Worzel Gummidge… He Isn’t

This evening I managed one miniature done. This was deliberate rather than an inability to get two done.

Here he is…

A bit of a scary chap I think you will agree. Now I normally say something like it takes me about half an hour or so. Tonight I decided to actually time myself….so this chap took me…

Yes from start to finish he took me 29 minutes to do. I wasn’t rushing, just painting in my normal way.

On this one I went in the followingorder… boots, green smock, trousers, brown jacket. This was to allow some drying time for each of the different parts. The mask was a mix of zombie green and orange with various splodges of orange over the top while still wet. I also added leather brown into the eye sockets then used my thumb to remove paint from the eyes. These were then dotted with red.

Once again superglue on the base and showed in the base ready. A quick zip around the edges with my super wide black sharpie and voilà one scary scarecrow. Start to finish thirty minutes.

In case anyone is wondering..this is Worzel Gummidge…


Worzel was played by John Pertwee, who also played Doctor Who… I know which I prefer and it isn’t a wierd scarecrow from Ten Acre field!

Oh while I remember, the four beasties are by Tytantroll miniatures.

One day I will work out how to tag people on my blog as they really are lovely miniatures…I really fancy having a go at some of the miniature busts..there are some really great ones, the only reason I haven’t got one yet is because I can’t decide on one.

Finally, I said I had only painted one mini this evening, part way through writing this I decided to make a start on the vampire.

Many Hands Make Light Work

I spent a lot of today slicing and printing, but in doing so I was reminded of the conundrum… how many angels can dance on the head of a pin… my version is less complicated… now many hands can sit on the head on a penny…

As you can see from above it is quite a lot… I printed out a whole load as I wasn’t sure how many I actually needed, but here is one if them stuck onto one of the miniatures to replace his resin pike.

The Eagle came out quite nicely too… I decided on this pose as I wanted him to be attacking the Goblins I the rise…

The way I will pose him is coming in feet first, hopefully it will look okay. I also printed up another warg and rider as well as another four foot.

I am also printing up some beasties for Silver Bayonet…

Finally I got some paint added to this dwarf officer.

I am rather pleasedwitb him if truth be known.

Diorama Additions

Well as you know, or maybe don’t, I am doing a Battle of the Five Armies diorama. It started long ago  with a small number of miniatures!

It started with two…

Moved to four….

Started getting silly!

I am now printing an Eagle and have another build plate full of Goblins after printing this lot off… Well Gandalf and Bilbo were there… so we’re lots of bats… it says so in the book…

My original base size is in the top photo…to be fair it was going to only be a dwarf and an elf smacking each other.

Oh and whilst organising the above printing I decided to bite the bullet and work on the Pike hands… guess what… the original designer had open hands to take metal pikes… Huzzah!

BOFA Goblins

This evening I did a bit of work on a couple of the goblins.

There is still along way to go which is probably why I have a bit of a problem with them. The one with the bow doesn’t actually have surfer shorts on, it is in fact a kilt type of thing. I will crack on with them tomorrow and hopefully get them finished.

This evening I finished watching ‘All of us are Dead’. I actually really enjoyed it, although I am not ashamed to admit it … there were a few moist eye moments. I only hope to god they don’t bring out a second series and leave it where it is at.

The Goblin and the Wolves

Last night I worked on this trio

Still some work to do on them and for some reason yhey have gone a bit shiny. Nothing a blast of matt varnish won’t cure.

Unfortunately the printer did something weird on the single wolf and although I hoped it wouldn’t be too obvious, it was.

Tonight I hope to finish these and work on the elf and the dwarf.

Ogre Commander

Tonight I finished off the Ogre commander and set to work on another minion…

I really like the miniature, apart from he seems to have a small left hand. He is evidently one tough cookie as he has less armour than everyone else. Sticking a point stick into him will probably just piss him off.

As you can see the second one has blackened armour. The arms and legs on his harness are going to be gun metal. More to make each if the six stand out than any other reason.

Hopefully the remaining two will be finished this weekend.

Today was a day out of school, I had to redo my First aid training… luckily Bob, the CPR dummy survived the ordeal… Because of covid we had to bandage ourselves as well as put ourselves into the recovery position.

