I set the printer going again this evening as soon as I got in (not that it is unusual at the minute).

So tonight I went for a lot of miniatures.

They are mainly dwarves of some sort. They are split (in the sets) as long beards and short beards. I cannot remember what a couple of them are – top left is a blank as are the bottom left. I think the second one is a mage. Second row, on the right is a dwarves assassin.

The other things are from the Kingdom of Hell set and are the ‘tormented’. I am going to use them as some form of undead.

The ladders are 25mm long…

The long beards took 1.51 to print, the short beards 41 minutes, the tormented another 41 minutes and the ladders 38 minutes.

I did another couple of things just before…

These took about 40 minutes and 55 minutes to do.

Tomorrow I am going to get some water and ground tiles done.

These are a couple of cages and then a quartet of crates.

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