Deliberate Small Scale Agriculture

So after last night little foray into Greenstuff fields for the hex tiles I decided to have another go this evening but with an added farmhouse done in3D Builder. I messed it up a bit in that I didn’t push the whole thing down far enough so then there was an edge visible which looked a bit naff. So I covered it in Greenstuff fields and a dodgy hedge.

On the Bleurgh front, I think I will be back to work again tomorrow. Not exactly 100% but enough to get going again.

Hopefully I can get things painted again soon…

Test Compound…

Yesterday I was messing around with 3D builder, building a wooden stockade to go with the 6mm Samurai (to be honest they will be useful for all of the armies).

The design using 3DAlienWorlds STL’s

This is the printed piece…

Now it isn’t perfect by any means and the top of gate posts failed both times, but I am really happy at how well the printer coped with it, as can be seen it will hold up to four of the printed buildings nicely. It could also make a useful compound for a shrine or small fortification.

While I was messing about putting the buildings on, I noticed my neglected 15mm Samurai on the shelf. I stuck a Couple of peasants and water buffalo in and voila a pen for 15mm farmers to keep their animals in. Yeah I know they wouldn’t be of that construction , but pretty multi purpose nonetheless.

The fences would be more like the ones in the foreground above…

A quick change of miniatures and voila… livestock pens….

What I am going to try now is use the STL’s to make connections so that there can be a T and a + to allow different configurations.

Off gaming tonight, the Starship Troopers game is on hold for a bit as my mate (who had the stroke) needs to have a steady run up to get it ready to go. So as I don’t have anything planned then we are going back to Middle Earth in a different way…

Japanese Town

I got on with some more painting of the town tonight. Mainly adding the wood to the buildings and getting a wash on the tiled roof of the wall.

Some the woodwork could certainly do with a bit of a tidy up, but at least I cracked out the paintbrushes.

I have half a dozen houses still to do, but things are getting closer to finishing.

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

Tonight I was a bit pooped so just sorted out my mountain hexes. By sorting out please read filling in all of the gaps. I kind of forgot that the temperature had fallen a fair bit so I think it caused some lines. I don’t think it was a blockage as the lines really only appeared in certain places.

I used the tried and tested superglue and bicarbonate to add a solid top layer. The one thing I noticed was that I was missing a mountain tile. This is being printed as I type this (along with the volcano). I have bumped the temperature up by 10 degrees to see if that will make any difference, if it doesn’t then I reckon I do have a blockage. Once these two are done then I reckon I have got one of each tile that I intend to use.

On the resin front, it is still sitting idle but I do have a pile of new miniatures from the new Patreon that I need to download and get going with. I thought I might as well wait until my wash and cure device arrived, that way It will be a heck of a lot easier to clean them up, not to mention cure.

My Ship had Babies

We today, I decided to try one of each of the different ships, there were in fact ten of them. This time I printed them at 50% size. These will come in handy for Poseidon’s warriors.

The one thing I must get the hang of is to clean things better. Some of these are a bit of a mess. I think it will come with practice and knowing where the resin will lurk. It also didn’t help that two of them stuck together.

I decided to take my safety seriously and decided to wear my mask (that arrived this morning)

Maybe a bit over the top, but it works!

Tomorrow I will get the printer running again at ten seconds a layer. Nine is definitely better than eight so I will do another run of miniatures. I will put the jailer in there again so that I have a consistent figure to test the settings on.

I gave the Ender an airing today and it was an absolute sod. Changed the nozzle and also re levelled the bed, and fave the build plate a damn good clean before it would let me print anything.

I ended up with a small samurai village and an individual house in three bits for my 6mm Forces.

I bought these at the same time as the galleys yesterday. The village comes on a circular base, and there are some individual houses too.luckily the Japanese ones are included. I had to shrink the singles by 50%, and I think they will definitely do. This set also came with a samurai castle.

The sets had various houses from Neolithic right they way up to ACW, so I should have a fair bit to play with. Sadly the individual ones came in at only three sets. Samurai, Tudor and Russian.

