Yeah, not much got done this evening. My good lady was feeling unwell and with one thing and another I didn’t really get much done.

I did however throw some paint on a horse and also paint the tongues on the Wargs. Whilst looking closely at the horses I realised that some have their tongues sticking out. A bit weird but never mind.

As I said yesterday, today is a public holiday. I went for a run over to the Westside to see my sis and family and it was a really still day. Something nice after a month of on and off gales. Makes for nice reflections 😉.

Hopefully I will get some more things painted tomorrow.

I found Paul on Netflix, I spent most of this evening watching it instead of actually painting. One of my favourite films.

Talking of Netflix, I also watched the new (ish) Robocop. I found that I really liked it, which I wasn’t expecting. And finally my viewing included the first series of the Witcher… I enjoyed it but WTF, how confusing was it. To be fair I haven’t read the books or played the game, but it jumped backwards and forwards across what seemed like decades with no idea whether they were flashbacks, prequels or what… either that or the episodes were out of sync.

Hopefully season two when it arrives will make more sense.

7 thoughts on “Wargs with Tongues

    1. Actually, I never thought about it, but as far as movie line go for inspring models, and since we’re talking about the original Robocop film, how ’bout “Dead or alive, you’re coming with me”? Hopefully this makes sense on another blog in another time in another place! 🙂

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