Astartes Airborne

This evening I took my miniatures out to be sprayed. I duly put them on my spinning cake iced thingy and set to work…

I was merrily spraying and turning the thing when for some reason the top popped off the cake thing. My newly sprayed miniatures went flying…one managed to get about three metres away from me. Two snapped and three shed their bases. Luckily I managed to find all of the bits and re glued everything… well after fighting with the superglue nozzle that is.

These are ready for painting… not sure of the colours yet, but I am thinking blue with yellow helmets. I will hopefully manage to start tomorrow.

I Still haven’t unboxed the ELEGOO yet, I did download Chitubox and have a play with that… if I were to be picky then I would say the Anycubic slicer software is actually easier to use. Hoping I haven’t made a big mistake on trying a new machine and software.

Printing Presents and a Trip to the Beach

Well the printer has kindly let me print eight of the ten miniatures. I need to do the Marshall and the sergeant. I also bought the set that means I can choose what they are armed with. There will be a second squad armed with shields and hand weapons and then a heavy weapon squad too. So this is where we are at now…

The one on the right had a support failure… his arm is a little on the thin side. I will reprint him and probably use this one as a test model to get an idea on colours for them. The two I really like are the one reloading and the one with his finger to his headset, obviously calling for backup.

While I was looking for something to put on the 15mm pack mule I found this chap instead… he is one of my original Necromunda gangers. Obviously he is a little worse for wear now having been bounced around in a box for the last …goodness knows how long. I do reckon he deserves a repaint!

Anyway, as I mentioned yesterday, we went to the beach on Sunday afternoon. I did a post on my other (sadly neglected) blog Here . I have got a few more ideas in the back of my head on what to do on there next… I just need to find time to do the research first.

Sorting out the Resin

Tonight, I really couldn’t be bothered to do anything. So I went through my pile of prints to sort out what was worth keeping and what wasn’t.

I also managed to get some black onto the 40K base edges…

The hand holding the bow (from another set) took a bit of trimming, but it does give me a different missile weapon to the crossbow. I will have to get Mordheim out to see what things cost points wise.

I am printing the lion knight and some more militia bodies just now, but then I really do think I need to do something with them painting wise.

Talking of printing I realised that the ISO was getting pretty skanky so I decided to decant the two litres of it into my big jars and let it settle and pour off the cleaner stuff. But I, in my infinite wisdom, put it outside to avoid the smell… cleverly I forgot and came home this evening to something akin to Greek Yoghurt… Whoops!

Tomorrow I will try and print some bases for the models I have. I have an STL for cobblestones so that will do for my miniatures.

And Finally, I probably laughed far too much at this…

A Mage, an Elf and a Case of Weapons

Look at that, 22.00 and I am already in bed… I spent most of the day trying to finish off the conservatory, but I did have time to rescue the mage and Fey archer…

Look, look she has two arms!

I am not sure why it worked this time, but I did add in some extra supports on the troublesome arm.

I also achieved a shield…. along with lots of weapons… as it worked, I did a second set and am printing a third now.

The small lumps are left and right hands to allow some left/right handed militia. Tomorrow I am going to do some heads and then some bodies. I am also going to try using some weapons from the riders set I have from Iain’s ranges.

Back to work tomorrow so the kids decided on a pre school feast…

We had loaded potato skins for starters, Ramen as a main course then sticky toffee pudding for desert with a cheese/meat board with crackers later on.

Hopefully I will get something painted tomorrow… this made me chuckle…

Painting and Printing

Today we are in the eye of the storm so it has been relatively calm, it is blowing back up again tomorrow. So The kids decided they wanted to go and hang out in town, the two eldest went off for a mooch and my son and I went to Tesco… his choice not mine. He had compiled a recipe list and tomorrow he is making us sticky toffee pudding.. so I really cannot complain. I also went and got some more Contrast paint… it suddenly dawned on me that I now have the entire range apart from one colour… looks like I quite like them.

I managed to get these printed…

The left hand side of the smaller two is for a mate at the club. The big one is a mash up of the right hand top and an open tomb from somewhere else. I put these together in Cura to merge them. I love the open tomb as it has a skeleton inside and also a removable sword… the guy said that he did it as any RPG group is going to take the sword so it might as well be detachable. The open one will go into my ‘Mordheim’ town. The biggest problem I had with these was a naff top layer…

Now I can probably either turn on the ironing option in Cura or add some more top layers. I will have to have a think which it will be.

