Final Dwarf

Well that’s the final dwarf done…

Here is the full warband with the crossbow being the final one.

Not sure where to go next. More Mordheim or something different.

Snow is melting now, by by all accounts it might be back on Tuesday.

Two More Dwarves

This evening I got another couple of dwarves done. This takes the total to five out of the six starting miniatures.

This leaves only the crossbow to go. Luckily he is half way done…

Hopefully I will get him done tomorrow.

I managed to get a bit more done on my goblin general…or rather his mount.

Working on the Dwarves

Well all schools were off today and I was on Child protection training all day. My daughter and I were going to do some more stuff on Ark, but sadly it needed a 7GB update so I painted while we watched ‘The Mitchell’s Versus the Machines’.

I would have got a lot further but my good lady forgot to turn the bath off. Water intake outpaced the overflow and to cut a long story short we have no dry towels. On the upside we have a concrete floor under the Lino and it is a single story house.

So back to the painting I eventually went. I managed to get this far…

Still a long way to go, but getting there, with these three anyway.

Snow is still here and the temperatures have dropped way below zero.

Geek Club Goblins

Today was Friday after school Geek Club. I decided to take some of my goblins into school and paint them during Geek Club. I didn’t get as far as I wanted as my boss phoned up, but a start is a start I suppose.

I decided to do the general on his swamp creature as well make a start on a couple of the unit leaders.

The general miniature is really lovely and I spent ages trying to decide on the colours. Bright and poisonous or lurking colours.

I split the difference and did a bit of both, it was only when I was painting the head that I realised that it looked a bit like a shark’s snout. Hence the blue green colouration. Stripes are going to be yellow I think. The belly will be a light colour as befits a creature that lives in liquid.

Now the background for these is that the goblins are in red cloaks. I am not sure about this. I am thinking dark green instead. I suppose, my world, my rules.

Piggy Boy

🐷 I got him finished during Geek club today.

Now I am going to be honest, when I first saw these alongside the chameleons I was not overly impressed. Not with the sculpts, but I was disappointed that they weren’t conquistador pigs..

I actually really love them now and printed a couple to do at home sometime.

Berserker Finished

Tonight I managed to get the berserker finished. I slapped a bit of paint on some of the others too.

I will work on the rest tomorrow.

As the female engineer actually has more than just her face painted then I think subconsciously that she is joining this warband.

Getting Hairy

Tonight my daughter and I were playing Ark again. Which mainly involved raiding Deinonychus nests for high level eggs. High level eggs means high level parents, who funnily enough object to nest raiding. Some extreme close calls occurred. We now have a hunting pack of six with more eggs to hatch. Next up… the breeding programme.

All I can say is thank goodness this isn’t Jurassic Park!

Because of the gaming I only really had a chance to paint some hair…

I will carry on tomorrow…

Showing Too Much Skin?

Okay technically, the only thing that is showing is skin. My plan was to have hundreds, nay thousands to flock to the blog. If you are one of them then sorry. Well I suppose it is better than when he opened the box he needed to get help…

So I did some skin… then we played Ark. hopefully I will get some more painting done tomorrow.

I heard an interesting question the other day… discuss… ‘what happens if you put a werewolf on the moon?’

Vampiric Warband

Tonight I worked on the last three miniatures for the warband.

Here the whole force are…

There is only one vampire in the force so the winged one and the dire wolf are in the box. The vampire was an extra miniature and the wolf is a model ready for a points increase.

Had a hell of a day today, so it was good to have a bit of a relaxing painting session.