Ghouls, Walls and Dwarves

Today has been all about printing. I found these walls for free. They are pretty awesome. They join via the pin-and-hole method. They can go straight, 45 degrees, and a right angle.

The above is made from two short walls and two wall ends. The wall ends are in the foreground. A short wall is about 70mm or just under 3 inches.

Here is the Thingiverse link… correct on 20/11/22:

Now instead of shoving as much onto the build plate as possible, I am instead going for smaller numbers, a major reason is that the filament is running short, but also because I got two walls in just over two hours.

I also printed a dozen ghouls and a dozen dwarves Huscarls.

More Skeletons

Today, I was feeling totally crap, my left arm is really sore where they shoved a Covid Booster into it. He did say it might be a bit more painful than the last one. He wasn’t kidding! Either that or I am a total wimp.

My family and the kids at school have been down with various Winter bugs… I reckon they have caught up with me.

Anyway I did a bit of slicing today as well as some printing. I also decided to get some paint on the undercoated skeletons. Not exactly a huge amount of work, but better than nothing.

At the minute I am printing half a dozen ghouls, having already done some dodos for the kids next week.

Corpse Cart…

So I eventually got around to getting a base started on the corpse cart…

I have got a couple of crows and a zombie to add to it as well as the completed skeleton signpost.

So as you can see I still need to add flock and tufts, but it is getting there.

New Skeletons

So I got the skeletons with swords onto my few remaining round bases… well actually I had to take some minis off four bases to make the full twelve. I could have used 2p’s but was concerned that the weight of the coin might cause damage to the swords etc.

I also got the cavalry printed too… upon saying that. When I got them off their supports I realised that there were only five troops and six horses. There is a seventh horse. I am seeing if the female vampire from the Zombie dragon will fit on it.

I got a bit more done on the corpse cart too.

Undead Wheels

Today I worked on my undead cart. In this case i made a change from my usual painting styles. With this I undercoated black and then dry brushed white. This is something I did the early 2000’s using washes to go over a similar method of undercoat and dry brush. But never mind I digress.

I think this method really worked for this model. I am not sure that it will be my go to in the future, but who knows?

I am printing some more skeletons and ghouls. I might use it on the ghouls but not the skeletons as I want them to fit in with the previous parts of the army.

Anyway, here are a couple of of pics of the model nearing completion. Tomorrow I add some more colours to the bits I obviously missed.

This was painted using both Contrast and dipping inks. Hopefully by tomorrow evening it will be finished, varnished and based.

Printing and Painting

Well sort of painting…

I decided to print my new wheels for the undead…

It is a rather nice corpse cart. I sprayed it black and then dry brushed everything white. I even got to open some ‘new’ white paint for the task.

So here are the bits in their dry brushed stage.

It’s the club games day tomorrow. My undead hordes will eventually get an airing

A small part of the force.

Sadly the extra undead bits only dropped on Thursday so there was no time to print and paint everything.

More Animals Anyone?

Tonight I decided to print another set of anthropomorphic beasties.

The Hedgehog riding the corgi is from Goonmaster Miniatures and the pair of armoured mice are from Naga Miniatures..,

The corgi looks weird as the saddle fits into the gap on the back.

As of next Tuesday my older half dozen kids in the school are going to paint up a mini each and then make a mini diorama on an old CD. I will run this over a number of weeks as a little Lunchtime club… I must be bonkers!

More Painted

Well I got a fair bit done today… the most boring was painting 125 bases brown… so now you know the size of my undead army. As I had the brown out I painted the last twelve that were still in their white undercoat…

So that is ninety ready to get a varnish and various other bits added like rust and ver de gris as well as a bit of grubiness. I actually bought some oil paints and sponges…just waiting on the solvent to get going…

I painted the big ghouls and was pleased with the results…

As you can see I did another Wraith…this time in red…it will be a champion or something…

I also made a decision on the Dinocrocuta, in the end I went for the greys rather than the red and black…thanks to everyone who gave some input. It was pretty much 50:50. In the end I went grey as I was going to do the mounted wraiths in the same red, so this way there wouldn’t be another colour in the mix…

Now these have got a long way to go, but they are definitely getting there.

Hopefully I will get them finished tomorrow, the Dinocrocuta that is, not everything. My wife and two eldest are off gallivanting South tomorrow evening, so it will just be me and my son tomorrow evening. Joe and I are doing a painting and gaming day on Monday again so I should get a long way with things again.