Things still weren’t right with the old printer and it was annoying me.

Last night I printed off these (accidentally) and they were okayish…

They were better than the first lot, but could be better.

Tonight I decided to print the wardens again.

After an hour and 20 minutes I came back to poorly extruded plastic.

I cranked up the heat on the nozzle a bit as well as ‘dialled in’ the screws in the spring and then started them again.

I had put the wardens on a raft to see if it would stop them sticking like superglue to the base plate. I was quite pleased with the second printing.

On the left we have a bit of the raft from where the standard bearer is. I think you may notice the difference…

These were printed in exactly the same position as the first. This shows the stark reality of poor extrusion.

As mentioned above the only difference was a 4 degree increase in temperature and a tightening of the spring.

So after this success, I have spent most of the evening slicing extra bits and pieces for the dungeon. Right now we have large rocks on the printer. These will go on the water tiles and will be crossed by planks, ropes or some other deadly looking method.

They have come out rather nicely too…

They came from exactly the same individual stone. All I did was shrunk or expanded thy x,y or z axis to make them all different sizes.

I am printing some spider webs right now, so we shall see how they come out. I will probably mention them tomorrow as I want this published before bed.

The other good thing about using rafts is that it pulls up the crap left on the plate from the prints that went wrong. The downside is that I use more filament.

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