A Few More Dwarves

Well if you remember I finished my dwarven warband for Mordheim. I did have to proxy a couple of miniatures for inexperienced fighters. This has now been solved by Highland Miniatures bringing out some dwarf rangers.

So here we have a pair of lightly armoured dwarves. The mounted one in the background is there because there was space on the build plate.

Final Dwarf

Well that’s the final dwarf done…

Here is the full warband with the crossbow being the final one.

Not sure where to go next. More Mordheim or something different.

Snow is melting now, by by all accounts it might be back on Tuesday.

Working on the Dwarves

Well all schools were off today and I was on Child protection training all day. My daughter and I were going to do some more stuff on Ark, but sadly it needed a 7GB update so I painted while we watched ‘The Mitchell’s Versus the Machines’.

I would have got a lot further but my good lady forgot to turn the bath off. Water intake outpaced the overflow and to cut a long story short we have no dry towels. On the upside we have a concrete floor under the Lino and it is a single story house.

So back to the painting I eventually went. I managed to get this far…

Still a long way to go, but getting there, with these three anyway.

Snow is still here and the temperatures have dropped way below zero.

Showing Too Much Skin?

Okay technically, the only thing that is showing is skin. My plan was to have hundreds, nay thousands to flock to the blog. If you are one of them then sorry. Well I suppose it is better than when he opened the box he needed to get help…

So I did some skin… then we played Ark. hopefully I will get some more painting done tomorrow.

I heard an interesting question the other day… discuss… ‘what happens if you put a werewolf on the moon?’

In Hot Water

Luckily not me, at least not yet… I am supposed to be writing my Standards and Quality report for work and it hasn’t happened yet!

What was in hot water were the dwarves…

I was quite a long way into resin printing before I found it about how hot water really helps remove the supports. So it is now often a standard practice with my prints.

I have now done another dozen dwarves, veterans this time…

The above are the two handed axeman. The other half dozen are single handed axe dudes.

I painted the bases of the sohei today, but didn’t take any photos. The dipping inks were ideal for this.

Many Hands Make Light Work

I spent a lot of today slicing and printing, but in doing so I was reminded of the conundrum… how many angels can dance on the head of a pin… my version is less complicated… now many hands can sit on the head on a penny…

As you can see from above it is quite a lot… I printed out a whole load as I wasn’t sure how many I actually needed, but here is one if them stuck onto one of the miniatures to replace his resin pike.

The Eagle came out quite nicely too… I decided on this pose as I wanted him to be attacking the Goblins I the rise…

The way I will pose him is coming in feet first, hopefully it will look okay. I also printed up another warg and rider as well as another four foot.

I am also printing up some beasties for Silver Bayonet…

Finally I got some paint added to this dwarf officer.

I am rather pleasedwitb him if truth be known.

The Dwarves Assemble

Today I decided to get all the Dwarves plonked onto bases, for two reasons, first they need them and second, I wanted to see how many I had and also to see what was missing.

So what do we have…

Well first are the two artillery pieces (one missing a crew).

Second row from left to right are a unit of light infantry, a unit of crossbows, heavy ram cavalry and a general and entourage.

Rear row are the heavy Infantry and medium infantry with a couple of spare medium infantry.

Now I need another unit of medium and light infantry and one of hand gunners (plus the missing artillery crews).

One thing that looks a bit weird is the organ gun. It is a short piece on a long base. Options I have are to cut the base in half, just buy some or l could put two cavalry bases together and fill in the gaps…

The latter would work nicely. I would fasten the two together with superglue and fill in the joints and indentations with Greenstuff. It would save waiting for another Alternative Armies order to arrive

I also did some simple work in Meshmixer to remove one ogre head and replace it with another. Luckily the designer had made it an easy thing to do. Well okay it took 25 minutes of YouTube viewing before I could manage it…. but the hard work had been done by them. I also shrunk down Iain Lovecraft’s Fey Amazon’s to 75% original size. This fits in better with the Dwarves and Imperials

Now part of me is thinking about a Fey army, they have rangers/hunters. Mounted types as well as some centaurs. So I could potentially have a small guerrilla force or an allied contingent. Of course the other option is to buy some Elves that go with the two forces mentioned. Have a look here…lots of goodies

I just got a message to say that the volley gun is nearly done, then work will start on the Giant (plus we are getting another unit for the Dwarves…pony mounted light cavalry). Now to be honest I am not sure if the extra is an add on as the main Kickstarter is getting s free Giant and Volley gun that they failed to meet the financial backing to get, so either way it is a win.

Tonight is another Dive into the Aliens RPG… excuse the deliberate pun. As they broke the submarine retrieval system and unbeknown to them they are hauling a couple of Androids on the end of the wire then they are going to have to come up with a way to get back into the monster inhabited underwater research station. Luckily one of them left a compression suit on the sub so a swim across the gap to gain entrance shouldn’t be too big a problem, unless of course the local fauna is being belligerent … Mwah Ha Ha ha… apologies for the outburst there.

I will let you know how we get on tomorrow.

More Bang for your Buck

Today has been busy, busy, busy. I have hit the holidays running in terms of jobs around the house and garden. I can now see almost all of the floor in the big shed, which is quite an achievement.I did, however, have time to hit print a couple of times. so first up is the organ gun with dwarf crew (with stolen doggies from a different set)…

The dogs are ready for their game of fetch…

The second thing printed is the first pair of Reiters….

The second pair is printing now, I made a simple change by mirroring these two and changing the pistol hand. That is the beauty of Reiters, they have pistols on both sides of the saddle so can easily be firing left or right handed.

Tomorrow I will print a third pair to give me a unit of six. I will then think about some with a carbine.

I have been looking at Renaissance flags too and have a nice photo library of what I like. The dwarf banners are going to be plane coloured I think. With any distinguishing features on the shield and disk… this of course may change by time I come to paint them. Probably some form of Runic lettering.

In case you are wondering, I made some progress on the Samurai … in that I got them out, went…nahhh and then put them away again. I looked at them this evening, I didn’t yesterday so definitely some progress.

A Night with the Printer

Tonight I decided to sort out the wash and cure pot of rather grubby ISO. This involved straining it through a funnel with a filter in. This got slower as the filter got gunked up more. I have my two settling jars, which actually work really well…. I just poured this straight into them. These leave a horrible sludge at the bottom, but I managed to get over half a litre of pretty clear ISO out of them. These are now refilled and I also have nearly a litre in a used bottle.

The Sludge is now sitting in the shed roof to get blasted by the sun. Once it cures then I will bin it.

I managed to get some more dwarves printed too. Here they are with the front rank…

I tried shrinking down the Iain Lovecraft dwarf Landsknecht to add into the dwarf force… but unfortunately, even though I reduced the size, he was still too bulky compared to the others, funnily enough the human version worked fine.

As the temperature has dropped a bit, I nicked the heater out of Esther’s office and stuck it in with the printer. I am printing a couple of sixes of light infantry (one after the other). Then I have a 10lb culvern and artillery crew to print tomorrow. After that another artillery piece and crew. I might actually get around to painting them too!

I knew I was knackered yesterday, I slept for 12 hours last night, I still feel a bit pooped just now. So it won’t be a late night tonight. Hence an early posting.

Tomorrow is the first proper day of leave, so I had better remember to turn off my alarms. I am hoping to get a really good go at the samurai tomorrow. My plan is to get going in the morning with them. I am still missing a bag of cavalry.. luckily I have a pile of leave to tidy up the shed and hunt for it.