My Tiny Farm

Tonight I managed to get the 2mm farms just about finished.

This time the buildings are stuck down so there is no going back now. The only problem is, is that there aren’t enough buildings to make the town now…

I tried them out for size on the town base. The town base now has the church/temple on it as the rest are glued elsewhere. Luckily I have another set of thirteen printed and cured. The above still needs trees etc to make it a bit more interesting.

The other thing I managed to get done this evening was to slap some paint on some 28mm Pikemen…

Still a way to go, but they are getting there. Yo be honest a lot of each miniature still to do is armour.

I got a couple of aliens printed successfully last night. I will drop a photo of them tomorrow.

Hill Fort MkII

Chief Vitalstatistix was somewhat nonplussed to hear that his rival Mykingdomforanorse had got a bigger fort than his, so he popped over to Brittania to see for himself….

My original plan was to use milliput to build the ramparts, but as I had about a litre and a half of my original modelling compound then I thiugh I would try an experiment, building them with that instead.

I increased the height of the original hill in the centre and the started using small amounts to do the ramparts.. you can see the size difference with the original one.

This one will need a bit of work once it is dry as some of the bits justlook stuck on to the base…

My plan is to add some more defences where the opening is… got to confound those Romans somehow.

It looks a bit weird in it’s raw state. Once I have got some paint on it, it may look better. If it doesn’t then it cost pence to make and about 25 minutes in terms of time.

I have decided that this thing is protected by cliffs on the sides nearest the camera. These will be painted accordingly.

I will try and get some miniatures painted tomorrow evening. I might even go for 2mm, 6mm and 28mm…I do also have a 15mm Dervish warrior undercoated too!

Working on the Hill Fort

This evening I worked on my hill fort interior… Aka making some houses. I spent ages trying to texture my own roof for a simple one I had designed. I really needed something other than Meshmixer. This is able to make the basic shape, but I really couldn’t get it to do any texture on the roof.

So I went back to plan B. I cut out a house from the original village in Meshmixer and repaired it. I the copied a few and supported them. To be fair I should have dropped my support density from 74% but I forgot.

As you can see, I also got some texture onto the thing too… the house is the small grey thing next to the chariot. Chief Vitalstatistix is pleased with the progress. I reckon I will get four or five of the houses in to the space I have.

I will probably do a bigger one than this. I was looking at pictures of hill forts, I never realised that there were so many in England… 1224 to be precise… or more rather 1224 that we have found yet. We have more Brochs on Shetland than there are hill forts in Dorset

I will get the sand covered with watered down PVA tomorrow. Hopefully I will get up early enough to get it done in the morning so that is dry by time I get back

A tower of Strength?

Or perhaps just the Crow Tower from the Frost Kickstarter by Iain Lovecraft…

So as you can tell, I did shrink it down a bit, it will work well for both 6mm and 10mm Armies, but sadly not the 15’s. Tonight was mostly spent adding spots of different browns and greys.

This was done on the Ender 3. The original size has useable rooms and in fact this has a desk, chairs ladders etc on each floor.

Not sure what I am going to get on with tomorrow evening, probably getting the Astartes undercoated, not to mention find them some bases.

Printing Success

Huzzah, the roof came out fine, well apart from a couple of gaps it is fine. However putting it on a raft with supports inside it made my job a nightmare… luckily I only stabbed my self only once.

My second Kickstarter core bundle came through too. I had already started on the ‘crow’ tower. But me being me didn’t do it for 28mm as designed, instead I dropped it down to something that would suit my 6 or 10mm Armies…

Today I have been doing more work in the conservatory, or rather on the conservatory. If you remember we put a skylight in it and it has been nothing but trouble, so today I spat the dummy and removed it… as you can imagine this left a ruddy great hole in the roof. So with a bit of help from the family we got some wood cut and filled in the gaps. It had been a fine day although a bit on the chilly side. So I had just glued everything in place and the heavens opened with some of the worst sleet I have seen in a good while. Needless to say I hadn’t sealed everything yet, so we now have a very wet floor. I managed to get some plastic over things, but it was a bit late. I was so wet I put my trousers straight into the tumble drier to get them useable again quickly.

Tomorrow I carry on and get the roofing felt on and get that all sealed too. Busy, busy, busy!

Tomorrow I intend to try and paint something… anything in fact. I am going to print out some of the militia too from the Lovecraft Kickstarter.

Diorama, Paints and Superglue

I decided to get the diorama finished tonight. I went for some blood in the end, I think it looks okay. Not much, but a bit of red to give a bit more to the story.

