Mantic Woes

This evening I decided I would do a quick glue together of a couple of packets of the zombie/mutant types. They were, for want of a better term, a bloody nightmare!

If you look at the two stood up beside each other. Notice the tabs on the bases. A lot of the joints looked something similar. It definitely wasn’t a case of ‘insert slot A in hole B’. Now I haven’t done huge amounts of Mantic stuff before. But this has nearly put me off for life. I am not sure if I was really lucky last time, or really unlucky this time. If it wasn’t for the Mantic plastic feel I would have said these were recasts.

On the up side the truck went together without any fuss or hassle.

Yellow Tops…Even More Reinforcements

Today has been a day of frustration, lots of frustration! The bloody printer kept missing out various bits, not sure why but some of the miniatures on the plate did not print, on the up side, I now have a whole load more miniatures, that I was going to do at another time.

The matriarch and the ram were two of the things that I tried to print… annoyingly, when I moved them into the middle they printed fine. Now I am no expert, but this would indicate a levelling problem. I re levelled the bed and still had a failure in the same spots, now it could have been a simple support issue. I will try printing some other bits and pieces tomorrow and see how I get on.

Yellow Tops… Reinforcements

Well, I suppose sort of might be a better way of putting it…

I spent a good deal of this evening sorting out a build plate with four miniatures, two shields and lots of weapons for them all… I came back to the printer to find this…

Now the mathematically astute will notice a distinct lack of number 4 miniature and the more observant will also notice a one legged man. There are also a lot of the weapons missing too, not to mention the bottoms of the two hand guns… I managed to print the hand to hold the shotgun, only to find I had printed the right hand instead of the left.

So I did what I could with the bits I had and came up with these two (plus the power maul for the sergeant)…

I decided to print them all again. This time I noticed that the bolt pistol and grenade pistol were actually sitting in mid air, so sorted that out! I also supported the heck out of everything that I could. Further to this I increased the lift height and slowed down the lift speed as the FEP was certainly being pulled upwards by the suction. On second thoughts, I have just realised that I increased the lift speed…. doh!

On the up side these are nearly finished…

I am rather pleased that I now have a long weekend… no work for four days! I need the above finished by lunchtime as my mate is coming around for his Birthday Barbecue around 16.00. I do need to go shopping for all of the barbecue food and drinks, but hopefully I can get the wash on them and highlights done. He might have to wait until Saturday (his birthday) to actually get them as it allows me to get some PVA on the bases as well as getting them varnished. The extras will have to come a bit later on.

Yellow Tops… Getting There

Tonight I managed to get some more paint onto these chaps and am nearly done them. I want to get a wash onto the metalwork and then a dry brush. I added a dark paint into the mouth area and it made me a bit happier than yesterday…

So this is them nearly finished… I will get some of the dark sand onto their bases tomorrow. The one thing I did notice this evening, or should I say notice properly, is that the one chucking the grenade has lost his rifle barrel.

I had a go at printing the last two from this squad.. it was a bit of a pain to be honest. Chitubox, the slicer program was playing silly buggers and messing with the resolution. I eventually overcame it by totally reloading it and voila my printer appeared, so apart from the failure of the force truncheon (or whatever it is called), the rest printed ok.

So we have the sergeant with a las pistol and the marshal with a bolt gun and chain sword. In hindsight I think adding the bolt gun in that pose hasn’t really worked. I really should have rotated the hand more and had it on its side… hey ho never mind.

I will print off the failed bit tomorrow. He should get eight of the ten for his Birthday by Friday.

The one thing I found about this printer was the relief of just pressing print and off it went… none of the faffing on for half an hour trying to get the print head to come down.

Yellow Tops…Further Work

I got a wiggle I. With these this evening and managed to get a lot of the white covered up. I am liking the yellow more, but there is still something that is bugging me about the colour… I just cannot put my finger on it.

I think I will darken the mouth area and get some darker colour into the eye slits, that may help my niggle.

I will get the metallics done tomorrow This will be gold or brass on the chest decoration and on the shoulder decoration that two of them have. I will also add gun metal to the weapons. I do quite like these as miniatures and might sort myself out some …I actually have the multi part ones too…a few with riot shields and combat shotguns would go well… not to mention the sergeant and officer to go with these ones. Hopefully I will be bothered to get the printer running tomorrow evening.

Yellow Tops

Tonight I got the black done on the Arbites , still a long way to go, but in a fit of excitement I added some yellow to the helmets…

Now it might just be because of the white that is still on the miniature, but I am not sure whether I like it or not. Once the rest is done then if I still don’t like it I can easily paint over it with a different colour…my mates birthday is on Saturday so I had better get a wiggle on tomorrow.

The Bases are Done

Well Sort of! Not sure why but tonight the term butter fingers could be used to convey my skill set, figures bounced across the table, I didn’t quite get to paint the basing glue on their heads but it came close. To be brutally honest, I think the brush I was using was too large, did I change it? Did I heck.

Anyway I need to clean the edges up and get them painted and then I am calling these done. I will probably seal the sand with Watered down PVA tomorrow and then get some kind of vegetation on there. I originally thought of adding snow, but I really do think that it would be too bright and would draw the eye towards the bases too much.

As can be seen from the photo. The lone werewolf is done and the mounted squire is almost done, just really the spear and sword to do. I also made a start on the AA banshee or whatever she is called.

More Painting!

Oooh am I on a roll or what, yep I got the vox caster finished this evening and I need to get the straps on the blankets painted then they are pretty much done (oh apart from metallic insignia).

I also worked on my wizard and minotaur.

I also got paint onto other bits and pieces too. Not a huge amount but if I had the pot open then I found something to add that colour too.

The three miniatures above are ancient and this is the first time any of them have seen a pot of paint. It’s funny really, when I played the games then I didn’t paint them, not that I don’t play the games they get paint 😂😂

Valhallan’s Off we go Again

Tonight I booted myself up the backside and sat down and did some painting. I managed to get them moved forwards a bit. Still a long way to go, but definitely heading in the right direction.

I will need a second coat on the green of the hats and equipment.

Snow is still lying, which is a bit unusual, the last time it was like this was ten years ago. We still have another week of it at least.

More snow heading out west…

Winter Camo… a Success

Well as it is still a bit snowy outside I decided to take the walker out for a bit of photo shoot in it’s unfinished state… evidently it is quite effective 😉

Funny but true, I actually lost sight of it in the IPad camera app and actually thought I had missed it.

Luckily the missile is going to be military green with a black warhead. So won’t stick out like a sore thumb.

Tonight I worked on it a bit more and got it to the nearly finished stage.

The lighting was a bit harsh, so the white has caused a weirdness that isn’t really there in reality. I will get it photographed in natural light tomorrow. I also painted the boots of the Troopers this evening too…

When I base this up I might add clumps of snow, but will check with my mate first to see what he wants.