Filling the Ponds and Paddies

So today I decided that I needed to get some water into the ponds and paddy fields and here is the result…

I added clear to the ponds then put a couple of drops of sepia ink into the paddy fields. This is the first time I think I have used a two part resin. I have used other stuff years ago… so absolutely no idea what his will end up like.

I also got all the miniatures and buildings coated in a couple of layers of Matt varnish. The shrine and fences have been coated too.

Hopefully by tomorrow I will know whether the resin pour worked 🤞

If it has I will get these flocked up to go with the miniatures. Soon I will be moving onto these.

Not So Local Fauna

Today I have been printing more plants…

The Glob trees with a Rider of Rohan for scale. This the three of them with the full-size one finished.

More plants… some pillock added supports again to the ones that don’t need supports! I am printing another larger one overnight.

I will eventually stop printing things for the lizards and then start on things for the Samurai 😂

Off the Printer

So, as I said yesterday, I had been printing something terrain wise for my Seraphon Force. Here it is…

Seven hours forty three minutes to print…

I plonked a couple of Saurus next to it to give you a size of scale.

Not everything is perfect though… it has bloody big gaps in it. Now these can be filled etc, but it does mean that there is a problem with the printer. Probably some sort of under extrusion or for some reason the layers aren’t bonding together properly. The latter might be caused by damp in the filament. The roll has been on there for a good while, and as the heating packed in in the shed it has not been the best conditions.

I also started on the dread Saurian. This is a Seraphon Mega Beasty. Now I don’t have the dosh to buy one, so I thought I would print it.

This thing is …king huge! I actually dropped the size down to 70% as the body wouldn’t fit on the build plate. As you can see, even scaled down it is a bit on the large side…The head alone is bigger than the large scale Saurus hero.

A mere four and a half hours to print this!

Now the problem I have is that I don’t want to try printing the body until the printer problem is sorted.

The Mega-Beasty comes in four parts. Head, torso, tail and finally head decoration. I am printing the latter right now and I think, just by looking at it, that there are going to be problems. It is splitting apart in places, funnily enough at roughly the same height as the throne and head.

As a total aside, I am still having the panic episodes which quite frankly are doing my head in. I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow so hopefully he can help out. On the up side of all of this, I am noticing the warning signs a lot more, the panic attacks at present might be due to me fighting back.

Cheap Desert Mat…

My daughter decided to buy her friend a fun present for Christmas. A giant burrito blanket. Both my wife and my daughter said I would be wanting to pinch it… a bit weird I thought, but then it came…

How cool is this? Just don’t tell my daughter I sneaked into the package…shhhh🤫

Okay it isn’t the highest quality out there but at 1.80m across it would certainly be big enough to cover my table even if it is circular.

Oh yeah the price…

£10.00 plus postage (randomly chosen from t’internet)

I grabbed this one off Amazon…

I just thought I would share my find 🙂

One More Sleep…

Well that is it, all the preparation for tomorrow’s convention are almost done.

I almost forgot to put the wash on the road, but luckily remembered in time, it has darkened down nicely, but is still light enough to be seen as a road. I found photos that showed really light roads amongst darker desert and this is what I was aiming for.

So here is the finished village…

I also got my display boards done too…

Regarding the firing rules, I have come up with a change that I think will work. Under twelve inches needs a 5 plus to hit, twelve to twenty four inches needs the 6. Up to thirty six is the 7 then beyond that is an 8 on 2D6. To aid with this I have a piece of dowel 36 inches long, this has been coloured in sections to aid distances for firing. There will be photos of it in action tomorrow.

From what I recall, there are the following:

Rapid Fire,


Pod Racing


My Tanker game

There may be more too.

Whilst I remember, I go through bucket loads of superglue sticking things to bases etc. I decided that enough was enough with the 5g pots (sometimes 3G).

On the left 5g of superglue for £3.95 …. on the right 150ml of superglue for £7 posted.

I reckon it should keep me going for a while.

Tomorrow I shall regale you all with tales of our little convention 🙂