A tower of Strength?

Or perhaps just the Crow Tower from the Frost Kickstarter by Iain Lovecraft…

So as you can tell, I did shrink it down a bit, it will work well for both 6mm and 10mm Armies, but sadly not the 15’s. Tonight was mostly spent adding spots of different browns and greys.

This was done on the Ender 3. The original size has useable rooms and in fact this has a desk, chairs ladders etc on each floor.

Not sure what I am going to get on with tomorrow evening, probably getting the Astartes undercoated, not to mention find them some bases.

Bits and Bobs of Painting

My ribs are still burning, so after doubling up all the meds I could take I managed to get some work done on the Genestealer cult miniatures…

Still a very long way to go, but they are a bit further on than they were. The eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed a change to the jacket colour.

I got the dwarves flocked, they just need varnishing and probably some tufts put onto them…

And finally, I found an wood elf horse and tested it too… please note I do listen to advice and tried out the Dino mounts too. Of the three here I prefer the Trike’.

Tomorrow I hope to carry on with the cultists and Pendraken Mongols.

Belladona and a Whole Lot More

So I was mooching about in the shed looking for a mount for her ladyship. I now have three choices off the top of my head. Technically I could put her on a wood elf horse, but I don’t think it would work.

Now personally I prefer the top one as I feel the lines actually flow nicely from horse to rider, it is only an aesthetic thing, but I thought I would ask what other people thought.

As you probably know I do like my Contrast Paints, as I was mooching for the horse I found my Advanced Space Crusade and it looks like I was going for an early version of them…

For the big beasties and the unfinished ones they were done in GW washes and inks from what I remember. Soooo I have decided that these need an update so the five scouts and two ‘nids are going to be undercoated again and brought up to date. This will fit in nicely with Ann‘s Neglected but not forgotten challenge Here.

I managed to get the paint on the bases tonight….

As I had the brown out, I thought I might as well get the Mongol cavalry bases painted…before I paint the models! And finally, as I had some new whit I thought I might as well spray as much as I could before bed….

Dwarves… Nearly Done

Well today I had a day off. Got up, went to work, was there half an hour and came home and slept until 15.00. I sat in bed from then until 19.00 and mooched online watching random YouTube videos. On the upside, I have a set of Covid home test kits at home, so I know it isn’t that.

I made it up for dinner and then sat and threw some paint on the dwarves while the kids watched Wall-E.

They look better at a distance as you can’t see the mistakes 🥴. Really just the belt buckles and some shading on the armoured bits to do and then onto the bases.

I really enjoyed doing these as it was a nice change from the 28’s of late. Because I enjoyed doing them so much I was straight onto the Pendraken website, but held off hitting fire as I suddenly remembered that I have a Mongal army to paint, a pile of fantasy samurai as well as a Plains war army too.

See I have sort of managed to not buy anything new… well apart from these which were waiting for me when I came in this morning, I must have been ill as a I totally ignored them…

Now the second one above would fit in nicely with the first set I already built… the question is do I add them all in together or have two separate bases…

2019 Round-up…

This is a rewrite of the post I did last night. Somehow it disappeared. If truth be told, it might have been a case of user error as I was tired and hurrying to get it finished before midnight! Update, having just nearly done it again, it is not a good idea to hit discard draft instead of update draft.

On the non hobby front, I ended up with two new jobs. The first was in the back end of May being a temporary Deputy Head Teacher (vice Principal) of one of our two High Schools. This was a secondment until I started on as the Head Teacher of one of our small Primary schools. In June and July this had a massive knock on effect on both my painting and blogging. In June I managed only six posts and about ten in July, partly for being knackered and secondly we went on our hols to Orkney. Since the start of August I have blogged every day for 148 days straight.

To be honest in the vast majority of those days I have managed to paint something, sometimes whole units and other times I might have managed to paint a bit of braid on a couple of miniatures. I have also tried to show a bit of where I live as well as giving the odd interesting story from Shetland.

So anyway, what have I painted this year?

Probably not as much as I would have liked, but yeah, life and work sometimes gets in the way. To be fair, I reckon that the use of this paint has speeded up my rate of getting things painted.

These are a case in point…

All done in a Harry Potter film. From white undercoat to Finished in one sitting isn’t too shabby, to be fair they weren’t the most complicated of miniatures to finish .

So onto the quasi list….


I really noticed the difference in painting these. Way back into last January I made a start on the 10mm Wood Elf Army. This was done in two parts, the first part was painted in regular GW/AP paint and took forever, there were a few posts on how slow they were. And I quote “nearly lost the will to live but pushed through the barriers of whatever was stopping me getting on with them.” The second part (See below) was done with Contrast paint and it really, really speeded things up. These were done in about 4 hours over a weekend.

