Geek Club … Day Two

I had to run the club today as one of them was off yesterday and the rest were desperate to finish theirs.

We got sand onto the bases today and metallics onto the gun barrels.

We will get the bases painted and flocked/tufts tomorrow.

I am really proud of them as they tried so hard.

Here is my effort…

More Animals Anyone?

Tonight I decided to print another set of anthropomorphic beasties.

The Hedgehog riding the corgi is from Goonmaster Miniatures and the pair of armoured mice are from Naga Miniatures..,

The corgi looks weird as the saddle fits into the gap on the back.

As of next Tuesday my older half dozen kids in the school are going to paint up a mini each and then make a mini diorama on an old CD. I will run this over a number of weeks as a little Lunchtime club… I must be bonkers!

Painting an Otter

Last night after posting, I decided to get some paint on the 28mm otter. Now this guy came from Naga Miniatures and is one of many anthropomorphised animals in their collection. I honestly cannot say what he is meant to be representing. It has him down as a paladin. He does have a mix of dress and equipment. He has a macuahuitl and a metal shield as well as landschneckt style pantaloons. I don’t really care as I really like him.

I got him finished this evening… I might go back and do the cordage on his quilted gambeson.

New Paints…Reactivation

This is the post you have all been waiting for (well in my head you are).

Do the Green stuff World Dipping Inks reactivate?

The Answer from the Shetland judge is ……

Nope! With the caveat that if they do, then I can’t see them doing so.

The white paint is quite thin to allow another colour to go over the top. There is definitely no bleed through like there was on the Army Painter. Sooo….

My verdict… I am off to buy some more when they are still on offer… if the offer has ended… still buying some more. Now I was going to buy some of the new GW Contrast Paint… not any more…

New Paint II

Well as promised I gave the five paints a go on the goats this evening and to be honest I am impressed straight off.

Apologies for the green goats 😉

So as you can see, from the above they look really good and do what they are meant to. Interestingly the papyrus dip looks more skeletal than the skeleton brown.

Now I had one minor issue, and by minor I mean minor…

No hole…

5 seconds later I had a hole.

Soo what are my first opinions…love these. The colours look good. Now as i said I got these at a reduced price. Tomorrow comes the big test to see whether I jump on a whole lot more.

That test is reactivation…I deliberately painted the whole miniature to see if it would cause issues with colour bleeds when I repaintthe bits that need a different colour… the two little goats will be a different colour tomorrow evening.

James got invited to try something different this evening…

He was dead chuffed getting second place after a joint shoot off for first.

Mantic Woes

This evening I decided I would do a quick glue together of a couple of packets of the zombie/mutant types. They were, for want of a better term, a bloody nightmare!

If you look at the two stood up beside each other. Notice the tabs on the bases. A lot of the joints looked something similar. It definitely wasn’t a case of ‘insert slot A in hole B’. Now I haven’t done huge amounts of Mantic stuff before. But this has nearly put me off for life. I am not sure if I was really lucky last time, or really unlucky this time. If it wasn’t for the Mantic plastic feel I would have said these were recasts.

On the up side the truck went together without any fuss or hassle.

The Mantic Box

This evening I got out the Mantic Zombie box and had a mooch. There are a lot of zombies, with multiples of each. Some big scary beasties and some armoured ones too. The later ones need building so to help me I went to find some pictures.

Where the heck are they? On the Internet I managed to find one imag… and that was a Mantic one, and when I clicked on it, it came up as a 404 error.

I could work out how to make the truck though..

I have Star Saga miniatures so I do have something to fight against them.

I reckon I can print terrain if required or rather when I need terrain.

Final Thirty Six

Today I cracked on and bit the bullet to get the last thirty six undead based (actually there were thirty eight 😉). I had to force myself to get the last dozen done.Tomorrow I am going to go to town with the rust etc…

My youngest and I are now on a count down to our trip south. Thursday will roll up soon enough, but tomorrow my hire digger arrives to get the potholes flattened out. So watch out for digger photos tomorrow.

Keep on Basing, Keep on Basing

So this evening I wasn’t in the mood for a massive basing session so I did a set of 24 Zombies.

I think I have double this number to go, then onto the rust, verdigris and moss on the miniatures that need them. Then tufts and a Matt varnish.

This afternoon we went to Reawick beach with the kids and dogs. You can see the post Here.

This morning however the air turned blue above the printer shed. I decided to fire up the filament printer to start doing some buildings for the various scales and as you might have guessed it decided to playbsilly buggers…the blasted thing wouldn’t push the filament through. It isn’t a blockage, it looks like there is an issue with the extruder itself. I have an aluminium top on it, but for some reason the guide wheel is not engaging with the filament meaning that although the grooved bit is doing its job, it isn’t pushing against anything so it is basically just spinning and gouging out the filament.

I spent ages redoing test, after test but it just wouldn’t play at all, so in desperation I have ordered a direct drive extruder along with a bed levelling probe.

Getting There….

Well, I have worked on this army for two weeks now and the end is in sight… tonight I got the Wraith cavalry done…

By my reckoning it leaves the big beastie and the rider to go….

Upon saying, nearly done, I still need to do the varnishing, oil wash and flocking… but the painting is nearly over!

I also redid the Giant and added a bit more to the build plate. I dropped some 28mm Imperials down to make some different guns… not sure why to be honest!

It has been a productive day, but I think I need a break from painting soon. Luckily Joe is coming over for a game tomorrow evening… a good excuse to have a break.