I Got Motivated

So after, going on about how I couldn’t be bothered to do anything this evening I started watching one of the resident Evil films and needed up getting this far with this chappy…

I will redo him at 85% some time but for now he is something to paint. talking of which, I have eventually called it over on my first pot of my Contrast Black Templar. It has eventually run out to be more truthful, or is more like tar than Contrast paint. I will no doubt need to replace some of my more used ones soon enough too…. oh yeah, so much for the early night plan!

More Dwarves

Well, I finished my first three dwarves and took them outside for a photo shoot…

I then decided to print a couple more to see if I could make them look a bit different.

I think I achieved my goal of changing their look. The beard and fur was made from Greenstuff the plastic bits and bobs are from the original Mordheim plastic sprue.

I added a bit to the back too…

Painting Dwarves

Well I got a bit more paint on the printed dwarves and they are beginning to get there.

I am quite pleased with them so far. Once they are shaded and highlighted a bit more then I think They will look spiffy 😉

I will try and get them finished tomorrow.

I have now found my theme tune (after a crap week at work… well actually make that a fair few months)… please do not listen if you are easily offended. It is very rude!

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s off to Work a They Go…

Okay not very original when discussing dwarves.

These three are from Ill Gotten Games from the pre Kick starter tester we were given. I intend to have seven for completeness… well okay maybe not seven…

I decided to do the third one at 0.06mm layer the one on the left is at 0.15, the middle one is 0.1. I forgot to record the time but the highest quality was an hour and 40 minutes. The middle was somewhere round the hour.To be honest for the print time difference between the higher quality and the mid quality there isn’t much real difference. I will fiddle around a bit more to see if I can make it better.

I also painted lots of bits and pieces on various figures. I would have photographed them, but it didn’t seem much point.

The rest of my evening was spent trying to find costume parts for my two youngest for bloody World Book Day!

The Krautians are Finished

Huzzah, all done apart from a green wash and highlight on the grass on the bugler’s base.

They have come a long way from the bare metal of the Schilling pack!

My plan was to try really hard with the faces and apart from the squinty eyed bugler I am happy with the result. I don’t mind the face, it’s the Mad Eye Moody look that I am not too happy about.

After I pushed through the ‘oh blimey they look naff’ stage of the painting I am really pleased with them. The do look rather spiffy in their blue jackets.

This is them alongside the other three dwarves from the pack.

The only thing missing from the skirmish pack are the two ogres.

I decided two was a bit of an odd number and reinforced them with some friends and actually made them an odd number…. I must apologise for the really naff teacher joke there! 🙄🙄🙄

The two from the pack are the two on the left.

It took around 6 months or so, but I got them all painted eventually.

The big question is what next?

Flintloque maybe the Ostarian or undead hussars

French and Indian Wars – two units of thirty one of woodland Indians and the other of militia.

Or maybe change scale again and sort out my 10mm Mongol horde.

Oh yeah and finish the gloves on the dwarf Officer above!

On a non painting level, I survived the exam, I spent so long thinking about the legislation etc that I forgot about the day to day simple stuff. If truth be told, the whole exam thing wasn’t that brilliant. It was a closed book exam however, that is not real life, in reality we would look up what we needed. All It did was freak out a good number on the course for no good reason. I did point this out on my feedback., Course Excellent- Exam … pants!

Did I pass, Who knows… but I think I did enough to not fail 🤔

Washing Dwarven Faces

Minuscule amount done tonight on my dwarves.

I have been in training all day and revising all night for an exam tomorrow morning. frankly I am now knackered… however I did want to progress my dwarves. So I gave their little hands and faces a wash as well as their beards and muskets.

Hopefully I will sleep better than last night! Tomorrow I should be carrying on with the RPG (it was cancelled on Tuesday). I am not sure how much I will get done but even if I take the flesh tone back up as the first level of highlight then something has been achieved.

Krautian Dwarves and Exploding Custard Powder

First the dwarves….

I managed a fair bit of base coating tonight as well as some highlighting of packs and pouches (not that you can really tell from this photo). For idiotic reasons known only to myself I painted the beards first then tried to paint in the flesh tone! The officer has grey hands still as he shall be wearing gloves.

These seem to be taking forever, I know that, in the grand scheme of things, they are not, but to me they are dragging on. Probably more my state of mind than reality.

Anyway onto the exploding custard powder. This is because as I found a 30 year old photograph today. It shows an experiment we devised whilst working on the Ffestiniog Railway in North Wales.

A group of us were sitting around in the hostel when we learned of an explosion in a custard powder factory. Discussion ensued as to how and why custard powder could explode, being inert as it is. Coal dust yes as we knew coal was flammable. A bit of head scratching later we came to the conclusion that it would have to be as a fine powder in the air. Queue hunt in the larder for the out of date tin of the required ingredient.

