I was out playing some more Journeys in Middle Earth. Once again we won the mission through the skin of our teeth. It would have helped win sooner if we had noticed that we had missed a major objective. So we failed to catch the spy. My card draws were useless at times. At least twice I managed to get no successes at all even though I drew four cards. It would have helped if I had some bonus tokens, but sadly not!

I have sprayed the Wargs and about 4 riders of Rohan this evening. They are curing until to tomorrow evening.

Printer wise…

Some more heroes and villains.

Some are obvious others less so….second row, second in an elf fighter, extreme right is an undead liche.

First on the third row, a sea captain, or someone doing ‘greased Lightning’ dance moves. The last one on that row is a thief, but would also work as an assassin.

I printed off another floor tile and once again I managed to snap it at the first set of tiles…

The crack is inline with stairs and the tomb. Hopefully it will add a bit of strength.

I have a pile of plasticard and I think to avoid this happening again I will glue these onto the plasticard. It will stop them being double sided, but it will also stop them cracking during use.

6 thoughts on “More Miniatures… Meeple Style

    1. Rafts, are really useful to allow you to print thin vertical things, or sometimes fragile things on the plate. I deliberately printed the spider webs on a raft to make them easier to get off the plate. On my Ender sometimes the things stick solid to the new plate. A raft lifts easier and allows them to be removed without much angst. Downside is that you use extra filament. What slicer are you using? I am using Cura, still 3.0. I haven’t updated it yet as I have used the fat dragon slicer specs. They have one for miniatures and one for terrain.

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      1. I am on the same Cura. There were some issues with 4.0 a while ago and I can’t be arsed to redo all the intricacies of changing the profiles over. Once people say it is stable I will probably upgrade, but to be honest it works for me right now and it doesn’t seem much point in changing.

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