden stockade to go with the 6mm Samurai (to be honest they will be useful for all of the armies).

The design using 3DAlienWorlds STL’s

This is the printed piece…

Now it isn’t perfect by any means and the top of gate posts failed both times, but I am really happy at how well the printer coped with it, as can be seen it will hold up to four of the printed buildings nicely. It could also make a useful compound for a shrine or small fortification.

While I was messing about putting the buildings on, I noticed my neglected 15mm Samurai on the shelf. I stuck a Couple of peasants and water buffalo in and voila a pen for 15mm farmers to keep their animals in. Yeah I know they wouldn’t be of that construction , but pretty multi purpose nonetheless.

The fences would be more like the ones in the foreground above…

A quick change of miniatures and voila… livestock pens….

What I am going to try now is use the STL’s to make connections so that there can be a T and a + to allow different configurations.

Off gaming tonight, the Starship Troopers game is on hold for a bit as my mate (who had the stroke) needs to have a steady run up to get it ready to go. So as I don’t have anything planned then we are going back to Middle Earth in a different way…

What Has He Been Buying Now!

This evening I spent a lot of time faffing around to make a 6mm compound in 3D Builder. Some of the angles were off so it took a good old while to get it sort of straight 🥴.

I am giving it a test print now… we shall see how it gets on tomorrow morning.

This time I have added it to a raft to help it stick, not to mention bumping the temperature on the nozzle up a bit to compensate for the drop in temperature.

So no doubt you will be agog to hear about what I have spent my hard earned pennies on today.

Well there is no surprise in the fact that I have gone for some more 3D Alien Worlds bits and bobs. This time I went for the castle walls and corner turrets as well as a bamboo cup (don’t ask why… I just like it) and finally some mon to go on various bits and pieces. These last two will be done full size.



https://www.3dalienworlds.com/shop-description.php?ID=1518461174 And then the clan mon Set…https://www.3dalienworlds.com/shop-description.php?ID=1521849726

I got a couple of parcels today too…happy bunny… the first is some water washable resin. I have chosen the grey as that green is a bit of a sod to see the detail on. This stuff is usually more expensive than the normal kind. But in the case of this one it was the same price as the Anycubic plant based resin…

My other parcel was a RPG map book. This was half price, but it may come in handy sometime (aka I will never ever use it and it will go the journey eventually, either that or I will lose it).

While I remember I got some flock onto the spectre bases and I think it has brought them out a bit more…

Walls, Huts and Printing

I pushed on a bit tonight and git some flock onto the base of the walls. I think it really brings out the colour of the wood… ye gods I sound like ‘Changing Rooms’ or some other interior design programme.

Of course I totally cocked up with the vegetation in the gateway. It should have three muddy bits and not two… probably shouldn’t have anything up the middle at all….I just noticed now! Poop! and generic expletives of that sort… oh well never mind I can scrape off the flock and repaint.

Thankfully I had success with the buildings off the printer.

They certainly have some supports going on there 🥴. I honestly don’t cabaret, they work and that is what matters. The pair of them (including supports) weighs just under nine grams. They look okay when you pull the supports off…

So Well Done to 3DAlienWorlds for making such lovely models.

If you remember, I had the spaghetti monster of doom the other day…

I started off printing them again and noticed a problem coming up so I stopped the print. Tonight I managed to rescue some of the roofs from the mess above and match them up with the building walls. I reckon that I can rebuild four of them. A bit of sanding and some superglue and voila, a set of useful buildings.

On a totally different note, I was perusing my piles of unpainted plastic and lead and thought I really must come up with a way of getting stuff done, as to be honest I seem to have the attention span of a stunned kitten. My plan therefore is to try and keep to one thing at a time. As I am not doing a One Ring for a while my Patreon models will keep as will my Neolithic hunter models (that haven’t been printed yet). So here goes. I will endeavour to get all of my samurai 6mm terrain painted and sorted ready for some games. I have a 6mm army so then I can use them in that. After that get The Khmer army painted and based so that the Samurai have someone historical to fight. After this get the 15mm Samurai miniatures and terrain finished, then move back to get the 6mm Baccus army painted. This way I am not getting bogged down on one project, but I need stuff done. A few people have been doing a tray at a time. I really think that I am going to need to do that to keep me focused. Wish me luck!

Painting the Village

I leapt out of bed this morning and galloped into the shed to find some nicely (well okay they could be better) farm buildings suitable for my 6mm Japanese Games. The block in the middle had certainly worked and they now pretty much had doors.

I decided to get the fences painted this evening and managed to get a fair old way through on them. There may actually be more paint on me than on them though.

You will have to believe me but the fences are a grey/brown colour that looks pretty nice for aged wood. The solid farm house are still pretty much in their undercoat, but the hollow ones have had a bit of a paint, not that you can really tell.

