I was having a mooch for my Old Brettonian waterslide I can across a rather ancient figure from HeroQuest I think … so without further ado, here he is…

Look at hose totally flat colours and unfinished base… (nothing changes there then). I remember being really proud of him. I even wrote on his chest piece… move on a few years and I think I have improved… (the paint colours definitely have).

So here are the Korsucan’s getting close to being finished. Metalwork, skin and hair and they are pretty much done, apart from the usual touch up after I notice the mistakes in the photo… talking of which I just have! Anyway with a bit of a push tomorrow evening then I think these will be done (apart from the base of course).

I have just had a thought there after looking at the original mini. I should find the other one and paint it now and see how they compare. Own challenge accepted!

10 thoughts on “Painting Styles … Old and New

  1. Now that is an iconic miniature and it looks great as well. I want to say his name is Slambo and GW released an updated version of that one a couple of years ago. I could be wrong though!

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      1. It’s not the original Slambo – but a plastic variation – so as you say, not entirely him but close enough!
        You reckon I should finally paint my original? 😀

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