I also painted up:

A Conquistador Force

An Aztec Army

A Scalian Army

I also painted up various other random 10 and 15mm minis I had lying around.

again, Contrast paint made all the difference.

I painted a whole load of infantry for Starship Troopers as well as the odd Bug


A lot of September was printing and painting tanks and making/printing terrain

for the Games Day

Later on again in terms of 28mm, I managed to get both forces from Beastgrave painted…

Some troops and nasties for Aliens

I also painted more troops for Flintloque

And finally onto some Harry Potter minis and some GW minis too

This is not an exhaustive list, I have painted various other bits and pieces of 3D printed stuff too as well as other miniatures.

The 3D Printer has been busy this year, it has gone through three rolls of filament.

Well done if you have managed to make it to the end of this post

So rather than say what I am planning for next year, I will leave that for another post tomorrow.

Ugg and the Mammoth Clan

These things have sat in a semi finished state for about five years at least. I bought them from Magister Millitum for my open day Mammoth hunting game yonks ago. Part way through the build I changed my mind and got some Magister Inuit instead and used them. The plan was that I would have various clans. As it happened I just used one lot for the Games.

So here we have the mighty Ugg and the rest of his hunting party (minus the dogs).

Once again these were done in Contrast paint for speed. It took about an hour to get them from white to painted. I resprayed them white when I did the goblins the other day.

Once again I am back to the ‘what the heck do I cover the bases in’ conundrum.

The following photos show some games my kids and I played a while ago…based on the bottom photo I used some of the cavemen miniatures as fire starters in the game (I thought I was missing some). The Inuit can be seen taking on a Mammoth (the rearing Mammoth was converted from the standing ones. The baby Mammoth are 6mm irregular miniatures ones, the older ones are Pendraken and the rest of the fauna are Magister, apart from the mighty gorilla in the wood, he is a 54mm Britain’s zoo animal. Works really well as a King Kong substitute in 10mm.

Not sure what I am going to paint tomorrow 🤔

Nasty Orkses all Finished

Tonight I decided to get these done and out of the way.

They need some kind of basing material on them but the proof if colour concept seems to work and I am happy with them. Once I get the Samurai done, I will get some more if these.

Apologies for the naff photo.

Popped in to see my mate today and he seemed a bit better than yesterday, still struggling with vocabulary, but looking better in himself.. other good news.. my wife got a tax rebate as she had paid too much plus, the insurance came back with an acceptable value for the wrecked car…phew!

More Work on the Elves

Okay yesterday, I foolishly said it was warm, but not South temperature… foolish me!

Taken in the garden at 11.00 this morning.

it was still 26 degrees at 18.00 this evening… anyway onto the elves…

They are pretty much done apart from the bases, so I did indeed manage to get them finished by the end of the weekend.

I am honestly not sure how I am going to base them…I might stick some of my home made flock into the coffee grinder and get it a lot finer. I will have to have a think.

So, apart from the shields, hair and the metallics, these were painted in contrast paint. I do quite like it for this scale, I am still a little ambivalent about it in 28mm. Tomorrow I think I will make a start on some 15mm Lizardmen. I have just remembered that I have a ‘Tin Soldier’ 15mm Aztec DBA army sitting there too. They would make a nice opposing force to the Scalians.

Shortly after taking the photo above – this happened…

These lucky ones hit the table, the unlucky ones hit the floor. I think they all survived.

Tomorrow I am helping my in laws dismantle a lean to and put another one up in it’s place. Wish me luck, if the temperature is anything like today I am not going to be a happy bunny. I have become acclimatised to a Shetland Summer.

More Work on the Elves

Today has been a warm one, nothing like the silly temperatures down South, but still warm enough for us. So this afternoon, as promised, we went of for a game of hide and seek in one of our few woods up here. I am pleased to report that my Ninja skills have not left me.

Anyway…Elves. I blasted on with these again tonight and managed to get them to the nearly finished stage. Basically weapons, metalwork, hair and hands to do and that’s them finished.

Looking closely at the actual bases, I have noticed that some have bi coloured trousers that need rectifying.

Hopefully I will get these finished tomorrow, then potentially move onto some 15mm Lizardmen (Battle Valour- Scalians) that I won at the HOTT tournament earlier this year.

Elves All Finished

Well, as I wanted, I got them finished and added them to the rest…

So that is them all finished… and then like an early pantomime Joke … oh no they aren’t!

I opened a box and found another 45 sitting in bare metal… I said a nice line of expletives and got down to getting them stuck to their bases.

So tomorrow I will get these sprayed white and start getting them painted.

While I was waiting for the superglue to dry I got some paint on a parasaurolophus and some alien plants.

These were painted in Contrast paint, I thought I might as well give them a go on the dinosaurs.