My ickle dungeon is starting to get somewhere…

Still a fair few more rooms and corridors to print. I am going to make double sized rooms as well as T junctions etc. I am having a go at reprinting the caskets and windlass, seen above. Actually I was meant to be printing something else but got confused!

The rickety platforms worked a whole lot better when the extrusion was more like it should be.

They were a bit ‘hairy’ though…

the legs on the smaller ones were really well fastened on. The two longer ones had problems as the two ends fell off as soon as I looked at them. These have now been superglued in place. I might run something along the outside to strengthen them a bit more.

The other thing I will do is to get some more rickety platforms and then add some planks to place across gaps.

I also want to add some raised levels to join the rickety platforms to.

We shall see how I get on.

Posting early today as I am knackered and am going for an early night.

11 thoughts on “Printed Meeple Dungeon

    1. Me too. I was thinking of buying into the Dwarven Forge thing gradually, though I’m still debating because of the expense. It is very neat that one can 3D print such things. Corridors and such are easy enough to just draw but it is much harder to get height elevations quite right (especially for those poor, doomed souls who aren’t good at visualizing that sort of thing in their heads) when using tactical maps for combat in games like D&D. I’d forgotten about that in the five years or so I took off from RPing to play games like 40K where the heights are almost always explicitly modeled on the board.

      Heck, I don’t know how much these printers cost and how much it costs to print stuff, but I imagine they could pay for themselves pretty quickly.

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      1. Thanks Ann, I do like my printer. The Ender 3 was under £200 the filament I get is around £18 a roll (1kg) this is now my 4th roll. It is great for printing off bits of terrain as well as miniatures. I really like these Meeples, they are a nice size, easy to print and easy enough to recognise what they are.

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      2. I spent a fortune on the Ainsty castings resin Sewers- they are very nice but a massive money sink. With the 3D printer and the roll of filament I’ll be able to do a full set up for my Necromunda hive city for far, far less.



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      3. It takes time, but if like me it might take 2 weeks for something to get to me then I might as well print it as I will get it quicker and for a hell of a lot cheaper too. With Thingiverse then cheaper still, but I do tend to tip the designer if I print anything.


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