Five Down…

Fourteen to go… as you can see I managed to get the paints and brushes out this evening.

I am doing these in batches of five (and a four). This means that I am batch painting tunic colours. The majority of these have the blue grey colour on them. It was meant to be all of them, but somehow I put the paint down, totally forgot what colour I had just been using and chose a blue instead.

I am hoping that tomorrow I will get some more done.

A lot of this evening was spent battling with the insurers. In my policy I get a hire car, the repairs were approved on the 17th and I am still waiting for my hire car from them. Evidently it is tough shit that I am having to pay for a hire car myself while they wait to find me one. Evidently they sub contract to another company tgst doesn’t have anything to do with Shetland and although the claims lass said that us it, your request for a car gas gone through, the other side are denying all knowledge. In case you are wondering… they aren’t going to pay for the one I am already having to fork out for. Time for a new insurer methinks.

Hermit and the Goblins

This evening I got a few more Monster Hunter minis out of box and set to work. My original plan was to get the seven of them started, but instead I went for finishing four of them. These are, for want of a better term, a goblin command set of: mage, standard and commander. The other one finished was a human mountain hermit.

On the left are a couple of Kappa and on the right a demonic Samurai.

Now for fun I looked up the Kanji for Goblin… the flag should say goblin, but with my painting ability it might just say trombone, but the thought was there.

Tomorrow I will try and get the next three done, then I am onto a dozen or so skeleton Samurai.

Painting this evening was done with very painful index fingers on both hands. It looks like I have an infection under the nail on both of them. My left hand actually hurts to even gently touch it, well as it is swollen it is not surprising. I really think I should go and annoy the doctor sometime as this keeps on happening.

Back with the Samurai

Tonight I decided to get my finger out and do some more on the 6mm Samurai. For these actual Samurai I decided to do them lots of different colours from yellow through to black…

We went out today and found some of the lesser spotted Shetland Wallabies and a Shetland Emu…

I also got a couple more untis of the 28mm Renaissance undercoatedtoo. I went for some flagellants and some more pikes.

And finally I have printed a hundred strips of Arqubusiers for Joe and I… incidently we are having another game on Monday afternoon… huzzah!

A Bit of Painting and a Cost Update

I got some of the 6mm printed samurai painted this evening… a simple down and dirty paint scheme…

They fiti in with the Baccus really well.

I also undercoated some of the Renaissance Pike, it didn’t seem worth it warming up the spray can for ten 6mm samurai….

I got a bit of paint on these too… I wonder whose idea was it to print Landskecht!

Regarding the Renaissance ideas. I worked out a 500 point imperial army, 250 is seen a a starter army. This was a mix of cavalry and 2 landskecht and 2 Tercio Pike blocks…with associated skirmishers, mounted and on foot, some guns and some generals… if I bought them tomorrow it would work out as £78.00. This is with two Pike on each base rather than four.

I don’t know why but it is seriously messing with my head…that is a lot of 6mm miniatures to paint… i do however reckon, even with my painting abilities, that it would look pretty impressive. I always like to get both sides in a conflict, as too many times others have dropped out of plans and all of a sudden there is an army with no one to fight. So in reality cost would be double the above.

I am going to have a think about how to go about things… thanks for the support and the ideas that came in.

Peasant Size Comparison

Okay that does sound like a thing a feudal Lord might do, but I would like to point out that no peasants were harmed during this experiment.

As I said yesterday, the printed ones at 100% were too small so today I did a little size comparison. I did four tests at 110%, 115%, 120% and 125%.  I then did a highly scientific test by sticking them next to a base of ashigaru and then eyeballing them here are the results…

The 120% seemed the best fit amongst the four chosen. To be honest they are a little on the large side and I technically should have gone for about 117 – 118% but with the discrepancies in base height then these fitted better

Four hours later I have the start of an Ikko Ikki force.

Front row, Samurai with swords, they have a sashimono on, but as I want them as Ronin then those will have to go. Next are the peasants with spears and beside them the peasants with agricultural weapons. At the back are a pile of sohei with naginata. I evidently forgot to order some sohei with the yumi.

My plan is to add in either some Irregular or Baccus individuals to act as prominent people.

