Well I have just been out to paint a cross on the door as people in here are dropping like flies. Feeling a bit wobbly myself ☹️

Anyway I did manage to get some paint onto the Wargs and riders.

I remembered to do the bases edges brown this time as well as getting some bits and pieces painted on the riders too.

Hopefully I will get some more done tomorrow night and I don’t come down with what the rest of them in here have/have had.

10 thoughts on “Unclean, Unclean

  1. First, I hope you don’t catch that flu bug! Second, I wish I could to the daily updates like you do, but I can’t seem to put together more than a hour or two a week to painting.
    Keep up the work, I’m really enjoying how the bits are progressing.

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  2. Sorry to hear about the sickness mate I can’t add to John advice ,but one other thing I forgot to ask you was who makes your wonderful Wargs as I feel the need to spend more money !!

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