Yey… I have the dungeon box printed…

This was the longest print I have ever done. 17 hours 45 minutes. But is is a very nice piece. There are a few bits on it that have a bit of weird under extrusion. The nearest gate has a couple of spots just to the left of the gate. They can just be about seen.

My plan is to print two of these as well as one top, which again doubles as a very large room.

The box is ideal for storing the pieces in, in fact it was designed that way.

I randomly shoved some tiles and minis in the spaces to take the photograph.

I decided to print off some of the Meeple trees too. I will print off the bases tomorrow.

Sadly I didn’t get anything painted as it was my ‘ex’ staff night out and my daughter had a shindig too. I just got in and took the photos. I want a cup of tea and then off to bed I go.

9 thoughts on “Meeple Dungeon Mega Print

      1. Yeah have found the file myself printed it out twice, once scaled up by 25% too. I found an even bigger vat that took 19hrs to print, that has been my longest so far. Still getting grips with the settings really as I’m having a few difficulties currently.



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