Now printing things this small has its advantages and disadvantages. Without a banner they take about 40 minutes to print, a nobori that the sohei have took that force to about an hour-ten. The main pain in the backside is removing the tiny built in supports. They are a bit on the faffy side. Just looking at some if them now and I can see some tiny bumps on the end of spears.

Tomorrow I will give these a base and a spray and see what they look like painted.

I totally forgot to say where I got tye idea from, so here is the post that got me going Tenka Fubu . Some seriously awesome Sengoku era miniatures and terrain on this blog.

Oh while I remember today is my 18th Wedding Anniversary, we never do anything for it, I think our first wedding anniversary cemented how things were going to go… we were in France, Normandy in fact, a place of amazing food and we spent it in a Macdonald’s.

Caravan Samurai

Yesterday and today I got on with basing some of the 6mm samurai, well actually the ashigaru (both yumi and teppo). My original plan was to plonk eight miniatures per base, however they wouldn’t really fit on the 20 x 40mm bases so in the end I glued only four on each.

Above we have the teppo armed ashigaru. I have the same number armed with the yumi. So 48 bases in total.

With the same four to a base then there will be the same number of Yari armed ashigaru.

Now interestingly enough I don’t seem to have any samurai infantry. If you remember a while a go I said I seemed to be missing some cavalry . I have rechecked and there aren’t any missing. It looks like both were in the same bag. Each one is meant to have 18 minis in and I have 36… I cannot find the three packs of foot samurai, that should be there.

Now as you know, I love my 3D printer, so I was quite excited to see these…

Lots to choose from 😉.

We had another good day today, it rained a bit so we played plenty of games. We gave Munchin Quest a go… first two monsters were a level sixteen and eighteen. Luckily for us they ignore low level Munchkins!

Samurai Cavalry Done

Well I think that they are done, or at least as done as I am going to do them,with the exception of the spear points.

The Irregular ones in the background are still to finish off. I still have a whole more Baccus infantry to get started, but the army is definitely on the way to completion.

I managed to get the caravan moving again today, new springs, plenty of WD40 and a neighbour with pair of pliers and voila the brakes now work. They will need a new cable but at least I can now tow it to someone if I cannot manage it myself.

A Smidge on the Samurai

Tonight I managed to slap some paint on the samurai.

As I had been mooching about for the missing cavalry I did come across some of the Irregular individual miniatures. They aren’t too bad compared to the Baccus ones. It’s a real pity that the 2D6 ones are so tiny, they are really nice miniatures but don’t really compare to the others.

Today I got a parcel all the way from China… it was full of paint brushes, well around twenty of them. Now I honestly cannot remember ordering any brushes, apart from the ones from Wish about a year and a half ago. This leaves two options, first and most likely… I am a pillock and have a memory like a sieve, second is that I have received a random package of paint brushes from China.

On a totally different note, the printer seems to be hanging in there. The pole arms came out absolutely fine, so this evening I am printing a couple of ram cavalry… I am going for two at a time 🤞. Hopefully by tomorrow I should have four of them in total.

Well one day to go and the cough has started as well as the sniffles. Not a happy Bunny!

More on the Cavalry

Tonight I wrangled with the printer a bit again and got further than yesterday. One type of halberd isn’t working so I am going to redo the slicing of it to see if that helps. It seems to be failing at the lowest point so there is something wrong with the supports… anyway enough of printers. I got a bit more done on the cavalry…

I went hunting for another pack and then realised that this was actually it… it will do as Samurai Armies didn’t have huge cavalry forces. I toyed with the idea of a different colour for the cavalry, but decided against it. Therefore we have 15 minis in each colour. In case you were wondering I painted the horses in threes, then did the armour colour. I suddenly realised that one colour would have three black horses, so I changed one to the opposite colour to allow a bit of horse variation in both forces.

I also managed to get the archers done…

Now if I remember correctly then there are two packs of yari armed troops and one of teppo. These will need to be added to the sticks and then sprayed white, but I am pretty much half way to doing the whole army.

Tomorrow I hope to get some more done on these.

Starting on the Samurai Cavalry

Tonight I made a start on the cavalry…

The archers just need the flesh doing and then they are done, apart from the bases…

I will hopefully get some more done on these tomorrow night. I am interviewing tomorrow, so wish me luck. I need the right person for this job.