A Mobile Shrine

So my mate took his birthday present home with him in the car so I reckon we can class it as a mobile Shrine.

So instead of a pristine shrine, I wanted to go for one that is more run down, hence the faded colours on the building. I also got to work with my home made tufts…

All in all I am quite pleased with how this came out. Next stage trying to repeat it in a scale suitable for 6mm, as well as 15mm too. One day I may even do it in 28mm!

A Small Shrine

It was my mates birthday a couple of weeks ago and as I am seeing him tomorrow I thought I had better getbmy finger out and make him something,

I made him a small Japanese shrine for his 15mm Sengoku Monster Hunter games.

Basically he can put in either the ancient tree trunk or the building. I will add some tufts etc tomorrow.

These pieces come from the newish shrine set.

Something New

This morning as I was bringing the shopping in I slipped on the mud and sat down abruptly. As I was laden down with bags I couldn’t break my fall so bits of me have spent today reminding me that they existed.

Anyway enough of my whining. As I was on light duties I managed to make something else in Blender.

These nearly drove me demented. One is single sided and the other is double. At the minute I am trying to work out how to add a raised image… it is not going well!

If you hear a fell voice on the wind it is only me throwing a tantrum… again!

I Made Something…

And it works!

So on the left is the crazy paving effect and on the right paving slabs.

What is more weird is that I drew both of them in Paint and somehow in the magic of blender it has taken it to something 3D.

I will be honest they aren’t the most polished 3D printed thing ever… but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t super happy about them actually working.


Okay so I haven’t actually done any painting, but I have got the mausoleum finished…

I had a bit of an exciting lunchtime as I tried to set my school on fire when the toaster failed to pop up… at least I know the smoke alarms work! Full evacuation occurred, plus I didn’t get any lunch as it was carbonised!

Ghouls, Walls and Dwarves

Today has been all about printing. I found these walls for free. They are pretty awesome. They join via the pin-and-hole method. They can go straight, 45 degrees, and a right angle.

The above is made from two short walls and two wall ends. The wall ends are in the foreground. A short wall is about 70mm or just under 3 inches.

Here is the Thingiverse link… correct on 20/11/22: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3660058

Now instead of shoving as much onto the build plate as possible, I am instead going for smaller numbers, a major reason is that the filament is running short, but also because I got two walls in just over two hours.

I also printed a dozen ghouls and a dozen dwarves Huscarls.

Objective Markers

Well at the minute I am trying to use up the last of the filament spool so I wanted smaller bits. Today I went for objective markers and wooden beams.

I went for three of the four designs for the markers. Each has a number on the bottom to support various sneaky things in game. I went for 1 to 6 for each one.

The crates etc in the background were printed the other day.

Great Big Tower

Well that is the tower finished. Part one was just under 19 hours, part two over 26 hours and part three came in at just under 7 hours. So all in about 52 hours… I am now going to have to purchase a new roll of filament too as this took up an awful lot.

On the tooth front, I ended back in at the dentist today as my face swelled right up and was really sore. They cleaned it out again and also redid the filling.

Here is mr Chipmunk!

The triage nurse wanted to see what the swelling looked like. I took the photo while on the phone to get.

The Ruined Tower Part One

Eighteen hours Forty nine minutes of printing led to the first part of the tower getting finished.

The tower will be on the right hand side. Based on the printer first layers the tower is the same length as this one. From what I remember there will be a rock face against the lower bit, but I honestly cannot remember what it looks like.

Small Scatter Bits

So after doing a lot of big buildings and some larger scatter I was running a bit low on filament so I went down a few sizes to ensure I didn’t run out mid print. Here is an original Mordheim miniature trying the out for size.

Individual barrels: Digital Taxidermy… the rest Iain Lovecraft

To breed honest I could have probably done another set of these with what was left on the roll, but my new one came today so I went back to bigger things. Mixed in amongst the bigger things were another set of the crates.

I am really pleased that this machine seems to be back to full functionality. Obviously the money I spent on upgrades, never installed, was wasted as it is now (touch wood) seems to be fine.

I can only remember some of what I added to the build plate so tomorrow I am in for a surprise 😁. Not sure what time tomorrow as the build plate is quite full. When I was out just before the bases of things hat were printed were about 3mm high… that was after almost 4 hours printing. I did spot one thing that might cause me problems. One of the crate piles seemed to be touching another thing!