Another Day, Another Beach and some Painting

It was the last day of our long weekend and we ended up on another beach, this one is about 5 miles away from the one yesterday. It is the Tombolo I mentioned in yesterday’s post.

The tide was on the way in when we got there but it didn’t stop the kids running in and out of the waves, like they do! I came close to getting wet too…

I managed to get my second foot soldier finished this evening and photographed the wizard too…

As you can see from the above that I had a go at painting paving onto the bases. It really didn’t work for me so they will get the old sand and tufts treatment .

Finally, Army painter metallics are doing my head in… observe….

They are both stored in the same location and in the same manner, aka chucked in the box! The metallic ones leak everywhere and the others don’t really…it is really beginning to make me somewhat annoyed!

A Bit of Painting and a Story

Well this evening I managed to get a bit of painting done, I would have got more done but I was doing a bit of another blog post on the Shetland ‘Werewolf‘.

So I managed to get a bit more done on the wizard and foot soldier…

I also started faffing about with the banshee and doing so more on the Trollkin.

Still a long way to go, but getting there…

More Painting!

Oooh am I on a roll or what, yep I got the vox caster finished this evening and I need to get the straps on the blankets painted then they are pretty much done (oh apart from metallic insignia).

I also worked on my wizard and minotaur.

I also got paint onto other bits and pieces too. Not a huge amount but if I had the pot open then I found something to add that colour too.

The three miniatures above are ancient and this is the first time any of them have seen a pot of paint. It’s funny really, when I played the games then I didn’t paint them, not that I don’t play the games they get paint 😂😂

First Miniatures of 2021

Well, Ann set up aPainting Challenge for the first miniatures of 2021. These were started and finished in January. My original intention was pick something at Random, but my good mate Eric over in the states shared a picture of the GW Green Knight and as I had one already stripped I decided to join up with him and paint the same miniature. In the pot with the Knight was the herald and I had a dozen foot squires so I decided to do a trio. If truth be told so cannot actually remember which was finished first.

I had a few problems along the way with the Contrast paint going over the brush on whites I had. It wasn’t (going over the white) and that became the problem… it is really obvious in the photo below.

The lime green colour is exactly the same as the rest of the green to the left of it.

When I originally decided on a colour scheme it wasn’t going to be green at all, but all of my tests just looked naff so in the end the Green Knight became, in fact, green. Sadly his original shield and back banners disappeared long ago.

I am really pleased with how they came out. I did make a start on the mounted squire…you can just about see him in the background of the photo below.

To avoid issues with the brush on white I went for artist’s acrylic, but eventually went and bought a pot of GW White.

Korsucan’s Finished

After the angst of painting the Sisters of Battle these were an absolute pleasure to do. It might be that there were only four of them or maybe it was they were a bit chunkier or even that I needed a change, but whatever reason I really liked doing them.

They still need a couple of coats of varnish, but the painting is done. Because I had only a bit to do I also got some more done on the mounted squire as well as this lone werewolf…

I also had a jolly good look for another Chaos Knight to paint up, but sadly he was nowhere to be found, and in hindsight I actually think that he was already painted… in black armour, from what I remember. Anyway I had a rootle through the HeroQuest box to see what I could find and decided to have a go at these three. Sadly nowhere near the one painted years ago, but at least a similar style.

I will see what I can do with them when I get around to it 😂. I will get them undercoated tomorrow and then make a start on Wednesday.

I will get the Valhallan’s started tomorrow too. I will be using the brush on undercoat to get some of the undercoat back to white to allow for the Contrast paint.

Fantasy, Sci Fi and an Upside Down Walker

As it was a nice day apart from half an inch of snow I decided to get the things my mate wanted painting undercoated. So I mooched around and found some Zandri dust, now this is a lot darker than I thought it was going to be so I will struggle with the Contrast paints on them.

Now if you look at the walker you may notice that it seems to be propped up on something and that there is some definite Greenstuff in view… so there is a little story about that. When my mate originally built it he put one of the legs on backwards so with a bit of shenanigans I managed to remove it and turn it the right way round. Being extremely pleased with myself I superglued it back together and waited until it had cured enough and set off to spray it… it is true that pride cometh before a fall. I was just giving it the last squirt of undercoat then I noticed that my mate had put the light facing downwards. Now I hadn’t noticed this before, then I realised that the missile was also facing down, I thought it was a spare and turned the turntable to spot the missile on the top… at that point the horror of what I had done sunk in… never mind a backwards leg, I had put the whole bloody armoured box on upside down. What I thought were the guns were actually the twin exhausts! So it was then a case of cutting the whole thing apart and then trying to get it to go back together again. Superglue wasn’t working so I went for Greenstuff instead.

So there it is the right way up and curing… I will trim the GS tomorrow and sort out anything else that needs doing too…

I also managed to get some painting done on the Korsucan’s…

Definitely less white than there was yesterday… please note the stain below the handle… guess which pillock didn’t put the Contrast paint into the safety holder thingy. I looked like I had committed a murder.

These chaps need their boots, straps and shako done black. I will get on with that tomorrow. Whilst painting these chappies I decided to watch the film Assassin’s Creed, really wish I hadn’t what a load of confusing tosh. Not sure what to watch tomorrow, but anything has to be better than this. Now I really enjoyed Tomb Raider and Prince of Persia and various other game films but this was just way too confusing.

Tomorrow I hope the finish the elves and then make a start on the Valhallan’s.

Finished with the Sisters… I Think

So this evening I got the face masks done as well as the rim of the bases and I think they are done now…

Well when I say done, I want to add some vegetation or something to the bases and then get everything varnished, as well as sealing the sand down.

I also made a start on my elf Rangers. These are basically Corsican’s (or Korsucan’s in game terms). So they will be In green jackets with red turn backs and snazzy blue trousers.

I made a start on the mounted squire too, well I needed to test the jacket colour on something 😂. I stuck some other things on bases too. We have an Othari and a dwarf on the strip too. The finished horse is I. The background too.

Hopefully the weather will allow me to spray more things white and others things in varnish… wish me luck as I am more than likely to do it the wrong way round!

Back with the Sisters

Tonight I made a bit of progress on a couple of the Sisters of Battle. I didn’t get started until late so progress was limited…

Still a very, very, very long way to go. Next thing I need to do is find my armour/black wash so that I can get going on the weapons a bit more.

Hopefully I will get back to them tomorrow night, that is if I don’t get sidetracked by my new toys.

My Alternative Armies order has arrived…

Third from the left was a freebie 😀 but the one I have searched for for many a year is in the centre. At long last I have lady Anna Willorcby…

She is the wife to this chap…

A Dodgy Lady (and a horse)

If this title doesn’t get a sudden influx in views the. Nothing will 😂😂😂😂.

This evening I sort of finished this little lady off…

The other thing I managed was to sort out the mess of the metal horse…

This took a lot of Greenstuff to fill in all of the gaps. I don’t believe this head was meant to be on this body, but I had it and it worked. I was going to put a knight on it, but now that I have this lovely lady I think a change of rider is in order…

SadlyI cannot find the original lady for the mount, so needs must….

Random Bits

Tonight I was busy doing bits and pieces. I decided to paint anything, that needed undercoating white, with artists acrylics. This seemed to work as my short lady has taken the undercoat and Contrast paint have worked well.

As I am going to be using Contrast black over the grey undercoat I decided to dry brush the sister miniatures to allow for a bit of auto highlighting. In some cases I think I went a bit over the top!

I also built a Grail knight standard as well as the vampires horse . As I had splooged a bit too much white out of the tube I undercoated everything that I could instead of wasting it 😉

I also put my knight on a revolving thing to let you see him…