I managed to get some painting done too…

I am certainly making slow progress on these. I will have to work on the tentacles and claw hands but I am sure I will get there soon.

Snow, Printers and Paint

Well the expected snow and wind came and today proved to be a bad day to be a bus driver…

70mph winds and snow, never a good mix. I had t go into town to help my mother in law fix her sink and nearly had the 4WD going sideways too.

I got my first ruined building printed, this came from the Frost Kickstarter by Iain Lovecraft…

I was going to print some other things but sadly, the printer decided it was too cold. The above building comes in three bits, ground, first floor and roof. I am going to add a floor into the second level to allow for miniature placement. The whole thing took 31 hours to print. But as you can see – it is quite large.

I also managed to get some painting done this evening, not a huge amount, but there was Progress happening…

I actually tried to photograph four miniatures here!

I went back over the tentacles and spines on the Nurgle lot with white as well as giving them a layer of Contrast Skeleton bone.

I also spent some time today messing around with the old 3D Builder as well as seeing what the heck I actually had regarding the 3D Printers.

I Got Motivated

So after, going on about how I couldn’t be bothered to do anything this evening I started watching one of the resident Evil films and needed up getting this far with this chappy…

I will redo him at 85% some time but for now he is something to paint. talking of which, I have eventually called it over on my first pot of my Contrast Black Templar. It has eventually run out to be more truthful, or is more like tar than Contrast paint. I will no doubt need to replace some of my more used ones soon enough too…. oh yeah, so much for the early night plan!

Painting Success

So yesterday, I said that today I was going to paint something, in fact anything… well I kept to my word and actually did a fair bit. First off I sprayed various things…

Now there were some spaying annoyances to deal with, first off my grey primer turned out to be an etch primer… luckily I realised as it had a different nozzle. I gave it a try on the small ‘goat shed’ to see if it would work. Luckily I had other cans of the basic grey so the rest got done in that. Then I moved on to spaying things white. I warmed up the can, I shook the blazes out of it and it came out like a watered down version. If you look at the right hand photo above you can see what I mean on the green and orange miniatures. It eventually came good on the grey. Now it might just be a bad batch or the coloured plastic needed going over with a different colour first. I sprayed the top of the mini tower white and it seemed to work fine. I will have another play with things tomorrow.

I also managed to get these three just about finished…

I need to sort out the bases, but apart from that they are done. I really enjoyed painting them to be honest.

I also got a bit more done on the Genestealer cultists as well as some other bits and bobs, mainly the original scouts…

I also got the hole in the roof finished too, so hopefully the leak of leakyness has buggered off, only time and heavy rain will tell.

Tomorrow I have the tyres to change on the car, but I am also hoping to get a start on the lighting and then ceiling insulation.

Building, Printing and Painting

Cor blimey, I have been busy today, shopping, building, sawing, Printing, Painting and making dinner to name but a few.

Well as you know I do like my 6mm Samurai and 3DAlien World’s has produced a very nice temple building. It came out today so I just had to get it. In 28mm it would be huge, in fact the Ender would only take one base bit at a time, luckily I was going 6mm. So I built bits in 3D Builder first and then reduced them down to 24% the base is printing right now, but the walls came off really nicely…

Unfortunately I don’t think I am going to be able to pre build the roof, but I will most definitely give it a go.

I also got the Trewell Common buildings finished too..

Now you may notice that the photo was taken on a different surface… this is because I now have a dedicated painting place I; the lounge…

This pretty much can store most of my paints miniatures and other bits and pieces. I tried it out this evening and did some more on the Cultists…

I also did some work on the conservatory. We are putting down decking as a different kind of flooring and to cut a long story short…short being quite appropriate here….

I swore….lots!

80cm short! It comes in 4.8m lengths… hopefully there will be a knackered piece that I can get cheap… wish me luck!

Firing up the Printer

This evening, after about four months I fired up both printers again. The Resin did a multiparty elf and dwarf and the FDM is having a go at a 28mm cottage.

I did the elf and dwarf as an idea for a diorama….

I will either do the one on one combat as above or possibly these two against a goblin on a Warg… battle of the five armies style.

I also managed to get a bit of paint onto the cultists. I decided to just go for black on the weapons. I had spent a few days trying to work out what colours to go for them…

I haven’t forgotten about the foam armour, it’s just I have run out of foam and have had to order some more.