As expected, as soon as I walked into the nursery today, my little chef legged it to the cooker to make my cake, as he had forgotten to give me it yesterday…

Finally, this made me laugh far too much…

Hopefully I will get some more done on the fences tomorrow. I also pick up the new(ish) car tomorrow. Both of my cheap run abouts have died, which is a right pain as they are not worth it to get repaired. But tomorrow I pick up a RAV4… I can honestly say that this is the first car I have ever driven and actually thought Wow, I like driving this.

Honey I Shrunk the Village

Eventually, after a lot of procrastinating, I managed to build my rural houses in 3D builder and shrink them down to an appropriate size for 6mm.

They were super tricky to build on the computer, but I managed. A huge well done to 3DAlienWorlds as the files were so good that it allowed me to do it. I did have to set about the fences with a mini blow torch to get rid of a lot of the stringing, but Success!

Ready for an undercoat.

These were printed at 0.2 layer height so basically draft quality, I am doing another pair right now, but being me I forgot to change the layer height.

Now the extremely weird thing is that I added doors and window shutters… as you can see, they disappeared! The only thing I can think of is that I forgot to merge them into the walls, therefore when I moved the buildings about the build plate the doors remained off the plate. This would explain why they were showing the size as being 4500%. Somewhere there is a door lurking 😂.

I haven’t managed painting tonight as I spent ages faffing on with building the houses electronically. I reckoned that trying to stick all the bits together with superglue at this size was just asking for trouble.

My plan is to do a few more of these as well as some with wooden roofs. I will also try the rice store and the well.

I really am having to fight the urge to purchase the castle walls, towers and gate house from 3DAlienWorlds. They are pretty awesome and would be used for skirmish gaming in 15mm. I know I am going to get them, but as I have spent a fair bit on toys recently, then I had better be a good boy and hold off for a while.

As we finished the adventure in the One Ring yesterday, we are going to do some Starship Troopers next. I think I will be building some bugs pretty soon. On Saturday we are going to be making characters and then onto playing next week.

Japanese Town

I got on with some more painting of the town tonight. Mainly adding the wood to the buildings and getting a wash on the tiled roof of the wall.

Some the woodwork could certainly do with a bit of a tidy up, but at least I cracked out the paintbrushes.

I have half a dozen houses still to do, but things are getting closer to finishing.

Splashing Some Paint About (literally)

I decided that tonight I really needed to get some paint put onto something. I thought I would do the walls. I painted the stonework and then when dry I added some wash. When it is all dry I will get it dry brushed and add some other washes to the tiles…

I came extremely close to throwing a can of paint across the shed and printer. I pulled it off the shelf and vigorously shook it. unfortunately the lid hadn’t gone on properly and my fingers became a little grey (actually a lot grey), thankfully I actually had my thumb on the top as I started shaking. if I hadn’t have done that it would have been a rather grey event. when I checked I realised that I hadn’t actually put the lid on properly last time. This was probably due to a build up of paint on the lid. It took me ages to get it all off the lid and inside too.

Painting Walls

Tonight I decided that my printed Japanese Walls had sat long enough, so I sat down to give them a lick of paint. As I had the paint out anyway I set about the houses too.

These were painted in Artist’s Acrylics, still a fair old bit to go, but. They are definitely beyond thee grey undercoat. I will get washes. On them as well as paint in all of the timbers on the buildings.

I am rather pleased with the way they they have turned out so far.

Village Walls

So the walls finished overnight only one failure and to be honest I don’t actually know what it is 😂. I had to do some speedy repairs to save the bottom left gate. Luckily two layers of the blue tape pretty much matched the base that had pinged.

The other problem I had was stringing. Before I went to bed I bumped the temperature up about 10 degrees. I think it was too much. I used to do this over the colder months, so just automatically did it last night.

When I did the test print I had no stringing, so I reckon the change in temperature was the problem. Easy enough solved with a lighter…

I have been busy constructing the sitootery again today. It was meant to be heavy rain, but thankfully we had a couple of twenty minute drizzling and that was it. Strong winds are forecast tomorrow so I might not get any more done.

Next on the printer are the paddy fields…

Monks and the Walls

Tonight I finished the monks, added some of the tufts I made, rather than add the ones I bought as they are totally different. They are nice and irregular shaped, but wouldn’t match in with the ones before.

Here are the monks amongst the hills

The other thing I did was to work on some of the 3DAlienWorlds walls. Rather than print then build I decided to build in 3D builder and then print them. This was a bit fiddly. Once the tops and bottoms were merged I Shrank them down to about 16% and printed them. This is them in the foreground.

Now I felt that they were a bit small so I bumped them up to 130%… Seen at the back of the photo below.as

As these are a bit tricky to see, I put them side by side.

Personally I prefer the larger one, but wondered what other people thought. The Files are saved so it isn’t a problem to bump them up,. Part of me thinks make them a bit larger again as a man on a horse would never get out of that gate 😂