Not the actual Custard Powder used in the experiment

Having explored the properties of said ingredient we needed a way to turn the powder into a fine mist. Blowing on a spoonful sort of worked but not properly, then again who would want to volunteer to blow onto the powder to make it explode!

A bit more of head scratching took place and the Edward came up with the ideal solution….

A bike pump!

Sadly it did not work as we wished…back to the drawing board!

It was then that someone (the name now lost to the track of time) came up with the solution.

Dismantle the bike pump, add deadly ingredient, reassemble and then fire custard powder over a naked flame.

We set up our experiment in the hostel and I was just about to hit the plunger, when Edward came to the conclusion that inside, may not be the best place to attempt our initial trial.

Not an actual picture of Edward!

So after much grumbling and muttering we took our experiment outside and placed it on the mini skip. I took a number of photos that evening. Only one survives in my collection.

Here we have Edward taking his turn at the Custard Powder Bike pump.

Edward letting rip with the Minfordd Hostel Custard Powder flame thrower

We all agreed afterward that perhaps he may have been correct in his conviction that this was an experiment best conducted out of doors! Strangely enough over the course if the evening we ran out of custard powder, not to mention flour and any other substance we could locate.

Krautian Dwarves and a Paint Jiggler

I managed to get a bit done on the uniformed dwarves

I would have got further tonight, but my delightful dog somehow knocked a box of figures down and meant my poor Werewolves had to have another touch up!

I managed to get the pack, cartridge boxes, straps and other pouch painted. Still, as can be seen from the photo above, there is a long way to go!

I was having a mooch in the shed (after safely transferring the werewolves into it) and decided to see what else needed painting. I found Dog artillery and cavalry that I had forgotten all about!

As for my paint jiggler… one of my biggest issues with Army Painter paints is that no matter how much you shake them they still don’t mix properly. They all have an agitator in to help with the process.

I eventually decided to bite the bullet and purchase a tool to do the job for me.

I would have preferred a more manly design on it, but it does jiggle the paint.

I decided that my ‘oak Brown’ being an absolute swine to mix would be my test paint, that and the fact that I wanted to use it for the packs on my Dwarves.

The following is a before and after view of the paint.

It really has made a difference.

I suppose the only fly in the ointment is that the jiggler came in at £25.00. To be fair it had free postage but that was about as cheap as it could be. Time will tell if it has been £25 well spent.

I doubt I will get anything done on my dwarves tomorrow night as my daughter and I are off playing a Star Trek RPG.

Finklestein Dwarves

I managed to get these three fine fellows finished.

They are awesome figures and a joy to paint.

I don’t know why, but this one reminds me of a retired naval captain

The other two are both wearing the same coats, Maybe a couple of hunters…brothers? Or am I going to deeply into this lol!

And this one has to be my favourite of all three. I like him so much you can see him twice 😉

Tomorrow I will try and get these chaps further forward.

I have to workout the colours of their packs and blankets. I will use Prussian troops to decide on the necessary colours.

Krautian Dwarves II

And one is finished…

I did a bit more on them all but decided to crack on and finish at least one of them.

The rest of them still have a long way to go.

I am quite pleased with the Blue highlights on most of them apart from second on the right, it looks a bit weird. I will try and remember to sort it out tomorrow, as he is the one that had only one unpainted epaulette I don’t rate my chances of remembering to tone down a highlight.

The highlight on the black isn’t showing up very well in these photos. I didn’t want it to be in your face, but maybe this isn’t in your face enough. I went for a blue-grey colour which can be seen on the boots of the second from the left.

As I said yesterday, I really like these figures, and if truth be known I prefer the civilians over the uniformed ones. But to be honest it might be that the one I finished was really quick to paint up!

I think that, although I really like the dwarves, I won’t be getting many more as I have so much other Flintloque stuff to paint up that I would never get to them.

Off the top of my head I have the following:


30 infantry and 6 cavalry


30 infantry plus 2 sets of Sharke’s rifles


30 infantry and 12 cavalry

Not to mention various random specials, individuals and a box of dark elves I haven’t got a clue what to do with. I have a niggling feeling that I am missing stuff from the above lists.

I suppose I could flog off some of the above especially the orcs. I already have one of the rifles sets painted so I really don’t need any more. I have 25 orc Militia which, to be honest, I only bought so that I could get a couple of figures that were no longer available.

And finally….

I succumbed again!

My excuse, I keep trying to convince myself, is that they are for my little boy. These are now starting to get a bit more pricey. £7.99 for three figures and a pot of gun metal paint. Now if I was desperate to collect space Marines then the value would be much better.

I will probably get the next issue to get the half dozen pox walkers and then call it a day unless something awesome appears.