3D Printed Stuff

I got another ruin printed today.this onetook just over 5 hours to complete. I also printed off the multi barrelled organ gun…

As you can see there is also a pikeman sneaking into the picture. I now have a full unit of twelve, with for some reason, an extra half dozen heads… teach me to try and add up when I am tired. I also did a driver for the wagon with a pile of camp followers too. They are still in the print head now. I will show them off tomorrow.

Birthday Treats, Printers and Painting

Well I have had a jolly old birthday. Got lots of brilliant presents from the kids. I also got some great maps for RPG’s from my mate. My main present is still in the post. As the old iPad has eventually given up the ghost then I decided to go for a new Android tablet as they are a whole lot cheaper.

Pressies from the kids

I had a lazy old day, eventually got the springs off the brake shoes too. I did manage to take time to flock the duellists bases…

And get another building printed…

The one on the right is from last night.

I am having to get used to slowwww print times… I went back in to check after leaving it for an hour and fifteen minutes (after the usual making sure the base layer was down)… it had got to here…

Luckily it is going over night! This new one is a two level one, hence the two separate bits.

I am also using up the resin in the vat by printing a wagon with a pair of horses. This was to take about three hours, if I can be bothered I will go and check on it in a tick.

Tomorrow I will do some more ruined buildings. They won’t be done in a hurry that’s for sure. The FDM is slow but it is a whole lot cheaper than doing things on the resin printer (if they would fit that it). I might actually do some for my 6mm Armies.

Duellists, Crossbows and a Cavalry Command

Today I actually managed to get the duellists just about finished. Still a bit of tidying up to do and bases to cover, but on the whole I am happy with them. Are the uniforms accurate to Flintloque cannon… nope not at all, well apart from the boots that is!…

I cracked on with the Cavalry command and the mounted crossbows…

Interestingly enough (and I just found this out) by the time of the Italian (Renaissance ) Wars the mounted crossbows would supposedly shoot from the saddle. Now this is something that is intriguing and I will have to look into it a bit more as it causes a lot of questions, first being how the heck do you recock the thing when you have shot your bolt? Secondly how do you stop the bolt just dropping off?

I think that is it for the miniature printing for a good old while… I pretty much have two Armies now or an army and an allied contingent. Upon saying this I want to just check on the Dwarves as they could do with a unit of light or medium infantry, plus there is the matter of the light cavalry and a giant.

it is handy having a South facing conservatory with a wide widow sill…

So instead of printing more miniatures then I decided to go for some terrain on the old filament printer. It had sat for a good while and the filament had snapped at the extruder. Luckily I managed to slot a new roll in.I took some of Iain Lovecraft’s ruins and shrank them down to 70% and set the printer away. I relevelled it a couple of times and still came back to this…

This is about the size of a cherry tomato. I was a bit miffed as it was an hour and a half into it when I went back. I set it away again, but sat with it whilst it printed the first couple of layers, this meant I could alter on the fly. It still tried stripping away at one end, so I am afraid I got the superglue out and stuck it down. Not clever I know but it was what was handy. After about 2 hours it was still delaminating so I shoved bluetack up against both sides of the bit that was threatening to cause the whole thing to come away. Hopefully it will be okay by time I go back tomorrow morning. The one thing I am not used to now is ten hour prints for a short run.

Cavalry, Hounds and some Religious Zealots

The first of my heavy cavalry came off the plate today, four are finished and two are still printing. I am doing six of these heavy cavalry…

Now with these I went for the smaller of the banners, part of me now wished that I had gone for the bigger one. In the second and third set I have printed a ‘warhound’ these came from Iain Lovecraft’s Frost civilians and are actually the rat catcher’s dog. As they had a spiked collar I thought the looked cool. I kept them at full size instead of dropping them to 75% like the rest. I reckoned they would make a passable mastiff/Great Dane type of hound.

I also got the hands glued onto the Flagellants… one is missing a left hand.. sadly I think it fell off the supports and was lost in the shed…

The top three on the right are the ‘command’ set… now these will make nice cultists as well as religious nutters. I also managed to get a photo of the Zweihanders…

And finally… I actually managed to get some paint onto the duellists…

I am pleased with how they have started, but less pleased with wood Elf. This is going to need another undercoat as the Gesso has left it shiny and the paint won’t adhere to it properly. My guess is that I really didn’t shake it enough to get the paint and medium mixed together. I did thin it down a bit with medium, but by all accounts that is what I am meant to do. Probably find I purchased the shiny version!