After the angst of painting the Sisters of Battle these were an absolute pleasure to do. It might be that there were only four of them or maybe it was they were a bit chunkier or even that I needed a change, but whatever reason I really liked doing them.

They still need a couple of coats of varnish, but the painting is done. Because I had only a bit to do I also got some more done on the mounted squire as well as this lone werewolf…

I also had a jolly good look for another Chaos Knight to paint up, but sadly he was nowhere to be found, and in hindsight I actually think that he was already painted… in black armour, from what I remember. Anyway I had a rootle through the HeroQuest box to see what I could find and decided to have a go at these three. Sadly nowhere near the one painted years ago, but at least a similar style.

I will see what I can do with them when I get around to it 😂. I will get them undercoated tomorrow and then make a start on Wednesday.

I will get the Valhallan’s started tomorrow too. I will be using the brush on undercoat to get some of the undercoat back to white to allow for the Contrast paint.

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