I also got some paint put onto some more of the 3D printed stuff. I needed the superglue to repair a few miniatures too.

We had a bit of excitement in school today as a pod of Orca came into the bay. We went for a look, but by time we got out they were motoring away…

You can just about see them in the photo…

We took the kids for a walk down to the pier, it was a nice morning for it…

Diorama… Nearly There

Today I managed to get some more of the wolves done. They, like the rhino, need some Matt varnish. I haven’t quite decided on how everything will look in the end. So this is a starter for ten.

So this is where we have got to in the build. Part of me thinks that the wolves are a bit dark for this, but it is how they are in reality. I may have a play around with them and see how I get on.

Next question is blood on the calf or not….? I think not, but maybe I should.

Diorama Update

Tonight I bit the bullet and poked holes into the base work and then shoved the trees in. Thanks for all the positive comments as they really did help. What didn’t help was when I used my cutters to chop the stick size down. A whole pile of flock came from somewhere, I had visions of a totally bare tree on one side. Methinks it came from inside.

I also dry brushed the bright green tufts as well as most of the other ones as well to blend it all in. I also managed to do a bit of work on the rhino, basically getting a dark wash on them before dry bushing tomorrow.

I also tested the miniatures to see what they would look like in situ and I think they will work…

Stunt rhino were used in this shot…still a bit of brighter green to tone down too.

So on the whole I am happy with this. If I were to do it again then I would build the base up by two layers to allow trees to be placed anywhere.

Hopefully I will get this finished by the end of the weekend. I am considering another one with hunters and a mammoth, but I will see how I feel after finishing this one and after checking on how much space I have to store it.

Trees, paint and a Three Legged Wolf

So tonight I managed to get the trees reflocked, blasted with hairspray and then given a couple of coats of Matt varnish to try and seal the whole lot down.

Not exactly the world’s best photo, but I think you can see what I was aiming for.

I also made a start on the animals, I couldn’t be bothered to try to get them undercoated white, so instead I just brushed on some Foundry ‘Canvas A’ paint. In doing so I sadly snapped off one of the feet off a wolf.

He is the wolf nearest to the rhino, his foot is the grey lump sitting next to the right hand wold. Luckily I didn’t drop it so a bit of superglue fixed the problem after the photo was taken (I finished undercoating everything too).

I am starting to get a little worried as to how this whole thing is going to look when finished. Not sure why, probably just cold feet as it has taken me so long…

And finally, shock horror, my blog has now had, at last check, 6012 visitors with 19200 views. That is pretty amazing if I say so myself. I never ever, ever though I would get 1000 visitors. So a big thank you to everyone who has popped by and to everyone who keeps coming back. I really do appreciate it. ❣️

Back with the Trees (and camels)

Today I bought some brown spray paint, it was a satin finish, but for the trees I really doubt it will matter. So the four I did last night were given a spray…

From this…
To this, (the sun was going down when I took the photo… so apologies for the crap photo).

I then hunted out my hair spray and gave them a dashed good squirt and then a blast with flock. I found that there was too much liquid on them and the flock dropped off when attached to droplets. I gave the next one a spin after soaking it. This certainly helped as less plopped off.

The lighting was a bit crap in the house, but I reckon you can see the difference between attempt one and attempt two…

Not perfect, but loads better than yesterday’s version…

I will give them a blast of watered down PVA tomorrow and seal this lot in, or possibly will do the lighter flock for highlights first then onto the sealing. As you can see from the photo above the flock is very loose on the hairspray version, hardly any fell off on the spray glue…

I will have another go at making some more trees tomorrow (or start tonight) and then try again with the hairspray, another option is to retry the spray glue. One of the thing it has is this button that you turn to change the spray flow.

So Facebook has this memory thing that keeps popping up, today was a cracker from six years ago when my son was four…

We were watching a nature programme and he suddenly said..

“Why aren’t those camels blue?”

“Well camels aren’t blue.” I replied.

“Arctic camels are! Arctic camels are blue!”

“There aren’t any camels in the arctic!”

“That’s because polar bears eat them!” He replied.

“James, they cannot life in the arctic as it is too cold.”

“That’s why they are blue!” he said triumphantly .

I tried really hard. “James, camels can’t get to the arctic as the sea is in the way.”

“Well they swim there!” He pointed out.

“I really don’t think camels can swim THAT well.”

“Ahhh Daddy, but you have forgotten, camels have swim knuckles!”

At that point I gave up… we never ever worked out what Swim Knuckles are.

But this camel seems to have them…